Santa Barbara

Season 2 Episode 220

Episode 0476

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1986 on NBC
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Episode 0476

Lionel wakes up on the Lockridge living room floor to find Augusta has left already. Lionel answers a knock on the door which turns out to be CC and his security guard. Eden goes to the hospital to visit Kelly but Dr. Rawlings won't let her see Kelly, even after Kelly passes in the hallway and recognizes Eden. Gina visits Hayley at the radio station and sees Brandon, who has some of Rosa's chocolate chip cookies. Gina sees an article about the growing cookie craze resulting in successful business ventures. Hayley tells Gina that CC is finalizing Brandon's custody arrangements with Santana today, and Gina leaves the station. CC insists that Cruz arrest Lionel for trespassing but then relents and lets him go after Lionel rants about taking everything away from CC. Eden tells CC about her trip to the sanitarium. CC awards final guardianship of Brandon to Santana and Cruz. Kelly insists she wants to leave the sanitarium and Rawlings suspects she hasn't taken her medication. He orders that from now on Kelly's medication be delivered by injection rather than trusting her with pills. Gina is prepared to show CC the tape to stop the guardianship from going through. Lionel tells Brick he has a plan to take everything from CC and wants Brick to go to Boston to see Grant. CC tells Gina the guardianship has already become legal and whatever is on the tape won't change that, so she leaves without showing him the tape. Gina considers planning to show that Santana is an unfit mother or breaking up Cruz and Santana in order to get Brandon back. Hayley is horrified at Gina's plans. Eden and Cruz appeal to Keith for visiting rights so Eden can see Kelly. Keith refuses to help, which seems to be payback for Cruz declining to help Keith with his plans to make inroads into the Hispanic community. CC pays a private investigator who is following Lionel, trying to find out what Lionel is up to. CC tries to convince Brick to stay out of Lionel's plans. Eden returns to the sanitarium and Cruz shows up with a court order that allows Eden to see Kelly, but Kelly is drugged. Ted receives a call on air from a sexy caller which makes him forget Hayley's call a few minutes previously. Cruz comforts Eden after a distressing meeting with Kelly. Gina watches Keith and Santana together and then breaks into the Castillo beach house and steals Rosa's cookie recipe. Keith kisses Santana.


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