Santa Barbara

NBC (ended 1993)





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  • the best show ever to hit airways.I was 15 years old when i started my journey with SANTA BARBARA.It was un experience i never forget.It was my inspiration in life with kelly&joe romantic love,mason&julia,eden&cruz and all the others behinde.

    beautiful and very smart writting,perfect acting such as lane davies,robin wright,marcy waker,nancy grahn,a martinez,robin mattson,justin deas,nicholas coster,louse sorel,judit&jad allan and everybody else.Loved it.In albania we used to watch SANTA BARBARA from italian tv(RAI UNO,RAI DUE)so i learned italian language thanx to this perfect show,that the hole world felt in love with.I remember schiping school with my friends just to watch it.Well,it worth it.Now anytime i talk to my friends or family we remember those years with great nostalgy.Very missed.Now i hope that soapnet will deside to re-air the most beloved soap in the world.Now here in the US,iv'got a chance to watch it on youtube and there are many other links to.Anyway,i will love this show forever.