Santa Barbara

Season 8 Episode 103

Episode 1867

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Warren calls everyone down to witness his last editorial before the verdict. He informs them that Angela's testimony was an act and that she was on their side all the time. Gina and Lily are driving home when she hears that the verdict will be out soon. She forces Lily to drive to Angela's house so that she can gloat. Craig has Angela at gunpoint. She pleads for her life and hears the radio announcement. She convinces Craig to hold off until after the verdict. Craig agrees to humor her. The jury has reconvened. They find Warren not guilty. Minx is moved to tears by the verdict. Cruz offers her a Kleenex and finds the note that Angela had written to him. Warren admits that they have suspicions about Craig. Cruz remembers that Angela is with him. Realizing the severity of he circumstances, Warren and Cruz are out the door to rescue Angela. Craig is about to blow Angela away when Gina comes in gloating over the verdict. Angela is glad to see Gina as she keeps Craig distracted. Cruz arrives under the pretense of arresting Angela. Gina leaves, but begins to go into labor. Craig calls Cruz's bluff about the arrest and pulls a gun, holding Angela hostage. He forces Cruz to relinquish his weapon. Warren sneaks in and knocks Craig off his feet and a struggle ensues. They manage to subdue Craig and take him into custody. While rushing to the hospital, Lily hits Lionel's dog. Gina forces them to go to a vet first. Ted and Katrina spend Christmas Eve in the cabin and later in the Capwell house. Cruz and Suzanne share a tender moment as they exchange gifts. Warren and Angela reunite in a night of passion. Gina, with the help of Lily, Brandon and Lionel, gives birth to Channing Creighton III in the vet's office, and they are all touched by the miracle of life.

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