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  • My first review back with you, re a great afternoon tv experience...

    Dear Constant tv viewer:

    Ya, I really spent time out of my busy day watching this one from CBS, on a weekly basis. But not my sister or her babysitter.

    The characters were believable (even Debra London aka Flame Beaufort, Andre Wolfe, 'the Four Boys', and persons such as . Capwell's loyal maid or Tennell's sneaky hitman.

    The Super Couple of Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell was really played up in the media, but then again that was then and this is now. It was interesting to follow.

    Mason Capwell and Julia Lockeridge was another interesting couple, off of which sparks would fly to the seasoned soap viewer as myself.

    Perhaps the characters with an axe to grind (Lionel Lockeridge {business rival to CC|, Keith Timmins (the DA), Robert Barr (running from the mob), and of course the "defrocked" Peter could have been given more airtime and space to say their pieces but then it would have gotten in the way of selling stuff and satisfying people's tastes for some California culture snobbery and smooching.

    I would give this soap a "Good" rating for the time period of 1987 - 1991.
  • awesome series

    i like it very much!
  • Santa Barbara was really unique I love it . I still have dvd to remember all those great moments

    Eden and Cruz's first romance when Eden believed it was she who had pulled the plug on her father's life support - but it was actually Gina! And Eden marrying Kirk, the preppy villain, because he pretended he knew her "secret." Marcy and A Martinez [Cruz] always knocked our socks off. The first leg of their romance was very magical, even though they stayed together for most of the show's run. Eden and Cruz's epic romance was the best thing about the show. Oh, and Carrington Garland as Kelly was fun to write for as well. I love it
  • Great show with great characters. Writers have to realize (as they learned @ Melrose Place) that you have to keep the core characters to make the show strong (like they've done @ Y&R). You can't replace the core characters of the family.

    Santa Barbara was one of the best soaps of all time. I was very sad to see it go. They made a mistake when they let Lane Davies walk away & when they changed writers. Another problem happened when both Marcy Walker & A Martinez(Cruz & Eden) left the show because they were the show. That would be like losing both Victor Neuman & Nicki Newman on Y&R! I think it was very sad that the producers/writers didn't try to revive the show because it was an awesome show & I still think of it now & again. All in all it was a one of a kind great show!!!
  • the best show ever to hit airways.I was 15 years old when i started my journey with SANTA BARBARA.It was un experience i never forget.It was my inspiration in life with kelly&joe romantic love,mason&julia,eden&cruz and all the others behinde.

    beautiful and very smart writting,perfect acting such as lane davies,robin wright,marcy waker,nancy grahn,a martinez,robin mattson,justin deas,nicholas coster,louse sorel,judit&jad allan and everybody else.Loved it.In albania we used to watch SANTA BARBARA from italian tv(RAI UNO,RAI DUE)so i learned italian language thanx to this perfect show,that the hole world felt in love with.I remember schiping school with my friends just to watch it.Well,it worth it.Now anytime i talk to my friends or family we remember those years with great nostalgy.Very missed.Now i hope that soapnet will deside to re-air the most beloved soap in the world.Now here in the US,iv'got a chance to watch it on youtube and there are many other links to.Anyway,i will love this show forever.
  • eighties cult soap ! loved it !

    I was hooked.. the writing of this show was fantastic at times! It could also be very camp, crazy and very funny.. dreamsequences, evil twins, people coming back from the dead, one character being played by three different actors, comas, murders, epic lovestories, CC Capwell, the man you love to hate, Gina, the woman you love to hate..

    I particularly loved the dynamic of the Julia & Mason storyline, with of course Lane Davies as Mason Capwell.
    These two had the best lines, tongue and cheek clever with a lot of wit !
    They were hilarious! I agree with previous reviews; after Lane Davies left the shown it all went downhill and it never seemed to recover.. too bad..
  • I started watching Santa Barbara with the Pilot, and I thought it was good. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me.

    I started watching Santa Barbara with the Pilot, and I thought it was good. Over time, my love for the show could only grow. By the end of the first season, I was obsessed and tried to hook everyone I could find to watch with me. Everyone that agreed ended up loving the show, and their reasons were varied.
  • Oh the days of Santa Barbara, was as good as soaps got...

    This was the first soap opera i ever watched. It was my deep dark secret.. How i miss the days of Cruz and Eden. The soaps today are down right stupid, not to mention not even close to being believeable. I know there soap operas but this soap i absolutely loved, and miss.
  • An awesome show that I miss terribly!!!

    I fell in love with this show when I was a young girl and I still love it to this day. I was in awe of A Martinez and Marcy Walker as Cruz and Eden Castillo! They are the all time supercouple, in my book. I adored Chip and Adrianna and I thought of them as the perfect family. Brandon Farmer was the absolute best as Chip Castillo. He was one of the most talented child actors on a soap that I've ever seen.
  • Hey i've known Brandon Farmer since i was 4 and im still friends with him, he is at my house right now. He says thanks to racney for the good comment.

    Hey i've known Brandon Farmer since i was 4 and im still friends with him, he is at my house right now. He says thanks to racney for the good comment. He also says "thanks to all his devoted fans, he said he will send in a newly updated photo soon."
  • It was my deepest and darkest little secret.

    Remember rushing home from school each day just to catch this show. The first few seasons were great but then it just got too complicated like many other soap operas do. Personally, I got hooked into it because of Joe and Kelly. Felt sorry for the fella, lost 5 years of his life for something he didn't do and lost the girl he love to a jerk! When they change the actor playing Joe, the sparkle between them just wasn't there anymore. And when Robin left the show too, there was no more reason for me to stay. That was the last time I got hooked on any other soap opera.
  • The only soap I had my VCR set to tape everyday!

    I didn't catch the show from the start. I soon wished I had watched from day one! I loved the show! Especially Eden and Cruz! One of the best, if not the best soap couples of all time! I still remember the little boy that played their son Chip, Brandon Farmer. He was adorable and such a good little actor. I enjoyed the shows in Paris when Cruz and Eden searched for their kidnapped daughter. Kelly and Ric were a hot couple too! Near the end it lost it's magic when Eden lost her memory. It just wasn't the same but left behind a lot of memorable storylines.
  • Santa Barbara is the only soap I ever watched.

    I have to admit, the only reason my girlfriend and I watched it in highschool was because of A. Martinez! We just couldn't wait to watch him in the next love scene with Eden. His bare chest was a fix we just couldn't resist after boring school days. It came on at 2:OOPM, I was a senior, and my friend, a freshman, was cutting a lot because of problems at home. We'd pig out and watch A. Martinez conquer his woman and the world (or at least the city) for an hour. Those were the days!