Santa Barbara - Season 2

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 0508
    Episode 0508
    Episode 252

    Eden tells Cruz about the hit and run accident. Gina visits Eden in the hospital and tells her that apparently Keith and Santana broke up last night. Ted meets Roxanne for a mysterious date while Hayley hosts the radio show at KUSB. Cruz convinces Eden to leave town for her safetyin case someone tried to run her down on purpose.

  • Episode 0507
    Episode 0507
    Episode 251

    Santana hits Eden with her car, but Keith gets out to look around and declares they must have hit a pothole. Eden is taken to the hospital. Paul visits Alice in the hospital and tries to check on Pearl for Kelly but Rawlings sends him away. Keith agrees that he and Santana should end their relationship and they concoct a story as to where they were tonight. Santana tells Cruz Keith's story, that they were at a motel but that nothing happened except that she couldn't go through with the affair. Keith insists to Santana that he didn't see Eden when he got out of the car to check what they'd hit at Inspiration Point. Rawlings and Pearl spar and Rawlings orders that Pearl be put in restraints. Ted goes to meet Roxanne at the beach bar for a date. Cruz asks Eden about the accident and Eden says she saw the car before it hit her.

  • Episode 0506
    Episode 0506
    Episode 250

    Santana begs Eden not to tell Cruz about her affair with Keith and Eden agrees, for Cruz's sake, as long as Santana won't see Keith again. CC tries to comfort Ted about his breakup with Hayley, but Ted is upset that Hayley lied about Gina being her aunt. Gina tells Eden that Keith and Santana are supposed to be meeting later at Inspiration Point. Eden heads to Inspiration Point while Keith and Santana take a drive there in the fog. Santana has a hard time focusing on the road in the fog and hits Eden with her car.

  • Episode 0505
    Episode 0505
    Episode 249

    Keith and Santana wake up, having spent the night together in the presidential suite at the Capwell Hotel. Cruz gets angry with Santana after she didn't come home the night before. Kelly calls Eden from the hospital because she suspects Dr. Rawlings may do something to Pearl.

  • Episode 0504
    Episode 0504
    Episode 248
  • Episode 0503
    Episode 0503
    Episode 247
  • Episode 0502
    Episode 0502
    Episode 246
  • Episode 0501
    Episode 0501
    Episode 245
  • Episode 0500
    Episode 0500
    Episode 244
  • Episode 0499
    Episode 0499
    Episode 243
  • Episode 0498
    Episode 0498
    Episode 242
  • Episode 0497
    Episode 0497
    Episode 241
  • Episode 0496
    Episode 0496
    Episode 240
  • Episode 0495
    Episode 0495
    Episode 239
  • Episode 0494
    Episode 0494
    Episode 238
  • Episode 0493
    Episode 0493
    Episode 237
  • Episode 0492
    Episode 0492
    Episode 236
  • Episode 0491
    Episode 0491
    Episode 235
  • Episode 0490
    Episode 0490
    Episode 234
  • Episode 0489
    Episode 0489
    Episode 233
  • Episode 0488
    Episode 0488
    Episode 232
  • Episode 0487
    Episode 0487
    Episode 231
  • Episode 0486
    Episode 0486
    Episode 230
  • Episode 0485
    Episode 0485
    Episode 229
  • Episode 0484
    Episode 0484
    Episode 228

    Pearl continues telling Courtney about Brian and that he suspects Rawlings was involved in Brian's death. At the sanitarium, Rawlings tells Kelly he's going to reduce her drug dosage. David arrives at the cabin and Julia hastily hides the bloody dumbbell in a crevice in the fireplace hearth. At KUSB, Ted interviews Keith on air about the David Laurent trial fiasco. Keith blames the police for a shoddy investigation. Cruz and Santana arrive at the station; Cruz wants to provide a rebuttal. After sparring with Keith in front of Santana, Cruz demands equal time on the radio. Julia agrees to go to bed with David to prevent him from realizing the dumbbell is missing from his bag. Pearl and Courtney make love again. Pearl plans to have Courtney pose as his sister so she can visit him at the sanitarium. Kelly defends Alice, angering Rawlings, who decides to put Kelly's dosage back to where it was. Gina listens to Cruz's rebuttal while drinking at the Orient Express. Santana and Cruz argue at the Orient Express and she runs out; Gina follows. Julia sneaks down from the bedroom to put the dumbbell back in David's bag. Jane gives Hayley a lecture about cleaning up after Ted at the station. On the roof of the Capwell Hotel, Gina listens to Cruz and Santana continue their argument. Cruz leaves Santana on the roof. Pearl explains to Justin his plan to have Courtney pose as his sister. Cruz calls Julia, concerned about her previous phone calls regarding the murder weapon, but Julia tells him everything is fine. On the roof, Gina replaces Santana's current allergy refill with more cocaine-laced pills. Ted gets a call on air from Roxanne again, making Hayley jealous. David leaves to go chop wood and Julia decides to hide the dumbbell back in the fireplace hearth, but David returns before she can finish hiding the towel in his bag. At the Orient Express, Santana and Kieth dance and Gina plans to call Cruz to tell him where his wife is. Ted takes Hayley to the beach snack bar and they kiss. Santana and Keith go up on the hotel roof, where Santana dances above the skylight and starts taking off her clothes. Pearl is brought to the sanitarium as a patient named Leonard who is violent and delusional, thinking he's various US presidents. Julia hides in the bathroom and David notices the bloody towel protruding from his bag and the dumbbell missing.

  • Episode 0483
    Episode 0483
    Episode 227

    Brick warns Lionel against working with Grant to try to ruin CC. Mason gets drunk, wallowing in his court loss. David calls Julia at the cabin to try to prevent her from unpacking his bag before he gets there. Courtney is upset Pearl is leaving for the sanitarium. David brushes off Sheila so he can go to the cabin. Grant assures Lionel he'll get everything back if he finds proof that Grant wasn't the one who embezzled his father's money. Mary tells Sophia she's pregnant. CC finds Mason drunk at the Orient Express. Pearl takes Courtney to an old movie studio storage space so they can spend some time together before he leaves. Grant finds CC at the Orient Express and hints he's going to make CC's life miserable. At the cabin, Julia unpacks David's bag and finds a bloody dumbbell and she realizes she may have found the murder weapon. Sophia sees CC to ask if he'll talk to the Cardinal to see if Mary's annulment can be sped up. Pearl and Courtney make love in the storage space in a clam shell bed. Mason tells CC that Mary is pregnant. CC accuses Mason of wanting the child to be legitimate because per CC's will, the first male grandchild receives a bigger inheritance share. Pearl tells Courtney about his brother, Brian, and that he died in a hospital run by Dr. Rawlings and that no one ever found out what happened. Lionel tells Augusta about his plan with Grant. Sheila figures out Julia and David are together at a cabin in the mountains. Julia talks to someone in the evidence lab and measures the head of the dumbbell, learning it's consistent with Madeline's murder weapon, just as David arrives outside.

  • Episode 0482
    Episode 0482
    Episode 226

    Julia dreams that David is found guilty. Sheila is in David's bed when Julia calls him to tell him the verdict has come in. Eden's divorce from Kirk makes the newspaper headline. Everyone heads to the courtroom for the trial outcome. Santana confronts Eden at the Orient Express and completely freaks out, causing Eden to ask if she is sick. At the courtroom, David is acquitted. Eden calls Cruz to come get Santana, but Santana leaves before he gets there. Pearl meets Justin to go over his fake identity for his cover at the sanitarium. Keith invites Santana to his place, but she declines. Julia plans to head to the cabin ahead of David while he sneaks off to see Sheila. Keith and Mason spar over who is to blame for the acquittal. Sheila surprises David with a trip to the Caribbean but David reminds her he needs to stick around in order to get Madeline's money. Julia packs David's bag and heads to the cabin. Courtney asks Pearl to postpone his entry into the sanitarium.

  • Episode 0481
    Episode 0481
    Episode 225

    Pearl tells Courtney he's going to check himself into the sanitarium. Cruz and Santana fight and Santana accuses Cruz of having an affair with Eden. Julia finds a receipt of David's for a cabin in the mountains. Cruz lets Julia know that the photo of Sheila has disappeared. Pearl enlists Justin to help him get into the sanitarium. Keith tells Julia he plans to ask for the death penalty if David is found guilty, but he'll take that off the table in exchange for her dropping the matter of the lost photo. Mason practices his closing statements on Pearl, Courtney, and Augusta. Julia takes her turn practicing closing arguments on the surrogate jury. Courtney tells David she no longer believes he killed Madeline. Gina enlists Brandon's help to remind Santana to take her allergy pills, the ones Gina replaced with cocaine. The jury begins deliberating. David has trouble balancing Julia and Sheila. Julia spends the night alone, and Sheila comes to David's room. She tells David she smokes the same brand of cigarettes that he does and that it was stupid of David to leave the cigarette butt at the scene of the crime.

  • Episode 0480
    Episode 0480
    Episode 224

    Mary tells Mason she's pregnant and he's elated. Augusta finds Julia and is still angry over her calling Lionel as a witness in the trial. She demands Julia move out of their hotel room. Eden and Cruz have an awkward conversation about their relationship. Eden is convinced they still have a future together. Keith and Santana go back to the beach house. Keith is convinced David will be acquitted and that Mason mishandled the case. Keith kisses Santana as Gina watches through the window. Julia tells Augusta she knows she lied in court about Lionel's alibi. Mason and Mary dine at the Orient Express. Lionel and Brick discuss the meeting Brick had with Grant at the Lockridge house and find Gina's cookie operation. Keith is upset that Cruz has Nick looking into Sheila's background still. Cruz gives Santana the allergy pills from Gina. Nick finds evidence, a photo, that proves Sheila was in Santa Barbara the day Madeline was murdered. He turns the photo over to Cruz who believes the right thing to do is give it to the District Attorney. Lionel decides to let Gina use his boat for making cookies. Back at the station, Keith and Cruz have a shouting match about Cruz's photo and Keith offers to take it and personally enter it into evidence himself. Keith taunts Cruz about his budding relationship with Santana. Santana starts taking the cocaine-laced pills. Santana tells Eden that Gina is using the Lockridge house, but Gina denies it, after already moving out. Gina tells Eden she's concerned about Santana's erratic behavior and that Santana has been seeing Keith. Grant and Lionel finally meet in person to discuss their plot against CC. Keith shreds the photo and the negative. Sheila calls David to tell him she's been arrested for perjury but plans to be out on bail in time for court in the morning. David and Julia begin to make love. Cruz is back at the Orient Express looking for Santana. Eden tells Cruz he deserves to be happy and she wants him back.

  • Episode 0479
    Episode 0479
    Episode 223

    Cruz gets news that Danny was arrested for a DUI. Santana finds Gina at the Lockridge house making cookies. Mason continues badgering David on the stand until David hits him. Mary is concerned that Mark isn't leaving town fast enough. Santana threatens to tell Brandon the truth about all of Gina's bad deeds and that Gina isn't his real mother. Nick delivers papers to Julia that he copied from Sheila's room. Santana leaves her allergy pills behind with Gina. Julia calls Sheila back to the stand and gets her to admit she lied about the affair and hates David. Santana is upset that Cruz wants Danny held overnight in jail to learn a lesson. Gina calls Angel and asks him to get her crack cocaine in capsule form. Keith and Mason are devastated by Sheila's new testimony, describing how David loved Madeline and was shattered by her death, and court adjourns for the day. Santana goes to Keith for help with Danny. Cruz bumps into Eden at the Orient Express. Keith gets Danny bailed out and invites Santana for dinner. Rawlings denies Nick entrance to see Kelly, but Nick sees her in the hallway. Kelly gets upset when she starts to remember the night Dylan died. Gina returns the allergy pills to Cruz, presumably after replacing them with cocaine-laced capsules. Keith and Santana see Cruz and Eden together and decide to go to a different restaurant. Sheila goes to David's hotel room; it is revealed they really are lovers and colluded together to orchestrate Sheila's false testimony. Mary goes back to the courtroom and finds Mason moping about the day's events. Mary tells Mason she's pregnant.

  • Episode 0478
    Episode 0478
    Episode 222

    Julia and David discuss allowing David to testify on his own behalf. Mary has a dream that she's pregnant which prompts her to take a pregnancy test to confirm her suspicions. Kelly is kind to Alice, her roommate who doesn't speak and is non-responsive. Rawlings is upset with Kelly for making Alice's bed and threatens not to let her have visitors if she covers up for Alice. Mark visits Sophia to try to find out where Mary is. Gina offers to cut Sophia in on her business if Sophia will help her out with a loan but Sophia declines. Mary's pregnancy test confirms she's pregnant. Mark finds Mary at Mason's and tells her he's going back to his old practice and leaving Santa Barbara. CC and Sophia visit Kelly. Gina asks Hayley for money for the cookie business and Hayley agrees, even though it's the last of the money her father left her. CC and Sophia see Kelly after she's received the drugs. Back in the courtroom, Julia calls David to the stand. David testifies that he didn't love Madeline. Julia tries to get David off the stand, but he continues his testimony against her wishes. David says Madeline wanted a divorce and gave him an agreement to review that would have cut him off from her money. He says he'd planned to sign the agreement but the next day he found her after she'd been attacked, but that he didn't kill her. Sophia tells CC she doesn't trust Rawlings and CC suggests that the next time he visits Kelly that Sophia go with him. Julia is pleased with David's testimony after all but concerned about the cross examination. David retakes the stand and Mason asks David about finding Madeline and believing she was dead. Mason claims David knew she was alive and left her there to die.

  • Episode 0477
    Episode 0477
    Episode 221

    In an empty courtroom, Mason provokes David. Keith kisses Santana while Gina spies on them from the Castillo kitchen. Gina makes off with Rosa's cookie recipe. Rawlings finds out Cruz tricked him with an unsigned court order. Keith visits CC after receiving a call from Rawlings complaining about Cruz and Eden's trick. Brick tells Lionel he'll meet with Grant, who is now in town. Pearl listens as Eden tells CC she believes Kelly is being mistreated. Gina makes cookies and plans to name her new business Mrs. Capwell's Cookies. Gina hands out cookies at the courthouse. Grant tells Brick that half of what CC owns is rightfully his. Pearl testifies at David's trial that he figured out that Madeline was meeting with someone referred to as "L squared." Julia calls Lionel to the stand. Lionel insists he didn't have an affair with Madeline but won't go into the nature of his business arrangements with her. Lionel denies killing Madeline. Grant tells Brick he believes that CC stole money from their father in order to frame Grant for it, which got him disinherited. Lionel told Grant that he knew who actually stole the money and that he would help Grant prove it if Grant helps Lionel recoup his losses from CC. Pearl asks Cruz for help to break into Rawlings' office but Cruz doesn't want to do anything illegal, so Pearl goes to Eden. Lionel doesn't have an alibi for the time Madeline was murdered, so Augusta blurts out that Lionel was with her. Lionel affirms under oath that he was with Augusta at the time of the murder. CC confronts Lionel about his secret meetings with Madeline. Cruz and Santana discuss their relationship; Santana is lonely. Pearl and Eden break into Rawlings' office but almost get caught and leave without finding anything.

  • Episode 0476
    Episode 0476
    Episode 220

    Lionel wakes up on the Lockridge living room floor to find Augusta has left already. Lionel answers a knock on the door which turns out to be CC and his security guard. Eden goes to the hospital to visit Kelly but Dr. Rawlings won't let her see Kelly, even after Kelly passes in the hallway and recognizes Eden. Gina visits Hayley at the radio station and sees Brandon, who has some of Rosa's chocolate chip cookies. Gina sees an article about the growing cookie craze resulting in successful business ventures. Hayley tells Gina that CC is finalizing Brandon's custody arrangements with Santana today, and Gina leaves the station. CC insists that Cruz arrest Lionel for trespassing but then relents and lets him go after Lionel rants about taking everything away from CC. Eden tells CC about her trip to the sanitarium. CC awards final guardianship of Brandon to Santana and Cruz. Kelly insists she wants to leave the sanitarium and Rawlings suspects she hasn't taken her medication. He orders that from now on Kelly's medication be delivered by injection rather than trusting her with pills. Gina is prepared to show CC the tape to stop the guardianship from going through. Lionel tells Brick he has a plan to take everything from CC and wants Brick to go to Boston to see Grant. CC tells Gina the guardianship has already become legal and whatever is on the tape won't change that, so she leaves without showing him the tape. Gina considers planning to show that Santana is an unfit mother or breaking up Cruz and Santana in order to get Brandon back. Hayley is horrified at Gina's plans. Eden and Cruz appeal to Keith for visiting rights so Eden can see Kelly. Keith refuses to help, which seems to be payback for Cruz declining to help Keith with his plans to make inroads into the Hispanic community. CC pays a private investigator who is following Lionel, trying to find out what Lionel is up to. CC tries to convince Brick to stay out of Lionel's plans. Eden returns to the sanitarium and Cruz shows up with a court order that allows Eden to see Kelly, but Kelly is drugged. Ted receives a call on air from a sexy caller which makes him forget Hayley's call a few minutes previously. Cruz comforts Eden after a distressing meeting with Kelly. Gina watches Keith and Santana together and then breaks into the Castillo beach house and steals Rosa's cookie recipe. Keith kisses Santana.

  • Episode 0475
    Episode 0475
    Episode 219

    Julia tells David she's quitting. Mason is confident with Sheila's testimony he can win the case. Cruz tells Santana and Keith he is skeptical because the letter was too easy to find. Pearl tells Justin he doesn't believe Kelly would have killed Dylan other than in self defense, and he plans to go undercover in the hospital. Keith tells Cruz to stay out of investigating the Laurent case any further and Cruz then declines Keith's request that Cruz help with a local gang problem, questioning Keith's political motives. David and Sheila spar in front of the press. Julia tells Augusta she should continue representing David because quitting would prejudice the jury against him. Mason tells Julia she should continue with the case because he hates losing by default. Santana accuses Cruz of being jealous of Keith but Cruz insists he doesn't trust Keith and isn't jealous. Lionel tries to convince Julia and Augusta his meetings with Madeline have nothing to do with the murder. David tries to convince Julia he loves her but Julia won't commit to continuing with the case. David is ready to represent himself in Julia's absence, but Julia shows up in court to continue the defense and recalls Sheila to the stand. Lionel and Augusta break into the Lockridge house. After Sheila admits to hating Madeline but insists she and David had an ongoing affair, Mason rests the defense's case. Cruz sees Keith return to court with Santana. Lionel and Augusta camp out in the Lockridge living room and have a romantic evening. Julia tries to distance herself from David, but they kiss.

  • Episode 0474
    Episode 0474
    Episode 218

    CC asks Lionel for advice with Sophia. Justin calls CC from the mental hospital but Dr. Rawlings interrupts the call. Julia tells Augusta she needs to put Lionel on the stand. Mason gives Julia the revised witness list that now includes Sheila. Dr. Rawlings threatens Justin with shock treatment but finally kicks him out. The trial is being televised. The private investigator testifies that Madeline hired him because she thought David was having an affair with Sheila. Courtney is called to the stand and tells a story about David visiting Sheila's condo in Aspen during a skiing trip. Courtney states she believes David and Sheila were having an affair. Lionel tells Augusta that he was working with Madeline and Grant Capwell to swindle CC. Rawlings refuses to let CC and Sophia see Kelly. Pearl overhears Rawlings talking to CC and Sophia. Sheila is called to the stand. Julia gives Lionel a subpoena. Sheila testifies her relationship with David was professional and platonic. Mason has Sheila read her letter in court and David loudly insists it's a lie. Mason lets on to Julia that he knows about her and David's relationship. Sheila breaks down in tears but Julia asks for a recess. Justin argues to CC that Rawlings is harming Kelly. CC says he has an excellent reputation from a clinic in Boston. Mary worries about an unplanned pregnancy from last night with Mason. Pearl reveals to Justin he knows Rawlings from Boston and that he wants to help Kelly and investigate Rawlings at the same time. Julia tells David she's quitting.

  • Episode 0473
    Episode 0473
    Episode 217

    CC listens to Ted on the radio. Mason asks for a warrant to search Sheila's hotel room. Julia tells David she doesn't want him testifying on his own behalf. Keith and Santana plan to have dinner but get locked inside the courtroom. Cruz and Mason present the search warrant to Sheila and easily find the letter written to David and her date book. Keith tells Santana he used to dream about her just as security lets them out of the courtroom. Eden asks Cruz about the night he followed her home and says she realizes he's chosen to stay with Santana. Julia tells David she'll consider letting him testify if she ends up feeling her case isn't strong enough. Mason and Mary make love. Eden plays matchmaker; after hearing Sophia tell a story about CC filling the atrium with daisies for her, Eden surprises CC with daisies. Ted hides Hayley in his room since she doesn't have a place to stay yet since moving out of the Capwell house. Mason presents Sheila with a subpoena. Julia and David spend the night together. Mason calls David's hotel room and Julia answers. CC welcomes Sophia to the atrium filled with daisies but she doesn't want to think about the future when CC mentions their relationship. Mason bribes room service to knock on David's door and learns Julia and David are sleeping together. Cruz finds Eden talking to Santana while she was having dinner with Keith.

  • Episode 0472
    Episode 0472
    Episode 216

    Hayley moves out of the Capwell house and tells Gina she doesn't want her in her life any longer. At the sanitarium, Kelly is given more pills but she only pretends to take them. The David Laurent trial begins. Dr. Rawlings reveals he knows Justin is impersonating a patient and is letting him sneak around the sanitarium. Mason makes his opening statements in the trial against David. Courtney gets a mysterious call to meet someone regarding Madeline's death. Alice, a patient at the sanitarium, has a violent outburst. Courtney visits Sheila, tipped off by the mysterious caller. Julia makes the defense's opening statements. Sheila denies to Courtney that she and David had an affair, but Courtney finds a letter Sheila was writing to David that contradicts her story. Jane and Ted squabble at the station about Jane's feminist views as Ted starts his job at KUSB as a DJ. Cruz testifies at the trial regarding David's statements to the police and his alibi. During a search of her room, the nurse finds Kelly's hidden pills and Dr. Rawlings injects the drugs into Kelly instead. Gina visits Kelly. Hayley gets hired as a receptionist at the station. Gina tells a drugged Kelly she has Dylan's gun and she promises that if Kelly has to stand trial, she'll come forward with her evidence showing it was self-defense. In the meantime, Gina plans to use the tape to her advantage. Courtney tells Mason that Sheila has been having an affair with David and tells him she's seen proof of it. Justin sees a drugged Kelly and wonders if there is a way to get her out of the hospital.

  • Episode 0471
    Episode 0471
    Episode 215

    Mary tells Sophia that Mark raped her. The David Laurent trial is scheduled to start tomorrow and Keith and Mason visit Cruz regarding his testimony. Mason threatens to take Mark's medical license away if Mark hurts Mary. Sophia urges Mary to tell Mason about the rape. CC tells Eden about Sophia's cancer and feels regret for how he has been treating her. Ted auditions for KUSB and meets Jane Wilson. Cruz and Santana feel tension after both Keith and Eden visit them. Mary tells Mark she wants him to move out of the guest house and that she's asking for an annulment. She also tells him she plans to tell Mason about the rape and Mark is afraid Mason will ruin his career. Eden takes Sophia to the Orient Express for dinner at CC's request. Cruz and Santana also go to the Orient Express for dinner, causing more tension when they see Eden. Jane gives Ted some audition tips. CC delivers flowers to Sophia at the dinner table and apologizes to her for his behavior earlier in the day. CC tells Sophia Hayley resigned since she and Ted are dating. Mary joins Mason for dinner at the Orient Express. Eden creates an excuse to leave Sophia and CC alone. Santana tells Cruz she's tired of being unhappy and gives him permission to go after Eden. Keith, who had a crush on Santana in high school, interrupts their dinner and asks Santana to dance. Hayley tells Ted she quit her job at the Capwell house. Ted gets the broadcasting job over Jane, who is clearly more qualified. Lionel and Augusta have dinner on the yacht. CC takes Sophia home and is kind and apologetic. Cruz follows Eden home but then decides to leave without talking to her. Mason proposes to Mary and gives her an engagement ring.

  • Episode 0470
    Episode 0470
    Episode 214

    Mason tells CC that Rawlings is a top doctor in psychiatry and should be able to help Kelly. Mary and Sophia have lunch. Julia asks David if the lipstick is Sheila's. Lionel and Pearl spar after Lionel finds info on Pearl's real identity in his secret room. At the hospital, Kelly is drugged and finds it hard to adapt to her new life there. Justin pretends to be a patient to try to speak to Kelly. David denies ever seeing the lipstick before. Courtney reveals that she knows Julia is looking into Lionel as an alternate suspect. CC gets upset seeing Lionel and Sophia together at the Orient Express. Kelly meets some of the other mental patients. Julia and Mason squabble over jury selection for David's trial. Pearl and Lionel talk to Julia; Lionel says he was meeting Madeline for business reasons but refuses to tell Julia the details. David returns Sheila's lipstick to her. Justin tries to see Kelly but gets caught by the guards and separated from the other patients. Pearl shows Julia the letter to Lionel from Madeline, and Julia plans to use it in court. Lionel tells CC about Sophia's cancer so he'll ease up on Sophia. Mary tells Mason she loves him and promises they'll talk.

  • Episode 0469
    Episode 0469
    Episode 213

    Dr. Rawlings commends CC for allowing Kelly to be declared not competent to stand trial. CC asks Justin to leave the hearing, but when Kelly sees him, she asks him to stay. Julia and David wake up after spending the night together. David tells Julia he's thinking of leaving town. Keith Timmons, the new District Attorney, oversees Kirk's bail hearing where Kirk is planning to plead not guilty. Augusta visits Lionel on the yacht where he has been staying since they lost the house. Rawlings has Justin kicked out of the hearing. Kirk changes his mind and agrees to plead guilty. Kirk tells Cruz he thinks he'll be out on parole in no time. Julia tells David they should keep their distance during the trial after convincing him not to leave Santa Barbara. Julia finds a lipstick in David's room. Gina sees Kirk and he tells her he hasn't told anyone Hayley is Gina's niece. Keith and Santana get reacquainted; they went to high school together. Kelly is declared unfit to stand trial. Gina hears Cruz telling Eden that he is going to keep looking for the gun Dylan had. Kirk taunts Santana; he admits he broke into Cruz's house and stole something that is now hidden in the Capwell house. Julia asks Pearl to break into Lionel's yacht to see if he can find any additional documents that may implicate Lionel in Madeline's murder. Nick and Justin sneak into the psychiatric hospital as Kelly is admitted to the long-term ward. Santana searches the Capwell house and finds Eden's engagement ring that Kirk had stolen. Kirk finishes giving his guilty statement. Kirk reveals to Eden that Cruz kept evidence that he thought pointed to Eden being the one who tried to disconnect CC's life support. Pearl finds a letter from Madeline in Lionel's yacht and takes a photo. Julia shows David the lipstick. Lionel confronts Pearl for breaking into the boat. Gina finally views the tape of Kelly and Dylan and realizes it proves Kelly acted in self-defense. Cruz comforts Eden after having words with Kirk before he is finally taken back to prison.

  • Episode 0468
    Episode 0468
    Episode 212

    Courtney wants to know more about Pearl's past. David kisses Julia, but the phone interrupts them; it's Sheila, demanding to see David. CC tells everyone about the time Gina tried to kill him with a syringe of poison. Courtney sneaks into Pearl's closet and walks in on him naked in his secret library room. Gina tries to appeal to CC, but he wants to have her arrested. Eden tells CC it could have been her that pulled the life support plug and she begs CC to not go forward with pressing charges. Mason tells Julia he's going to tell the jury David knew Madeline wasn't dead and left her there to die. CC agrees to follow Eden's request and says he won't press charges against Gina. Mason insults Julia because David didn't show up for their meeting, but she refuses to take a plea deal for David. Julia calls David's hotel room, but he's checked out. CC promises to make Gina's life hell. Gina mentions Kelly while thanking Eden, and remembers that she has the tape of what happened with Kelly and Dylan in the hotel room. Santana is upset with Cruz for going along with letting Gina go free. Back at the Capwell house, CC and Mason discuss cutting Kirk out of the business, while Eden sneaks out. Courtney and Pearl make up after Courtney held Pearl hostage to go through his secret room. Julia finds David in a new hotel. Ted tries to convince Hayley that Gina isn't worth her time, but he still doesn't know Hayley is Gina's niece. Eden finds Cruz at the police station; she thanks him for saving her life and they hug. David lays it on thick with Julia; he tells her he wishes he'd met her before Madeline, that he loves her and wants her to spend the night with him. Julia agrees to stay the night. Eden is sad that now there is no reason for her and Cruz to spend time together but he tells her he's married and can't change that.

  • Episode 0467
    Episode 0467
    Episode 211

    Mason calls Mary to the Orient Express. Kirk and Cruz fight and Cruz stops short of drowning Kirk. Sheila and Pearl talk; they knew each other from Boston. Julia and David discuss the case and David invites Julia to his room. Eden tells everyone that Kirk confessed on the tape. Kirk wants them to listen to the tape so he can implicate Gina in CC's attempted murder. Pearl tells Julia that Sheila denies an affair with David but he's not sure she's telling the truth. Gina agrees to tell the truth and finally tells everyone that she was the one who pulled the plug on CC's life support. Eden confronts Kirk over everything he did to her and slaps him. Kirk tells everyone present what he thinks of them. Santana demands Gina be arrested. Mason brings Mary back to the hilltop where they had made love in the tent. He tells her he loves her. Courtney gets jealous of Pearl spending time with Julia and wants to know how Pearl feels about her. Eden tells CC she thinks they shouldn't press charges against Gina because she saved her life and Cruz's when Kirk was about to kill them. David and Julia get close in David's hotel room. CC says he knows Gina tried to kill him on one other occasion, too.

  • Episode 0466
    Episode 0466
    Episode 210

    Julia and Pearl compare Lionel's and Madeline's date books and conclude they were secretly meeting. Kirk prepares to shoot Eden and Cruz. Dr. Rawlings tells CC that Kelly's condition may be long-term. The D.A. arrests Justin for refusing to turn over the tapes and notes. Gina comes from out of nowhere and tackles Kirk, keeping him from shooting Eden and Cruz, but she is apparently shot in the process. Mason tells CC he thinks they should have Kelly declared incompetent so she can't stand trial until she gets better. CC finds the note from Ted regarding Eden's accident. Cruz calls for backup after he and Eden get away and then they barricade themselves in the utility closet. Kirk shoots through the door and Cruz is wounded in the shoulder. Mason receives the faked photos of David and another woman from the sleazy private investigator. Mason plans to meet with the woman to see if there really was anything going on between her and David, and Pearl follows. Cruz and Eden hide from Kirk in a utility duct by making him think they went out the window. Nick meets with the D.A. and reveals he has Justin's tapes; he agrees to turn them over if Justin is released from jail. Nick turns over all but a few tapes that indicated Kelly could be dangerous. Mason visits Sheila Carlisle and shows her the faked photos. Sheila claims she and David only worked together and weren't having an affair. Sheila says she was in Italy when Madeline was killed. Cruz and Eden continue hiding in the air duct. Gina was only grazed by the bullet and tells the police Kirk is going to kill Cruz and Eden. The D.A. and Rawlings accuse Justin and Nick of withholding evidence and Rawlings tells Justin he's been expelled from the psychiatry program. Gina tells Hayley she tried to kill CC and is the one who pulled the plug, and that she needs to leave town. The P.I. tells Julia he recognizes Lionel as having visited Madeline at the bungalow several times. Pearl and Sheila recognize each other. CC stops Gina before she can leave Aqualand. Cruz and Kirk end up in the water and fight as Eden watches.

  • Episode 0465
    Episode 0465
    Episode 209

    Mason comforts Mary. Nick is devastated to see Kelly in her current mental state. Cruz learns that whoever was in Eden's car was hurt. At Aqualand, Kirk catches Eden and plans to throw her into a tank of sharks. Justin calms Kelly down. Dr. Rawlings, the Chief of Psychiatric Medicine at the hospital, begins treating Kelly. Ted gets news of Eden's accident and he and Hayley head to the cliff house. Dr. Rawlings accuses Justin of misconduct because he never told Kelly he was a psychiatric resident and threatens to suspend Justin's residency if he sees Kelly again. Dr. Rawlings begins medicating Kelly. Mother Isabel tells Mason to be patient with Mary even though she is refusing to tell him what Mark did to her. Eden manages to get away from Kirk again and hides in a utility closet. Cruz organizes a search party. Dr. Rawlings calls the D.A. and tips him off that Justin should have notes relating to his informal sessions with Kelly. Mason finds Mark and Mark tells Mason that he's no longer impotent so now he and Mary can have a real marriage. Eden sets off an alarm at Aqualand, which prompts Cruz to head in that direction. Kirk grabs Eden again and ties her hands. The D.A., who is about to leave office, visits Justin and demands he turn over his notes and tapes related to Kelly. Justin throws him out but he intends to come back with a search warrant. Ted and Hayley arrive at the cliff house. Kirk throws Eden into the tank with the sharks just as Cruz arrives. Cruz and Kirk fight, and Cruz dives into the tank to rescue her. Mary plans to stay with Sophia. Kelly has drug-induced nightmares. Justin plans to destroy his notes and tapes, but then gives them to Nick to avoid them being seized by the District Attorney's office. Cruz pulls Eden to safety, but Kirk appears with a gun.

  • Episode 0464
    Episode 0464
    Episode 208

    At the mental hospital, Mason tells CC over the phone that he arranged for Kelly to have visitors. At the Capwell house, Mother Isabel tries to protect Mary from Mark. Mary feels partly responsible for the rape and agrees to talk to Mark. Cruz arrives at the cliff house and finds the place a mess and listens to the tape, which was left behind. At Aqualand, Eden tries to outrun Kirk. Lionel and Augusta deliver Sophia back to the hospital after her fainting spell. Nick and Justin talk after coming from Dylan's funeral. Kelly sees Mason but she is insistent that Dylan didn't die, Peter did. CC arrives to see Kelly. Mary tells Mark that Mother Isabel thinks she should turn him into the police. Mother Isabel calls for Mason. Cruz tries to piece together what happened to Eden. Mark tells Mary he thinks she stopped resisting because she wanted it to happen. Mary says she was terrified and tells him she never wants to see him again. Sophia finally tells Lionel she had breast cancer but that they removed the lump. She asks Lionel not to tell anyone. Pearl finds Sophia and brings her, along with Lionel, to the mental hospital. CC finally realizes Kelly isn't well when she insists Peter died. Mason arranged for Justin to see Kelly via the judge. Pearl uses his time with Lionel to ask him about Madeline, while Sophia sees Kelly with CC. Eden continues running through Aqualand, trying to escape Kirk. Pearl takes Lionel back to the Orient Express and invites himself to join Lionel for a meal, continuing to try to get information about Madeline. Cruz hears that Eden's car went over the cliff. Kirk catches Eden. Justin talks to Kelly and tries to help her keep events straight in her mind. Nick finally sees Kelly in the hospital. Mason finally makes it back to the Capwell house but Mary is too upset to explain what has happened. Nick tries to help Kelly remember Dylan but she reverts back to Peter being the one who died after briefly remembering it was really Dylan. Kirk holds Eden over a shark tank and threatens to throw her in.

  • Episode 0463
    Episode 0463
    Episode 207

    Brick visits Sophia in the hospital after her surgery and Sophia learns of Kelly's arrest. Cruz visits the Capwell house and CC demands to know why he isn't being allowed to see Kelly. At the cliff house, Kirk damages a tire on Gina's car. Eden tells Gina she's not going to let her get away with the plug pulling and they are going back to Santa Barbara, but Gina pulls a gun. Pearl continues working on the code in Madeline's date book. Gina prepares to leave to but sees the flat tire and takes Eden's car, which Kirk has been tinkering with. Gina drives off a cliff after the brakes fail. Kirk enters the house with a gun and grabs Eden. Augusta brings Sophia flowers in the hospital. Cruz looks for Kirk. Julia and David work on his case. Julia and Pearl consider that one entry in Madeline's date book refers to Lionel. Pearl sets up an appointment with Lionel so he can look at Lionel's date book. Kirk and Eden listen to the tape of Kirk's confession. The sheriff arrives and Kirk forces Eden to tell him everything is fine. Eden tries to divert Cruz from coming to protect him. Sophia and Augusta have lunch together. Courtney spills a drink on Lionel and Pearl is able to steal his date book. Cruz decides to head to the cliff house. Kirk tells Eden he loved her and Eden admits she never loved him. Eden manages to get away but Kirk follows. Pearl and Julia find an entry in Lionel's book that is labeled "Madeline." Lionel tries to find out what is wrong with Sophia; she refuses to tell him but then faints. Cruz arrives at the cliff house and finds the place a mess and finds the tape, which was left behind. Eden runs to Aqualand, a water park, and tries to escape from Kirk.

  • Episode 0462
    Episode 0462
    Episode 206

    Gina makes it to the gas station and gets directions to the cliff-side house where Eden is staying. Kelly thinks Nick is Joe and said she had to kill Peter. Nick asks Mason to call Justin. Mary tries to get away from Mark but he rips her dress and forces himself on her. Kirk tells CC and Mason that Eden served him with divorce papers. Kirk and CC exchange words and CC throws him out of the house. Gina arrives at the cliff house to see Eden and Gina finally tells Eden it was Kirk who tried to kill her in the boathouse. Cruz arrives at the Capwell house with the arrest warrant. Mark tries to apologize to Mary after raping her. She gets dressed and leaves. Cruz tries to question Kelly but she keeps getting confused between Joe and Nick and can't confirm that Dylan had a gun. Cruz is ordered to arrest Kelly even though he believes it was self-defense. Gina tells Eden about the boathouse plot. Mary goes back to the Capwell house but can't bring herself to tell Mason what happened. Gina makes Eden promise she won't turn Gina into the police if she plays the tape of Kirk's confession. Eden realizes that Gina was the one who disconnected CC's life support and that Kirk knew all along she didn't do it. At the courthouse, the DA thinks Dylan having the notes from Kelly in his pocket makes it look like she lured him to the hotel on purpose and that this may have been premeditated murder. Mary called Mother Isabel to the house and reveals that Mark raped her. Gina tells Eden about her whole plan to make it look like Eden disconnected CC's life support and Eden tells Gina she's going to jail for what she did. Gina begs her to listen to the tape and remember that Gina saved her life in the boathouse. Kirk makes it to the gas station and figures out where Eden is. At Kelly's bail hearing, Kelly answers yes when the judge asks if Dylan had a gun, but then gets confused again about Joe and Peter. Mother Isabel tries to calm Mary down and refuses to let Mark see her. The judge denies bail and remands Kelly to a psychiatric hospital. Kirk makes it to the cliff house and sees Eden and Gina together, listening to the tape of his confession.

  • Episode 0461
    Episode 0461
    Episode 205

    Mason asks Mary to marry him. At the Capwell Hotel, Cruz calls the number Eden left for him but it's a gas station, because the phone where Eden is staying is out of service. At the Orient Express, Nick figures out Kelly is in the Presidential Suite. Gina tries to get into the Presidential Suite, thinking Eden is inside. Kelly pushes Dylan out of the Suite window in self-defense. Gina remembers she has a key and lets herself into the Suite, but Kelly is in shock. Gina takes Dylan's gun, thinking she is helping Kelly. Kelly refuses to leave, so Gina exits, but then ducks into the linen closet, finding the surveillance setup. Nick finally arrives at the Suite and Kelly tells Nick "I killed him." Mary tells Mason she wants to marry him but doesn't want to tell anyone until after the annulment. Mark comes looking for Mary and asks her to come back to the guest house so they can talk some more. Nick takes Kelly out of the Suite, and Gina takes the VHS tape from the surveillance recorder. Nick takes Kelly down to the street to see where Dylan fell; Kelly imagines it's Peter that fell. Kirk overhears Gina and Hayley talking about Eden's location. Witnesses from a hotel across from the Capwell Hotel say that Kelly pushed Dylan. Dylan dies. Gina gets the number of the gas station from Hayley and gets directions. At the bus station, Gina deposits the tape into a locker. At the guest house, Mark starts drinking and becomes angry. CC and Ted bring Kelly back to the Capwell house, and CC tells Mason what happened to Dylan. Kelly tells Mason she was at the hotel and was waiting for someone but then Peter came. Kirk followed Gina to the bus station and she tries to make it look like she's taking a bus out of town. At the Presidential Suite, Nick tells Cruz that Dylan had a gun, but the police can't find it. Cruz discovers the surveillance tape is missing. Mason shows Kelly newspaper reports that show that Peter is dead but Kelly is haunted by thoughts of Peter being the one who fell. Mark tells Mary they should end their relationship on friendly terms and begins to kiss her. Cruz interviews the witnesses but they never saw a gun during Dylan and Kelly's fight. An arrest warrant is delivered to Cruz from the District Attorney. Kirk figured out the bus was a false trail and goes to the Capwell house to bully Hayley for info. He finds the message notepad and is able to make out the number for Eden that was left for Cruz. Nick arrives to the Capwell house to see Kelly. Mark holds on to Mary and refuses to let go of her; he makes it clear he wants to have sex with her and begins to force himself on her while Mary says no and tries to push him away.

  • Episode 0460
    Episode 0460
    Episode 204

    Mark and Mary try to talk at the Capwell front door as Kirk runs hurriedly off. Mark asks Mary to come back to the guest house to talk. Nick waits at the Capwell house for the next riddle. Cruz finds Gina and asks her about Kirk. Dylan gives Nick the third riddle. Cruz tells Gina that the type on the blackmail note matches the type from the note that lured Eden to the boathouse, and that both came from a typewriter they found in Gina's room. A busboy delivers room service to the Presidential Suite but Kelly is unable to ask for help because Dylan has her at gunpoint. Dylan plans to kill Nick when he arrives. At the guest house, Mary packs and she and Mark argue. Mark forces her to admit that she and Mason slept together. Mark tells her he has recovered from the impotency. Gina calls Hayley and asks her to bring her a gun. Nick finds Cruz at the Orient Express and tells him he thinks Dylan has lost control of reality, is with Kelly and is dangerous. Gina dodges the guard and overhears that a "Miss Capwell" is staying at the Presidential Suite and thinks it's Eden. While looking for Gina, Kirk is served with divorce papers from Eden. Nick gets a call from Dylan and hears most of the final riddle before Kelly hangs up the phone, trying to prevent Nick from finding them. Kelly tries to attack Dylan with the champagne bottle but Dylan pulls the gun on her again. One of the guards tells Cruz that Gina is missing. Mary tells Mark she loves Mason and plans to get an annulment; meanwhile, Mason waits for her at the Capwell house. Mark continues to try to convince Mary to stay with him, but she leaves just as Mason comes to find her. Cruz orders the Capwell Hotel sealed to search for Gina. Gina finds Hayley at the hotel but she didn't bring a gun. Mason asks Mary to marry him. Nick works on the incomplete riddle while Kelly fights with Dylan. Kelly knocks the gun out of Dylan's hand but he attempts to attack her, just as Gina arrives in the hallway at the Presidential Suite door. Kelly positions herself behind the room service cart and when he lunges at her, she pushes the cart, the force of which pushes Dylan straight through the suite window.

  • Episode 0459
    Episode 0459
    Episode 203

    Mason brings Mary back to the convent. Dylan picks up Kelly's final note while Kelly prepares for her evening at the Presidential Suite. At the boathouse, Gina prepares to tell CC about Kirk but Kirk calls the boathouse with Brandon, trying to scare her into silence. Dylan confronts Justin and blames him for Kelly and Nick's reconciliation. Gina tells Cruz, Eden and CC that the person who tried to kill Eden was the blackmailer and didn't look like Kirk. Cruz doesn't believe the blackmailer story. Eden tells Gina she knows that she is afraid of Kirk because Kirk is threatening Brandon and promises she will help get all charges against Gina dropped, but Gina runs off. Eden tells Cruz about the blackmailer and Cruz suspects the blackmailer was really Kirk. Justin goes to visit Nick to tell him about Dylan's increasing anger. Dylan goes to the Presidential Suite, and Kelly lets him in. Back at the Capwell house, Mark confronts Mason about spending the night with Mary and hits him. Gina goes to the Capwell house to confirm Brandon is alright, and Brandon sees she is alive. Nick makes it to the Orient Express and realizes Dylan intercepted his note; Justin finds him and gives him the text of the first note that Dylan related to him over the phone. Dylan tells Kelly that Justin is a psychiatrist. Gina plans to tell CC the truth once she sees that Brandon is safe, but then Kirk tries to convince her to keep her mouth shut, saying they won't believe her. Nick makes it to the boathouse, the answer to the first riddle, and Kelly tries to warn Nick over the phone but Dylan gives Nick the second riddle. Mary returns to the Capwell house. Gina takes Brandon to the Orient Express and calls Cruz to meet them, but imagines that Cruz will arrest her for being an accomplice, and goes to look for Eden. Cruz finds Brandon alone and Brandon tells him Gina warned him to stay away from Kirk. Nick makes it to the Capwell house for the third note. Dylan reveals to Kelly he has a gun and asks her if Nick was dead, would she love him. Eden tells Cruz she's going to the safe place they arranged.

  • Episode 0458
    Episode 0458
    Episode 202

    Mason and Mary wake up after making love and spending the night in the tent. Gina calls Kirk and tells him he has until noon before she tells everyone he was the one who tried to kill Eden at the boathouse. Kelly tells Sophia she thinks she and Nick may get back together. Meanwhile, the tape in the linen closet is still recording the events in the Presidential Suite. Dylan tells Sam he wants his gun that Sam has been keeping. Lionel and Augusta have brunch and discuss a letter they received from Warren. Kirk tells Hayley he's leaving town but has a message for Gina, hoping Hayley will draw Gina out into the open. Augusta tells CC they should rehire Brick for the casino. Augusta finds out Brick is at the hospital; he is with Sophia who is planning to have the lumpectomy. Kelly plans a surprise for Nick and begins leaving notes around town for him to find. Meanwhile, Dylan breaks into Nick's apartment and intercepts the first note, which is a riddle. Hayley opens Kirk's letter and there's a check inside, but Gina suspects it's a trap and tells Hayley to rip up the check. Augusta finds Sophia in the hospital and learns about the breast cancer. Nick finds Dylan in his apartment and Dylan tells him that Nick has ruined his life and he plans to ruin Nick's. Dylan finds Kelly's second note. Kirk drugs Hayley. Mason and Mary continue their day on the hilltop. CC plans to bring Gina to the boathouse to try to jog her memory. Sophia wakes up from surgery; the doctor says the lump was small, it appears the cancer hasn't spread and the prognosis is good. Dylan learns Justin is a psychiatry resident. At the Presidential Suite, Kelly prepares for her romantic dinner with Nick. Sam tells Nick that he thinks Dylan stole the gun from his apartment. They also find that Dylan has smashed Kelly's picture and worry he is dangerous. Dylan finds the the third note. Kirk takes an incapacitated Hayley out of sight and talks to Brandon. At the boathouse with CC, Gina pretends to be remembering the night of the attempt on Eden's life.

  • Episode 0457
    Episode 0457
    Episode 201

    Kelly and Nick prepare for their date, but Kelly plans to visit Dylan to explain things. CC confronts Kirk over Eden's note that says she left town and to ask Cruz for an explanation. At the convent, Mary finally talks to Mason. Mason offers to bow out gracefully because he mistakenly thinks she's going back to Mark. Dylan's doctor and Sam visit Dylan; the doctor tells him his leg, where Kelly stabbed him, will probably never regain regular movement. Santana lies to Kirk and tells him she confronted Cruz about the affair and he didn't deny it. Sam tells Nick about Dylan's leg, and later Nick tries to stop Kelly from talking to Dylan. Cruz tells CC about their suspicions regarding Kirk. Kelly tries to explain to Dylan about her confusion regarding Joe and Peter but they argue. Mary tells Mason she's only going back to see Mark to ask for an annulment and that she wants to be with Mason. Mason takes Mary away from the convent on horseback. Kelly checks into the Presidential Suite. CC talks to Gina and offers her Brandon if she tells the truth about the boathouse night. Nick visits Dylan but Dylan is drunk and angry. Mason takes Mary to a hilltop where he's set up exotic tents. Gina calls Kirk and tells him she's remembering things, and plans to tell everyone the truth tomorrow.

  • Episode 0456
    Episode 0456
    Episode 200

    Mary sees Mason at the mural, but doesn't confront him, while Mother Isabel is worried about there being an intruder. Santana is angry with Cruz with but doesn't tell him why. Gina continues to say she doesn't remember and Eden repeats that she'll get Brandon back for her. Mark tries to convince Sophia to go forward with the lumpectomy but she's terrified that will lead to a mastectomy. Santana goes back to the Orient Express to drink. Kirk tries to convince Santana not to say anything to Cruz about the affair. Santana dances at the Orient Express and Mark seems to be enjoying her seductive moves. Mark picks up a call girl from the bar. Eden brings Gina back to the hotel and argues with Cruz about using Brandon as a pawn. Gina "remembers" that the mirror in the Presidential Suite is a two-way mirror and insists Cruz move her. Mark is overjoyed after having sex with the call girl. Mary and Mason play cat and mouse in the convent over the mural and Mary pretends to confess again, listing Mason's faults. Santana, drunk, confronts Eden about the cabana. Mark calls Mary at the convent, and Mary tells Mother Isabel she's come to decision about her marriage. Cruz brings Gina to a wine cellar for safekeeping. Eden tells Cruz about Santana knowing about the cabana. Sophia finally tells Brick she has breast cancer and Brick tries to convince her to have the surgery. Cruz tells Santana that the cabana was a setup to try to catch Kirk. Eden prepares to leave town. On the phone, Mark is anxious to see Mary because he feels like a new man. Mary tells Mark she'll come home in a few days, but tells Mother Isabel she's decided to end her marriage. Cruz insists to Santana there is no affair and she finally believes him. Kirk tries to prevent Eden from leaving but has chest pains again and Eden is able to get away.

  • Episode 0455
    Episode 0455
    Episode 199

    At the convent, Mason hides in the confessional to avoid being seen, but Mary enters the confessional and begins talking about her thoughts of Mason. Julia almost gets caught in the sleazy private investigator's hotel room and overhears him blackmailing David for the photos. Kirk and Santana listen to Eden's recorded conversation with Cruz over the cabana's hidden microphone. Kelly explains to Nick she pushed him away out of fear and that she had been having hallucinations of Peter. She asks Nick to forgive her for pushing him away. Gina insists to the police she can't remember anything. Cruz ends Eden's performance to the bugging equipment. Mason leaves the confessional and Mary is confused by the disappearance of the priest. Kirk and Santana go to the Orient Express to discuss Eden and Cruz's affair. Cruz yells at Eden for continuing the plan to trap Kirk without him and demands she leave town immediately. Eden says she'll spend tonight at the hotel and then leave town. Julia confronts David after he pays for the photos. Nick tells Kelly he needs time to think about what has happened between Kelly and him. David insists the photos are faked but Julia isn't sure what to believe and tells David she may not continue representing him. Gina and Hayley talk at the Orient Express, but Eden arranges to evade the guard watching Gina and takes her away. Kirk leaves Santana to try to follow them. Julia and Nick confront the sleazy private investigator and he admits the photos were faked although he is convinced that David is having an affair. Kirk comes back to Santana's table after failing to follow Eden and Gina. Nick and Kelly arrange a date for tomorrow. Eden takes Gina to the boathouse and begs her to remember. Mary sees Mason in the priest's robes. Eden promises to give Gina Brandon back if Gina tells Eden who tried to kill her.

  • Episode 0454
    Episode 0454
    Episode 198

    With Kirk watching, Gina tells Cruz she's not faking the amnesia and runs off again. Mason continues working on the mural at the convent. Cruz escorts Gina back inside the Capwell house and Eden tries to jog her memory too, to no avail. Kelly feels better after her breakthrough at the cemetery with Justin. Nick is following David for Julia. Cruz sets up Gina at the Presidential Suite at the Capwell Hotel. At the convent, Sophia decides to indeed go forward with the biopsy after all after agonizing over the decision. Kelly dreams of Peter again, but tells him she is finally free of him. Eden and Cruz watch Gina through the two-way mirror as Kirk harasses her. Eden and Cruz argue about Eden's plan to trap Kirk at the cabana. The next morning, Eden records her and Cruz talking about their relationship. Mark calls Sophia to tell her the biopsy results are in. Nick visits Kelly at her request. Gina calls Hayley and admits she's faking the amnesia. Eden goes to the cabana and finds Kirk's bugging equipment. Mark meets Sophia at Buzz's and tells her she has breast cancer; he recommends a lumpectomy. Sophia visits CC but doesn't tell him about the cancer. Kirk takes Santana to the cabana to show her that Cruz and Eden are having an affair. Mason almost gets caught at the mural but hides in the confessional just as Mary comes in for confession. Julia breaks into the hotel room of a private investigator and finds pictures of David in bed with a brunette. At the cabana, Eden plays the tape of her and Cruz to the bugging equipment while Kirk and Santana listen from the car. Cruz enters the cabana and catches Eden playing the tape.

  • Episode 0453
    Episode 0453
    Episode 197

    Sophia visits Mary at the convent, while Mason skulks around the gates and then hops the convent wall. Cruz spent the night searching for the jeweler in Vegas but came up empty handed. Kirk bullies Hayley for information on where Gina might have gone. Gina turns up in Mexico, claiming amnesia. Justin begins making tapes of his meetings with Kelly and his preliminary psychiatric opinions of her mental state. Santana has a job interview for a decorating job at the casino, but is surprised when Kirk turns out to be the one who wants to hire her. Cruz gets a call that a woman who may be Gina has been found in Mexico and heads there. Kirk sets up bugging equipment at the cabana, and tests it out when Hayley and Ted arrive. Kirk interrupts them before Hayley can tell Ted about Gina. A few minutes later, Ted gets the call that Gina is alive but has amnesia. Cruz tries to jog Gina's memory and arranges for a flight back to Santa Barbara. At the convent, Mason finds a priest's robe and changes into it so he can wander the grounds less suspiciously. Justin works with Kelly to explore her feelings about Peter, Joe, Nick and Dylan. Cruz brings Gina to the Capwell house. Cruz tries to get Santana to give up the casino job, but she refuses to quit. In a storm, the power at the Capwell house goes out and Gina escapes under cover of darkness. At the cemetery, Justin tries to convince Kelly it wasn't her fault that Peter was crazy and Joe died. Mason starts drawing a mural at the convent. Cruz tells Gina he knows she's faking the amnesia and asks her to come clean about what happened the night of the boathouse incident.

  • Episode 0452
    Episode 0452
    Episode 196

    Julia asks Pearl for help with David's case, but he turns her down. Kirk plants a bomb on Pearl's ferry right before Gina and the jeweler arrive. Cruz searches the jeweler's office. The police return Madeline's belongings to the Capwell house. Kirk finds a tape at the Lockridge house, but it's a message from Gina saying that if anything happens to her, she's arranged for the real tape to be turned over to the police. Pearl and Courtney find Madeline's datebook which appears to have been written in code. Lionel sees Madeline's datebook and remembers meeting with her. Brandon gets in a fight at school. Kirk, heeding Gina's warning, goes to the ferry to try to get Gina and the jeweler off the boat before it explodes. Kirk runs off and Gina pulls the jeweler off the ferry right before the explosion. Courtney turns the datebook over to Cruz. Gina tells Hayley she plans to resurface and warns her that Kirk is dangerous. Pearl figures out Madeline's code. Lionel burns papers that somehow relate to Madeline. Cruz goes back to the jeweler's office but finds the jeweler has skipped town. Gina hitches a ride to the Mexican border and the driver tells her a story about a woman with amnesia, giving her an idea.

  • Episode 0451
    Episode 0451
    Episode 195

    Mason continues looking for Mary while Mark goes to the convent to see her, against Mary's wishes. Eden makes excuses so she doesn't have to make love to Kirk. Sophia asks Mason to draw up her will for her. Mary visits Sophia and convinces her to have the biopsy, then returns to the convent. Cruz questions Kirk's jeweler regarding the necklace that Kirk gave Eden. The receipt for the necklace appears to prove that Kirk was meeting the jeweler about the necklace at the same time Eden was being attacked at the boathouse, thus providing Kirk with an alibi. Cruz, however, is suspicious of the jeweler and gets a search warrant after he is sure the jeweler lied to him about the date of the order. The jeweler asks Gina for $100,000 in hush money to keep lying to the police. Gina tells Kirk the jeweler wants $200,000 in payment for his silence. Kirk realizes the man could keep blackmailing him, plus Gina still has his confession on tape. Mason learns that Mary is at the convent and goes there. Kirk arranges for the jeweler and Gina to meet him that night at the ferry to turn over the money. Later, Kirk plants a bomb on the ferry.

  • Episode 0450
    Episode 0450
    Episode 194

    Mason and Mark search for Mary, and later Mary calls Mark and informs him she's at the convent to think things over. Mason goes to the cabana searching for Mary and inadvertently interrupts Kirk before he can enter with a gun. Cruz tries to convince Eden to leave town for her safety. Mark finds out that someone broke into his doctor's office and stole his medical records, learning about his impotence. Kelly is alarmed that Dylan has come to her apartment, and as she has flashbacks of Peter attacking her, she stabs Dylan in the leg. Ted almost finds Gina at the Lockridge house and Hayley begs Gina to come forward and admit she's alive. Eden sees the fake invoice for the necklace that Kirk bought and calls the jeweler to confirm when he bought it. Eden tells Cruz that Kirk bought the necklace the night of the boathouse shooting and cancels her out-of-town trip because she believes the alibi. Mark tells Mason that Mary left town to get away from him, but Mason vows to find her because he's sure Mark is lying.

  • Episode 0449
    Episode 0449
    Episode 193
    Mason and Mary share a kiss at the stables. Eden and Cruz pretend to get close as Kirk watches from outside. Ted and Hayley go out for a date. Dylan breaks into Kelly's apartment. Mary visits the convent. Kirk is outside the cabana with a gun and prepares to enter.
  • Episode 0448
    Episode 0448
    Episode 192
    Cruz arranges for an Eden-look-a-like to lure Kirk to the cabana to witness Cruz and "Eden" pretending to have an affair. Kirk gives Eden an expensive necklace and later, she goes to the cabana to replace the look-a-like. Mary and Mason meet at the stables and talk about their relationship. Julia meets with a woman who may have been a mistress of David's.moreless
  • Episode 0447
    Episode 0447
    Episode 191
    At the Capwell house, Kirk collapses after failing to get his taped confession back from Gina and he is later brought back to the hospital. Today is Sophia's birthday and Sophia confides in Mary that she discovered a lump in her breast. Mary talks to Mother Isabel about getting her marriage to Mark annulled.moreless
  • Episode 0446
    Episode 0446
    Episode 190

    Lionel and Augusta wake up after making love the night before. Brick goes back to the casino to clear out his stuff and confronts Warren who starts gambling again. Warren decides to leave Santa Barbara to enter a clinic for treatment of his compulsive gambling addiction. Kirk attempts to trick Gina in order to get the tape of his confession from her. At the cabana, Eden tells Cruz she's convinced Kirk is suspicious. Cruz tries to convince Eden they should use a decoy to lure Kirk out to keep Eden safe. Ted takes Hayley surfing. Sophia finds a lump in her breast. Kirk catches Eden in some lies and insists she spend the night with him, but later has chest pains after realizing Gina tricked him into taking a substitute tape.

  • Episode 0445
    Episode 0445
    Episode 189

    Minx shoots CC in the behind with bird-shot when he attempts to evict the Lockridges from their house. Eden realizes that Kirk has been watching her from the Capwell house from his bedroom window. Brick quits his job at the casino. Kirk devises a plan to fabricate an alibi for the night of the boathouse shooting. Gina takes up residence in the vacant Lockridge house. Eden goes to the family cabana as part of her plan to draw Kirk out in the open; Cruz joins her there and they discuss pretending to have an affair. Augusta invites Lionel to spend the night in her hotel room on the couch, but they kiss.

  • Episode 0444
    Episode 0444
    Episode 188
    Lionel explains to Minx that they lost the Lockridge house to CC, while Eden tries to persuade CC against taking the house. Nick meets Justin at Buzz's. Eden tells Cruz they should pretend to have an affair to draw Kirk out into the open. Minx refuses to leave the Lockridge house and threatens to shoot CC when he comes to take possession of it.moreless
  • Episode 0443
    Episode 0443
    Episode 187
    Lionel begs CC to leave Warren out of their feud and asks for a truce. CC refuses and insists on taking the house tonight. Augusta goes to Mason for help in getting CC to back off. Nick visits Kelly but Dylan arrives. Lionel packs up the Lockridge house and Warren tries to stop Lionel from giving in to CC.moreless
  • Episode 0442
    Episode 0442
    Episode 186
    CC informs Lionel that he knows Warren robbed the casino. CC insists that Lionel sign over the Lockridge house to CC or else he will turn Warren in to the police. Kirk, home from the hospital, thanks David for agreeing to have Madeline's heart donated so that Kirk could receive it via transplant. Pearl undergoes hypnosis to see if he remembers anything about the day Madeline was attacked and while under hypnosis, tells Courtney his real name is Michael Baldwin Bradford, III. Cruz and Eden continue to suspect Kirk was behind the boathouse attack and they learn Kirk borrowed a rifle.moreless
  • Episode 0441
    Episode 0441
    Episode 185

    Eden and Cruz complete the test of the PA system in the boathouse. Warren confesses to Lionel and Augusta that he was the casino robber. Kirk [now played by Robert Newman] returns to the Capwell house from the hospital, ready to recover from the heart transplant. CC confirms that the money Warren gave him is marked "Casino" and he is now sure Warren was the robber. Kirk asks Cruz for an update on Madeline's murder investigation, but also lets on that he knows about Cruz's trip to Stanford. Hayley sneaks Gina into the Capwell house to see Kirk. Cruz borrows one of CC's rifles to test it for similarities to the boathouse shooting.

  • Episode 0440
    Episode 0440
    Episode 184

    Sophia tries to convince Warren to give the stolen money back and turn himself in, but Warren turns over some of the marked bills to CC as part of the repayment on his debt. Mary prepares Kirk's recovery room at the Capwell house. Kelly continues to try to avoid Dylan. CC finally hears about the robbery at the casino.

  • Episode 0439
    Episode 0439
    Episode 183
    Warren holds a gun on Sophia at the boathouse after she realized that he was the casino robber and followed him there. Julia agrees to defend David against the charges that he attacked Madeline.
  • Episode 0438
    Episode 0438
    Episode 182
    Warren robs the casino ferry at gunpoint. Cruz and Eden return to the boathouse to re-enact the night Gina tried to kill her. David is arrested for the attack on Madeline.
  • Episode 0437
    Episode 0437
    Episode 181
    Cruz learns blood was found on David's cufflinks. David tells Cruz that he suspected Madeline was having an affair so he went to the bungalow to confront her but found her after she'd already been attacked. David tells Cruz he got Madeline's blood on his shirt and hid it but that he didn't kill her. Later, the police recover the bloody shirt from David's hiding place.moreless
  • Episode 0436
    Episode 0436
    Episode 180
    At the hospital in Stanford, Kirk is in distress as his body is rejecting Madeline's heart. Courtney tells Pearl about the cigarette she saw in the bungalow, similar to the brand David smokes. CC and Sophia arrive at Stanford to be with Eden while she waits to see if Kirk will live or die. Cruz explains to Santana that he is worried about Eden's behavior. Eden confesses to Sophia that she is miserable because she has never loved Kirk. Kirk is finally stabilized. Cruz arrives back at Stanford and confronts Eden about the boathouse. Eden finally tells Cruz she believes Kirk was behind the attack.moreless
  • Episode 0435
    Episode 0435
    Episode 179
    Cruz questions David regarding Madeline's attack. Eden learns from Nick that Kirk bought the speaker wire she found in the boathouse, which confirms her theory that Kirk was behind Gina's attempt to kill her. Dylan breaks into the Capwell house to see Kelly and she begins to have flashbacks of Peter stalking her. Kelly leaves the Capwell house and moves into a new apartment. Eden learns that Kirk's body is rejecting Madeline's heart, so she leaves to return to Stanford.moreless
  • Episode 0434
    Episode 0434
    Episode 178
    Lionel sits on the beach with his telescope to view Halley's Comet as today is the day it comes closest to Earth. Eventually Augusta comes by and they spend time together looking at the stars and the comet. Dylan is acting erratically and proposes to Kelly who tells Dylan to leave her alone. Courtney tells Cruz she thinks David is the one who attacked Madeline. Mary confronts Mark about the hooker after learning from Mason that Mark picked up Bobbie. Mary and Mason kiss. Cruz and Eden remember back to last year when Eden proposed to Cruz in the clearing.moreless
  • Episode 0433
    Episode 0433
    Episode 177
    Madeline's funeral is scheduled for this evening. Santana is upset with Cruz after he came home late last night from his trip to see Eden in Palo Alto. Cruz and Santana tell Brandon they got married. Kelly moves out of Nick's apartment and into the Capwell house; she asks Cruz to make sure Nick is alright. Cruz and Santana spend the evening with Brandon.moreless
  • Episode 0432
    Episode 0432
    Episode 176
    At the hospital in Palo Alto at Stanford, Kirk is being prepared for the surgery that will transplant Madeline's heart into his body. Eden asks Nick to find out who purchased the speaker wire she found in the boathouse. Cruz learns that Madeline called Eden at Stanford right before she was attacked and he leaves for Palo Alto. Eden is upset that it looks like Kirk will live after all. Eden is pleased to see Cruz at the hospital but she refuses to tell him why she's so upset. The heart transplant is completed and the operation deemed a success.moreless
  • Episode 0431
    Episode 0431
    Episode 175
    At the bungalow, Cruz is with Julia and Pearl, re-enacting the moment when Pearl found Madeline's body. David enters and is enraged to see Pearl, the man the newspaper had implicated in Madeline's attack. Cruz talks to Courtney about who may have wanted Madeline dead. David signs the papers so that Madeline's heart can be donated for Kirk's heart transplant.moreless
  • Episode 0430
    Episode 0430
    Episode 174
    Kelly finally confesses to Nick that she slept with Dylan. Nick is angry that Kelly waited so long to tell him and the wedding is called off. Pearl is brought to the police station on suspicion of attacking Madeline who is still alive but brain-dead. Courtney pays Pearl's bail.
  • Episode 0429
    Episode 0429
    Episode 173
    Kelly is confused about her wedding later today and visits Eden at Stanford for advice. Later, Kelly returns to Santa Barbara and plans to tell Nick the truth about her relationship with Dylan. Pearl drives Madeline to the bungalow and waits in the limo. Pearl later finds Madeline on the floor of the bungalow, brutally attacked and unconscious. Lionel finds out CC purchased his art collection from Augusta.moreless
  • Episode 0428
    Episode 0428
    Episode 172
    Kelly and Nick's wedding day is tomorrow and Dylan harasses Kelly about the upcoming wedding. Cruz finds Brandon after he ran away from Santana's apartment. Mark picks up a hooker named Bobbie and they go to a motel room. Mark is unable to perform and ends up hitting Bobbie. Bobbie tells Mason she was assaulted by a man she picked up and asks him for help.moreless
  • Episode 0427
    Episode 0427
    Episode 171
    Kirk, on his deathbed, is about to confess his involvement in the boathouse shooting and Gina's "death," when the doctor interrupts. The doctor announces that Kirk is a candidate for a heart transplant and he'd like to fly Kirk to Standford to specialists to wait for a heart. Kirk, realizing he may live, aborts his confession. Santana, CC and Cruz tell Brandon Gina is dead. Later, Brandon runs away from Santana's apartment. Eden signs the papers to have Kirk airlifted to Stanford.moreless
  • Episode 0426
    Episode 0426
    Episode 170
  • Episode 0425
    Episode 0425
    Episode 169
    Gina and Hayley return to Angel's but Gina realizes the tape recorder is missing. Madeline demands that CC fire Pearl but CC refuses and Pearl leaves to find Ted who ran off into the storm after the funeral. Kelly and Dylan argue after he stole Nick's books from Kelly's storage space. Hayley goes to the hospital and retrieves the tape recorder while the doctors work on Kirk. Sam confronts Dylan about the rigged roulette wheel. Pearl returns Ted to the Capwell house and they find Kirk's bathroom flooded.moreless
  • Episode 0424
    Episode 0424
    Episode 168
    Gina's funeral continues and Ted stands up for Hayley, who is actually upset at Gina's death. At the Capwell house, Kirk enters his bathroom and finds Gina submerged in his bathtub. Gina rises up out of the bathtub, pointing her finger at Kirk, and he grasps at his heart and collapses. Gina gets Kirk to confess on tape to orchestrating the boathouse attack on Eden while he continues having a heart attack. Gina finally realizes Kirk isn't faking his heart attack when Hayley comes home and is surprised to see Gina alive. Mason learns that Lionel's paintings are forgeries. Pearl drives Madeline to a bungalow for an engagement and invites Julia to the limo to have pizza while he waits for Madeline. Mason offers to sell Lionel's art collection to CC. Hayley and Gina drive Kirk to the hospital and leave him there in the car with horn blaring. Gina doesn't realize that Kirk has the tape recorder.moreless
  • Episode 0423
    Episode 0423
    Episode 167
    CC hires Pearl as the Capwell family chauffeur. Gina's funeral begins and Gina, disguised, lurks in the background for a while. Later, Gina goes to the Capwell house. Dylan lures Kelly out to the casino.
  • Episode 0422
    Episode 0422
    Episode 166
    Cruz searches Gina's apartment and finds the typewriter that Kirk planted. Eden returns to the Capwell house from the hospital and with Mary's assistance, she has arranged for separate bedrooms from Kirk. Gina is staying at Angel's apartment and Gina sends him to hers to fetch her checkbook. Gina is formally presumed dead. Eden returns to the boathouse to look around and finds the speaker wiring of the sound system which Kirk rigged.moreless
  • Episode 0421
    Episode 0421
    Episode 165
    Ted receives a phone call from Laken. Brandon moves in with Santana at her apartment. Hayley learns that Gina is missing and might be dead. Cruz receives a report on some of the evidence from the boathouse and Pearl tells Cruz it looks like Eden tried to kill Gina.
  • Episode 0420
    Episode 0420
    Episode 164
    Cruz tells Eden he and Santana were married. Against Kirk's advice, Eden tells Cruz and CC that Gina tried to kill her. Mark and Mary argue.
  • Episode 0419
    Episode 0419
    Episode 163
    At the hospital, Eden asks Kirk about her condition after the accident and he tells her she was pregnant but lost the baby. Eden tells Kirk Gina tried to kill her, but Kirk tries to convince her to keep quiet about it. Mary is confused by Mark's behavior and fantasizes about Mason. Dylan discovers that Kelly bought all of the copies of Nick's book and has been keeping them in a storage space. Cruz finally sees Eden and asks her what happened at the boathouse.moreless
  • Episode 0418
    Episode 0418
    Episode 162
    Angel finds Gina washed up on the beach, still alive, but injured. Sophia calls Cruz to tell him Eden is in the hospital and later, he and Santana arrive at the hospital.
  • Episode 0417
    Episode 0417
    Episode 161
    At the hospital, Eden is taken into surgery. CC alerts the doctors that Eden is pregnant and Kirk is shocked. Kirk takes the typewriter with which he wrote the note that sent Eden to the boathouse and plants it at Gina's motel room. Dylan fires Pearl from the casino and later, Buzz fires Pearl as well.moreless
  • Episode 0416
    Episode 0416
    Episode 160
    Home from the hospital, Mark is unable to perform when he and Mary try to make love. In Mexico, Cruz and Santana are married. At the boathouse, Kirk watches from the catwalk as Eden and Gina struggle with the gun. Gina tries to explain to Eden that someone is forcing her to do this, but she falls into the water as a result of the struggle. Eden hears a noise from the catwalk but has stomach pains and leaves the boathouse. Eden realizes something is wrong with her baby and starts to drive to the hospital, but crashes her car. Kirk arrives at the crash scene as the ambulance prepares to take Eden to the hospital.moreless
  • Episode 0415
    Episode 0415
    Episode 159
    Cruz and Santana go to Mexico in preparation for their wedding. Even though Gina is reluctant to kill Eden, Kirk forces Gina to continue practicing for when Eden arrives. Eden receives Kirk's typewritten note - supposedly from Cruz - and she goes to the boathouse to meet him. Courtney apologizes to Pearl for Madeline's snobby behavior at the Orient Express after the scavenger hunt.moreless
  • Episode 0414
    Episode 0414
    Episode 158
    Mason announces the wedding isn't going forward and Madeline and Courtney organize a scavenger hunt for the guests. At the beach house, after reading her love letters, Cruz tells Eden that she is pregnant and that he won't break up a family. Later, Santana tells Cruz she wants to marry him.moreless
  • Episode 0413
    Episode 0413
    Episode 157
    Mason waits for Santana at the Orient Express where their wedding is to take place. Meanwhile, Cruz follows Santana through the Capwell Hotel and tries to convince her not to marry Mason. Eden returns to Santa Barbara from her stay in Hawaii. Santana finally makes it to the altar, but tells Mason she's going to marry Cruz instead.moreless
  • Episode 0412
    Episode 0412
    Episode 156
    Madeline and Courtney Capwell, first cousins to Ted, Eden and Kelly, arrive from the east coast for a visit. Madeline is thrilled to hear they have arrived in time for Mason's wedding. Mason wakes up hungover on the roof of the Capwell house, outside Brandon's window where he spent the night. Mason and Santana both separately prepare for their wedding, and Santana is having doubts. Kelly finds out that Nick took money from Dylan to finance the book.moreless
  • Episode 0411
    Episode 0411
    Episode 155
    Ted finds Mason on the floor of the Orient Express, passed out after the rehearsal dinner disaster. Mason sobers up and visits Augusta. Augusta is prepared to sell Lionel's paintings to an art dealer, but Mason aborts the sale. Julia tells Pearl that when she was a lawyer in Phoenix, she lost a case on purpose because the mob threatened her. At the boathouse, Kirk tells Gina he will kill her if she doesn't shoot Eden according to his plan. Cruz asks Santana to marry him instead of Mason.moreless
  • Episode 0410
    Episode 0410
    Episode 154
    Mason and Santana have their rehearsal dinner at the Orient Express and Mason proceeds to get drunk, embarrassing Santana. Kirk takes Gina to the boathouse and they practice to carry out Kirk's plot to kill Eden there.
  • Episode 0409
    Episode 0409
    Episode 153
    At the casino, Dylan programs the roulette wheel so that Warren loses more money. Cruz plans to leave Santa Barbara. Mason visits Mary at the hospital.
  • Episode 0408
    Episode 0408
    Episode 152
    In Hawaii, Cruz tells Eden it's over between them. Later, Eden tries to catch Cruz at the airport. Gina tells Brandon he's going to live with Mason and Santana.
  • Episode 0407
    Episode 0407
    Episode 151
    CC and Sophia are rescued from the ferry. Cruz flies to Hawaii to see Eden. Gina calls Eden in Hawaii but Cruz answers the phone.
  • Episode 0406
    Episode 0406
    Episode 150
    Ted receives a letter from Laken in Tahoe that says she's engaged. Cruz is depressed after learning Eden is pregnant with Kirk's child. Santana informs Rosa and Danny that she's marrying Mason so that she can have Brandon. CC and Sophia end up stuck on the casino ferry together and CC tells Sophia that Eden is pregnant. Gina searches Eden's room, looking for the evidence that Kirk says Eden has.moreless
  • Episode 0405
    Episode 0405
    Episode 149
    Santana asks Mason to marry her so that she can have custody of Brandon. Augusta returns from Haiti with her divorce papers. CC intercepts a call from Eden's doctor and learns that Eden is pregnant. CC tells Cruz Eden is pregnant in the hopes that he'll leave Eden alone. Mason and Santana tell CC and Cruz they are getting married.moreless
  • Episode 0404
    Episode 0404
    Episode 148
    Mark and Mary are married in Mark's hospital room and soon after, Mark is rushed back into surgery. Kirk lies to Gina and tells her that Eden knows Gina is the one who pulled the plug on CC's life support system. Eden leaves for Hawaii.
  • Episode 0403
    Episode 0403
    Episode 147
    Kirk takes photos of the torn pink dress and shows Gina the piece of cloth that came from the window the night she tried to kill CC. Pearl and Julia go on another date. Mark appears to be dying, so Mason helps Mary arrange for Mark and Mary to be married in the hospital, and the wedding begins.moreless
  • Episode 0402
    Episode 0402
    Episode 146
    Mason and Mary are still in the hospital after staying there overnight. Kirk steals Eden's engagement ring from Cruz's and later takes everything Cruz had stashed in the bus locker, which includes the pink dress. Kelly visits Dylan regarding the money he owes Nick. Janice goes to see Mark at the hospital.moreless
  • Episode 0401
    Episode 0401
    Episode 145
    Eden doesn't know what to say to Kirk when he demands to know if she still loves Cruz. Mark goes into surgery as Mason comforts Mary. Eden denies that she's having an affair with Cruz and tells Kirk he just has to deal with the fact that she still has feelings for him. Eden lies to Cruz and tells him she wants to have a child with Kirk. Janice warns Mason about Mark and tells him he was really negligent in the case where the woman died, even though she testified that he wasn't. CC kicks Gina out of the Capwell house after they argue about Brandon. Kirk is planning his revenge against Eden when Gina disturbs him and asks for his help with Brandon. Cruz drives Eden home from the hospital and Kirk is waiting.moreless
  • Episode 0400
    Episode 0400
    Episode 144
    At the cabin, the propane tank explodes and Kirk drives away. Mary comes to and rouses Cruz in order to get Eden out of the house before the electrical wiring causes another explosion. Kirk stops at a pay phone, reports the explosion, and calls for an ambulance. Mary finds Mark outside buried under rubble and inside, the roof collapses on Cruz and Eden. Brick tells Kelly and Ted he's having a hard time dealing with being a member of the Capwell and Lockridge families. Mason confronts CC about sending Mary up to the cabin with Mark. Mary helps Cruz get free from the roof debris and Cruz brings Eden outside to help Mary rescue Mark. The ambulances arrive and transport Mary, Mark, Cruz and Eden back to the hospital in Santa Barbara. Kelly asks CC to find a replacement for her at the casino, and CC enlists Kirk for the job. On the way to the hospital, Mark asks Mary to wear his engagement ring. Cruz tells Eden he has the letters she wrote and she asks him to burn them. CC gets the call about the explosion and everyone races to the hospital. Cruz explains to CC and Kirk that he and Eden were tricked up there, but Kirk sees Eden's letters in Cruz's pocket and refuses to believe the truth. Kirk demands that Eden tell him she's still in love with Cruz.moreless
  • Episode 0399
    Episode 0399
    Episode 143
    Kirk continues watching Cruz talk to Eden while she is in the bathtub. Eden tells Cruz she loves him but she needs to be faithful to Kirk. Julia and Pearl continue their date at the casino. Dylan has Sam call Kelly over to the casino, and Kelly agrees to go with Nick. Kirk thinks Cruz and Eden are having an affair and he angrily wrenches the valve on the propane tank open. Kirk has second thoughts, but is unable to turn the gas off. Cruz takes a lantern to try to fix the car while the propane leaks nearby. Mark gets upset that Mary can't decide if she wants to marry him and heads downstairs to help Cruz with the car. Warren continues gambling and loses more money. Amy tries to convince Brick to have dinner with Kelly and Ted but he doesn't feel like dealing with his new family. Kelly tells Dylan to leave her alone. Dylan and Sam argue over Dylan's growing obsession with Kelly. Pearl's date with Julia ends and Pearl enters a secret room through his closet. Nick refuses Dylan's offer to pay him back the money he sent Dylan for medical school. Mr. Jenkins tells Nick his books aren't selling. At the cabin, the lantern catches fire. Kirk waits by his car, concerned about the propane tank. As Cruz and Eden prepare to leave, Mark discovers the fire. The propane tank explodes.moreless
  • Episode 0398
    Episode 0398
    Episode 142
    Mason arrives at the casino just in time to see Lionel and CC sparring over Sophia. Julia arrives at Pearl's apartment for the date she owes him for losing the bet. Cruz and Eden bring the horses back to the cabin and see Mark's car, realizing they're not alone. Mark and Mary are kissing when Cruz and Eden enter. Julia is astonished to see Pearl dressed up for their date. Cruz and Mark try to fix the propane tank while Mary and Eden talk. CC tries to persuade Mason, as Augusta's lawyer, to try to get more from Lionel in the divorce than the paintings, since CC wants to buy whatever Augusta gets from Lionel. Brandon is depressed without Gina, and she shows up at the Capwell house to spend some time with him. Julia and Pearl have their date at the casino. Kirk finally drives to the cabin. Eden takes a bath at the cabin and Cruz sits by the tub talking to her. Kirk arrives outside the cabin window just in time to see Cruz talking to Eden in the bath.moreless
  • Episode 0397
    Episode 0397
    Episode 141
    Mary and Mark arrive at the cabin and find Eden's car. Santana finds Kirk at Cruz's with his hand cut (from breaking the window at the beach house). Cruz and Eden kiss and Cruz tells Eden he is still in love with her. Warren continues betting at the casino. Kirk tells Santana that Cruz and Eden are together but Santana doesn't believe it and they argue. CC and Augusta have a drink together at the casino. At the cabin, Mark tries to turn on the propane tank for heat, but the valve is stuck. Mark kisses Mary, but she is still thinking of Mason and she runs off. Sophia arrives at the casino with a date, surprising both Lionel and CC. Kirk goes back to the Capwell house and takes a gun from the study gun cabinet. Eden and Cruz ride horses over to a pond and remember being together a year ago. Cruz believes they should get back together but Eden feels she should be loyal to her marriage to Kirk. Lionel and Augusta pressure Warren to stop gambling. Kirk is forced to bring CC some papers at the casino, delaying his plan to find Eden. Lionel and CC spar at the casino and almost come to blows. Cruz and Eden silently end their afternoon and sadly head back to the cabin.moreless
  • Episode 0396
    Episode 0396
    Episode 140
    Cruz and Eden are each driving separately to the cabin, listening to their song, "A Little Bit of Heaven," on the radio. Pearl and Julia continue preparing the cabin for Cruz and Eden's arrival. Kirk frantically searches for Eden's letters which are missing from the wall safe. CC offers the use of his cabin to Mark to take Mary who is still pondering Mark's proposal. Mason finds his cardboard double with a knife in its heart. CC asks Mason about the Lockridge divorce settlement but Mason refuses to tell him anything. Augusta calls Mason from the casino to tell him the art appraiser is meeting with Lionel. Warren tells Augusta he's broke after spending everything on the newspaper. Mark convinces Mary to go the cabin with him but she insists he give her time to think about his proposal. Pearl and Julia make a bet on whether or not Eden and Cruz show up. Pearl bets they will show and Julia will have to take him out on a date. Cruz arrives at the cabin and Pearl and Julia hide, but Cruz catches them fiddling with his car. Lionel's art dealer (who knows the paintings are fake) provides Augusta with an appraisal of the paintings. Kirk breaks into Cruz's beach house looking for Cruz and Eden who he thinks are together. Eden arrives at the cabin as Mary and Mark are driving there. Kirk searches Cruz's house and finds the note that Pearl sent, supposedly from Eden. Pearl and Julia take off and Cruz explains to Eden that Pearl set them up. Eden is upset and runs off, but Cruz chases her on horseback and they kiss.moreless
  • Episode 0395
    Episode 0395
    Episode 139
    Cruz arrives at the morgue in the morning to tell Pearl he can leave. Pearl is grateful that none of them were killed at the motel and decides to do something nice for Cruz, but Cruz is suspicious. Pearl ropes Julia into helping him with his scheme to get Cruz and Eden alone together at the Capwell cabin. Pearl sends Cruz and Eden each a note, supposedly from the other, to meet at the cabin. Julia and Pearl go to the cabin to arrange everything for when Cruz and Eden arrive. Mark sends Mason a box of rats as payback for the horse which ate Mary's birthday cake. Mark proposes to Mary and Mary is confused about her feelings for Mark and Mason. Eden gets Pearl's note and takes the letters she's been writing to Cruz with her when she leaves for the cabin. Cruz also gets Pearl's note and starts driving to the cabin.moreless
  • Episode 0394
    Episode 0394
    Episode 138
    At the motel, someone with a gun enters the room where Cruz and Pearl are guarding Angel and begins shooting. Cruz holds a press conference and tells the reporters that Angel is dead. Later at the morgue, however, Cruz lets Pearl out of the body bag that wheeled out of the hotel room earlier. They faked Angel's death so that he can testify tomorrow safely, but Pearl must stay in the morgue overnight. Mason and Mary have dinner at the Orient Express and Mark is jealous. After leaving the motel, Kirk returned to the house and took a gun from CC's gun cabinet. When Eden finally returns home, Kirk is angry with her and demands to know where she was. Eden explains and Kirk appears to be satisfied, but he keeps the gun close by.moreless
  • Episode 0393
    Episode 0393
    Episode 137
    Cruz tells Angel he can protect him while they wait for trial where Angel will testify for the police. Cruz calls Pearl and they set Angel up at a motel and prepare to stay there to make sure nothing happens to him. Hayley has an interview with CC and later gets the job as a maid. Kirk learns Cruz is at a motel under an assumed name and he believes Eden and Cruz are there together. Kirk arrives at the motel thinking he will catch Eden and Cruz together.moreless
  • Episode 0392
    Episode 0392
    Episode 136
    Kelly moves in with Nick. Kirk tries to track Eden down after she apparently went to Los Angeles on business. Since finding Eden's letters, Kirk suspects Eden may be having an affair with Cruz. Hayley applies for a maid's position at the Capwell house at Gina's suggestion. Gina has instructed Hayley not to tell anyone that Gina is her aunt. Cruz and Julia discuss Angel's case; Angel turned evidence against some other criminals and is now being threatened. Cruz catches Kirk following him.moreless
  • Episode 0391
    Episode 0391
    Episode 135
    Kelly tells Nick that she didn't sleep with Dylan and that Dylan is lying. Nick believes Kelly. Pearl, Mason and Augusta break into the cellar at the Lockridge house to inspect Lionel's collection of supposedly priceless paintings. Augusta is unaware, however, that paintings are actually worthless forgeries. Nick and Dylan fight at the casino.moreless
  • Episode 0390
    Episode 0390
    Episode 134
    Hayley goes jogging on the beach and bumps into Ted who is also jogging. Today is Mary's birthday and Mason leaves a horse for her at the guest house. Mark has also left Mary presents which Mason's horse destroys after finding his way inside the guest house. Mason agrees to be Augusta's lawyer as she goes forward with divorce proceedings against Lionel. Kirk finds Eden's birth control pills and switches them with placebos. Kirk also finds Eden's stack of letters she has been secretly writing to Cruz.moreless
  • Episode 0389
    Episode 0389
    Episode 133
    Gina's niece, Hayley, arrives at Gina's doorstep. She only has a little money that was left to her by her father, Stan Benson, before he died. Since Gina's sister Summer and her parents are all dead, Hayley is the only family Gina has besides Brandon. Dylan and Nick fight at the hospital. Kirk pressures Eden about them giving CC a grandchild. CC informs Santana that he will turn over custody of Brandon to her if she gets married. Cruz still does not believe Eden made the attempt on CC's life and he shows her the pink dress.moreless
  • Episode 0388
    Episode 0388
    Episode 132
    CC forces Gina to sign away custody of Brandon; he threatens to charge her with attempted murder for trying to kill him with the syringe unless she turns over custody. Mason wakes up at Janice's. Gina is angry Mason won't help her against CC and she stabs Mason's cardboard double. At the hospital, everyone learns Kelly will be fine after her accident.moreless
  • Episode 0387
    Episode 0387
    Episode 131
    Gina is angry that CC had someone following Brandon and she destroys the card game Lionel and CC were having at the casino. Kelly and Nick are taking a boat from the casino back to shore and Nick is angry with Kelly because of what Dylan told him. Kelly falls overboard and Nick rescues her. Eden tells Cruz she is happy that he and Santana are together. CC serves Gina with papers.moreless
  • Episode 0386
    Episode 0386
    Episode 130
    Kelly decides not to go through with telling Nick about her and Dylan's liaison. The casino officially opens. CC and Lionel spar at the casino opening over Sophia and begin a high-stakes card game. At the casino, Dylan tells Nick he slept with Kelly.
  • Episode 0385
    Episode 0385
    Episode 129
    Nick is drunk. Detectives from the police department are continuing the investigation into the attempt on CC's life. Kirk finds that Gina hasn't left town after all and says he wants his money back. Cruz shows Pearl the pink dress he had taken from the dumpster in Kirk's building. The casino is being prepared for its grand opening. Kelly begins to tell Nick about her one-night stand with Dylan.moreless
  • Episode 0384
    Episode 0384
    Episode 128
    Kelly confides in Eden about her liaison with Dylan. Eden buys an expensive car for Kirk. Sophia returns to Santa Barbara from her voyage with Lionel. Gina blackmails Kirk for some money and he gives her some, on the condition that she leaves town. Cruz and Pearl spy on Kirk.
  • Episode 0383
    Episode 0383
    Episode 127
    CC holds a press conference and announces his support of Kirk's position in Capwell Enterprises. Cruz and Santana argue. Mary has dinner with CC. A mysterious man is following Brandon. CC gives Kirk some money and asks him to take care of Brandon.
  • Episode 0382
    Episode 0382
    Episode 126
    CC tells Mason to move out of the Capwell house and he asks Mary to move into the guest house. CC talks with Minx. On the Lockridge yacht, Sophia and Lionel kiss. CC allows Dylan to continue with the construction of the casino.
  • Episode 0381
    Episode 0381
    Episode 125
    Gina leaves the Capwell house after taking off her clothes in front of the family and luckily, she runs into Kirk. Kirk drives her to a seedy motel so she has somewhere to stay. Cruz talks to CC again about the attempt on his life. CC informs the family that Brick is Sophia's son, a fact he overheard while pretending to be in the coma. Brick goes to the Capwell house.moreless
  • Episode 0380
    Episode 0380
    Episode 124
    Pearl and Kelly search for Nick and Dylan after both of them swam from the oil rig. CC calls for a family meeting and in front of everyone, he kicks Gina out of the house. He tells her she can take Brandon but she must leave everything else that was paid for with Capwell money. Gina strips off her clothes as she makes her exit.moreless
  • Episode 0379
    Episode 0379
    Episode 123
    On the oil rig, Dylan and Nick argue and Nick announces he will swim to shore to get away from Dylan. Eden tells Cruz that CC saw her pull the plug on his life support. Eden has been writing letters to Cruz which she keeps locked away from Kirk. Kirk gets angry that Eden is keeping things from him and they argue.moreless
  • Episode 0378
    Episode 0378
    Episode 122
    Kirk tries to find Eden who left Mason's party before CC made his appearance. Eden wakes up on Cruz's couch where she spent the night alone after failing to find Cruz. Santana sees CC. Pearl arranges a meeting with Nick and Dylan on the oil rig. Eden finally sees CC and he tells her he knows she disconnected his life support.moreless
  • Episode 0377
    Episode 0377
    Episode 121
    Cruz visits the Capwell house on hearing that CC has come out of his coma, and Cruz questions CC about the attempt on his life. CC tells Cruz he doesn't know who disconnected his life support system. CC meets with Mason and Sophia and tells them both they are no longer welcome in the house. Sophia is upset by CC's treatment of her and Lionel invites Sophia to go away with him on his yacht.moreless
  • Episode 0376
    Episode 0376
    Episode 120
    Mason is shocked to see CC out of his coma. CC reveals himself to the family at the dinner party, then retires to his room and announces he will see the family members individually. Cruz and Santana make love. CC meets with Ted, Kirk and Kelly separately.
  • Episode 0375
    Episode 0375
    Episode 119
    CC waits in his room in his tuxedo, preparing for Mason's party. Mason's dinner party begins and Mason outlines his plans for Capwell Enterprises. Nick and Dylan fight. CC descends the stairs and surprises Mason.
  • Episode 0374
    Episode 0374
    Episode 118
    Mason arranges everything for his dinner party. Kelly confides in Sophia that she had sex with Dylan. Cruz questions Gina about the script for the "Alta Vista Sedan" commercial which she had used to make the recordings of "CC" saying he wanted to die. Kirk comes to Gina's rescue and makes up a cover story. Kelly tells Nick she's going to New York for a while.moreless
  • Episode 0373
    Episode 0373
    Episode 117
    Mason plans a dinner party for tomorrow. CC and Kirk both force Gina to do some snooping and find out what Mason has planned. Lionel tells Augusta that Brick is his son. Eden asks Cruz about his relationship with Santana.
  • Episode 0372
    Episode 0372
    Episode 116
    During breakfast at the Capwell house, Mason accuses Gina of poisoning him. Kelly works on the arrangements for her upcoming wedding to Nick. Mason talks to Ted about Capwell Enterprises and asks for Ted's vote so that Mason can take control of the company. CC forces Gina to bring the family members into his room while he pretends he is still in the coma. CC wants to be able to hear them all speaking freely. Kirk informs Gina that he knows she pulled the plug on CC. Gina informs Kirk that she knows that Eden believes she tried to kill CC and that is the only reason she married Kirk.moreless
  • Episode 0371
    Episode 0371
    Episode 115
    Cruz and Santana's date continues on the beach. Eden and Kirk are in Tahoe when Eden has a premonition; she insists they return to Santa Barbara immediately. Mary finds Mason suffering from being poisoned and she revives him. CC grabs Gina's arm before she can inject him and he tells her to keep her mouth shut about his condition. Kirk informs Gina that he is aware she stole the needle and drugs from Mark's medical bag.moreless
  • Episode 0370
    Episode 0370
    Episode 114
    Kelly tries to persuade Nick to take a trip to Hawaii. Nick is surprised to learn that Dylan didn't leave Santa Barbara yesterday after all. Mason wakes up in front of CC's door and is worried when he finds that CC's IV was pulled out of his arm. Cruz arranges for a date with Santana. Kirk and Eden head up to Lake Tahoe. Mason invites Janice over and orders Chinese food. Gina intercepts Mason's food and poisons it with lighter fluid. Mason begins feeling the effects of the poison and collapses as Gina enters CC's room with a syringe.moreless
  • Episode 0369
    Episode 0369
    Episode 113
    Against Minx's wishes, Brick informs Lionel that he is Lionel's son. Lionel is shocked by what his mother did. Lionel tells Sophia that Minx switched the babies and that Brick is their son. Kelly is having a hard time continuing to lie to Nick by withholding the fact that she and Dylan slept together. Kelly decides she should tell Nick the truth, but Dylan feels it's best if he leaves town. Mason fires the guard after catching him flirting with Gina, and he spends the night in front of CC's door. CC has come out of the coma and rises from his bed.moreless
  • Episode 0368
    Episode 0368
    Episode 112
    CC seems to be coming out of his coma. Mason finds a pillow on the floor of CC's room and suspects foul play. He arranges for a guard to be posted outside CC's door so to avoid another attempt on CC's life. Santana and Julia meet for lunch. At the museum, Lionel presents an old painting of Sophia for display. Sophia is surprised that Lionel kept it all these years. Gina finds Mark's medical bag and takes some drugs and a needle.moreless
  • Episode 0367
    Episode 0367
    Episode 111
    Cruz and Santana return to Santana's apartment. They are drained from their pursuit of Gina but decide to go out for cheeseburgers. Kirk is patched up at the clinic after his fight with the supposed blackmailer. On the phone, he tells Eden he beat up the blackmailer the guy won't be bothering them any longer. Mason meets with the man who held Janice hostage so he can learn more information about Mark's past.moreless
  • Episode 0366
    Episode 0366
    Episode 110
    The man stalking Janice surprises her and holds her hostage. He is the husband of a woman who died as a result of routine surgery performed by Mark. Mark was cleared in court of negligence, but the man believes Mark lied under oath and is responsible for his wife's death. Gina refuses to return to Santa Barbara unless Santana signs a document swearing she won't seek custody of Brandon. Santana has no choice but to agree. Kirk arranges another meeting with the "blackmailer" and pretends to get into a physical altercation with him. Mason rescues Janice.moreless
  • Episode 0365
    Episode 0365
    Episode 109
    Cruz and Santana catch up with Gina in Las Vegas but learn that Gina has left Brandon with a friend of hers somewhere in Vegas. Eden is unhappy after her night with Kirk and resists his advances. Kirk arranges for Eden to find her lingerie shredded, purportedly by the blackmailer, thus sending Eden back into Kirk's arms for comfort. Mark and Janice's marriage ends as they sign the final divorce papers. Santana demands that Gina tell her where Brandon is and they catfight.moreless
  • Episode 0364
    Episode 0364
    Episode 108
    Mason wakes up hungover and Janice teases Mason about his behavior the night before. Brick discusses his new family tree with Amy. Sophia informs Lionel that Gina kidnapped Brandon. Augusta holds an estate sale at the Lockridge house and Lionel is crushed when she sells some of the things he gave her. Brick tells Glenn and Katie about the switched babies and they go to the cemetery to see Channing's grave. Mary watches Mason's drunken New Year's Eve video and is initially angry, but then touched to learn he still loves her. Mark finds Wendy, who is really Janice, after seeing her centerfold.moreless
  • Episode 0363
    Episode 0363
    Episode 107
    It is New Year's Eve and the party for Nick and Kelly at Buzz's continues. Kirk, posing as the blackmailer, emerges from the closet in CC's room and places a rope around Eden's neck. Eden flees and tries to find Kirk. Kirk, hiding in the attic, calls Eden and she tells him about the attack by the blackmailer. He returns that night, supposedly from his business trip, to comfort Eden and pressures her into having sex with him. Minx confesses to Brick that she switched the two babies, Channing and Barnaby Wallace, just after they were born to avoid her grandson being raised by the Capwells. Brick is disgusted by what Minx did. Cruz and Santana continue their search for Gina and Brandon by checking cheap motels. Everyone celebrates the end of 1985 and the beginning of 1986.moreless
  • Episode 0362
    Episode 0362
    Episode 106
    Dylan and Kelly are still stuck on the oil rig and are late for the party at Buzz's. At the cemetery, Eden pulls a gun and tries to catch the blackmailer, but she catches Kirk. Kirk explains he also came to try to catch the blackmailer but they missed him and the money is gone. Later, Kirk goes back to retrieve the money. Brick learns that Channing was the baby in the other photo and he confronts Minx, who refuses to say anything. The New Year's Eve party for Kelly and Nick begins. Kirk pretends to leave town for business but hides in the closet of CC's room pretending to be the blackmailer. Nick picks up Kelly and Dylan from the oil rig.moreless
  • Episode 0361
    Episode 0361
    Episode 105
    Kirk sends Eden another anonymous note which instructs her to bring blackmail money to the cemetery. Dylan arranges things for Nick and Kelly's engagement party at Buzz's. Brick and Nick research the photo Brick's parents gave him for Christmas that is of him as a baby. This photo does not match the photo of baby Brick Wallace taken by the hospital photographer. Kelly and Dylan end up stranded on the oil rig together.moreless
  • Episode 0360
    Episode 0360
    Episode 104
    Mary wakes up on Mark's couch. Mason plans to propose to Mary, but when he finds her in Mark's robe at Mark's apartment, he assumes the worst. Instead, he goes to see Janice and gives the ring to her and they make love. Cruz and Santana continue looking for Gina and Brandon and learn that a boy matching Brandon's description is in the hospital after a car accident.moreless
  • Episode 0359
    Episode 0359
    Episode 103
    Mason continues dreaming as if he were Scrooge. He is disturbed by the Ghost of Christmas Future which reveals that he dies young and unloved. When he wakes up, he is relieved to find it is Christmas so that he can mend his ways. He plays Santa at the clinic for the children and gives Mary a generous donation for the clinic. Nick gives Kelly a puppy and Dylan is jealous of them. Eden opens a mysterious present that contains a note, asserting that the sender saw her disconnect CC's life support. The note has really come from Kirk and he hopes to scare her into being dependent on him. Eden is upset because the note means that she really did try to kill her father.moreless
  • Episode 0358
    Episode 0358
    Episode 102
    It is Christmas Eve and Janice brings a drunk Mason home to the Capwell house. Mason goes to bed but begins having dreams similar to Ebenezer Scrooge's dreams in A Christmas Carol. Frank brings Augusta presents that represent Christmas presents Lionel had given her in previous years. Laken returns for Christmas. Cruz and Santana set off to look for Gina and Brandon.moreless
  • Episode 0357
    Episode 0357
    Episode 101
    Kirk follows Gina back to the Capwell house from the Orient Express, and he watches her burn the wig and the dress. Brick tracks down the wife of the doctor who delivered him when he was born. Gina goes to Santana's, knocks out Santana and escapes with Brandon. Mason is visited in his sleep by the ghost of Channing.moreless
  • Episode 0356
    Episode 0356
    Episode 100
    Kirk is worried that Eden won't need him if she thinks she didn't try to harm CC so he does some investigation. Kirk questions Brandon about the night of the plug pulling and he pieces together the facts. Kirk figures out it must have been Gina disguised as Eden and he sets a trap for her. Kirk sends Gina a note to confirm his suspicions. At the Orient Express, Mark gets upset that Mason can't take his eyes off of him and Mary, and Mason and Mark almost come to blows. Eden and Cruz dance at the Orient Express for old times sake.moreless
  • Episode 0355
    Episode 0355
    Episode 99
    It is discovered that Brick's medical records are missing and Minx is a suspect in their disappearance. Kelly and Dylan celebrate the casino project getting the green light, and they smash a bottle of champagne at the rig. Cruz delivers a Christmas tree to Santana.
  • Episode 0354
    Episode 0354
    Episode 98
    Kirk and Eden move into the Capwell house so that Eden can be near CC. Lionel apologizes to Brick about Augusta framing him for embezzling money from the Lockridges.
  • Episode 0353
    Episode 0353
    Episode 97
    Eden asks Kirk what happened the night of the attack on CC, since now she is doubting whether or not she did indeed pull the plug. Mason and Mary argue. Kelly helps Dylan prepare for a meeting with Eden. Dylan proposes his casino idea to Eden and she is inclined to move forward with it. Mary helps Mark paint his apartment. Dylan bets some money at the snack bar to try to raise capital for the casino. He wins a lot of money, but in the end, loses it all.moreless
  • Episode 0352
    Episode 0352
    Episode 96
    Kelly and Nick become engaged as Kelly continues to try to forget what happened in Santa Rosa with Dylan. Cruz breaks into Kirk's apartment again to retrieve the bugs, but Eden catches him. Eden is shocked and angry and tells Cruz that it was her who disconnected CC's life support. Cruz refuses to believe that Eden could have done it and asks her if she actually remembers doing it. Eden realizes she doesn't have any memory of actually pulling the plug.moreless
  • Episode 0351
    Episode 0351
    Episode 95
    Dylan, Sam and Pearl take a trip out to a deserted Capwell oil rig. Dylan has an idea to build a casino on the rig and he pitches the idea to Kirk, who turns him down. Janice's centerfold is published and an unknown person appears to be stalking her.
  • Episode 0350
    Episode 0350
    Episode 94
    Cruz enlists Pearl's help and they plant the listening devices in Kirk's apartment. Kelly, Nick, and Dylan return to Santa Barbara from San Francisco. Julia moves out of the Lockridge house to show support for Augusta.
  • Episode 0349
    Episode 0349
    Episode 93
    Eden is summoned to the police station to make a formal statement about the plug pulling. Cruz is very short with her and Kirk pesters Eden to reveal what they talked about when alone. It is Brick's birthday today and Amy gives Brick a cake. Brick is formally cleared of the embezzlement charges. It is also Channing's birthday today and Sophia visits his grave. Augusta is upset that Lionel and Sophia were trapped alone together during the fire and she believes they made love. Augusta moves out of the Lockridge house. Cruz is determined to find out more information from Eden and Kirk, and he plans to bug Kirk's apartment.moreless
  • Episode 0348
    Episode 0348
    Episode 92
    Mason and Warren find Lionel and Sophia asleep together in the deserted cabin. They are rescued and everyone returns to Santa Barbara. Dylan and Kelly have regrets over their drunken liaison the night before, and Dylan tells Kelly he'll leave town. Mary tells Mason that the pills Mason found in Gina's room aren't addictive, and Mason is puzzled as to why Gina would confess to being addicted to them. Kelly and Dylan arrive in San Francsico and meet Nick there. They try to hide the fact that anything has happened between them.moreless
  • Episode 0347
    Episode 0347
    Episode 91
    Kelly and Dylan continue their evening on the plane. They end up getting drunk and making love. Mason forces Gina to sign over custody of Brandon to him so he can assign custody to Santana. He uses her false confession of being addicted to the pills as blackmail. Even though her confession about the pills was false, she is in no position to admit what was really on the tape. Mason and Warren leave Santa Barbara for Lake Casitas to search for Lionel and Sophia who are still missing due to the fire.moreless
  • Episode 0346
    Episode 0346
    Episode 90
    Cruz tries to prevent Eden from marrying Kirk, but Eden is determined to go through with it. Cruz insists on witnessing the marriage. Later, Cruz is devastated. Kelly and Dylan must land the plane in Santa Rosa because San Francisco is fogged in. They are only able to find one hotel room so Dylan offers to sleep on his plane. Kelly later brings him pizza on the plane. Gina gets a hold of Mason's tape recorder and alters her confession. She erases the part about the plug pulling and instead, she fakes a confession that she is mildly addicted to pills again.moreless
  • Episode 0345
    Episode 0345
    Episode 89
    Cruz returns to the beach house and finds that Eden has been there and left her engagement ring in one of his champagne glasses. Cruz remembers the proposal in the clearing. Later, Cruz asks Eden why she is marrying Kirk and she insists that she loves him and that they are compatible. Cruz tells Eden that Sophia is missing after dropping off Brandon at camp where the fire is currently out of control. Cruz decides he cannot let Eden ruin her life and he races to find the judge who is going to marry Eden and Kirk. Kelly and Dylan leave for San Francisco; Kelly has to attend a publishing meeting but Nick is unable to go right away. Lionel and Sophia are still trapped in the deserted cabin as the fire draws closer. They begin talking about death and they kiss.moreless
  • Episode 0344
    Episode 0344
    Episode 88
    Mason sets up a tape recorder in CC's room so that he can capture Gina's confessions on tape. Mason leaves the room to try to talk to Mary while Gina confesses she pulled the plug on CC. Gina is astonished to find that Mason heard none of her confession, but that he has a tape of it. Lionel and Sophia flee the camp office on horseback and find an old cabin in which they can take shelter from the fire.moreless
  • Episode 0343
    Episode 0343
    Episode 87
    After Brandon is rescued, the wind kicks up and the helicopter has to retreat, leaving Lionel and Sophia stranded at the camp office as the fire continues to rage. Janice realizes Dylan has feelings for Kelly and Janice and Dylan decide it's best if they are just friends. After burning the will, Mason insists that Gina confess all of the terrible things she has done.moreless
  • Episode 0342
    Episode 0342
    Episode 86
    Lionel borrows a horse and rides towards the fire; he finds Brandon and Sophia at the camp office. Warren and Santana take a helicopter to try to rescue them all and finally, Brandon is rescued. Kirk informs Cruz that he and Eden are going to be married and Cruz is stunned. Cruz tries to find Eden to talk to her. Mary and Mark spend time together and Mary doesn't know what to do about Mason. Mason searches Gina's room and finds the bottle of pills that Gina used to drug Eden. Mason assumes these are the same type of pills that Gina was previously addicted to. Mason also finds CC's will and burns it.moreless
  • Episode 0341
    Episode 0341
    Episode 85
    Cruz goes to the Capwell house to see Eden and he proposes to her. He gives her the engagement ring but she is uncertain what to do. Sophia offers to drive Brandon to camp on her way out of Santa Barbara, but they soon are trapped as there is a large wildfire near the camp. Mary finds Mason with Gina, in her lingerie, in Mason's room, and Mary is devastated. Mason tries to explain but Mary is disgusted that Mason has been fooling around with his father's wife. Mason vows revenge on Gina. Kirk proposes to Eden and she accepts.moreless
  • Episode 0340
    Episode 0340
    Episode 84
    Eden dreams about Kirk and Cruz. Sophia continues with her plans to leave Santa Barbara. Mason and Mary plan to take a day trip on the Capwell yacht. Gina arranges a meeting with Mason under the pretense of burning the will in order to get Mary to catch them together. Sophia tells Cruz she's leaving town. Nick photographs Janice with a snake in the "Garden of Eden."moreless
  • Episode 0339
    Episode 0339
    Episode 83
    Sophia tries to comfort Eden but Eden rebuffs her sympathies. Nick and Dylan argue at Buzz's. Gina returns from Paris. Eden confirms Kirk's account of how his footprint came to be outside CC's window. Mary talks to Mother Isabel about Mason and Mary figures out Mason must be jealous of Mark. Cruz tells Mason he's a suspect in the plug pulling. Mason and Mary make up and Mason finally breaks off his affair with Gina. Kirk gives Eden an engagement ring.moreless
  • Episode 0338
    Episode 0338
    Episode 82
    Kirk realizes his shoes are missing. Sophia and Augusta argue. Mason continues to be cross with Mary due to his mistaken belief that she has something going on with Mark. Julia tells Brick his bank accounts have been frozen in connection with the embezzlement charge. Brandon continues enjoying his time staying at the Lockridge house. Cruz questions Kirk about his footprint outside CC's window, and Kirk concocts a plausible explanation as to why his footprint was outside CC's window. Sophia plans to leave town because the family is still upset with her over the revelation that Channing wasn't CC's son.moreless
  • Episode 0337
    Episode 0337
    Episode 81
    Cruz calls Gina in Paris regarding the investigation. Kelly and Dylan finally hand the map over to Carlo. Cruz asks Brandon about the night of the plug pulling and Gina's whereabouts. Nick and Sam go to the ghost town and find Dylan and Kelly asleep, curled up together. Mark tells Mary about Wendy, his wife, and that she has been missing. He got drunk because he had to identify a body in the morgue that may have been her. It wasn't but Mark is upset and Mary hugs him. Mason sees Mary with Mark and gets jealous, assuming there is something going on with them. Kirk kisses Eden and promises to protect her.moreless
  • Episode 0336
    Episode 0336
    Episode 80
    The District Attorney harasses Cruz about the progress on the plug pulling investigation so Cruz shows him Pearl's statement which alibis Eden. Carlo arrives at the ghost town and Kelly runs, but Carlo grabs Dylan. Mother Isabel visits Mary and helps out at the clinic. Mark gets drunk. Carlo tortures Dylan. Cruz hears Eden talking to CC and becomes convinced she couldn't have really disconnected his life support. Kelly agrees to give Carlo the map so that he will stop torturing Dylan.moreless
  • Episode 0335
    Episode 0335
    Episode 79
    The motorcycle riders reach the ghost town but get caught in the booby traps. Kirk shows Mason Pearl's signed statement which provides an alibi for him and Eden at the time CC's life support was disconnected. Rosa asks Lionel to take care of Brandon for a while. Mason tries to end his affair with Gina but she misunderstands and thinks he's in love with her. Gina is ecstatic and wants Mason to go to Paris with her, but Mason convinces her to go without him. Kirk shows Eden Pearl's statement, but Eden isn't happy with all of their lies. Kelly and Dylan try to evade the motorcyclists but they grab Kelly.moreless
  • Episode 0334
    Episode 0334
    Episode 78
    Kelly and Dylan continue setting up booby traps at the ghost town. Cruz is upset and smashes things at the beach house. Pearl sells Kirk an alibi for the night of the plug pulling. Amy starts work at Buzz's as a waitress and Brick isn't very happy about it. Mason tries to make up to Mary with a romantic evening in the atrium, complete with flowers and a mariachi band. Carlo's motorcyclists approach the ghost town.moreless
  • Episode 0333
    Episode 0333
    Episode 77
    At the ghost town, Kelly knocks Dylan out with some sandbags thinking he is one of Carlo's men. Cruz goes back to the Capwell house and in CC's room, he removes the nail from the windowsill where the pink fabric had been. Pearl is trapped in Kirk's closet tying to steal his shoe when he overhears Eden saying she was the one who pulled the plug. Carlo's men are on motorcycles and they speed towards the ghost town. Kelly and Dylan prepare more traps for Carlo's men. Mason tells Kirk that Mary saw Eden in CC's room the night of the plug pulling. Kirk is confused because he helped Eden out of the window, so it doesn't make sense that Mary didn't see him as well. Pearl finally gets Kirk's shoe and brings it to Cruz and tells Cruz what he overheard. Cruz refuses to believe that Eden did it. Eden goes to the houseboat to see Cruz and she gives him the engagement ring back and packs up her things.moreless
  • Episode 0332
    Episode 0332
    Episode 76
    Dylan gets directions to the ghost town from a man at a gas station, but the man turns out to be working for Carlo, so now Carlo knows where Kelly, Dylan and the map are. Kelly hides the map at the ghost town and sets up some booby traps. Brick tries to find a job but the news of the pending embezzlement charges gets in his way. Eden goes to the police station to inquire about the investigation into the attempt on CC's life. Sam goes to Carlo's boat to try to stop him from going after Kelly and Dylan. Mary is still upset with Mason and she and Mark go shopping together. Dylan arrives at the ghost town but gets snagged by Kelly's booby traps. Cruz sends Pearl to break into Kirk's apartment to steal one of his shoes to see if it matches a footprint found outside CC's window.moreless
  • Episode 0331
    Episode 0331
    Episode 75
    Carlo arrives at Nick's apartment looking for the photos of the map. Kelly is able to grab the photos and escape. Kelly calls Nick to tell him she's going to the ghost town to hide out from Carlo. Nick gets upset and ends up back in surgery. Eden tells Cruz she left the party with Kirk and they went straight to his apartment. She denies pulling CC's life support plug and she and Cruz argue. Brick and Amy have their honeymoon on Cruz's houseboat. Mason tricks Mary into confirming that she thought she saw Eden leave CC's room the night of the attempt on his life. Mary is furious with Mason for tricking her. Later at the clinic, Mary is surprised to see her old friend, Dr. Mark McCormack. Kelly arrives at the ghost town.moreless
  • Episode 0330
    Episode 0330
    Episode 74
    Gina finds Eden's dress in the dumpster where Kirk discarded it and switches it with hers. Brick and Amy are married. Dylan and Sam develop the film that contains the photos Nick took of the map before it was destroyed. Carlo, watching Nick's hospital room, learns of the existence of the photos and goes to Nick's apartment. Cruz goes to Kirk's looking for Eden again but she has already left. Eden arrives at the beach house and remembers the night of the party when she and Cruz made love there. Cruz finds her there and asks her if she was the one who disconnected CC's life support.moreless
  • Episode 0329
    Episode 0329
    Episode 73
    At the hospital, Mary tells Cruz she thought she saw Eden leaving CC's room via the window right after the plug pulling. Brick and Amy continue squabbling the day before their wedding. Janice learns she won the centerfold contest. Cruz goes to Kirk's apartment but Kirk refuses to let Cruz see Eden. Eden is distraught but happy that her father is still alive. Gina realizes her dress is torn from when she went out the window and she plans to switch it with Eden's. Kirk throws Eden's pink dress in the trash dumpster.moreless
  • Episode 0328
    Episode 0328
    Episode 72
    Eden wakes up on Kirk's couch with no memory of the night before. Kirk tries to explain to Eden what happened and insists they must tell everyone that they came straight back to his apartment after the party. When Eden realizes what happened, she believes that she killed CC. Lionel goes to Gina's hotel room to inform her of what happened to CC. Cruz arrives at the Capwell house and when he sees a piece of pink cloth on the windowsill (torn from Gina's duplicate dress), Cruz believes it is from Eden's dress and he takes it. Brick returns to the Perkins' house slightly drunk after his bachelor party and he and Amy have a lovers' quarrel.moreless
  • Episode 0327
    Episode 0327
    Episode 71
    Gina drives back to the Capwell Hotel and has flashbacks of pulling the plug. Gina is disturbed by what she did but is convinced it was the right thing to do for her and Brandon. At the hotel, Gina has Brandon check the clock which she has set back to the time of the plug pulling. Mary and the paramedics revive CC and he is brought to the hospital. Kirk drives an unconscious Eden back to his apartment.moreless
  • Episode 0326
    Episode 0326
    Episode 70
    At the Orient Express, Cruz tries to track Eden down. Eden enters CC's room and talks to him, but she is feeling the effects of the drugs that Gina slipped her. She believes that CC does not want to live hooked up to the machines, so she approaches the plug that feeds power to his life support system. As she reaches out her hand to grab the plug, she passes out. Gina, watching from the closet, begins to panic. She enters the room, places Eden's hand on the plug and pulls it out of the wall. The alarms from the life support system go off and Gina returns to the closet as Kirk enters CC's room. Kirk finds Eden passed out with the plug in her hand, picks her up and carries her out the window. Meanwhile, Mason and Mary are still in the study when they hear the alarms. Mary rushes ahead and as she enters CC's room, Gina, dosguised as Eden, climbs out of the window. Mason and Mary begin CPR on CC.moreless
  • Episode 0325
    Episode 0325
    Episode 69
    Eden is at the Orient Express bar when she receives a phone call from home. It is Gina who plays the recording of "CC" saying he wants to die. Eden is confused and Kirk offers to drive her home. At the pier, Nick is shot and the map catches fire and is lost. Mason and Mary continue their romantic evening in the study. Gina waits for Eden in CC's room and disconnects the backup power on CC's life support. Kirk waits on the stairs while a drugged Eden enters CC's room.moreless
  • Episode 0324
    Episode 0324
    Episode 68
    After putting on the pink dress, Eden returns to the party. She is acting erratically due to the drugs that Gina slipped her. Cruz's promotion is announced and Cruz is upset by it. He turns down the promotion publicly and Eden is furious. Cruz and Eden fight, Eden announces that their engagement is off, and then she leaves the party. Nick meets Carlo at the pier and Nick plans to turn over the real map to him. The nurse at the Capwell house is called away and Mary must take over her shift. Mason and Mary leave the party and return to the Capwell house.moreless
  • Episode 0323
    Episode 0323
    Episode 67
    Cruz takes Eden to the beach house and they make love, then prepare for the party. Eden and Cruz dance at the party while Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. sing for them. Gina arrives at the party uninvited. She drugs Eden's drink and then ruins Eden's dress by spilling cocktail sauce all over it. Nick meets Carlo on his yacht. Eden is hysterical that Gina ruined her dress and she sends Ted to the Capwell house to get her dress bag which has a spare dress in it. When Ted returns, Eden is shocked to see the dress bag contains her pink dress, CC's favorite, which she had thrown away. Eden has no choice but to put on the pink dress. Meanwhile, at the Capwell house, Gina has put on a replica of Eden's pink dress and a blond wig that matches Eden's hairstyle.moreless
  • Episode 0322
    Episode 0322
    Episode 66
    Mason sends Mary off for a relaxing and pampering day at the spa. Later at the Orient Express before the party starts, Mason and Mary dance while Marilyn McCoo rehearses. Nick calls Carlo and tells him he's got the real map. Minx pays Brick's bail after Brick was arrested for breaking into the Lockridge house.moreless
  • Episode 0321
    Episode 0321
    Episode 65
    It is Halloween. Gina is arranging things according to her plan for CC to die the night of Eden's party. Mason and Mary spend the day at the beach. Nick tracks down Dylan and Sam being held by Carlo on his boat. Dylan and Sam turned over the fake map to Carlo, hoping to trick him.moreless
  • Episode 0320
    Episode 0320
    Episode 64
    Julia bails Brick out of jail. It is CC's birthday today. Gina works on recordings she had made of an older man saying he wants to die. Cruz finds Kirk talking to Eden in the bathtub at the boathouse. Cruz is furious and hits Kirk, but Eden defends Kirk, saying that Kirk has been a good friend to her. Brick breaks into the Lockridge house.moreless
  • Episode 0319
    Episode 0319
    Episode 63
    Brick and Amy plan to go to Vegas to get married. Janice comes up with the idea to submit nude photos of herself for a centerfold contest. Dylan and Sam create a fake map to the gold mine. The police stop Brick and Amy from boarding the plane to Vegas and Brick is arrested.moreless
  • Episode 0318
    Episode 0318
    Episode 62
    Dylan is relieved that Sam is really alive. Sam and his coffin get delivered to Nick's apartment and Sam and Dylan recount to Nick and Kelly their adventures fleeing from Carlos, an evil man who believes the gold mine Dylan found belongs to him. Cruz and Kirk have words at the beach house. Cruz goes to the Capwell house looking for CC's will and Rosa tells him about the stone column being broken into. Eden learns that Cruz got the promotion she was having Kirk use his connections to get. Eden demands that Gina turn over CC's will but Gina insists that she destroyed it.moreless
  • Episode 0317
    Episode 0317
    Episode 61
    Kelly surrenders Dylan to the State Department men, but it turns out his isn't in trouble. The State Department has heard about Dylan's charitable flights into war-torn areas of Africa and they want to hire him to fly shipments for them. Dylan believes they want him to fly weapons and he turns them down. Kelly is amazed that Dylan is an honorable man, despite the fact that he took money from Nick for years under false pretenses. Ted delivers invitations to Eden's upcoming party. Mason asks Mary to go to the party with him and then holds a fashion show for her. He eventually buys her a beautiful dress to wear to the party. Kirk learns that Cruz has been investigating his past and angrily goes to the beach house to confront Cruz. Sam arrives at customs in a coffin and Dylan goes to retrieve his body.moreless
  • Episode 0316
    Episode 0316
    Episode 60
    Dylan has moved into Kelly's apartment. Cruz shows Kelly and Nick the beach house that he bought for Eden. It is a little rough, but Cruz is working on fixing it up as a surprise for Eden. Julia learns from Cruz that Kirk is Jack's son and she meets up with him at the Orient Express. She pours a drink on Kirk, much the same way she once threw a drink in the fake Jack's face. Dylan tries to hide from the men following him and runs to the beach house where Kelly is. Eden is the new cover girl for Modern Businesswoman.moreless
  • Episode 0315
    Episode 0315
    Episode 59
    At the Lockridge house, Brick denies embezzling the money and accuses Augusta of framing him, since she had him sign some paper while he was in the hospital. At the clinic, Angel has his gun aimed at Cruz. Cruz finally gets Angel to surrender and takes him to the station without handcuffs, which irritates the cops. Brick tells Minx he doesn't believe her story about the circus fire and that he knows the reason she brought him to Santa Barbara has something to do with the fact that Glenn Wallace isn't his father. Minx refuses to tell Brick anything about who may be his real father. Cruz argues with the Captain at the station over his treatment of Angel. Finally, the commissioner arrives and declares Cruz a hero and offers Cruz his job back. Cruz accepts and shows Eden his badge. Eden decides that in two weeks, they should have a big party at the Orient Express.moreless
  • Episode 0314
    Episode 0314
    Episode 58
    Lionel and Augusta return from their trip angry about Brick. While in Europe, they learned that money was missing from an account that Brick had access to. Angel arrives at the clinic with a gun, vowing revenge on Cruz for embarrassing him in front of his gang. Mason and Mary ride horses on the beach. Cruz waits for Angel at the snack bar where he had tried to arrange a meeting with him. Brick and Amy believe that Augusta framed Brick for embezzling the money from the Lockridge account. Mary arrives unsuspectingly at the clinic and Angel holds her hostage. Mason and Cruz try to talk to Angel, but when Mason makes a dash for the door, Angel shoots at him. Mason escapes with a minor wound and alerts the police, who watch from outside, waiting for the right moment to enter the clinic. Cruz talks to Angel and finally convinces him to give up, just as the cops burst in. Angel grabs the gun back.moreless
  • Episode 0313
    Episode 0313
    Episode 57
    Eden ruins the photos Gina took of her by spilling paint all over them. Cruz tries to talk some sense into the gang at the snack bar when Angel comes up behind him with a knife. Cruz gets the upper hand and disarms Angel, embarrassing him in front of his gang members. The gang is angry with Angel and they tell him he's no longer a member. Mary cleans up the mess at the clinic. Kelly and Nick have lunch with Dylan and Janice at the Orient Express and Kelly and Dylan pretend they've never met before. Later, Kelly confesses to Nick that she and Dylan had run into each other previously at the bistro when Dylan was hitting on her. Eden asks Kirk's advice on legally disconnecting CC from the life support machines.moreless
  • Episode 0312
    Episode 0312
    Episode 56
    Eden wakes up at Cruz's the morning after the party but she can't remember anything about the previous evening. Cruz tells her the family called him to come pick her up and he brought her back to the houseboat. Eden is stunned that she has no memory of the night before and goes to the Capwell house to learn what happened. Dylan and Kelly run into each other at the museum and discuss art. Dylan is finally able to retrieve his gold piece from Kelly's purse. Angel threatens Danny again and makes a mess at the clinic, smashing things and upsetting Mary. Eden learns Gina took pictures of her when she was drunk and out of control, and Eden chases Gina around the house to get them from her.moreless
  • Episode 0311
    Episode 0311
    Episode 55
    Dylan punches Mason at the bistro, thinking he is being heroic and saving Kelly from an obnoxious barfly. Ted returns from Tahoe without Laken, as he was unable to find her there. Dylan tries to avoid the men following him by kissing Kelly, and he also puts his gold piece in her purse. Kelly sprays Dylan with mace. At the party at the Capwell house, Gina spikes Eden's champagne with drugs. A letter is delivered to the house, allegedly from CC and addressed to Eden. The letter says that CC didn't want to be kept alive by machines and that CC trusts Eden will let him die with dignity. Eden is upset by the letter and as Gina's drugs kick in, Eden starts behaving erratically. Eden lashes out at Mason and Sophia, pulls a sword off the wall and stabs the roast turkey, and ends the night by collapsing. Gina captures her antics by photographing them, and the Capwells are stunned at Eden's behavior.moreless
  • Episode 0310
    Episode 0310
    Episode 54
    Brick returns home from the hospital. Gina tells Sophia that CC's condition is improving, but Eden is forced to tell Sophia she lied to Gina and that if anything, CC is getting worse. Brick demands that Minx explain why Minx cares so much about him. Minx tells Brick that he saved her life in a circus fire once and that she wanted to repay him for that. Amy proposes to Brick. Warren accuses Brick of stealing money from the Lockridges after he found checks that were apparently cashed by Brick. Nick reveals that Glenn Wallace isn't Brick's father. Kelly and Mason argue at the bistro as Dylan watches. Gina plans a family party and Eden and Sophia arrive in the atrium for it.moreless
  • Episode 0309
    Episode 0309
    Episode 53
    Eden and Kirk are still trapped in the wine cellar at the old winery. Mason meets Janice at the State Street Bistro. Janice is upset because she believes Dylan is dead. Cruz worries about Eden. He finally learns she went to the winery and he rescues Eden and Kirk. Danny is beaten up by Angel's gang again. Janice goes to Dylan's motel room and is happy to learn he is alive. Eden lies and tells Gina that CC's condition is improving. Gina steals Eden's pink dress.moreless
  • Episode 0308
    Episode 0308
    Episode 52
    CC has been taken to the hospital for some tests. Gina and Mason play with CC's equipment, annoying Mary when she catches them goofing around. Nick is upset after hearing that Dylan has died when his plane crashed in the ocean. Julia arranges for Nick and Dylan to meet at the beach and Nick is astonished to see that his brother is alive. Eden realizes that Kirk's advice regarding the stock she sold was correct and seeks to re-hire him. She meets him at an old winery he purchased and they get locked in the wine cellar together.moreless
  • Episode 0307
    Episode 0307
    Episode 51
    Dylan swims ashore and goes to the beach snack bar. He plays a game with Angel's gang in order to win some money. Danny asks Cruz for help because Angel's gang has threatened him. Since Cruz gave up his job on the police force, there isn't much Cruz can do. Eden meets Cruz at the snack bar and they go to the beach. Eden and Cruz spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach, despite being interrupted by a surfer and his dog. Dylan asks Julia to take him to a motel. Gina tests CC's equipment and makes notes as to what sets off the alarms.moreless
  • Episode 0306
    Episode 0306
    Episode 50
    The doctor tells Amy that Brick will be fine. Even though Brick wasn't supposed to move, he actually dislodged the piece of metal that was threatening him, and now he will make a full recovery. Dylan is flying his plane to Santa Barbara but is nervous because he is low on fuel. He eventually has to land his plane in the water. Eden fires Kirk after he defied her order to sell some stock that he felt would be a mistake. Kirk vows that Eden will be begging to take him back. Kirk meets with Julia at the snack bar and asks her to draw up a contract between him and Capwell Enterprises. Julia goes to the beach to exercise and watches a man (Dylan) swimming in from the middle of the ocean.moreless
  • Episode 0305
    Episode 0305
    Episode 49
    Brick continues being stubborn and angry with Amy. Brick, in his wheelchair, and Johnny, in his bassinet, are on the front porch when a tarantula begins crawling toward Johnny. Sophia's hearing begins and Sophia pleads not guilty to murdering Channing. Cruz speaks to the judge on her behalf and Sophia tells the judge that no punishment will make up for the horror of knowing that she killed her own child. Sophia receives a suspended sentence with community service. Kelly and Nick make love. Brick finally sees the tarantula approaching Johnny, and even though he is not supposed to move his legs, he rises from the wheelchair and knocks the tarantula off of Johnny and kills it. He loses his balance and falls onto the front steps.moreless
  • Episode 0304
    Episode 0304
    Episode 48
    Eden's nightmares continue to haunt her. She dreams that CC begs her to let him die. The D.A.'s office informs the Capwells that Sophia's trial is about to begin. Jack Lee (he's in Washington DC, we don't see him, Kirk and Eden are in contact with him) thinks that there is no chance for Sophia to win the case, especially since CC is in a coma and can't testify that he was the one who loaded the gun. Kirk and Cruz think that it is best if Sophia will plead guilty and make a deal with the D.A., but Sophia insists on a fight in court in order to clear her name. Eden and Kelly tell her that if she will go to court they will do everything they can to help her, but they want her to at least think about the possibility of a bargain. Sophia agrees. Gina and Santana are waiting anxiously to hear what Mason will tell Brandon about his real mother. Gina shows Mason that she has CC's will in her hand, hoping Mason will tell Brandon Gina is his mother to avoid Gina publishing the will that cuts him out of the family fortune and business. Mason tells Brandon that Gina is his mother and Santana is furious and distraught. Mason tells Gina he did it for Brandon and not because she threatened him with the will. Gina invites herself to Mason's room on the pretense of burning the will. They set fire to it and have sex. Later, Gina reveals they only burned a copy of it and that she still has the original. Nick is upset that Kelly is still writing to Joe. Kelly insists that Nick read the letter for himself.moreless
  • Episode 0303
    Episode 0303
    Episode 47
    Nick suspects that Minx was the one behind the mysterious phone call to Glenn Wallace, and not Augusta as he thought at first. Kirk tells Eden all about his relationship with his father, Jack Lee, hoping it will help him get the job at "Capwell Enterprises". Kelly writes a letter to Joe saying that she is falling in love with someone, and he would have been happy for her. Nick follows her to Joe's grave, but doesn't hear the content of the letter. Mason continues to romance Mary, but she tells him that she doesn't want a relationship with him. Gina threatens Mason that if he tells Brandon that Santana is his real mother, she will publish CC's will, which she has hidden somewhere in the Capwell Mansion. Mason searches the house but can't find the will, and he's not sure Gina really has it. Just when he's about to tell Brandon the truth about his mother, Gina shows up with the will in her hand.moreless
  • Episode 0302
    Episode 0302
    Episode 46
    Mary drives Mason home, but Mason suggests they take a deserted road so they can see the stars. Mason fakes a flat tire and he and Mary spend the evening in the car on the side of the road. Gina tries to convince Brandon she is his mother but he is confused. He wants to talk to Mason because he believes Mason will tell him the truth. Janice moves into the Lockridge house. Amy takes Brick home but Brick is angry with her because he thinks she only came back to Santa Barbara to ease her guilt. Lionel and Augusta plan to go on a trip abroad to try to get away from the problems in Santa Barbara that keep coming in between them.moreless
  • Episode 0301
    Episode 0301
    Episode 45
    Mason and Mary spend a romantic evening in the gazebo but after Mary reluctantly reveals she is a virgin, she gets upset and runs off. Gina pretends to console Mary and falsely tells her that Mason has brought lots of women to the gazebo. Cruz and Eden argue about his career after Cruz tells a superior he won't go to Miami. Cruz tells Eden he is refusing to go for her, but Eden is upset that Cruz is jeopardizing his chances of advancement in the police force. Amy is suspicious of Augusta since Augusta had Brick sign some papers when he was only semi-conscious. Mary tries to make up to Mason over their earlier spat in the gazebo and she goes to pick him up at a bar where he has gotten drunk. Brandon and Lionel are hiding in suits of armor when Gina comes to the Lockridge house to pick Brandon up. Gina argues with Augusta and Brandon hears Gina say she's not his real mother.moreless
  • Episode 0300
    Episode 0300
    Episode 44
    Eden has a nightmare about CC being kept alive by his machines. Amy has returned from New Stailand to see Brick in the hospital. Mason arranges a dinner for him and Mary in the gazebo. Cruz refuses to go to Miami on assignment. Augusta opens a Swiss bank account in Brick's name.moreless
  • Episode 0299
    Episode 0299
    Episode 43
    Eden and Kirk return from Hawaii and Kirk is left alone while Eden and Cruz celebrate her return. Kirk tells Eden he's Jack Lee's son and she is annoyed he hadn't told her sooner. Eden tells Ted and Gina that CC had confided in her that he didn't want to be kept alive by machines if he ended up in the condition he's currently in. Lionel gives Brandon a remote-control car and they spend some quality time together which annoys Augusta.moreless
  • Episode 0298
    Episode 0298
    Episode 42
    Gina spies on Mason and Mary on their date at the Orient Express. Nick learns that someone at the Lockridge house told Glenn Wallace, Brick's father, that there was no need for him to come to Santa Barbara after all. Lionel babysits Brandon. Augusta and Santana talk about Brandon.
  • Episode 0297
    Episode 0297
    Episode 41
    Eden and Kirk are in Hawaii. Cruz plans to go to Hawaii to check on Eden but changes his mind at the last minute. Nick locates Brick's father. Augusta calls Amy in New Stailand to tell her about Brick's accident and that he is in the hospital in serious condition. Mason and Mary get ready to go on a date.moreless
  • Episode 0296
    Episode 0296
    Episode 40
    Brick, Janice and Augusta are all in the hospital after the car accident, and Brick is in critical condition. Eden flies to Hawaii and meets Kirk on the plane who is going to Hawaii in place of Jack. Brick's doctor suggests that Brick's father be found in case Brick needs a kidney transplant.moreless
  • Episode 0295
    Episode 0295
    Episode 39
    After a sleepless night, Amy tells Brick she's decided to take Johnny to New Stailand after all instead of starting a new life with him somewhere else in the United States like they had discussed yesterday. Kelly and Nick work on their book after making up over the pie incident. Janice applies for the chauffeur's job at the Lockridge house. Eric picks up Cruz and Eden from the yacht and flies them back to Santa Barbara. Eden has to go to Hawaii on business relating to the Walton merger and Cruz is disappointed their romantic trip has been interrupted. As Brick races to the airport to stop Amy from flying to New Stailand, his car collides with Augusta's being driven by Janice.moreless
  • Episode 0294
    Episode 0294
    Episode 38
    Cruz and Eden continue enjoying their time on the yacht and go swimming. Brick and Amy decide to leave town and not take Minx's money which was a bribe for them to stay in Santa Barbara. There is another Capwell board meeting at which Mason tries to assert control. Kelly works with Eric, Jack Lee's assistant, against Mason and they have 24 hours to find Eden before there is a vote on the merger. Kelly finds Janice in Nick's bed and becomes jealous. Later, she throws a pie that Janice made in Nick's face.moreless
  • Episode 0293
    Episode 0293
    Episode 37
    Mason and Kelly try to persuade Mary to stay on as CC's nurse. Eden and Cruz arrive on the Capwell yacht, eat lobster and make love. Later, they spend a quiet evening looking at the stars.
  • Episode 0292
    Episode 0292
    Episode 36
    Mason gives a television interview about Capwell Enterprises which angers Eden. Kelly learns that Nick has been working as a private investigator. Mason tries to take control of Capwell Enterprises at a board meeting. Julia and Cruz ask the district attorney to finally drop the charges against Ted and Christy relating to Steve's shooting.moreless
  • Episode 0291
    Episode 0291
    Episode 35
    Cruz gets a call from Ted. Janice tells Nick she is the girlfriend of Dylan, Nick's brother. She informs Nick that Dylan is on his way to Santa Barbara and that Dylan hasn't really been in medical school for which Nick had been sending him money. Gina finds Mary and Mason in bed and they try to explain the comical misunderstanding. Cruz asks Eden to wear her engagement ring but she is reluctant to because CC is in a coma. She doesn't want people thinking she is running around being happy while her father is dying.moreless
  • Episode 0290
    Episode 0290
    Episode 34
    Ted receives Laken's goodbye letter and is devastated. Mary meets a drunk Mason in the gazebo. Gina tells Mason the new will is missing so they are able to stay in the house. Nick finds Janice naked in the darkroom in his apartment. Ted and Christy decide to tell the truth. Mason unsuspectingly crawls into his bed with Mary, who was staying in his room since moving into the Capwell house.moreless
  • Episode 0289
    Episode 0289
    Episode 33
    Mary gets hired as CC's home nurse. Cruz re-enacts the crime scene with Christy and Ted to try to determine what really happened. Mason calls the Capwell house and talks to Mary and he asks her to meet him in the gazebo. Laken tells Ted it's time he tells the truth to her. Gina sees Mary with Mason's suitcase. Laken tells Ted their relationship is over.moreless
  • Episode 0288
    Episode 0288
    Episode 32
    Augusta tells Julia she's hiring a private investigator to find out about Brick's past. The woman following Nick breaks into his apartment. Augusta hires Nick to investigate Brick's past. Brick tries to convince Amy to stay in Santa Barbara instead of moving to New Stailand permanently. Santana tells Julia what happened when she gave up Brandon and hopes there is a chance she can regain custody.moreless
  • Episode 0287
    Episode 0287
    Episode 31
    Gina has Sophia's belongings moved out of the guest house, insisting that CC no longer wanted her on the estate. Mr. Jenkins gives Kelly a job but he tells her he doesn't want Nick involved. Augusta and Brick have an argument over the Lockridge family finances. CC is brought home to the Capwell house. Nick asks Cruz to help him find a job. Nick is being followed by an unknown woman. Amy returns to Santa Barbara from New Stailand.moreless
  • Episode 0286
    Episode 0286
    Episode 30
    Lionel meets Brandon and spends some time with him since he wants to get to know his grandson. The questioning of Christy is concluded. Augusta and Gina spar at the Orient Express. Julia and Cruz try to convince the new assistant DA that Ted and Christy aren't lying and the case should just be closed. Augusta conspires to get Brandon away from Gina and help Santana get custody.moreless
  • Episode 0285
    Episode 0285
    Episode 29
    Christy is questioned regarding Steve's death. The Capwells have a family meeting and Gina announces that because CC's last will is missing, if he dies, as his wife she is still entitled to 50 percent of CC's estate. Ted and Laken argue because Ted won't tell her what really happened when Steve was killed.moreless
  • Episode 0284
    Episode 0284
    Episode 28
    Ted is questioned at the police station regarding Steve's death. Gina hides CC's will in one of the stone columns in the atrium. Eden tells Cruz that she wants to try to have children so that when CC gets better, they can give him a real grandchild.
  • Episode 0283
    Episode 0283
    Episode 27
    Jack tries to find Cruz and Eden. Augusta visits Brandon and Santana. Nick and Cruz plan to marry Kelly and Eden one day. Ted has a nightmare. Lionel wants to learn more about Brandon.
  • Episode 0282
    Episode 0282
    Episode 26
    Ted and Christy think no one will believe Christy shooting Steve was an accident, so they collaborate on a cover story of self-defense. CC is in the hospital in a coma after having a stroke. Lionel is still confused as to why CC would try to kill him and Gina finally tells him that Channing was his son, not CC's.moreless
  • Episode 0281
    Episode 0281
    Episode 25
    CC is brought to the hospital. Steve enters the house and Christy accidentally shoots him. Mason believes that Lionel saved CC's life. Lionel asks CC not to die yet.
  • Episode 0280
    Episode 0280
    Episode 24
    Mary confronts Steve and he admits raping Christy. Ted realizes Christy has a gun because she fears the rapist will come after her again. CC collapses at the Lockridge house and Lionel doesn't understand why CC wants to kill him. Ted calls Steve and tells him where they are, not realizing that Steve is the rapist. CC is brought to the Capwell house after refusing to go to the hospital. CC revises his will again to cut Brandon out of it, since Brandon is not really his grandson after all. Gina is upset and pulls the will away while CC is signing it and CC collapses.moreless
  • Episode 0279
    Episode 0279
    Episode 23
    Mason tells CC that Channing wasn't his son and CC looks to Sophia for her to deny it. Sophia is unable to deny it and finally CC realizes it is true. CC learns Lionel was Channing's father. Cruz and Eden look for Ted who seems to be missing. Mary starts to realize Steve raped Christy after remembering incidents in her past with Steve. CC takes his gun and goes to the Lockridges.moreless
  • Episode 0278
    Episode 0278
    Episode 22
    Sophia tells Gina CC is dying to try to prevent her from telling CC the truth about Channing. Kelly and Nick meet the real Jack Lee. CC receives the new will which cuts Mason and Gina out of the will and the company. Christy tells Ted the rapist forced her to lie and falsely accuse him. Mason begins to tell CC that Channing wasn't his son as Sophia begs him not to.moreless
  • Episode 0277
    Episode 0277
    Episode 21
    Gina wakes up at the Lockridge house with a hangover after she and Augusta drank too much the night before at the Orient Express. Steve gets angry and almost hits Mary. Steve is fired from the DA's office for botching the case against Ted. Gina tells Mason Channing wasn't CC's son but Lionel's and Mason is ecstatic. Ted finds Christy at her old house in Ventura.moreless
  • Episode 0276
    Episode 0276
    Episode 20
    Mason tells CC that Channing and Lindsay had a sexual relationship and Santana confirms it when CC doubts Mason's word. Lionel sends CC an old audition tape of Sophia's that he had kept. Augusta and Gina have drinks and Augusta, thinking Gina already knew, accidentally tells Gina that Channing was really Lionel's son. Christy takes off and Steve and Mary look for her. Sophia convinces CC that it doesn't matter if Channing was gay. Frank reads Lionel's eulogy. Christy calls Ted and warns him that the real rapist may try to harm him.moreless
  • Episode 0275
    Episode 0275
    Episode 19
    The party at the Orient Express to celebrate Ted's freedom is in full swing. Eden purposely spills a drink on herself so she and Cruz can go home and be alone together. Morgan delivers the pay-off money back to CC. Lindsay talks to CC about Channing, but Lindsay realizes Mason tricked him and that CC doesn't know about their affair after all. Lindsay is disgusted with Mason and leaves without telling CC the exact nature of his relationship with Channing. Theda shows up at the Orient Express party and confronts Sophia, accusing the Capwells of getting to Christy lie and say it wasn't Ted who raped her.moreless
  • Episode 0274
    Episode 0274
    Episode 18
    Despite Steve's threats, Christy can not continue lying in court and she finally admits that Ted was not the man who raped her. The case against Ted is formally dismissed and the Capwells plan a celebration party. Cruz and Eden get dressed up in preparation for the party. Mason meets with Morgan Malone and learns what happened the day of the oil rig explosion when Maggie's husband was injured. Morgan was paid off by Capwell Enterprises to keep his story quiet, but he never spent the money. Mason brings Lindsay to the Capwell house to meet with CC.moreless
  • Episode 0273
    Episode 0273
    Episode 17
    Ted's trial continues and Ted testifies in his own defense. Mason tells Lindsay that CC knows about the relationship he and Channing had and that CC accepts it. Steve badgers Ted during cross examination. Warren sets up a meeting with Morgan Malone. CC proposes to Sophia. Mason questions Christy again and Christy begins to falter.moreless
  • Episode 0272
    Episode 0272
    Episode 16
    CC enters Gina's bedroom and finds her and Mason together on the bed in a compromising position. CC is furious and calls Jack Lee to revise his will, leaving nothing to Gina and Mason. At Sophia's, Cruz proposes to Eden. Julia overhears Jack flirting with his secretary and is upset that he hasn't changed. CC finally tells Eden that he is ill and explains that if he were to end up in a coma, he would not want to be kept alive by machines but would want to die with dignity.moreless
  • Episode 0271
    Episode 0271
    Episode 15
    Warren confronts Lionel about the fact that Lionel is dying. Kelly and Nick return to Santa Barbara from the ghost town. Santana tries to arrange it so that CC catches Mason and Gina together. Kelly confides in Eden about sleeping with Nick at the ghost town. Lionel tells Sophia he's dying but she figures out that the doctor was really talking about CC dying. Lionel is relieved about his own condition but consoles Sophia about CC. CC is about to enter Gina's room where she and Mason are in a compromising position.moreless
  • Episode 0270
    Episode 0270
    Episode 14
    As Christy's trial continues, Steve takes over the prosecution in place of DA Patterson. At the ghost town, Kelly is upset over learning that she and Nick "married" and made love during their time there. Mason continues his cross examination of Christy's testimony. Santana watches Mason and Gina together at the courthouse and follows them back to the Capwell house.moreless
  • Episode 0269
    Episode 0269
    Episode 13
    Nick finds Kelly at the ghost town and Kelly eventually remembers that she and Nick slept together during their time there. Lionel informs Frank about his impending death. Augusta tells Julia she learned that Channing was really Lionel's son. Brick telephones Amy who is still in New Stailand. Frank tells Warren his father is dying.moreless
  • Episode 0268
    Episode 0268
    Episode 12
    Lionel believes he is dying after overhearing CC's diagnosis and mistaking it for his own. He plans to have big party celebrating his life. Julia meets Jack for lunch. Laken talks to Christy at the Orient Express. CC asks Jack to take over as Sophia's defense attorney regarding the charges pending in Channing's death. Kelly returns to the ghost town.moreless
  • Episode 0267
    Episode 0267
    Episode 11
    CC, who knows he is dying because of his aneurysm, attempts to make amends with Mason and asks him to move back home to the Capwell house. The trial continues and Christy testifies, however, the trial is recessed when DA Patterson collapses in court. Eden goes to Cruz's houseboat and they make love and get back together. Steve calls the woman who bought him the shirt he wore the night he raped Christy and arranges for her to leave town, since the police are trying to contact all the people who bought that shirt.moreless
  • Episode 0266
    Episode 0266
    Episode 10
    Ted's trial begins. Mason records the opening statements and later sends the tape to Mary for her to hear them. Jade and Mary testify and Steve is upset with Mary's testimony. CC arranges for Cruz and Eden to have a romantic dinner together at the Capwell house.
  • Episode 0265
    Episode 0265
    Episode 9
    Jury selection for Ted's trial on the charge of raping Christy begins. Cruz has found several shirts that bear a similar pattern to the fibers that were found under Christy's fingernails after the rape. He has a man enter the courtroom wearing the different shirts and Christy visibly reacts to the one that is identical to the shirt Steve wore the night of the rape. Jack and Julia are finally rescued from the shipwrecked boat. Sophia begs Augusta not to tell CC that Channing was really Lionel's son.moreless
  • Episode 0264
    Episode 0264
    Episode 8
    Kelly continues sketching scenes of the ghost town and is frustrated she cannot remember what happened when she was there. Augusta confronts Sophia with the information about Sophia's confession and the fact that Channing was Lionel's son. Mary finally tells Steve that she is no longer a nun. Santana threatens Mason with the information about him and Gina and demands his help in getting Gina to allow Santana to visit Brandon. Lionel informs Augusta that Julia is missing.moreless
  • Episode 0263
    Episode 0263
    Episode 7
    Mason dines with Mary at the Orient Express and she confides that she has left the convent and is no longer a nun. Also at the Orient Express, Augusta blackmails the priest into telling her that around the time of Sophia's wedding to CC, Sophia went to confession. Sophia confessed that she had an affair with Lionel and that she was pregnant with his child when she married CC. Minx tracked the priest down and bribed him to tell her Sophia's confession. Steve gets upset when he finds Mason and Mary eating together and he hits Mason. Santana learns from the manager of a sleazy hotel that Mason and Gina went there together.moreless
  • Episode 0262
    Episode 0262
    Episode 6
    Santana tells Sophia about Channing and Lindsay's affair. Gina returns to the Capwell house. Augusta contacts a priest whose name she found in Minx's possession, and she convinces him to meet her at the Orient Express. Julia is still delirious with her fever aboard the shipwrecked boat with Jack. Mason goes to the Orient Express to see Mary.moreless
  • Episode 0261
    Episode 0261
    Episode 5
    Gina leaves the hospital and goes to Mason's. At the Orient Express, Eden auditions male singers, which makes Cruz jealous. Julia and Jack are on a shipwrecked boat and Julia has a fever. Augusta searches Minx's desk to look for information Minx may have on Brick. Gina plans her revenge against Sophia and Santana since she believes they deliberately pushed her down the stairs and caused her miscarriage.moreless
  • Episode 0260
    Episode 0260
    Episode 4
    Mason and Ted discuss Ted's case. Christy, Mary and their mother are being interviewed at the hospital. Mary visits the Monsenior at the hospital. Christy receives a letter from Ted, but Mary shreds it to pieces. Mason goes to visit Gina. The doctor informs CC that Gina won't be able to have other children. At the Capwell house, Kelly draws her vague memories of the ghost town. At the Orient Express bar, Mason has a drink with Mary.moreless
  • Episode 0259
    Episode 0259
    Episode 3
    Ted is back in jail. C.C. informs Santana about Gina losing her baby. Amy considers staying in New Stailand. Cruz learns the fibers found on Christy don't match Ted's shirt.
  • Episode 0258
    Episode 0258
    Episode 2
    Gina is taken to the hospital after the fall. Laken and Ted are making love until Cruz arrives at the Lockridge house looking for Ted. Ted then turns himself in. In New Stailand, the prime minister pulls a gun on Julia and Jack Lee.
  • Episode 0257
    Episode 0257
    Episode 1
    It's the anniversary of Channing's death. After Mary called the police, Ted goes over to Laken's and they begin to make love. Gina is released from the clinic. Later at home, Gina falls down the stairs.
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