Santa Barbara - Season 1

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 0256
    Episode 0256
    Episode 256
    The fake Jack Lee is arrested. Amy finds out that Johnny is the son of the current prince of New Stailand and that Princess Celeste was supposed to have been inseminated with her husband's sperm. Instead, Amy was inseminated by mistake. Ted tries to talk to Christy at the Perkins' house and get her to admit she is lying.moreless
  • Episode 0255
    Episode 0255
    Episode 255
    Brick and Amy hold Jerry (the fake Jack and really Jack Lee's cousin) and Jack at bay with a crossbow. Julia devises a way to tell the Jacks apart - she kisses each and marks their collars so there is a way to tell which Jack is the real one. Jerry is revealed to be the fake and the two Jacks duel. Ted has Jade arrange a meeting with Christy at the Perkins' house so Ted can try to get her to admit the truth.moreless
  • Episode 0254
    Episode 0254
    Episode 254
    Ted and Mason try talking to Mary at La Mesa and try to convince her Christy is lying. There is another robbery at the Capwell Hotel. Brick and Amy tell the King of New Stailand that the baby, "The Prince," is really theirs. Julia, dressed as a monk, helps the real Jack escape from the dungeon. Ted takes a lie detector test to try to prove his innocence.moreless
  • Episode 0253
    Episode 0253
    Episode 253
    In New Stailand, Brick and Amy see the baby briefly but are caught and told to leave the nursery. Christy is about to tell Mary the truth about who really raped her when Steve arrives and she loses her nerve. Ted tries to talk to Christy to reason with her over her accusation. Julia follows the fake Jack Lee to the dungeon where the real Jack is being held and tortured. Julia disguises herself as a monk and enters the dungeon.moreless
  • Episode 0252
    Episode 0252
    Episode 252
    Kelly returns home but due to being knocked unconscious by Jack's men before she was rescued, she now has no memory of the last few weeks at the ghost town. Christy is released from the hospital. Steve questions Jade about the night Christy was raped. Mason springs Ted from jail and arranges a press conference, asserting Ted's innocence. Ted is formally arraigned on the rape charge. Nick realizes that Kelly doesn't remember what happened while they were at the ghost town and that she has forgotten that they fell in love and were intimate there.moreless
  • Episode 0251
    Episode 0251
    Episode 251
    Nick ends up with Cruz at the police station and insists that he did not kidnap Kelly. Julia asks Jack to allow her see the baby. Mason and Mary argue at the hospital about Christy's accusation that Ted raped her. Kelly is rescued. Brick and Amy are about to enter the baby's room.moreless
  • Episode 0250
    Episode 0250
    Episode 250
    Ted and Laken are about to make love in Kelly's apartment when Maggie arrives with another officer to question Ted. The other officer is suspicious of Ted because of the marks on his face and Ted is arrested. Steve threatens to hurt Ted if Christy tells the truth and says that Ted isn't the man who raped her. Jack's men find Kelly but in a scuffle, Kelly is knocked unconscious. Eden and Cruz leave for Lone Pine to pick up Kelly. Eden admits to Cruz that she misses him but she wants to find Kelly before they talk about their relationship any further. Nick finds Kelly but Jack's men knock him unconscious as well.moreless
  • Episode 0249
    Episode 0249
    Episode 249
    Mary looks for Christy at the snack bar and finds her unconscious behind the jukebox. Mary, a nurse, begins treating Christy for shock and has 911 called. Kelly and Nick leave the ghost town and go to the couple's farmhouse. Kelly still does not remember anything of her life before Renfro erased her memory. Cruz and Eden investigate another robbery at the Capwell Hotel. At the hospital, Steve intimidates Christy and she names Ted as the man who raped her.moreless
  • Episode 0248
    Episode 0248
    Episode 248
    Ted leaves Christy alone at the snack bar after they fought, during which Christy broke the bracelet and scratched Ted's face. Augusta prepares a romantic evening for Lionel with beer and pizza. Steve brutally rapes and beats Christy, then leaves her behind the jukebox at the snack bar. Mary has dinner with Mason and tells him she's a nun; Mason is shocked. Brick and Amy pretend to be kitchen staff in order to board the yacht to New Stailand.moreless
  • Episode 0247
    Episode 0247
    Episode 247
    Christy and Ted fight at the snack bar after Christy stole a bracelet from Ted that was meant for Laken. Brick and Amy hide in Julia's trunks again. Nick and Kelly begin planning to leave the ghost town and go back to Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0246
    Episode 0246
    Episode 246
    Ted packs and leaves the house after arguing with CC regarding Harvard; he moves into Kelly's apartment. Eden begs Sophia not to plead guilty to murder. Cruz tells Sophia he'll testify in support of her because he doesn't believe she meant to hurt anyone. CC learns he has a brain aneurysm. At the ghost town, Kelly & Nick pretend to get married in the wedding clothes they found earlier. Christy tries to seduce Ted but they fight when he rejects her because he loves Laken.moreless
  • Episode 0245
    Episode 0245
    Episode 245
    Laken shaves off Ted's beard. At the ghost town, Kelly's fever, which resulted from eating the poisonous berries, breaks. Ted tells CC he isn't going to Harvard. Julia realizes the real Jack is still alive. Brick fights with Ivan, Jack's thug. Sophia tells CC she's decided it would be best for the family if she pleads guilty to murder.moreless
  • Episode 0244
    Episode 0244
    Episode 244
    Christy flashes back to Steve sexually assaulting her when she was younger. Steve, a prosecutor for the district attorney's office, tries to convince Sophia to plead guilty to murdering Channing. Cruz investigates another Capwell Hotel burglary. Jack's thugs find Brick and Amy on the train.
  • Episode 0243
    Episode 0243
    Episode 243
    Julia and Jack board a train on their way to New Stailand. Julia smuggles Brick and Amy onto the train in her trunks. At the ghost town, Kelly eats poisonous berries and falls ill. Amy overhears her baby being referred to as "the Prince."
  • Episode 0242
    Episode 0242
    Episode 242
    Maggie and Warren visit Morgan Malone's ex-wife to learn about Morgan, an ex-Capwell-oil-rig worker injured in the same explosion as Maggie's husband. In Julia's hotel room in Vienna, Amy almost gets caught by Jack while in the shower. Nell Carter rescues Cruz and Eden from the locked bathroom and then discovers her necklace has been stolen by the hotel robber.moreless
  • Episode 0241
    Episode 0241
    Episode 241
    Kelly and Nick dress up in wedding clothes that they find at the ghost town. Steve rescues Christy from her date who has mistaken her for a hooker. Julia gets Jack drunk and becomes convinced that this man is not the real Jack Lee. Mason meets Mary for the first time.moreless
  • Episode 0240
    Episode 0240
    Episode 240
    Brick and Amy arrive in Vienna where Jack and Julia are. Jack tells Julia they are going on to New Stailand. Eden and Cruz investigate another Capwell Hotel robbery but they get locked in Nell Carter's hotel room bathroom by the thief.
  • Episode 0239
    Episode 0239
    Episode 239
    Gina brings Brandon back to the Capwell house and Mason takes her to a new clinic. Lionel declares he's impotent on television while doing late-night commercials for the mattresses he's selling.
  • Episode 0238
    Episode 0238
    Episode 238
    At the ghost town, Nick brings Kelly a rabbit. Amy and Brick call Minx to get money so that they can follow Jack and Julia to Vienna in their search for Johnny. Mason finds Gina.
  • Episode 0237
    Episode 0237
    Episode 237
    Gina escapes from the institution. Augusta kicks Christy out of the Lockridge house after discovering Christy's thefts. At the ghost town, Nick prepares a bath for Kelly in an old tub. Gina kidnaps Brandon.
  • Episode 0236
    Episode 0236
    Episode 236
    Renfro tells Amy that her baby is indeed alive and well. Renfro is about to tell them where the baby is when someone shoots him. Brick and Amy escape from the shooter. Steve, Christy's step-brother, arrives at the family gathering, which upsets Christy. Julia leaves with Jack for Vienna.
  • Episode 0235
    Episode 0235
    Episode 235
    Ted drives Christy to her mother's house in Ventura for the birthday party. Theda is at first happy to see Christy, but as the day progresses and Theda drinks, the party turns sour. Nick and Kelly explore the ghost town. Brick and Amy hold Renfro at gunpoint to try to force him to tell them where Johnny is.moreless
  • Episode 0234
    Episode 0234
    Episode 234
    Nick and Kelly hide out in the couple's barn and Nick is distressed because Kelly has lost her memory. From Ventura, Christy's sister Mary calls to invite Christy to her mother Theda's birthday party. Nick and Kelly leave the barn and eventually make it to an abandoned ghost town.
  • Episode 0233
    Episode 0233
    Episode 233
    Augusta, Lionel and Frank are at the fake Hearst Castle. Augusta and Frank jump on the bed to make Lionel think they are having sex. Lionel barges in on them and discovers that Augusta can see and is fully aware that he has tried to trick her. Renfro erases Kelly's memory before Nick is able to free her. Nick and Kelly escape on the motorcycle. Cruz and Eden continue searching for Kelly and Nick. Eden is convinced Nick has kidnapped her.moreless
  • Episode 0232
    Episode 0232
    Episode 232
    Jack Lee visits Kelly as she is being held by Renfro and his men. Renfro has a machine that is supposed to erase one's memory and he plans to erase Kelly's. Jack informs Kelly that he is an imposter and that because Kelly saw him in Santa Barbara when the real Jack was in Europe, Kelly's memory must be erased. Nick arrives just as Kelly is strapped in to Renfro's machine. Lionel, believing Augusta is still blind, arranges for Frank to take her to fake version of the Hearst Castle.moreless
  • Episode 0231
    Episode 0231
    Episode 231
    Nick climbs out of the well and returns to the couple's barn. He borrows a motorcycle so that he can go find Kelly. Eden and Cruz plan to look for Kelly and Nick. Eden believes that it is possible Nick is unstable from the war and that he kidnapped Kelly. Cruz defends Nick and suspects that something else is going on.moreless
  • Episode 0230
    Episode 0230
    Episode 230
    Renfro informs Nick that Kelly is dead. Cruz searches for Kelly and Amy, to Jack Lee's disappointment, tells Cruz that she saw them earlier in Jack's office. Nick escapes from Renfro and his men and hides out at a Vietnamese couple's barn. Nick is later chased by the thugs again and he jumps down a well to escape them. The thugs believe he has died and they let slip that Kelly is still alive.moreless
  • Episode 0229
    Episode 0229
    Episode 229
    Kelly and Nick are taken in Renfro's car to a motel. Julia becomes suspicious of Jack because he doesn't remember a significant event in their past. Once when Julia and Jack were seeing each other, Julia found a photo of Augusta in Jack's wallet. Julia realized that Jack was also sleeping with her sister and threw a glass at him, causing a gash that required stitches and left a scar. Julia doesn't understand how Jack could have forgotten this.moreless
  • Episode 0228
    Episode 0228
    Episode 228
    Augusta's sight is fully restored but she pretends that she is still blind. Kelly and Nick get caught when they break into Jack's office. Jack arranges for them to be kidnapped and they are thrown into the trunk of Renfro's car.
  • Episode 0227
    Episode 0227
    Episode 227
    Augusta's sight begins to improve and she starts to see light. There is a robbery at the Capwell Hotel and a woman's jewelry is stolen. Eden is concerned about the hotel's reputation and Cruz begins investigating. Nick breaks into Jack Lee's office and almost gets caught. Jack is suspicious and figures out he's being spied on from across the street.moreless
  • Episode 0226
    Episode 0226
    Episode 226
    Ted and Christy start their new jobs at the Orient Express and Christy gets off on the wrong foot. Kelly and Nick spy on Jack Lee in his office from a building across the street. Mason visits Gina again at the institution. Maggie rejects Warren's romantic advances and tells him to leave her alone.moreless
  • Episode 0225
    Episode 0225
    Episode 225
    Ted and Laken continue to argue and Ted goes to the bistro. Kelly realizes that Jack Lee is the man she saw in the house the day she returned the package because Jack is smoking. Kelly and Nick realize that Jack Lee is behind the plot to kill her because she saw him at the house when he wasn't supposed to be there. Ted convinces Eden to hire Christy for the Orient Express even though Eden is skeptical. Lionel and Augusta dance but Augusta gets upset. Ted and Laken make up after their fight.moreless
  • Episode 0224
    Episode 0224
    Episode 224
    Julia pays Lionel's bail so he is released from jail. Ted and Christy both apply for jobs at the Orient Express, but Christy's past job history reflects badly on her character. Kelly convinces Nick to stay in Santa Barbara since he was planning to leave after being spooked by the reporter. Gina gets money from Mason in order to buy pills from a fellow patient. Kelly sees Jack Lee smoking at the Capwell Hotel. Ted and Laken go to the prom but fight when Ted thinks Laken might have slept with another man. Christy steals some candlesticks from the Lockridge house and pawns them.moreless
  • Episode 0223
    Episode 0223
    Episode 223
    Kelly and Nick go on a date. A reporter pretending to be a Vietnam veteran comes to see Nick, but Nick discovers he is really a reporter. Julia pretends she's spying on Mason for Jack Lee, but really she is using her charm on Lee to help Mason get information on Maggie's case. Augusta has Lionel arrested when he breaks in to the Lockridge house.moreless
  • Episode 0222
    Episode 0222
    Episode 222
    Gina is miserable in the institution. CC promotes Eden within Capwell Enterprises. CC fires his lawyer on the Gillis case and hires Jack Lee to take over defending the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Julia agrees to help Mason on Maggie's side of the case.
  • Episode 0221
    Episode 0221
    Episode 221
    At the police station, Sophia is booked. Jack Lee tricks Amy into telling him about the kidnapping. Gina calls Mason for help but CC has her committed to an institution. Cruz feels horrible about arresting Sophia and quits the police force. Eden is angry and hurt that Cruz arrested her mother and she moves out of the houseboat.moreless
  • Episode 0220
    Episode 0220
    Episode 220
    Warren gets drunk and passes out on Maggie's couch. Nick tells Kelly about his time in Vietnam. Cruz arrests Sophia at the cemetery near Channing's grave and Eden is angry with him. CC learns that Gina is addicted to the pills and tells her he wants to send her to rehab.moreless
  • Episode 0219
    Episode 0219
    Episode 219
    Eden begs Cruz not to arrest Sophia but he decides to sleep on it and announce tomorrow what he plans to do with Sophia. Marcello is arrested for causing the tunnel explosion and the death of Hank Judson. Julia and Mason meet for the first time at the State Street Bistro and he mistakes her for one of Ginger's girls. CC finds Gina with her pills.moreless
  • Episode 0218
    Episode 0218
    Episode 218
    As the re-enactment continues, it is revealed that Sophia shot Channing accidentally. Lionel is not hurt after all, as Cruz had suspected that Sophia's memory would be triggered by Lionel entering the study and he replaced the bullets with blanks. Sophia explains that she never meant to hurt anyone. In 1979, she believed that Lionel had purposely tried to kill her at the time of her disappearance in 1969 when she fell over the side of Lionel's boat. She went to Channing's party that night to confront Lionel and scare him with the gun. She explains that the night before the party, she entered the house and unloaded CC's gun in the desk of the study to be sure she wouldn't hurt Lionel. CC is shocked because he remembers the night before the party; he had heard an intruder in the study. He found the gun unloaded and reloaded it. The Capwells comfort Sophia and each other and everyone except Augusta feels that Channing's death was the result of a tragic accident. Meanwhile, Brick is drunk after being forced to drink alcohol by Jack Lee's thugs. The thugs force Brick to drive his car and then try to run him off the road. Brick is relieved when a police officer pulls him over and arrests him for drunk driving.moreless
  • Episode 0217
    Episode 0217
    Episode 217
    Cruz begins the re-enactment of Channing's murder by reading entries from Channing's diary and confronting those who met with Channing before the party. Sophia begins remembering things and acting strangely. Lionel is shot at when he re-enters the study. Brick arranges a meeting with Renfro but when he goes to meet Renfro, Jack Lee's thugs beat him up.moreless
  • Episode 0216
    Episode 0216
    Episode 216
    Brick visits the nurse to find out more information about Johnny. Mason, Lionel & Lindsay all visit Marcello to pressure him about what he told Cruz. Brick tells Amy he thinks the baby is alive. At the Capwell house, Cruz begins reciting the facts of the murder case to the assembled guests.moreless
  • Episode 0215
    Episode 0215
    Episode 215
    Amy is told that her baby died. Gina learns she is pregnant and Mason confesses that he tricked her. A nurse approaches Brick and tells him she believes that Johnny was a healthy baby.
  • Episode 0214
    Episode 0214
    Episode 214
    Amy gives birth to a baby boy that she names Johnny, in honor of her father. Renfro kidnaps Johnny and tells Brick the baby died of a rare ailment called membrane disease. Cruz tells Maggie and Eden of his plan to re-enact Channing's murder.
  • Episode 0213
    Episode 0213
    Episode 213
    Brick asks Amy to marry him. Amy goes into labor. Marcello is arrested at Sophia's. Cruz sends out invitations to a party he is planning to re-create the events of the day that Channing was murdered.
  • Episode 0212
    Episode 0212
    Episode 212
    Cruz searches Marcello's apartment. Marcello leaves the hospital and breaks into Cruz's houseboat looking for Cruz's file on Channing's murder investigation. Eden discovers Marcello in the houseboat and they fight, but Marcello knocks her out and escapes.
  • Episode 0211
    Episode 0211
    Episode 211
    Cruz refuses to tell Eden what Marcello said to him after the fire before Marcello was taken to the hospital. Marcello comes out of surgery. Brick brings Amy to meet his mom.
  • Episode 0210
    Episode 0210
    Episode 210
    Cruz supervises the evacuation of the Orient Express. As Marcello is being wheeled out on a stretcher, he whispers something to Cruz. Mason and Gina have sex in the ambulance on the way to the hospital after the fire. Brick visits his mother.
  • Episode 0209
    Episode 0209
    Episode 209
    A fire has started in the basement as a result of Marcello's booby trap. Eden and Cruz are at the altar when Marcello staggers in to announce the hotel is on fire. Mason and Gina discover the hotel is on fire and go to the Orient Express, pretending they have just arrived late to the hotel. Jack visits a blind Augusta.moreless
  • Episode 0208
    Episode 0208
    Episode 208
    It is Eden and Cruz's wedding day. Eden continues to wait at the altar for Cruz to arrive. Kelly and CC become trapped in the hotel elevator by Marcello. Marcello's booby trap sends the elevator to the basement of the hotel where he has rigged a machine gun to fire at CC. When Marcello realizes that Kelly is also in the elevator, he knocks over the gun trying to keep the bullets from hitting Kelly. Mason and Gina are in one of the hotel rooms, preparing to have sex.moreless
  • Episode 0207
    Episode 0207
    Episode 207
    Santana and Lindsay meet at Mason's apartment and discuss their love of Channing. At the Orient Express, everyone is preparing for Eden and Cruz's wedding. Nick brings Eden a polaroid of Cruz while she nervously awaits Cruz's arrival at the Orient Express.
  • Episode 0206
    Episode 0206
    Episode 206
    Nick rescues Brandon from the roof and Brandon is taken to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Julia runs into Jack at the Orient Express and pours a drink on him.
  • Episode 0205
    Episode 0205
    Episode 205
    Brandon finds Gina's pills, takes some and then crawls onto the roof. Cruz asks Nick to be his best man. Kelly talks to Jack Lee at the airport.
  • Episode 0204
    Episode 0204
    Episode 204
    Santana watches the tape Mason made for CC and gets upset. She burns the tape and asks Mason to give her all of the photographs and letters that belonged to Channing and Lindsay so she can destroy them. Kelly takes Cruz to the house where she brought the courier's package but it is completely empty and appears like it's been unoccupied for some time.moreless
  • Episode 0203
    Episode 0203
    Episode 203
    Jade meets Christy. Nick struggles with the assassin on the roof of the hotel and after a long struggle, the assassin falls through the skylight into the Orient Express and is killed.
  • Episode 0202
    Episode 0202
    Episode 202
    Cruz and Eden's engagement party takes place at the opening of the Orient Express restaurant on the top of the Capwell Hotel. Cruz and Eden dance. Kelly's assassin follows Kelly around at the party and prepares to shoot her.
  • Episode 0201
    Episode 0201
    Episode 201
    Mason and Gina meet in a motel since he has blackmailed her into sleeping with him so that he can get her pregnant (or he's threatened to tell CC she isn't pregnant). Sophia considers that it could have been Marcello she saw in the mirror immediately after Channing was killed instead of Lionel as she has believed.moreless
  • Episode 0200
    Episode 0200
    Episode 200
    Jack Lee tells Renfro to induce Amy's labor. Maggie refuses CC's settlement offer. Cruz questions Marcello about being in the house the day of Channing's murder. Cruz and Eden decide to get married at the Orient Express.
  • Episode 0199
    Episode 0199
    Episode 199
    Mason tinkers with Gina's pregnancy test so that she believes she isn't pregnant when in fact she really is. Julia visits a blind Augusta in the hospital. Ted spends the day with Jackie.
  • Episode 0198
    Episode 0198
    Episode 198
    At the hospital recovering from the tunnel explosion, Augusta realizes she's blind and calls her sister Julia in Phoenix to come visit her. Mason finds Gina's pregnancy test and keeps an eye out for the results. Cruz's mother meets Sophia. Jackie learns Larry is dead, and is hysterical.
  • Episode 0197
    Episode 0197
    Episode 197
    In the clearing, Eden proposes to Cruz. Nick asks for Cruz's help because he thinks someone is trying to kill Kelly. Ted comforts Jackie after she learns Larry is missing. Nick warns Kelly but she is uncertain what to make of his warning.
  • Episode 0196
    Episode 0196
    Episode 196
    Eden leaves notes full of clues for Cruz around town. Gina confronts CC about Brandon's parentage. Ted sees the tape Mason left for CC which exposes the secret affair between Lindsay and Channing. Cruz continues following Eden's trail and dons a tuxedo; he rides a horse to the edge of clearing below him where Eden waits.moreless
  • Episode 0195
    Episode 0195
    Episode 195
    Cruz, Augusta, and Santana are rescued. The courier continues to try to kill Kelly as the search for Brandon continues. Nick finds Brandon inside a power station and rescues him.
  • Episode 0194
    Episode 0194
    Episode 194
    Cruz continues digging and discovers Augusta in a nearby cavern. Gina retrieves the pills from Hank's dead body. Kelly takes Brandon to the park and Nick takes photos of them. Gina and Ted are rescued. Brandon runs off by himself at the park. The courier, the woman who was supposed to receive the package that ended up in Kelly's luggage by mistake, follows Kelly with a gun.moreless
  • Episode 0193
    Episode 0193
    Episode 193
    In the aftermath of the tunnel explosion, Laken realizes Augusta is missing. Santana and Cruz are trapped together in a chamber of the tunnel. Gina and Ted are trapped in a separate chamber together. The rescue effort to save those trapped in tunnel begins.
  • Episode 0192
    Episode 0192
    Episode 192
    Kelly delivers the mysterious package found in her luggage on her return from Bermuda to a house and sees the Jack Lee impostor, while the real Jack is actually in Europe. Santana returns to Santa Barbara. Ted hears Gina talking to Hank about the pills. Someone places a bottle of nitroglycerin on a stone shelf in the tunnel. Cruz and Santana enter the tunnel and trip the wire on the bottle, causing an explosion.moreless
  • Episode 0191
    Episode 0191
    Episode 191
    CC insists he went back for Hans after the war but couldn't find him. Marcello says he forgives CC. Cruz sets a trap to try to catch the killer in the tunnel.
  • Episode 0190
    Episode 0190
    Episode 190
    Kelly and Marcello fly back to Santa Barbara from Bermuda. At the airport in SB, a mysterious package is mistakenly placed in Kelly's luggage. Mason makes a video for CC. Lionel gets a job selling mattresses. CC talks of the war and how he saved a boy named Hans whose parents were killed while CC and Hans hid in the basement. Eden reveals that Marcello is really Hans. Brick finds Jeff's dead body in a trash can.moreless
  • Episode 0189
    Episode 0189
    Episode 189
    Jeff disappears after talking to Brick. Cruz pretends to throw the ring overboard to get back at Eden for pretending to flush it. Mason tells CC that Maggie is suing him for $20 million.
  • Episode 0188
    Episode 0188
    Episode 188
    Mason meets with Lindsay. Cruz finds out Marcello and CC were both in Europe during the war. Mason finds the secret room in the tunnel. Hank rapes Gina when she goes to his apartment looking for more pills.
  • Episode 0187
    Episode 0187
    Episode 187
    Marcello visits Kelly in Bermuda. Mason reads Lindsay's letter to Channing. Minx and Lionel make a bet concerning Lionel getting a real job. Eden arrives in Bermuda. Mason decides to take Maggie's case against CC for the negligence by Capwell Enterprises which caused her husband Ben's catatonic condition.
  • Episode 0186
    Episode 0186
    Episode 186
    Minx tells Cruz that her husband and CC's father built the tunnel that connects their properties. Cruz's boathouse is searched by an unknown intruder. Eden and Cruz have a spat and Eden makes it appear that she has flushed her engagement ring down the toilet.
  • Episode 0185
    Episode 0185
    Episode 185
    Cruz stops CC from destroying the tunnel. Ted and Jackie's arrests make the paper. Eden tells Gina the truth about Brandon being the son of Santana and Channing.
  • Episode 0184
    Episode 0184
    Episode 184
    Cruz tells Eden that Brandon is Channing's and Santana's son. CC and Gina marry. Mason vouches for Ted and Jackie at the police station. Cruz proposes to Eden.
  • Episode 0183
    Episode 0183
    Episode 183
    Gina is at back at the Capwell house and tells CC she has called a priest to marry them. The cops arrest Ted and Jackie and some of Ginger's girls at Kelly's apartment.
  • Episode 0182
    Episode 0182
    Episode 182
    Cruz worries why has Eden taken an interest in the Channing murder case. He receives a telephone call informing him that a lab assistant got drunk and started talking around about the cae. C.C. learns that he is officially divorced. Ted is jealous to see Laken dancing with a friend. He confides in Sophia. Eden cries over the fact that Cruz is keeping secrets from her. Ted isn't happy to learn that C.C. and Sophia are officially divorced. The doctor informs Gina that she never was pregnant. Mason and Augusta discuss about her separation from Lionel. Augusta and Sophia try to talk peacefully. Cruz and Maggie go over the murder case. A person with black gloves takes a pistol. The doctor advises Gina to not get hooked on pills. Cruz confides in Rosa. He later learns that the pistol was stolen.moreless
  • Episode 0181
    Episode 0181
    Episode 181
    Eden confronts Sophia about Ted moving out of the Capwell mansion. She then invites Marcello to Sophia's place and asks him to explain to both of them why he didn't tell Sophia that he was in Santa Barbara 16 years ago. C.C. visits Gina at the hospital. Over the phone, Kelly gives Ted permission to stay at her place. Gina is happy to learn from Mason that C.C. is getting a divorce today. C.C. questions Ted about the real reason he's moving out. Sophia and Eden are shocked when Marcello describes how he picked up Sophia 16 years ago and took her to Italy. Once he's alone, Marcello reminisces about a certain moment from his past connected to C.C. Ted is surprised to learn that Mason is staying at Kelly's place too.moreless
  • Episode 0180
    Episode 0180
    Episode 180
    Warren is determined to help Maggie fight for her husband's rights. Ginger thanks Mason for helping her, but he makes it clear that he's only doing it because he owes her money. Lionel disguises himself as a cook for Augusta's party. Mason enters Gina's hospital room and phones to Santana, urging her to return home, and Gina immediately wakes up from her coma. Warren and Sophia talk about Lionel. Jackie and Ted discuss about Sophia. Sophia visits Gina in the hospital and she assures Gina that she has no intention of getting back with C.C., and that she only wants to stay in Santa Barbara to be near her kids. Lionel almost reveals his disguise when Augusta starts flirting with Jack Lee. C.C. confronts Ted about talking to Sophia again and he doesn't even let Sophia tell what she wants. She warns him to be a little bit more friendly if he wants to get a divorce from her. Although Sophia advises him not to, Ted tells C.C. that he is going to move in with Sophia, and C.C. is shocked to see yet another member of his family leave him. Augusta realizes that Lionel is pretending to be a cook, so she sends him away.moreless
  • Episode 0179
    Episode 0179
    Episode 179
    Sophia doesn't approve of Marcello's idea to combine Capwell and Armonti Enterprises. Cruz gives Eden interesting info on Marcello's background. Augusta and Lionel have nightmares, separately. Augusta asks Warren to spy on Lionel, but he refuses her idea. He then introduces Maggie to her. Lionel asks Laken to help him win Augusta back. Warren encourages Maggie to fight for her husband's interest when he learns that the Capwell Enterprises, the place where Ben got injured, isn't paying for Ben's treatment. Mason is surprised when C.C. decides to speed up his divorce so he could marry Gina. He offers help to Sophia, but she decides to hire another lawyer. Mason and Cruz discuss about Mason's connection to Ginger and Cruz's investigation concerning the murder of Channing. Augusta tries to get Warren to publish her party date in the newspaper, but he refuses. After a meeting with Marcello, Eden encounters Cruz in the tunnel and after a bit of explaining, they end up kissing.moreless
  • Episode 0178
    Episode 0178
    Episode 178
    C.C. rushes to free an unconscious Gina from the car, and Hank claims Gina tried to run him over. Warren learns that Maggie already had a few guys who refused to talk to her after seeing her husband. Hank blackmails C.C. for money, but C.C. refuses to let Hank get what he wants. Warren rejects Hank's story offer, and C.C. thanks him for it. Mason and Rosa take care of Brandon while Gina is the hospital. Eden learns about Gina's condition. Cruz investigates the car accident and everyone says there's no chance that Gina could have wanted to kill Hank. The doctor is surprised when C.C. tells him that Gina is supposed to be pregnant. Maggie smiles when Warren phones to meet her. Mason finds Cruz trying to determine how Channing was murdered.moreless
  • Episode 0177
    Episode 0177
    Episode 177
    Eden urges Gina to stop solving her problems by drinking. Ted breaks off a fight between them. C.C. surprises them by announcing that Gina is pregnant. He assures Gina that there is nothing to worry about unless she didn't tell him the entire truth about her past. Cruz worries for Maggie's safety, as Lindsay confronts Maggie about working with Cruz. Cruz enters the apartment and finds Maggie acting in self defense. Cruz learns that Lindsay blackmailed Channing with Peter's help, and later Cruz releases Lindsay because he doesn't have enough proof about the past yet. Hank is irritated when Warren and his buds from the newspaper celebrate an article release. C.C. orders Ted not to talk about Sophia or visit her, but Ted tells him that Sophia is his mother and that there's nothing that can stop him from seeing her. Maggie surprises Warren by telling him that she's married, and he feels like a fool for trying to be with her. Gina begs Hank not to say anything to C.C. but Hank goes ahead to meet C.C., to whom he reveals a few tiny details about Gina's past. The lights go out at the bar and Hank, thinking it's a trap, rushes out of the bar and stumbles upon a driving car. Maggie shows Warren her husband, who's in a wheelchair. Cruz learns that the murder confession letter was written by two different persons.moreless
  • Episode 0176
    Episode 0176
    Episode 176
    Lionel is surprised when a salesman informs him that Augusta is selling his boat, and he asks him to leave claiming that half of the boat is his. Maggie and Cruz continue working on the Smith case. Warren offers Maggie to do an article about her. Lionel disguises his voice on the phone with Augusta, claiming that he wants to buy her share of the boat. Laken visits her father. Gina tells C.C. that there are not more secrets between them, and then she receives yet another threatening phone call from Hank. Hank goes to the press and leaves a note for C.C., asking him for a meeting. C.C. reads it and questions Gina, who still claims that she isn't hiding anything. Augusta, Laken, Lionel and a real estate agent find themselves on the boat, but Lionel kicks out the agent and then pushes the boat off the docks. Augusta and Lionel start fighting, so Laken jumps off the boat. Maggie is finally ready to share her secret with Warren. Cruz is satisfied with Maggie's police work. Lindsay learns from a neighbor that Maggie is actually a police officer, as said in the newspaper, and then he cancels his meeting with Maggie, who senses that something went horribly wrong.moreless
  • Episode 0175
    Episode 0175
    Episode 175
    Both Mason and Hank, individually, pressure Gina into giving them the money they requested. She asks C.C. for the money, claiming that it's for a friend, but he doesn't buy her story when she can't offer the source. Marcello and Eden share an intense talk that ends with Marcello asking her out to dinner, where he tells her that he wants to combine the Armonti and Capwell business, and Eden is satisfied with the idea. Laken and Ted continue having the difference in opinion concerning their parents. Mason is furious when Gina can't give him the money he needs so he storms into C.C.'s office and tells him the truth about Gina, but C.C. isn't impressed with the story. Gina tells C.C. that she's pregnant. Cruz offers to help Eden research Marcello. Ginger and her thugs pressure Mason into giving them the money, but when he can't deliver, he offers his job as a lawyer, and Ginger gladly accepts.moreless
  • Episode 0174
    Episode 0174
    Episode 174
    Mason opens his new officer and then receives a phone call from Ginger, requesting to get her money back. He pretends talking to a friend, and Ginger warns him that about her thugs. Mason then blackmails Gina into giving him the money, and she promises to find a way to get it. Cruz and Eden, while talking a walk around her new restaurant, talk about Eden being under Marcello's hypnosis. Cruz reluctantly agrees to do a background check on Marcello. Sophia worries that Marcello might have something against C.C. when she catches him going through C.C.'s war files. Minx invites her for a talk. Maggie is excited when Cruz gives her a new job, leading the investigation concerning Lindsay Smith. She moves into the apartment next to Lindsay's. Lindsay, meanwhile, tries to finish all his relations to Santa Barbara and leave. Later, Maggie and Lindsay become friends. Mason does a little digging for Cruz and learns that someone obviously blackmailed Channing. Minx tries to convince Sophia to leave town, but Sophia makes her realize that she isn't the one to blame for Lionel and Augusta's split and that she has suffered enough already. Marcello warns Eden not to fake her hypnosis anymore because it's too dangerous.moreless
  • Episode 0173
    Episode 0173
    Episode 173
    Cruz questions Lindsay about the love letter he sent to Channing, but Lindsay claims he didn't send the letter, and that he is engaged to a woman. Lionel realizes that someone stole the Chinese box and he goes to confront Mason, but they end up trying to find out the value of the box. They are both stunned when the diamond experts blows the diamond into little pieces. Mason is crushed, but Lionel offers to give him money if he helps him win Augusta back. Sophia is happy when Ted tells her he intends to fix the mother-son connection between them. Ginger wants Mason to return the money he owes her. Kelly confronts C.C. and Eden about plotting against Sophia, and she decides to move out of the mansion. C.C. questions Eden about his missing war files, but when she tries to talk about the war, he avoids the subject. Then she refuses to listen to him when he tries to set her up with a man he chose. C.C. tries to make a deal with Mason to investigate Hank Judson, but when they try to arrange the price, Mason tears the check that C.C. gave him. Lindsay admits to Cruz that he had a short relationship with Channing in the past when he broke up with Santana. When Cruz leaves, Lindsay burns a few letters. Marcello realizes that Eden isn't under hypnosis, so he starts talking about normal and nice things. Kelly informs Sophia that she is leaving the mansion for a while.moreless
  • Episode 0172
    Episode 0172
    Episode 172
    Cruz learns that Ginger Jones was the person who changed Peter's tombstone. Mason leads the auction at Peter's place. The former owner of the newspaper place introduces Warren as the new boss to the workers. Cruz orders Maggie to find out info on Lindsay Smith. Mason steals the Chinese box from Lionel's boat and then sets a meeting with a jeweler. Eden confides in Cruz about faking her hypnosis and learning about Marcello's sudden interest in C.C. Maggie manages to save a group of people when a robber tries to steal money. Mason makes a business deal with Ginger. Warren wants to learn more about Maggie, but she isn't ready to confide in him. Cruz goes to the address that Maggie gave him and he is shocked to learn that Lindsay Smith is actually a man.moreless
  • Episode 0171
    Episode 0171
    Episode 171
    A police officer warns Mason that he can't live in a car. Mason finds an interesting job. Cruz learns that an unknown person changed Peter's gravestone to a beautiful piece with the name Antonio Fiorno. Mason informs Kelly that Peter left her all of his money, but she refuses to take it and she donates it to charity. Amy and Brick learn that Warren bought the press. Maggie buys a wedding ring. Mason and Cruz search through Peter's apartment. Laken is happy to learn that Sophia and Lionel didn't continue their affair after the accident years ago. Cruz opens Peter's safe deposit box and finds a letter from Lindsay Smith to Channing Capwell. A woman places a red rose on Peter's gravestone.moreless
  • Episode 0170
    Episode 0170
    Episode 170
    Amy starts working as a secretary for J. Stanfield Lee. Brick is suspicious of Lee's connection to Dr. Renfro. Eden discusses the war medals with C.C. She asks Marcello to continue her hypnosis. Mason and Ted dance with Jackie, who is celebrating her husband's release. Cruz and Eden reconcile. Eden knows that Marcello has a back up plan and she tries to use time spent with him to find out what it is.moreless
  • Episode 0169
    Episode 0169
    Episode 169
    Renfro continues sending updates about Amy to a mysterious person. C.C. doesn't like talking to Marcello. Carmen pays him a visit. Amy gets a job offer from Mr. Lee, and after the interview, she learns that she got the job. Brick wins a bet on a horse race. Cruz and Eden fight about the status of their relationship because Cruz refuses to be controlled by Eden's mood swings. She is confused, and Marcello puts her under hypnosis to relax her. Carmen and C.C. come to an agreement that Cruz and Eden should be broken up. Jackie is happy to learn that her husband is leaving the Navy.moreless
  • Episode 0168
    Episode 0168
    Episode 168
    Marcello and Mason aren't getting along. Jackie is worried about the possibility of the fact that Larry could not return home ever again. Augusta offers Brick a place to stay. The shop owner visits Lionel and tells him that he won't finish his job because the Chinese box is cursed. Mason visits him at the boat and Lionel hands him one of the boxes. Mason breaks it and then accuses Lionel of trying to scam him. Eden and C.C. talk business, as Marcello watches them from afar. Lionel assures him that it's an original. Brick and Amy spend time looking at old photos. Cruz's mother Carmen arrives in Santa Barbara, and immediately gives Cruz advice on leaving Eden because they are not of the same culture or lifestyle. Eden furiously leaves the dinner, and Cruz comforts her later, but she claims they are only having fun. Cruz shouts to Eden about marriage in front of C.C.moreless
  • Episode 0167
    Episode 0167
    Episode 167
    Mason jokes about the outcome of Lionel and C.C.'s fight. August, Warren and Laken worry about them. Sophia asks for Marcello's help in convincing Eden and Ted that she is telling the truth. Eden and Ted finally realize that Sophia was right all along. Ted wants to run away with Laken. Mason makes a job offer to an old secretary named Sarah. Then he tries to make his hooker return the money that she stole, but her thugs threaten him. Mason asks Eden for a money loan. C.C. and Lionel both recover after the fight. Sophia tries to talk to C.C. peacefully and she explains her status to him, but he is not ready to give in. Augusta tells Lionel that she wants him out of her house as soon as possible. Sophia calmly responds to Augusta's harsh words.moreless
  • Episode 0166
    Episode 0166
    Episode 166
    Laken refuses to talk about her relationship with Ted. C.C. continues trashing the Lockridge mansion, as Augusta informs Minx about Lionel and Sophia's affair. Minx tries to stop C.C., but he discovers the underground tunnel while talking to her. Laken and Warren question Minx about the tunnel and its purpose. Eden refuses to listen to Sophia's explanation. Sophia learns about C.C.'s roaming through the tunnel, so she informs Lionel, and then goes to meet C.C. Sophia tries to convince C.C. that she is telling the truth about the previous 15 years, and although Lionel confirms it, C.C. still won't believe her. Augusta tells Warren that she doesn't want to be with Lionel anymore. Laken tells Ted that their relationship is over. Sophia tries to tell Augusta the truth, but she doesn't listen. Lionel and C.C. continue fighting.moreless
  • Episode 0165
    Episode 0165
    Episode 165
    C.C. refuses to listen to Sophia, who is looking for justice. C.C. tells Mason that he will end up the same way as Sophia. Gina tries to convince Hank to leave her alone because she already lost everything she could have had. Warren offers help to Maggie, who seems to be in need of a lawyer. C.C. confronts Ted about Sophia. Lionel buys a beautiful necklace for Augusta. Rosa and Sophia happily reunite. Ted and Laken comfort each other. C.C. takes a whip and arrives at the Lockridge mansion, where he starts ruining the stuff inside.moreless
  • Episode 0164
    Episode 0164
    Episode 164
    Cruz and Maggie are forced to free Hank because they have no evidence against him. C.C. is shocked to see Sophia alive. Augusta cries as she misunderstands Sophia and Lionel's conversation for expression of love, and C.C. still can't believe that any of this is happening. Eden tells Warren that she knew about Sophia being alive. C.C. and Augusta believe that Sophia and Lionel are about to make love, so C.C. breaks the mirror and enters Sophia's suite. Eden and Augusta fight over the truth about Sophia. C.C. demands and explanation from Sophia, but when she starts explaining, he doesn't believe anything she has to say to him.moreless
  • Episode 0163
    Episode 0163
    Episode 163
    C.C. isn't able to sign the papers confirming Sophia death until a lawyer is present. Eden tries to get Mason to help C.C., but C.C. and Mason end up fighting. Brandon distracts Sophia and they talk about Gina and C.C. Gina sees them together and tells questions Sophia about the real reason she's there. Lionel spies on the Capwell mansion while reminding Augusta that Sophia could have left Santa Barbara if Augusta hadn't kidnapped her. Warren reveals to Augusta the secret of the mirrors in the Sophia's suite. Sophia hides in the mansions while C.C. talks to Gina. C.C. meets Hank and then demands an explanation from Gina. Gina tells him the entire story and he believes her. Augusta makes a forged letter and makes Lionel believe that it's from Sophia. Lionel and Sophia meet and she tells him that she didn't send him the letter. Meanwhile, C.C. arrives at the suite and Augusta shows him the mirror where he can see Sophia and Lionel talking.moreless
  • Episode 0162
    Episode 0162
    Episode 162
    Sophia and Kelly happily embrace. Sophia makes it clear to Lionel that she has no intention to be with C.C., and that she doesn't want Lionel either. Mason informs Augusta and Lionel that he managed to postpone C.C. and Gina's wedding for a while, and Lionel wants him to somehow redirect Sophia to the wedding. Augusta wonders how Lionel knew about where Sophia was going and they begin throwing food at each other, and eventually end up reconciling. Hank continues blackmailing Gina. Kelly tells Ted and Eden that she intends to reveal that their mother is alive to C.C. Sophia comes to the Capwell mansion, and Gina wants to know if she is actually Sophia. She realizes that Ted, Eden and Mason knew about this all along and that everyone is trying to ruin her wedding day. Gina tries to rush C.C. to get married, but he wants to wait until everyone gathers around. Eden, Ted and Kelly watch as C.C. prepares to sign the papers to declare Sophia dead. Just as he is about to sign, Sophia comes down the stairs.moreless
  • Episode 0161
    Episode 0161
    Episode 161
    Lionel tells Brick that he longer thinks of him as a bad worker. Sophia takes care of an injured Mason. Lionel prevents Augusta from revealing Sophia's alive to C.C. and then promises that he will do it very soon. Dr. Renfro isn't happy to realize how close Amy and Brick are. Mason informs Sophia that C.C. is planning on declaring her dead, and that he still hasn't married Gina. Sophia wants to talk to Kelly before revealing that she's alive to others. Hank threatens Gina. Marcello reveals to Sophia that Kelly thinks she's somehow responsible for her mother's death. Lionel goes to a Chinese Shop where the owner tells him that the Chinese Box is very valuable, and Lionel is ready to pay to make a duplicate. Mason uses his friend to help him mess with C.C. and Gina's wedding. Marcello brings Sophia to Kelly, who is shocked, yet happy to see her mother alive.moreless
  • Episode 0160
    Episode 0160
    Episode 160
    Kelly is having hard time dealing with her past. C.C. and Gina plan to have their wedding anyway. Sophia notices that Marcello has something against C.C. Mason wakes up after a drunk night in the hotel and realizes that his credit card doesn't work and that a prostitute took all of his money. He also learns that there's a newspaper article published about his firing from Capwell Enterprises. He phones Kelly for help, but she says no. Brick and Amy discuss marriage. Mason arrives at Kelly's and realizes that Kelly is in a very strange mood, so he asks Marcello to come and help Kelly. Marcello puts Kelly under hypnosis and learns that her problems are connected to her childhood. Brick and Amy get engaged. Hank and his thug beat up Mason while looking for information on Gina. C.C. and Gina are about to get married when Hank phones Gina and questions her about the times they spent together.moreless
  • Episode 0159
    Episode 0159
    Episode 159
    Sophia and Ted's encounter is full of emotion as they are finally reunited as a mother and a son. They talk about the past and present. Sophia tries to make it clear to Laken that she isn't after Lionel, but Laken just won't listen to her. At the wedding, Mason explains to the confused crowd that C.C. can't marry Gina because he never pronounced Sophia dead after all the years. C.C. realizes it's true, and Gina slaps Mason for ruining her wedding day. He mentions Hank's name and Eden immediately realizes who Hank is. C.C. wants Cruz to tell Mason that he's fired, but Mason doesn't seem to take the news hard. C.C. then makes sure that Mason will never be able to get a job again. Ted tells Eden that he will fight for his mother, and she doesn't approve. Later, Mason rushes in C.C. and Gina's room and reveals that they both have secrets. He tells Gina that C.C. only wants to marry her because of Brandon, and he mentions Hank to C.C. Cruz and Ted remove Mason from the bedroom.moreless
  • Episode 0158
    Episode 0158
    Episode 158
    Mason wants a Chinese Box from the Amanda Lockridge in exchange for ruining Gina and C.C.'s wedding day. Laken tells Ted that Mason and Eden knew about Sophia being alive. C.C. and Mason start fighting, and Gina asks them to stop. Kelly sets another appointment with Marcello. Cruz and Eden spend more time together in bed, making plans about the restaurant and making love. Laken turns to Maggie for advice on what she should do now that she unintentionally revealed the secret to Ted. Brandon wants Mason to attend the wedding. Laken wants to tell Sophia to stop going around her father. Ted confronts Eden and Mason separately about not telling him that Sophia is alive. Mason considers changing his business. The wedding begins and everything is going fine until the priest asks if there's an objection to the marriage, and Mason answers "Yes."moreless
  • Episode 0157
    Episode 0157
    Episode 157
    It's C.C. and Gina's wedding day. Laken comforts Augusta after her duel with Sophia. Lionel wants Mason to help him save his marriage by getting Sophia out of their lives, but then he plans to ruins Gina and C.C.'s wedding day by exposing Sophia. Augusta encourages Lionel to tell Minx about Sophia being alive. Gina is happy to learn that C.C. plans to adopt Brandon. Mason visits Gina before the wedding and makes it clear that something important might happen. Gina fears that Mason wants to ruin her, but he tells her that all his plans are going against C.C. Laken accidentally reveals to Ted that Sophia is alive.moreless
  • Episode 0156
    Episode 0156
    Episode 156
    The two thugs bring Sophia to the stables, where an angry Augusta orders her to return to Europe. The women start insulting each other and eventually it turns into a catfight. Sophia knocks Augusta unconscious. C.C. tells Kelly and Eden that he's marrying Gina the next day, and Eden tells him that he already knows what she thinks of this, but Kelly seems to be fine with Gina. Cruz wants Maggie to learn to get rid of guilt in her job. Maggie tries to talk to Kelly, but Kelly thinks that Maggie is guilty for Joe's murder. Warren helps Maggie realize that she needs time to heal. C.C. gives Gina a gift. Kelly asks C.C. to let her run a new restaurant, but he doesn't agree with her idea. Cruz and Eden end up in bed together. Sophia brings Augusta back home and tells Lionel that she changed her mind about leaving town. She will stay in town after all.moreless
  • Episode 0155
    Episode 0155
    Episode 155
    Augusta tries to find out if Lionel knows about Sophia being The Countess. Lionel learns that Brick is taking care of Lockridge finances. He confronts Brick, who claims that he didn't do anything wrong and that Minx was the one who chose him for the job. Mason invites Lionel and Eden to join him and Sophia at Sophia's place. Augusta learns that there are four people in the room. Sophia is hurt when Eden, Mason and Lionel agree that she should leave town immediately because too many people might get hurt if they find out she's alive. A mysterious Dr. Renfro takes over the case of Amy Perkins. She accepts his help when he offers her free checkups. When she leaves, Renfro tells somebody over the phone that everything is running as planned. Brick and Amy consider getting their own apartment. Sophia tries to leave the car but the driver tells her that they are bringing her to a special place.moreless
  • Episode 0154
    Episode 0154
    Episode 154
    Joe's funeral finishes. Eden asks Cruz to check up on Marcello's history. Cruz comforts Kelly. Brick offers help to Amy, but she refuses the offer. Larry and Jackie spend some romantic time together before Larry leaves again. Liz tells Amy the real story behind her kiss with Brick, and then Amy apologizes to Brick. Jeff confronts Amy in her house, claiming that he is sterile and that there is no way he could be the father of her baby. Brick comes to Amy's rescue. Marcello reminisces about his past more. Eden and Cruz keep a distance from each other. Liz leaves Santa Barbara.moreless
  • Episode 0153
    Episode 0153
    Episode 153
    Mason is shocked to find out that Sophia is alive, but he promises not to reveal her secret to anyone. He refuses to help Sophia get closer to Kelly, and he figures out that Eden already knows about this. Eden doesn't like the fact that Marcello helped Kelly get rid of her headache. Kelly refuses to talk to Marisa, as she feels guilty for her son's death. Kelly then refuses to accept help from anyone. Mason suggests Gina should marry C.C. as soon as possible. Marcello is troubled by C.C.moreless
  • Episode 0152
    Episode 0152
    Episode 152
    Marisa and Jade arrive at the hospital to see Joe. Marcello is having flashbacks of his past which includes C.C. Mason and C.C. continue fighting. Eden, C.C., Ted, Mason, Marcello, Marisa and Jade watch as Kelly shares her goodbyes with Joe, and Joe dies. A crying Kelly is shocked and she blames the doctor for everything. Marcello brings her back to the mansion. Ted offers to take care of Joe's funeral arrangements. Sophia rushes to see Kelly, and Eden, once again, disapproves of Sophia and Marcello's presence in Santa Barbara. Maggie is shocked when Cruz proves that she is not good enough to be a cop. Cruz is shocked to learn about Joe's death. A distressed Sophia meets with Mason, who claims that The Contessa has nothing to do with his family. Sophia finally takes off her wig and shows Mason who she really is.moreless
  • Episode 0151
    Episode 0151
    Episode 151
    A wounded Joe is rushed to the hospital. Kelly, who is still being held as Peter's hostage, claims that she is carrying Peter's child, only to mess with his head. The police turns off all the lights in the house, so Peter takes Kelly to another room, where he continues going crazy. He decides to kill Kelly, realizing that she is the source of all of his problems. Cruz storms in and shoots Peter before Peter can react. He is finally dead. Warren and Ted talk about their loved ones in the hospital. Joe doesn't have much time to live anymore. Eden wants Marcello to take Sophia out of town. Warren drives Maggie back home and says he'd like to see her again. The family lies to Kelly that Joe will be fine. Kelly rushes to Joe's room and waits for him to wake up.moreless
  • Episode 0150
    Episode 0150
    Episode 150
    Peter holds Joe hostage, and Joe tries to convince him that Kelly has only eyes for Peter. Marcello gives an idea to the police to mess with Peter's head by claiming that Kelly is dying, but Kelly doesn't like the idea. She eventually agrees to carry on their plan. Warren bonds with Maggie, who can't seem to deal with the fact that she needs to rest for a while. Cruz is shocked to realize that Kelly left the place. Peter is shocked to see Kelly and in defense, he starts shooting at her.moreless
  • Episode 0149
    Episode 0149
    Episode 149
    Peter wants the police to give him Kelly or he'll start shooting the hostages. Larry fakes his death. Officer Maggie Gills offers to go in the house disguised as Kelly and Cruz approves of the idea. Mason convinces Peter to let Amy go because she's pregnant. Amy is sent to the hospital, where an anxious Brick is waiting for her. Maggie's plan goes into motion, but Peter shoots her thinking that it's Kelly. Meanwhile, Larry and Joe finally knock down Peter, who is then surprised by the fact that everyone thinks he killed Channing. Peter then takes Joe hostage and everyone else escapes. Eden is worried when the police decides to use Marcello as the psychologist. Warren wants to know why Minx have Brick a job as her financier.moreless
  • Episode 0148
    Episode 0148
    Episode 148
    Cruz goes through Joe and Kelly's place to look for traces of Peter. Peter holds Amy hostage and wants her to tell everyone not to come to the party. Augusta questions a lawyer about the law of marriage. Gina is worried because Hank will be getting out of jail soon. Mason is happy to learn that C.C. never declared Sophia dead, and therefore, his marriage to Gina won't be valid, and he plans to use the info on the wedding. Jackie and Mason arrive at Amy's party and they become hostages too. Amy tries to inform Cruz that Peter is in her house and she succeeds. Kelly, Joe and Jackie's husband Larry meet in front of the house, and Peter uses Larry as another hostage by shooting him. Cruz rushes to the house.moreless
  • Episode 0147
    Episode 0147
    Episode 147
    Joe and Kelly are relieved when C.C. informs them that Peter was found dead. They leave to their apartment without knowing that the dead corpse isn't Peter. Cruz determines that Peter stole a dangerous weapon. Augusta overcomes her fears and finally decides to talk to the contessa. Sophia introduces Marcello to Kelly and Joe. Peter breaks into Joe and Kelly's apartment and waits for them while they are having a picnic. Mason interrupts Kelly and Joe and therefore interrupts Peter's plan. Kelly realizes that Peter was in her apartment. Augusta introduces Marcello and contessa to C.C., but they already know each other. Peter arrives at Amy's place and starts threatening her.moreless
  • Episode 0146
    Episode 0146
    Episode 146
    Lionel is worried about Augusta's strange behavior. Augusta is worried that the contessa might actually be Sophia. Warren and Liz spend time together in their hiding place. C.C. and Gina are shocked to learn from Mason and Lionel about Peter's confession to killing Channing. Mason and C.C. then fight over the past. Sophia is surprised to see Lionel free and even more surprised by Peter's confession. Augusta sends a blackmailing letter to Sophia and Sophia appears on the place that Augusta arranged them to meet. Warren and Lionel reunite.moreless
  • Episode 0145
    Episode 0145
    Episode 145
    Mason is shocked to learn that Peter killed Veronica and Channing. Lionel wants to talk to Sophia so they could agree on what to say to Augusta. Cruz, Eden, Kelly, Joe and Ted discuss about Peter. Ted rushes off to Laken with news of Lionel getting out of jail. Jackie is heartbroken to learn that her husband, once again, can't come to Santa Barbara. Augusta tries to find out who the contessa is by talking to Eden, but Eden doesn't reveal anything, but only warns her to try and get the woman out of town. Kelly tells Joe that Peter raped her, and she's having hard time dealing with it. She fears that Peter might still be alive. Mason and Augusta discuss about the contessa. Lionel is finally released from jail, and his family is there to support him. Augusta puts two and two together and realizes that the contessa is actually Sophia.moreless
  • Episode 0144
    Episode 0144
    Episode 144
    Brick visits Amy, who has recovered from her illness. Amy mistakes Brick and Liz's embrace for something more meaningful. Cruz and Eden spend romantic time in bed. Their romance is interrupted with news of a woman that was beaten by Peter. Kelly is shocked when Eden gives her a gun for protection. Augusta catches Lionel talking to Sophia, and she warns the unknown woman to leave Santa Barbara. Jeff pays a few thugs to beat up Brick. Peter returns to his apartment and takes some pills which finally make him realize what he has done. He is about to commit suicide when a vision of Kelly starts talking to him. A mysterious person enters his apartment and adds a few lines to his suicide letter. Cruz and Eden arrive at the apartment and find the letter containing "Peter"'s confession that he murdered Channing.moreless
  • Episode 0143
    Episode 0143
    Episode 143
    Mason questions Sophia about her identity, but Lionel knocks him out before he can ask any more questions. Lionel then tells Sophia the story of the night Channing was murdered, and he claims that he didn't kill Channing, but Sophia still doesn't seem to believe him. Minx disapproves of Brick's growing relationship with Amy, and he's ready to quit if she continues trying to convince him to leave her. Mason visits Sophia in her chambers. C.C. locates the burning car and informs Cruz, Eden and Joe. They rush to the scene and Joe and Kelly finally reunite. Cruz continues investigating the power-saw room, and then reunites with Eden, and they kiss. Peter escapes with an unknown woman, who just then realizes that Peter is a criminal.moreless
  • Episode 0142
    Episode 0142
    Episode 142
    Augusta watches as Lionel and Mason face off in jail. Sophia offers advice to Mason on how to save Kelly from Peter. Mason then learns from Cliff that a journalist named Miss Carlein doesn't exist. Sophia visits Lionel in jail and Lionel wonders why Sophia would think that he killed Channing. Mason enters the room and is surprised to see Lionel talking to "Miss Carlein." Amy finally makes a decision to try and save her yet unborn baby. Brick respects her decision and they kiss. Cruz, Eden and Joe find the building where Peter was holding Kelly hostage, but they can't find them. Joe fears that Kelly is already dead. Peter and Kelly face off in the power-saw room and Peter receives more wounds, but he manages to get a hold of Kelly. Kelly then escapes and sets fire to an exploding car.moreless
  • Episode 0141
    Episode 0141
    Episode 141
    Sophia receives a note containing the last words that Channing spoke before he was dead, so she goes to meet the sources, and is shocked to realize it's Warren. Sophia claims that Lionel killed Channing, but she can't remember how. Just as Warren starts shaking Sophia, Marcello enters in the room and jumps in her defense, but she stops him. Brick comforts Amy, who is forced to decide between saving her life or the life of her baby, or risk both lives. Kelly stabs Peter and then he admits that he only wanted to spend more time with her before his illness kills him. Kelly runs away to the desert and tries to hide, but a wounded Peter manages to find her again and then tries to capture her.moreless
  • Episode 0140
    Episode 0140
    Episode 140
    Kelly drives Peter crazy by mentioning Joe's name, so he rapes her, and then confesses to murdering women during the last few days. Cruz leads the police investigation. He confides in Eden that he fears Joe might kill Peter once he finds him. Kelly tries to make Peter leave the room, but he ends up tying her to the bed. Peter learns that the police is on the hunt for him, and then he returns to the room and lays next to Kelly, who tries to use a knife on him. Mason and "Miss Carlisle" talk until Mason learns of Kelly's abduction. Later on, Mason wants Liz to stop hiding Warren. When meeting Miss Carlisle again, Mason decides to find out if such person exists.moreless
  • Episode 0139
    Episode 0139
    Episode 139
    Jeff is happy when Amy is brought in to the hospital. Jackie calls Brick, who then arrives at the hospital to comfort Amy. Eden confesses to Cruz that her mother is alive. Joe calls Cruz asking for police help because Kelly had disappeared, but the police isn't interested in helping at all. Cruz, Eden and Joe go on an adventure to locate Peter. Meanwhile, Kelly fakes her unconsciousness. Later, Kelly tries to escape but Peter stops her.moreless
  • Episode 0138
    Episode 0138
    Episode 138
    Joe has to leave briefly during their romantic honeymoon, and then Peter uses a chance to enter their suite. Kelly realizes Peter is mad when he brings out the white carnation, and then she pretends to love him. Elizabeth and Warren have an adventure together. Mason is mad to learn about it, and he insults Augusta. Jeff visits Amy and questions her about their baby.moreless
  • Episode 0137
    Episode 0137
    Episode 137
    Cruz suggests Kelly and Joe shouldn't go on their honeymoon to the chosen place, but should change their destination for a place where nobody knows them. The police brings Peter to the police station. They put him on a lie detector test and play with his mind, but they don't have enough evidence to blame him for the murders, and they're forced to let him go. Once he's out, Peter immediately finds out the new destination for Kelly and Joe's honeymoon. Warren informs Lionel that Eden knows about Sophia being alive. Then he phones to his mother, telling her that he's leaving Santa Barbara. The police realizes that Warren escaped, so they immediately search for him. Warren hides in Elizabeth's chambers.moreless
  • Episode 0136
    Episode 0136
    Episode 136
    Eden and Mason are shocked to learn about C.C. and Gina's engagement, and Sophia is still there pretending to be a journalist. Peter mistakes a hooker for Kelly and then kills her in the apartment next to the newlyweds'. Joe and Kelly overhear it and inform Cruz. Marcello informs Eden that Sophia is actually a contessa and that he's her stepson. Marcello then catches Warren, who was hiding behind a mirror, and confronts him, but Sophia decides to let him go. C.C. is disturbed when Mason informs him that Sophia was with Lionel on the day of her death, and that Lionel killed her.moreless
  • Episode 0135
    Episode 0135
    Episode 135
    Kelly and Joe's wedding reception is underway. Mason and Sophia talk about the life, but Eden interrupts them. C.C. realizes there's something strange about the mysterious journalist. Mason is also stunned by her. Sophia finally explains to Eden that she lost her memory and couldn't regain it 5 years after she disappeared. A drunk Mason makes a silly toast at the reception. Cruz drives the newlyweds to the hotel, where an impatient Peter is waiting to further his evil plan.moreless
  • Episode 0134
    Episode 0134
    Episode 134
    Sophia pretends to be a journalist in front of Kelly and C.C. Eden wants to know why she left her family. Ted is sad after breaking up with Laken. A drunk Mason arrives in the church too and talks to Sophia. Kelly finds a white carnation in the psalm book, but she decides to go on with the wedding although it obviously upsets her. Peter tries to use his gun at the wedding, but the people interrupt him. Finally, Kelly and Joe get married.moreless
  • Episode 0133
    Episode 0133
    Episode 133
    Eden is happy to see her mother again, but her mood suddenly changes when she fears Sophia had an affair with Lionel, and she asks Sophia to leave Santa Barbara. Cruz and Joe calm an upset Kelly. Cruz finds Eden with Sophia. Eden and Joe interrupt a chilling conversation between Peter and Kelly. Sophia arrives at the church and heads for Kelly's room.moreless
  • Episode 0132
    Episode 0132
    Episode 132
    Kelly fears something might happen during the marriage ceremony and she warns Joe about it, but he convinces her that everything is going to be fine. Peter makes a delivery of white carnations to the church. Lionel warns Sophia that Mason knows about her. Kelly & Joe invite Mason to the wedding. Marcello invites Eden into the apartment and when Sophia arrives, he leaves them alone to talk. Eden is curious about who the journalist actually is, and she is stunned when she realizes it's her mother.moreless
  • Episode 0131
    Episode 0131
    Episode 131
    Laken breaks up with Ted. Ted is upset when Mason lets Warren go after questioning. Kelly and Joe are shocked when Cruz comes investigating the carnation left on the desk by Peter. Mason researches Veronica's apartment and doesn't notice the recorder. Cruz suspects Peter might have used a tape recorder to make them believe that Veronica died at a different time. Mason doubts the idea, but when Cruz visits Peter, he thinks Cruz might have been right all along.moreless
  • Episode 0130
    Episode 0130
    Episode 130
    Joe sees the news of Veronica's death. Cruz and Mason question Peter, who has a perfect alibi during the time of the killing. Peter finds out that Kelly will be alone in the next hour and then rushes to her place, but Cruz arrives and takes Kelly away. Peter leaves a carnation on the desk. Later, Joe and Kelly find it. Sophia tells Marcello that she's sure that Lionel won't reveal that she's alive. Ted wants to inform Mason of something important.moreless
  • Episode 0129
    Episode 0129
    Episode 129
    Veronica tries to escape from Peter, but he kills her and tapes her final screams, and then sends them to Mason. Mason arrives at the apartment and finds her dead. Amy is freaked out when Peter throws popcorn at her in the cinema, as a way to ensure his alibi. Warren wants to leave Santa Barbara. Elizabeth confronts Lionel about picture forging. Cruz finds Peter and takes him to the police station, where Peter sees Elizabeth, and starts acting strange. Warren talks to Lionel, who admits the truth about Sophia. Ted worries that Warren could have killed Channing.moreless
  • Episode 0128
    Episode 0128
    Episode 128
    Mason tells Cruz that Eden wasn't raped. Veronica visits Peter and talks about the carnation killer, and how Peter has some connections to it. Without much thinking, Peter realizes he must kill the woman to protect himself. Joe, Kelly and Sophia visit Eden, who was just released from the hospital. Joe is upset to learn that Peter sent flowers to Eden. Kelly warns Veronica not to have anything to do with Peter. Veronica soon comes to a conclusion on Peter being the killer and tries to warn Mason about it, but Mason won't even return her call. While providing an alibi at the cinema, Peter arrives at Veronica's place to kill her.moreless
  • Episode 0127
    Episode 0127
    Episode 127
    Peter runs away scared by the helicopter. Cruz locates Eden and saves her. Peter joins Kelly and Laken at La Mesa, and Kelly is scared at how close Peter is acting toward Laken. She immediately asks Ted to take Laken away without asking anything. Peter invites Kelly to go to his apartment, but she is interrupted by a call saying that Eden was found. Laken and Ted want to know the truth about Sophia from Lionel. He tells them that he didn't murder Sophia. Eden is happy to see Cruz at the hospital.moreless
  • Episode 0126
    Episode 0126
    Episode 126
    Eden wakes up and manages to make a HELP sign so a helicopter could find her. Lionel gets caught. Cruz pressures Joe into stopping assuming things about Peter. Kelly and Joe go to see a shopkeeper who told them someone has been coming to the shop buying white carnations each week. Elizabeth is throwing herself at Brick, but he keeps on rejecting her until she realizes how desperate she got, and how the past is influencing her life. Cruz learns that Peter isn't taking his medication. Peter returns to the valley and finds the sign Eden made. Eden returns there too and collapses. Then Peter decides to strangle her.moreless
  • Episode 0125
    Episode 0125
    Episode 125
    Peter is surprised when "Kelly" dies. He hears on the radio that Eden is missing and realizes he got the wrong person. Peter goes to La Mesa, and a waitress tells him all about the carnation killer. Joe, who is sitting nearby, tells Cruz about the possibility of Peter being the murderer. Cruz decides to follow Joe's suspicion, but Joe has to keep quiet. Veronica wants Mason to give her back the key she gave him because she "has a brother who needs it temporarily." Mason pretends he doesn't have the key with him. Lionel tries to get Sophia to let him enter the hotel room, but she locks the door and calls the security. She wants Lionel to stay at the door, but Lionel soon realizes they are coming to get him, so he hides behind the window in the room, and then phones Augusta to take care of Laken (because of the carnation killer). Mason and Veronica arrive at her place, where Veronica tries to convince Mason to leave, but Lionel suddenly appears in front of them. Before Mason can do anything, Lionel escapes and drives away with Augusta. A shocked Mason fires Veronica. Peter realizes he is the carnation killer, and then decides to commit suicide, but Joe arrives before Peter can do anything. Joe accuses Peter of being the killer, and then finds a picture of Kelly torn in two pieces. When he leaves, Peter completely forgets about the suicide and starts thinking about Kelly again.moreless
  • Episode 0124
    Episode 0124
    Episode 124
    Peter ties Eden and puts her in the front seat of a car, still convinced that he actually caught Kelly. Kelly and the police arrive at the warehouse too late, and find Eden's brawl and a carnation. Cliff informs Cruz about it, and he finally decides to go after the carnation killer. Mason and Cruz send out troopers to save Eden. Mason calls Veronica and wants to make an appointment with her, but she wants to postpone it to another time. Mason hears a man's voice in the background. Lionel learns that Sophia is staying at the hotel. Sophia is concerned over Eden, and enters a hefty discussion with Marcello. Lionel is listening at their conversation behind a mirror. While looking at Sophia, Lionel reminisces about the old times. Then later, Lionel comes at Sophia's door. Peter brings a tied Eden to a place in the woods and is about to kill her. Eden fights, but he starts strangling her. Suddenly, Eden falls down a steep slope and just stays lying there.moreless
  • Episode 0123
    Episode 0123
    Episode 123
    Peter arrives in La Mesa, and after realizing Kelly isn't there, she phones a new waitress and wants her to tell Kelly to meet him in the warehouse, pretending to be Joe. Kelly and Eden arrive in La Mesa, and talk about Gina, who is making wedding arrangements. The waitress informs Kelly about "Joe"'s call, and then Kelly realizes she can't make the appointment, so Eden decides to go to the warehouse instead of her. Sophia and Kelly are doing an interview together. Kelly and Joe realize that someone set a trap, and then Kelly runs to the warehouse. Meanwhile, Eden arrives at the warehouse and finds a carnation. Peter knocks her down.moreless
  • Episode 0122
    Episode 0122
    Episode 122
    Warren comes just in time to save Mason from Hank, and then they are joined by Cliff and a policeman. Hank claims to have been in prison at the time of Summer's murder, and then the policeman proves it. Eden is worried about the carnation killer, and asks Cruz to accompany her to an event thrown for Summer. Peter is watching Kelly from far away. Mason, Cliff and Warren return to Santa Barbara, and Mason continues questioning Gina. Sophia has a nice talk with Ted, and although Marcello advises her to come clean, she has other plans. Cliff offers Cruz a job to help him find the carnation killer, and Eden is surprised to find out that Cruz was once a policeman.moreless
  • Episode 0121
    Episode 0121
    Episode 121
    Ted, who is upset by the fact that Laken won't tell him the truth, runs to the beach, where he is approached by Sophia in disguise. Sophia gives him an advice. After Gina informed him about Mason and Sgt Clifford being in Los Angeles, Warren does a little trick and finds out exactly where the two men are headed. Meanwhile, Mason and Clifford separate in L.A. to find Hank. Mason arms himself, and Hank, who knows they are looking for him, puts Mason on the ground.moreless
  • Episode 0120
    Episode 0120
    Episode 120
    Mason is surprised to find out his suite is booked, and then he confronts C.C. about it. Lionel is hiding in Veronica's apartment. Mason arrives at Veronica's and tries to get her to let him stay at her place. Veronica tries to convince him to go away, and Mason lets it go. C.C. meets the Countess (who is actually Sophia) at his hotel, and Sophia can't wait to reveal herself, but first she decides to see what her children think of her. Gina informs Mason and Sgt Clifford about Hank Judson, a possible murderer. Laken and Ted's relationship is entering a huge crisis. Laken doesn't know if she should tell Ted about Sophia. Mason tells Ted the truth.moreless
  • Episode 0119
    Episode 0119
    Episode 119
    Warren finds a dead Summer in the warehouse. Peter wakes up, once again, scratched up and without any memory of what happened last night. Sgt. Clifford finds Warren holding Summer, and soon Mason joins them. Gina is preparing to have dinner with C.C., and while thinking of how to get rid of Kelly and Joe, Warren and Mason arrive and tell Gina the bad news. Kelly is afraid that the murder might have something to do with her. Laken tells Ted she wants to return home. Warren feels guilty for what happened to Summer, and then he receives a phone call from Lionel, who assures him that he's all right. Laken arrives home just in time to catch Mason at the door, who came to ask Warren a few questions. The two of them overhear Warren talking to Augusta about Lionel.moreless
  • Episode 0118
    Episode 0118
    Episode 118
    Lionel manages to escape from the police man on the train. Mason, who is now quite sure that Lionel is the murderer, wants Gina to ask Summer to come and see him, but Summer turns out not to be much helpful. Gina follows Summer (who reacted strangely while seeing the picture of the murdered waitress), and then reunites Summer with Warren, who is happy to see her, and who wants her to tell Mason the truth. They all arrive to Mason's suite in C.C.'s hotel, and find Kelly there too. Meanwhile, Peter is watching them. Both Warren and Mason arrive at the police when someone informs them that they've caught Lionel, but it turns out to be Charlie, the tramp that stole Lionel's jacket. Summer and Kelly go out, and Summer asks Kelly not to say anything that could compromise Warren while talking to Mason. Kelly refuses to do so, and leaves the place. Peter, who followed them, tells Summer that Warren had just had an accident, and offers to drive Summer. In the car, Summer realizes something is wrong. Peter gives her a white carnation.moreless
  • Episode 0117
    Episode 0117
    Episode 117
    After Eden regains consciousness, Cruz and her continue researching the Amanda Lockridge and the office files. Sgt. Monroe questions Kelly about the murdered waitress. Summer returns home, and is informed by Gina about the gold coins. Summer comes upon a picture of Barbara, and becomes upset. Joe and Kelly attend a dinner with C.C., and everything is going great until C.C. offers Joe a job at his residence, which Joe takes as a chance for C.C. to control Kelly. Joe leaves. Sophia is surprised to find an unconscious Marcello, and is then followed by Lionel, who once again, claims his innocence, and then figures out that Sophia was framing him for the murder of Channing. A sheriff appears on the train and is trying to hunt down Lionel. Lionel, in a state of despair, jumps off the train.moreless
  • Episode 0116
    Episode 0116
    Episode 116
    A confused Peter wakes up, unaware of anything that happened last night, and learns of Barbara's death. He goes to La Mesa, where Sergeant Clifford T. Monroe questions him. C.C. finds a note from Ted, saying that he left town with Laken. Eden reassures C.C. that Ted is a teenager, and this like this are normal, so he shouldn't worry. Kelly arrives at the residence and tells her father that she wants to marry Joe. Amy introduces Jackie to Brick, and they spend time at La Mesa, and Elizabeth joins them. Elizabeth tries to seduce Brick, but it seems like he isn't interested. Lionel wakes up near a circus, spends some time with the people that found him, and then returns to the train and attends the same plane that Sophia and Marcello are on. He waits for Sophia to leave, and then knocks Marcello down. Eden and Cruz go diving to the Amanda Lockridge, and Eden almost drowns.moreless
  • Episode 0115
    Episode 0115
    Episode 115
    Marcello reassures Sophia that throwing Lionel off the train was a good thing, but she knows Lionel didn't intend to hurt her after realizing she is actually alive. A body of Lionel is lying along the rail, and a tramp named Charlie finds it, steals Lionel's jacket and goes away. Ted wants Laken to go away with him, but she decides to stay and see what will happen with her father. Cruz agrees to share the photos with Eden. Peter returns to La Mesa, brings Barbara perfume and a white carnation, and then they have a little fun together. Soon, Barbara's dead body is lying on the ground.moreless
  • Episode 0114
    Episode 0114
    Episode 114
    A surprised Lionel confronts Sophia for keeping such a huge secret for fifteen years, and then defends himself for what he did. He decides to bind her to prevent her from running away. Meanwhile, a mysterious man, holding a note from Sophia, enters the train in Sacramento. Augusta talks to Laken about Sophia and her father. Ted end up in a small accident while going to Laken's place. A police officers warns Augusta to tell Lionel to return to the police station, or he'll be considered a fugitive. Despite his doctor's warnings, Peter leaves the hospital and calls Kelly, who won't do anything with him. Veronica notices Peter at La Mesa and then runs away. Peter is stunned to see Kelly, but doesn't realize it's actually Barbara Anderson, a new waitress. The man who was looking for Sophia, Marcello Armonti, finally finds her and after a brief fight, kicks Lionel off the train.moreless
  • Episode 0113
    Episode 0113
    Episode 113
    The conductor decides to continue driving the train, although Lionel said that a person fell off. Lionel finds Dominic's beard and traces of blood in the train. Meanwhile, a wounded Sophia is hiding in the train. C.C. is worried about Ted's reaction to the news Mason brought them, so he asks Eden to go and talk to him. Gina wants Rosa to tell her about Sophia. Although Ruben disapproves of what Rosa said, Rosa can't say anything bad against Sophia. In La Mesa, two men hit on Jackie and Amy, but they give up as soon as they learn about Amy's pregnancy and Jackie's marriage. Jackie is informed about her husband's job. Ted talks to Eden briefly, and then finds Jackie's wallet, and brings it to her. Sophia is ready to attack Lionel, but he succeeds in attacking her first.moreless
  • Episode 0112
    Episode 0112
    Episode 112
    Mason informs Ted, Eden and C.C. about the affair Lionel and Sophia were having all those years ago. Then he accuses C.C. of being the one responsible for all the tragedies because C.C.'s behavior was what made Sophia find romance in Lionel. Mason continues with the accusations, so C.C. prefers to leave. Brick tries to talk to Amy. When he leaves, Amy gets a surprise visit from Jackie Parks, an old school friend, who decided to stay in Santa Barbara. Lionel finds a ticket in Dominic's place and then follows Dominic to the train station. He goes onto the train. He believes Dominic has fallen off the train.moreless
  • Episode 0111
    Episode 0111
    Episode 111
    Augusta and Lionel figure out that the note in Warren's pocket wasn't meant for Warren but Lionel. Lionel realizes Dominic might have something to do with this. Lionel goes to Eden's office. He asks her to contact Kelly, and doesn't say anything about what he wants, when in fact he only wants to talk to her to get to Dominic. Kelly is ill, so she decides to go to the doctor, who diagnoses her with a case of high stress. Elizabeth shows Cruz the description of the people who were in Lionel's office last night. Eden comes to pick up the films she stole from Cruz, but she finds out Cruz already has taken them. Eden rushes to Cruz's place and confronts him about it. They embrace, but a visit by Elizabeth interrupts them. Lionel finally traces down Dominic.moreless
  • Episode 0110
    Episode 0110
    Episode 110
    Warren continues telling Lionel about the night he found Channing dead in the office. He says Channing's last word was "Ferinmar," and Lionel reacts to the word. The guards return to the museum, so Cruz and Eden are now trapped. Ted invites Laken to join him in the Capwell Hotel room for New Year's Eve dinner, and ends up falling asleep, leaving Laken to watch television. Danny and Jade go on a trip, but their car breaks down. Gina and C.C. are spending the night together dancing at the Capwell mansion. Augusta and Lionel spend the night in a champagne bath. Kelly surprises Joe by bringing him to a church. She wants to get married instantly, but Joe refuses. Cruz falls asleep at the museum, so Kelly uses the chance to steal the film he made. She alerts the guards of their presence, and then jumps out the window.moreless
  • Episode 0109
    Episode 0109
    Episode 109
    C.C. wants Cruz to do a job at the museum, but Cruz refuses to do it. Yet when Eden asks him to, Cruz accepts the task. Eden and Cruz enter the museum, get rid of the guards, go to the office, and find the log book. Lauren tries to seduce Brick. Amy and Jade run into them, and then Amy tells Brick that she doesn't need him in his life, and that she can be an independent woman. Augusta finds the jacket that Warren was wearing on the night of Channing's murder. Lionel wants it burned. He also wants Warren to tell him everything about his interview with Channing that same day.moreless
  • Episode 0108
    Episode 0108
    Episode 108
    Mason shows Lionel the ring and names him the assassin, but Lionel claims he isn't the one. C.C. is relieved to realize that Mason wasn't the murderer, and yet, when Mason tells him about the affair Lionel and Sophia were having, C.C. refuses to believe in it. Laken is convinced that her father is innocent, while Ted doesn't know on which side he should be. Lionel wants Warren to follow Dominic. Dominic goes to see Joe and Kelly, and inform them about the trial. Augusta wants Elizabeth to help her sell the Lockridge tables to get the money she needs to bail Mason out of jail. C.C. realizes that Eden knows more than she's letting out.moreless
  • Episode 0107
    Episode 0107
    Episode 107
    After spending a night with Mason, Veronica visits Lionel in prison. Mason finds them talking, and they say they're talking about business. Warren visits Lionel in prison, and Lionel talks to him about feeling responsible for Sophia's death so many years ago. They talk about the ring Mason found. In the courtroom, Ted chooses to stand by the Lockridge's site. Mason enters the courtroom and announces that he has new evidence against Lionel, and that he'd like to charge him for murder.moreless
  • Episode 0106
    Episode 0106
    Episode 106
    It's Christmas morning. Minx tries to smuggle a gun in prison, but the police officers stop her and confiscate the gun. When the police officers start eating the cookies that were in the box Minx brought, Lionel discovers there is also a key and a file in the box. C.C. spoils Brandon with gifts. Marisa and Jade made a nursery for Amy's baby. Ruben won't accept C.C.'s bonus. Mason receives another tip from the mysterious person, so he researches the Lockridge place and finds Channing's ring with S.L. and L.L. engraved in it. Also, Lionel's print is found in the study where Channing was killed.moreless
  • Episode 0105
    Episode 0105
    Episode 105
    Augusta visits Lionel at the jail, and they agree not to say anything about Warren having the coins. Kelly and Joe are celebrating their first Christmas together, but Mason interrupts them with news of Lionel's arrest. Mason is convinced that Lionel killed Channing, but Kelly still thinks it was Mason. Augusta sets up a 24-hour guard at the museum to stop C.C. from finding the log book. Dominic gives Mason more clues over the phone about Lionel, and it is then when Mason realizes that the mystery person isn't who he thought it is. Augusta has a romantic dinner with Lionel. Laken and Ted make up.moreless
  • Episode 0104
    Episode 0104
    Episode 104
    After researching the Lockridge mansion, the police finds the gold coins placed in Lionel's briefcase and a set of articles on Channing Jr.'s murder. Meanwhile, the paintings and other treasure are revealed from the safe, and Elizabeth verifies them as real and extremely valuable. Laken and Ted arrive at the scene to warn Lionel about Mason. Mason and the police arrive. Augusta, Lionel, Warren and Laken are wondering what to do now. C.C. sees the entire charade on TV and decides to attend the entire event. When Warren tells her how much he loves Summer, Gina confesses that Summer was raped, and Warren is willing to wait until Summer's painful experience heals. Lionel takes all the stuff out of the safe and presents them. Mason arrives at the scene and arrests Lionel.moreless
  • Episode 0103
    Episode 0103
    Episode 103
    Laken and Minx refuse to attend the opening of the safe found in the sinked ship. Warren forces Gina to tell him where is Summer. She says she'd gone to L.A., but she won't say why she left. Dominic/Sophia dresses as a cameraman to attend the ceremony and she calls Mason to inform him that the golden coins are on the Lockridge mansion. Mason calls the police, and soon the golden coins are found in Lionel's briefcase.moreless
  • Episode 0102
    Episode 0102
    Episode 102
    Elizabeth and Lionel agree to putting some forgers on the boat. Dominic/Sophia tells Kelly that Mason didn't kill Channing Jr., and that Peter didn't see anything the night Channing was killed. Warren is trying to find Summer. Eden wants to dive with Lionel to see what's in the safe. C.C. threatens to pull of the financial support from the museum. Peter frees Mason, but both Kelly and C.C. don't believe in Peter's innocence. Mason tells Peter he won't be able to give him any money because C.C. disinherited him.moreless
  • Episode 0101
    Episode 0101
    Episode 101
    Elizabeth arrives at the boat to join Lionel after the divers brought up the safe from the wreck of an boat. Lionel fears someone might see Elizabeth and him together. They open the safe and find an old Chinese puzzle box, a cross, some stones and the logbook inside, which could probably prove that the Lockridges were the ones that sinked the boat. Peter accepts Mason's deal to give him a half of his heritage if he announces on TV that Mason had nothing to do with Channing Jr.'s murder.moreless
  • Episode 0100
    Episode 0100
    Episode 100
    Summer confides in Gina about her painful memories of Hank Judson raping her. Amy decides to keep the baby she's carrying. Lionel and Elizabeth continue working on their safe plan. Gina wants to become C.C.'s secretary.
  • Episode 0099
    Episode 0099
    Episode 99
    C.C. informs Eden and Ted about Peter's revelation of Mason killing Channing years ago. Lionel and Amanda take Peter out of the clinic.
  • Episode 0098
    Episode 0098
    Episode 98
    Dominic/Sophia plants the golden coins in Lionel's briefcase. Veronica lets Mason know that she visited Peter in the clinic. Lionel visits Peter.
  • Episode 0097
    Episode 0097
    Episode 97
    Lady Elizabeth Peale arrives in Santa Barbara. She visits her pal Lionel and they make a plan of putting forgeries on the Amanda Lockridge. Veronica finds out where Mason hid Peter.
  • Episode 0096
    Episode 0096
    Episode 96
    Dominic/Sophia knocks Lionel out when he approaches the closet, and then leaves a note in his jacket. Jeff sends a letter to Amy offering to pay her money to have an abortion.
  • Episode 0095
    Episode 0095
    Episode 95
    Augusta arrives at the boat and wants Eden to explain what is she doing there with Lionel. The moment is ruined for Ted and Laken, so Laken leaves. Ted returns to the mansion and confronts his sister in front of Kelly. Dominic/Sophia sneaks into the Lockridge house to leave a note in Lionel's jacket, but when she overhears Augusta and Lionel arriving, she hides in the closet. After a fight with Augusta, Lionel approaches the closet. Mason informs the doctor about Peter's whereabouts. C.C. arrives at the presidental suite to confront Mason, and their conversation once again leads into someone pulling a revolver out.moreless
  • Episode 0094
    Episode 0094
    Episode 94
    Lionel won't let Eden go away before he can speak to her. He tries to make something happen between them, but she stops him in time. Ted invites Laken for a romantic dinner, so they both dress in two different clothes to fool their parents. Augusta makes sure Brick doesn't thing high of himself. She learns about Lionel holding Eden captive on the boat. Just as Ted and Laken are about to continue their night on the boat, they are surprised to see Lionel and Eden together on Amanda Lockridge.moreless
  • Episode 0093
    Episode 0093
    Episode 93
    C.C. interrupts a conversation between Eden and Mason with news of Peter's recovery. Lionel and Augusta are wondering who is the person assigned to handle Minx's business. Amy finally tells Jeff she's carrying his baby, and when he accuses her of lying, Brick punches him. Lionel is surprised to find Eden lurking around Amanda Lockridge. Mason convinces Peter to leave the hospital with him before C.C. can approach him.moreless
  • Episode 0092
    Episode 0092
    Episode 92
    Santana tries to reveal the truth to Gina and Brandon, but Mason calls Gina on her phone, and Santana prefers to leave. Warren's special arrangement in the museum turns into a disaster when he tries to make a move on Summer, who runs away on the beach. The entire event brought back her ugly memories of someone raping her. Warren arrives on the beach, and Summer decides to reveal her secret. Rosa and Danny discover that Santana left the town. Mason arrives at La Mesa, ready to tell the truth to Gina and Brandon, but he ends up saying nothing. He rushes to Santana's, only to discover a letter she left him before leaving.moreless
  • Episode 0091
    Episode 0091
    Episode 91
    Mason threatens to discover the truth to Gina and Brandon unless Santana marries him. Brick and Amy arrive in San Francisco to have lunch with Jeff Barber, the supposed father of her yet unborn baby. Warren makes a special arrangement in the museum for Summer and him. C.C. tells Santana in front of Mason that Mason killed Channing and the two men end up fighting, but Santana breaks the fight with a knife.moreless
  • Episode 0090
    Episode 0090
    Episode 90
    After learning about Brandon being Santana's biological son, Mason shows up at Santana's asking for an explanation. Santana doesn't say much, and she definitely won't tell him the identity of the father. Lionel shows Eden an old tape of Sophia during her Hollywood tape, but she refuses to watch it. Later, Dominic/Sophia comes to Lionel and demands the tape. Brick and Amy decide to go to San Francisco to visit her father. Santana and Mason are about to make love when Mason makes a stupid comment and ruins the mood.moreless
  • Episode 0089
    Episode 0089
    Episode 89
    C.C. and Mason enter a raging discussion which ends with C.C. threatening Mason with a revolver. After someone interrupts them C.C. leaves the office, and Mason snoops around his office. He discovers that C.C. decided to leave all of his belongings to Brandon. During a discussion with Cruz, Santana realizes that Gina stayed in Santa Barbara only because she'll marry C.C. Lionel wants Veronica to spy on Eden. Mason calls Dr. Ramirez and learns that Brandon is Santana's biological son.moreless
  • Episode 0088
    Episode 0088
    Episode 88
    Jade learns about Amy's pregnancy. Kelly informs Ted that Warren is no longer a suspect for Channing's murder. Amy doesn't know how to tell the news of her pregnancy to Brick. Ted apologizes to Warren for making him a murder suspect, much to Laken's joy. C.C. overhears Kelly's conversation with Mason about Peter's confession and asks Mason to leave the mansion. After he leaves, C.C. decides to remove him from his will.moreless
  • Episode 0087
    Episode 0087
    Episode 87
    Mason threatens to leave Peter's drip bag in the hospital disconnected unless he confesses the truth about Channing's murder. However, just as Mason prepares his tape recorder, Peter falls into a coma. Brick tries to cheer up Amy, who is still shocked after learning she's pregnant. Mason still refuses to talk to Kelly, so she decides to tell her father about what Peter told her.moreless
  • Episode 0086
    Episode 0086
    Episode 86
    Amy learns she's pregnant. Brick decides to stay in Santa Barbara. C.C. makes a statement supporting Joe, who is now cleared of all charges and a free man. Mason and Peter argue.
  • Episode 0085
    Episode 0085
    Episode 85
    Warren disguises himself as a doctor and enters Peter's hospital room to question him about the night of Channing's murder. Sophia, under disguise as Dominic, sets up a meeting with Lionel at Sophia's gravestone. Lionel searches for the gold coins, but doesn't know Dominic actually has them. A police officers finds Mr. Bottoms with a prostitute in a hotel room, but Ted covers for Bottoms. Kelly tells Mason she thinks he murdered Channing.moreless
  • Episode 0084
    Episode 0084
    Episode 84
    Mason and Santana talk about their difficult lives and after dancing to "No More Lonely Nights" by Paul McCartney, Santana asks Mason to spend the night with her. The day after, it's Thanksgiving. Mason threatens Peter to charge him for the murder of Channing Jr., but Peter threatens to tell C.C. about the fact that Mason knew Joe was innocent, but he didn't do anything about it. Cruz learns by telephone that the parents of Matt, Frank and Barbara, were found. They arrive by helicopter and thank Eden. Mr. Bottoms continues his plan by reserving a room at the motel held by Ted, Laken, Jade and Danny. Kelly confronts Mason about Joe's innocence.moreless
  • Episode 0083
    Episode 0083
    Episode 83
    After confessing the truth to Kelly about seeing Mason in Channing's room on the day of his death, Peter has a cardiac attack, but he's saved by the doctors. Kelly confronts Mason, but he won't talk to her. Gina tells Santana about C.C. asking her to stay on the Capwell mansion. Lionel questions Kelly about the mysterious person that keeps on appearing.moreless
  • Episode 0082
    Episode 0082
    Episode 82
    Lionel follows Sophia, who then calls the police and pronounces Lionel's name, although he never told her his name. Eden makes an appearance in an advertisement commercial to find Matt's family. Minx wants Brick to become her accountant. He doesn't know why is she so vein on having him around her. With the assistance of another student, Michael Adams, Mr. Bottoms tightens a trap with Ted, Laken and Danny. Peter reveals a huge secret to Kelly regarding Channing's death. Just as he is about to tell her the entire truth, Mason is listening in the background.moreless
  • Episode 0081
    Episode 0081
    Episode 81
    Sophia goes to Peter's hospital room, but before she can do anything, a nurse interrupts her, so she leaves. She disguises herself as Dominic and advises Kelly to see Peter before it's too late. Eden talks to a small young black boy who takes her to his apartment, where they are surprised by two burglars. "Dominic" and Kelly are surprised by Lionel and Mason.moreless
  • Episode 0080
    Episode 0080
    Episode 80
    Sophia decides to visit Kelly at the hospital, and she runs into Lionel and Eden, who don't see her. Mason tries to talk to Peter, but he only wants to talk to Kelly. Eden wears her mother's shirt to prompt Lionel to talk to her about it. Warren retrieves the golden coins from the cave. Mason wants to know if Santana thought about his proposal, but C.C. interrupts them. Later, Mason catches Sophia in Kelly's room, but she escapes.moreless
  • Episode 0079
    Episode 0079
    Episode 79
    Cruz and the other helpers rescue Kelly and Joe, while Dominic/Sophia runs away. Marisa informs Jade and Amy about the death of John, their father. Augusta and Lionel are also rescued. Gina returns to Santa Barbara with Summer. Mason informs Santana that Brandon left the hospital. Surprisingly, Mason asks Santana to marry him.moreless
  • Episode 0078
    Episode 0078
    Episode 78
    Lionel reveals some secrets about Sophia and him to Augusta. Laken searches for her parents. Mason finds Brandon and Santana passed out on the floor due to gas leak. Ruben uses matches and the place explodes. He ends up heavily injured. Peter wakes up from his coma and wants to talk to Kelly, who is still trapped with Dominic. Joe finds Kelly and Dominic trapped and it is then when Dominic reveals her true identity to Kelly. She's her mother, Sophia!moreless
  • Episode 0077
    Episode 0077
    Episode 77
    Cruz and Eden help the victims of the earthquake. Lionel and Augusta are trapped in the bottom of the pit, after falling off the cliff. Kelly and Dominic are also trapped together. Sadly, John Perkins dies in his wife's hands. Warren frees himself and Ted. Danny and Ruben find Santana and Brandon, and Santana decides to tell her father the truth about Brandon. However, the danger is still present.moreless
  • Episode 0076
    Episode 0076
    Episode 76
    At exactly 16:21 an Earthquake hits Santa Barbara! Ted is trapped in a cave after following Warren who stole the gold coins. Ruben and Cruz help out Rosa at the mansion. Lionel rushes to the cliff to save Augusta. Kelly arrives at Dominic's place. Laken and Brick find Minx in an Egyptian sarcophagus at the Lockridge house. Joe saves two police officers who then let him escape. Marisa, Amy, C.C., Santana, Mason and Brandon are all OK. Meanwhile, Danny is sleeping through the entire thing. Suddenly, the second earthquake hits Santa Barbara.moreless
  • Episode 0075
    Episode 0075
    Episode 75
    Peter ends up wounded and takes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Joe is taken to the police, where his father assures him that everything is going to be OK. Peter almost telly Kelly a part of the mystery of Channing's murder. C.C. and Santana fight again. Lionel decides to tell the truth about Sophia to Eden, but when they arrive at the cemetery, they are surprised by Augusta's sudden arrival. Ted chases Warren, who stole the gold coins. Cruz is in a seismologist office where all of a sudden the seismic measuring apparatus panics. Augusta, who comes to an edge of a cliff, is surprised by the gust of a very violent wind.moreless
  • Episode 0074
    Episode 0074
    Episode 74
    After fighting with Lionel, Augusta goes to talk to Peter. Peter lures Joe into hunting with him, but Peter has a secret vendetta. Gina has to go to L.A. Kelly refuses to return gold coins to Warren and labels Warren as Channing's killer. Later, Kelly receives a call from Dominic and realizes something isn't right. By the time she comes to the woods, Peter and Joe are already fighting and someone fires a gun.moreless
  • Episode 0073
    Episode 0073
    Episode 73
    Peter plants a note he wrote to Joe, who thinks it's from Dominic, so he goes to meet her. Marisa and John Perkins are having a party. Laken and Ted plan to spend the night together.
  • Episode 0072
    Episode 0072
    Episode 72
    At the cemetery, Lionel is haunted by Sophia's ghost. He believes that the ghost is actually Eden. Gina, Brandon, Santana and Mason fly back to Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0071
    Episode 0071
    Episode 71
    A minor quake hits Santa Barbara. Peter wants to help Kelly find Channing's killer. Mason goes to Nice. Lionel visits the cemetery.
  • Episode 0070
    Episode 0070
    Episode 70
    Mason flies to Nice. Eden and Lionel spend time flying around. Dominic tells Joe that the stolen things belong to the late Sophia who was trying to hide her affair with Lionel.
  • Episode 0069
    Episode 0069
    Episode 69
    Eden can't seem to be able to forget the time she met Cruz. Joe tells Kelly about Peter and Ginger's connection. Peter decides to kill Joe.
  • Episode 0068
    Episode 0068
    Episode 68
    It's Halloween. Peter finally "rescues" Kelly. Joe visits Kelly at the hospital. Peter sees Joe.
  • Episode 0067
    Episode 0067
    Episode 67
    Dominic confronts Peter about his connection to Ginger. Ginger lies to Mason about being knocked out by some strange men who took Kelly. Peter meets with Ginger.
  • Episode 0066
    Episode 0066
    Episode 66
    Dominic provides a disguise for Joe so he could go searching for missing Kelly. The cops visit Ginger's place, but Kelly isn't there. Amy temps at Peter's office.
  • Episode 0065
    Episode 0065
    Episode 65
    Mason informs C.C. about Kelly getting kidnapped. Santana takes care of Brandon in Nice. Joe wants Dominic to help him find Kelly.
  • Episode 0064
    Episode 0064
    Episode 64
    Ginger's buddies drug Kelly and pretend to knock out Ginger to not raise suspicion in Ginger. Ginger calls Mason for a ransom. Santana arrives in Nice.
  • Episode 0063
    Episode 0063
    Episode 63
    Ginger wants Peter to help her kidnap Kelly. Kelly goes to meet Ginger.
  • Episode 0062
    Episode 0062
    Episode 62
    Ginger breaks into Peter's apartment and figures out a new way to get to him---Kelly. Mason learns that Gina left to Nice.
  • Episode 0061
    Episode 0061
    Episode 61
    Lionel accuses the Capwells of sinking the Amanda Lockridge. Prompted by everything that's been happening lately, Kelly finally decides to break up with Peter.
  • Episode 0060
    Episode 0060
    Episode 60
    Joe and Kelly spend some quality time together in the presidental suite, and Peter realizes that Kelly is seeing someone, and he decides to take care of it.
  • Episode 0059
    Episode 0059
    Episode 59
    Peter takes a gun and decides to snoop around Kelly. After Jeff broke up with her, Amy decides to get drunk. Marisa informs John that Joe is actually alive.
  • Episode 0058
    Episode 0058
    Episode 58
    On Joe's funeral, Jade tells Marisa that her son is actually alive. Cruz finds out about it too. Jeff Barber breaks up with Amy.
  • Episode 0057
    Episode 0057
    Episode 57
    Joe's funeral starts in Santa Barbara. C.C. and Santana break up. Amy Perkins arrives in Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0056
    Episode 0056
    Episode 56
    Kelly finds out Joe is alive, and they end up making love. C.C. and Santana fight in Los Angeles about Brandon.
  • Episode 0055
    Episode 0055
    Episode 55
    Kelly is being followed by a mysterious person which turns out to be Joe. Santana goes to Los Angeles to confront C.C.
  • Episode 0054
    Episode 0054
    Episode 54
    After calling Brandon and asking him about his birthday, Santana realizes that he is actually her son. Brick Wallace arrives in Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0053
    Episode 0053
    Episode 53
    Ted and Danny put a camel in Mr. Bottom's classroom. Joe wakes up on a yacht after a mysterious person saved him in the ocean.
  • Episode 0052
    Episode 0052
    Episode 52
    Joe is picked up by an unknown person in a boat. Kelly meets Dominic. Brandon seems to have disappeared. Gina tells Mason about Brandon being adopted.
  • Episode 0051
    Episode 0051
    Episode 51
    Lionel leaves some stuff for Eden at Sophia's grave. Mason tells Ted that the things that someone stole belonged to Sophia Capwell.
  • Episode 0050
    Episode 0050
    Episode 50
    After disappearing, Joe is presumed dead (either killed by sharks, or drowning). Ted comforts a sad Jade.
  • Episode 0049
    Episode 0049
    Episode 49
    The police is on a hunt, so Joe must hide. He runs to the ocean when they arrive at La Mesa. Dominic and Lionel argue.
  • Episode 0048
    Episode 0048
    Episode 48
    Peter saves Kelly from Ginger's thugs. Cruz talk to C.C. about Santana, and reveals that he knows that Brandon is Santana's long-lost son.
  • Episode 0047
    Episode 0047
    Episode 47
    The police founds drugs on Joe's bike, planted by Peter. Warren injures his hand while burning some stuff.
  • Episode 0046
    Episode 0046
    Episode 46
    C.C. hears the tape that Peter took of Mason talking about him, and not in a good way. Eden arrives in Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0045
    Episode 0045
    Episode 45
    Eden Capwell is about to arrive to Santa Barbara. C.C. is having a birthday. Peter plants drugs on Joe's bike.
  • Episode 0044
    Episode 0044
    Episode 44
    Joe decides to go to Alaska to find out more info about Dominic. Summer arrives in Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0043
    Episode 0043
    Episode 43
    Danny has a soccer match. Ginger turns out to be Kelly's dressmaker. Mason reveals a secret about C.C. and Sophia.
  • Episode 0042
    Episode 0042
    Episode 42
    C.C. and Santana have sex. Dominic turns out to be a woman. Peter is being blackmailed by Ginger Jones and her thugs.
  • Episode 0041
    Episode 0041
    Episode 41
    Santana meets with Brandon and Gina. Joe wants Kelly to meet Dominic. Jade, Danny, Ted and Laken are trying to find a place to hang out.
  • Episode 0040
    Episode 0040
    Episode 40
    C.C. offers Cruz a full-time job at the oil rigs. Kelly is searching for Joe. Veronica messes with Mason, Peter and Lionel.
  • Episode 0039
    Episode 0039
    Episode 39
    Gina and Brandon DeMott arrive in Santa Barbara. Mason wins on the auction for the Lockridge beach front property. Joe and Dominic visit the Yucca Dunes Motel.
  • Episode 0038
    Episode 0038
    Episode 38
    Kelly reappears in Santa Barbara. C.C. talks to Santana on a plane ride. Auction for the Lockridge beach front property starts.
  • Episode 0037
    Episode 0037
    Episode 37
    Cruz learns from Joe about Santana's baby. Peter tapes Veronica and Mason's conversation in the presidental suite.
  • Episode 0036
    Episode 0036
    Episode 36
    Lionel is watching Augusta without her knowledge. Joe finds Dominic at the gazebo. C.C. and Santana's letters are found.
  • Episode 0035
    Episode 0035
    Episode 35
    Dominic breaks into Santana's place and steals her letters. Later he appears at the gazebo. Kelly disappears.
  • Episode 0034
    Episode 0034
    Episode 34
    Laken and Ted welcome their parents to the bar. Peter and Kelly enter a huge discussion and Kelly leaves disappointed. Santana reveals a secret to Cruz about her and C.C.'s past.
  • Episode 0033
    Episode 0033
    Episode 33
    Laken and Ted invite their parents for a snack. Peter informs Mason about Kelly and Joe's recent meetings.
  • Episode 0032
    Episode 0032
    Episode 32
    Augusta and Lionel create their circle of truth. Joe and Peter continue fighting in Cruz's houseboat. The Hollywood teens run into David Hasselhoff.
  • Episode 0031
    Episode 0031
    Episode 31
    Joe and Kelly end up at Cruz's houseboat, and later Peter appears there which leads into a fight between Joe and Peter, of course.
  • Episode 0030
    Episode 0030
    Episode 30
    Joe and Kelly meet up at La Mesa and end up dancing together.
  • Episode 0029
    Episode 0029
    Episode 29
    Mason is snooping through the Lockridge house. Ted and Laken are having fun at a motel.
  • Episode 0028
    Episode 0028
    Episode 28
    After leaving the Capwell mansion, Laken and Ted end up in a motel. In the warehouse, Dominic admits to Joe about being his witness in crime.
  • Episode 0027
    Episode 0027
    Episode 27
    Joe takes a gun and goes to meet Dominic. Lionel visits the Chapwell mansion only to pick up Laken.
  • Episode 0026
    Episode 0026
    Episode 26
    Joe continues following Dominic, who visits cemetery. Joe figures out Dominic is his witness. Lionel reassures his family that everything is okay although he was away for a log time. Laken is upset, so she goes to the Capwell mansion.
  • Episode 0025
    Episode 0025
    Episode 25
    Danny has to rescue Jade from the sleazy movie producer Willard Holmby. Augusta cooks Laken's pigeon. Joe decides to follow Dominic and learn the identity of the mysterious person. Mason questions Peter.
  • Episode 0024
    Episode 0024
    Episode 24
    The search teams fails to find Santana, so C.C. goes on a rescuing missing and finds Santana after she's been bitten by a rattlesnake. Then he takes her to the hospital. Augusta makes a scene with Lionel.
  • Episode 0023
    Episode 0023
    Episode 23
    After falling off a horse, Santana acts weird. A mysterious sarcophagus is brought to the Lockridge mansion, as Lionel Lockridge arrives in Santa Barbara. C.C. sends a searching team to find Santana.
  • Episode 0022
    Episode 0022
    Episode 22
    Joe, who got interested in what was written in Channing's letter to Santana, fights with Santana at the stables. Santana is keen on making Joe leave Santa Barbara. Cruz overhears their conversation. Mason and his secretary have sex in the office. Kelly and Peter work on their wedding date.
  • Episode 0021
    Episode 0021
    Episode 21
    Joe realizes Augusta was following him because she was jealous, and he sends her away so he could meet Dominick, who wants him to stop seeing Augusta. Ted and Danny are watching Jade having dinner with a movie producer. Laken and Danny reunite. Joe brings Santana a letter from Channing.
  • Episode 0020
    Episode 0020
    Episode 20
    Joe is suffering from a hangover after a wild night with Augusta. Peter and Kelly wake up next to each other, not sure if they should have had sex. Minx is angry to learn about Augusta's strange behavior. Joe and Peter fight again. Santana decides to make desperate measures to find her baby. Somebody is about to run over Joe.moreless
  • Episode 0019
    Episode 0019
    Episode 19
    After Joe kisses Kelly, she seems to be confused, but he knows that it's the real thing. When Mason catches her in a bad mood and realizes that Joe is the one that upset her, he makes a call to book charges against Joe for harassment. Jade auditions and realizes that she was wrong thinking that it's a "normal" movie. Kelly invites Peter to have sex. Joe gets drunk and ends up at Augusta's place.moreless
  • Episode 0018
    Episode 0018
    Episode 18
    Kelly catches Joe and Augusta while riding her horse, and ends up having an accident. Joe kisses her. Cruz and Santana watch the houseboat.
  • Episode 0017
    Episode 0017
    Episode 17
    Jade convinces everyone that her big chance is coming up, but they guys aren't that sure. Kelly has mixed feelings towards Joe and talks to Cruz about it. Mason talks to Cruz about Joe. Santana gives C.C. a present for her baby and later cries while making a cake for her missing child.moreless
  • Episode 0016
    Episode 0016
    Episode 16
    Although Ted and Danny don't like the idea, Jade can't wait to audition for the dreaming Baron Lloyd Winterset. Jade doesn't even realize what are Baron's true intentions. Santana questions Rosa about C.C. Meanwhile, Joe breaks in the mansion, while Augusta informs C.C. that they have an intruder in the house. Cruz helps Joe escape from the mansion, but Kelly catches him in the act.moreless
  • Episode 0015
    Episode 0015
    Episode 15
    C.C. isn't pleased to learn that Cruz believes Joe isn't a murderer. Later Mason visits Cruz and says that they haven't solved any crimes yet. Augusta is ready to help Peter beat Joe, but with strings attached. C.C. throws a party at his yacht, what prompts Mason to cancel his date and invite Santana to go with him, but Santana seems to be concentrated on C.C. the entire night. Jade is approached by Baron Winterset, a man who wants to help in her career. Laken returns to Santa Barbara and isn't pleased to learn that Joe is working for her mother.moreless
  • Episode 0014
    Episode 0014
    Episode 14
    Santana decides to use a different strategy to get information from C.C., and Mason realizes that Santana is playing a game. Peter is bothered when he visits Cruz along with Kelly, and Joe shows up visiting Cruz too. Cruz tells Joe that he believes in his innocence. Toni tells Kelly that she is going out on a date with Joe, and it upsets her. Cruz moves to the Capwell mansion, where he is greeted by Rosa and Santana.moreless
  • Episode 0013
    Episode 0013
    Episode 13
    C.C. visits Cruz at the hospital and offers him the Capwell mansion to stay at. Santana is busy working on remodeling the Capwell hotel. Ted and Danny defend a woman that is being robbed while they were going to an audition with Jade. Jade is stunned by the woman's life story. Ted kisses Laken while she's sleeping. Joe and Kelly meet at an arranged place and blame each other for planting a note. Santana wants her mother to find out what happened to her baby.moreless
  • Episode 0012
    Episode 0012
    Episode 12
    Cruz is driven to the hospital after an exhausting job. C.C. talks to his son Mason about his future. Mason isn't sure if he should get into politics. Santana wants to get his money back after realizing that the P.I. didn't do what he wanted him to do. Kelly is getting tired of Peter. Joe talks to an old classmate Sally, and although she'd like to hook up with him, he says that he already has a girlfriend.moreless
  • Episode 0011
    Episode 0011
    Episode 11
    The Capwell family is stunned when the alarm goes on in their house, while Joe is trying to escape from the house. Kelly and Peter become closer. Kelly wants to move to NY. Joe is looking for a job. Santana's firm works on remodeling C.C.-s office.
  • Episode 0010
    Episode 0010
    Episode 10
    Jade finally arrives in Hollywood. Danny sees this as a great opportunity to become her friend or even something more. After learning that one of the oilrigs exploded, C.C. holds a press conference and asks Cruz Castillo to help her handle the situation. Minx Lockridge learns about the disaster and decides to use the publicity to throw some more dirt on the Capwell family name. Kelly is trying to find her mother's old picture on the attic. Santana hires a private investigator to follow C.C.moreless
  • Episode 0009
    Episode 0009
    Episode 9
    Kelly reads Joe's letter, cries, and then throws it in the fireplace. Joe arrives at the Capwell mansion, but Kelly doesn't want to see him. Jade tries to convince her parents to let her go to Hollywood. Santana informs Rose about her trip to Acapulco. Rose is shocked to learn that C.C. was lying to her and thinks about quitting her job.moreless
  • Episode 0008
    Episode 0008
    Episode 8
    Dominick talks to Joe about solving the murder case together. Santana wants to know what happened to her baby years ago. However, Dr. Ramirez wants something in return for the information. Peter confronts Kelly about her feelings towards Joe. The Capwell family arranges a party in Santa Barbara.
  • Episode 0007
    Episode 0007
    Episode 7
    Danny and Ted arrive in Hollywood. Joe is questioned by two police officers about the robbery in the neighborhood last night. Santana arrives in Acapulco. Warren questions his mother Augusta about Joe. C.C. and Kelly talk about Peter while he's playing polo. Although Marissa hates her, Joe wants to be with Kelly again.moreless
  • Episode 0006
    Episode 0006
    Episode 6
    Peter realizes that nobody tries to break into his apartment. Joe talks to his mother Marissa about Kelly. Later, Dominic questions Joe about Kelly. Ted, Danny, Laken and Jade are trying to find a way to convince their parents to let them go to Hollywood.
  • Episode 0005
    Episode 0005
    Episode 5
    Laken has a romantic fantasy about Ted. John goes home and is shocked when he sees what happened to his house. Worried about his daughter, John wants Jade to stay with him. Jade refuses to make a choice between her parents, though. At the warehouse, the stranger informs Joe that he's the one who called the fire department tonight after the explosion. Joe reveals to the stranger, whose name is Dominic, that he found Channing dead with a guest at Channing's big party. However, the witness never came forward. The next morning, it becomes clear that Santana is planning to go to Acapulco. She remembers giving birth to her son in a clinic there. A nurse covered Santana's eyes, preventing Santana from seeing the baby. Santana agrees to have dinner with Mason tonight and intends to get even with him. Mason has a fantasy about Santana telling him that he's twice the man Channing was. Kelly and Ted have breakfast, and it's mentioned that Kelly is assistent director of the yacht club. C.C. informs Ted that he would like Ted to spend his senior year at military school.moreless
  • Episode 0004
    Episode 0004
    Episode 4
    Someone is making a bomb. Santana is about to take a bath when she spots Mason. Naturally, Santana becomes upset and gets Mason to leave. Kelly sees Joe, and Peter notices how if affects her. He thinks something should be done about Joe. C.C. arrives with two thugs, and Joe gets thrown into the water. Thanks to a carrier pigeon, Ted receives a note from Danny and learns that Danny wants to go to Hollywood. Jade pays a visit to the restaurant Danny is working. They start to talk about showbusiness, and Danny agrees to help Jade. Augusta is at the restaurant with her two children, Laken and Warren. She's angry with Laken because she now knows that Ted was in her daughter's room. Feeling betrayed, Augusta informs Laken that she's grounded. Rosa is worried about Santana, who explains that something inside of her boiled over when Joe Perkins got out of prison. Santana wants to get her baby back.moreless
  • Episode 0003
    Episode 0003
    Episode 3
    Mason tells Santana that two people saw her with the gun yesterday. He reminds Santana that she had no permit to carry the gun. "I'm here to help," Mason smiles. Santana doesn't trust Mason at all and decides to talk to a lawyer friend. Rosa feels betrayed by C.C. and decides to confront him. She wants to know what happened to Santana's child. At the beach, Danny Andrade is planning to hangglide in order to impress Jade Perkins. Joe admits to Marisa that he wants to see Kelly today. Marisa tells Joe that Kelly in engaged. She can't forget that Kelly testified against Joe. Nevertheless, Joe is determined to win Kelly back, knowing that Kelly's family influenced her against him.moreless
  • Episode 0002
    Episode 0002
    Episode 2
    It's obvious to Peter that Kelly is thinking about Joe Perkins. Joe gets off the bus and is reunited with his mother, Marisa, and his sister, Jade. The mysterious woman growls, "Damn! He's back." Joe is disappointed because his father didn't show up. Marisa is happy to have her Joey back. When Rosa Andrade gets the gun away from Santana, the gun falls to the floor. Mason Capwell puts his foot on the gun, preventing Santana from picking it up.moreless
  • Episode 0001
    Episode 0001
    Episode 1
    This great soap opera begins with a flashback to a party in honor of Channing Capwell Jr. in Santa Barbara, California in 1979. Channing and his older brother, Mason, are entertaining the guests until the butler, Phillip, gives Channing a note. Channing asks the maid, Santana Andrade, if he'll see her tonight. He then follows instructions to go to the Capwell study. When Channing enters the study, it's clear that someone was waiting behind the desk. The person points a gun and pulls the trigger. Seconds later, Channing is lying dead on the floor. "Santa Barbara" then cuts five years ahead in time to the San Quentin prison on July 30, 1984. The warden tells Joe Perkins that Joe is released from prison; the parole board moved up its decision on Joe.moreless