Santa Barbara - Season 9

NBC (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 2137
    Episode 2137
    Episode 119
    C.C. and Sophia talk about their past, and they realize that no matter whatever happens, something is always stopping them from being happy. They kiss. Julia comforts Gracie and promises that her baby will have a great future and the only thing it needs is love. Then Gracie goes into labor. Jodie and Reese talk on the beach, and he promises to always fight for her. They start walking, and finally embrace each other again. Julia takes a pregnancy test and learns she is pregnant. B.J. and Warren's wedding ceremony starts and everyone reunites. Andie appears during the ceremony with a rifle, threatening to destroy the wedding, but just before she can harm anyone, McCabe stops her. Then the wedding ceremony continues, and everyone starts dancing.moreless
  • Episode 2136
    Episode 2136
    Episode 118
    B.J. and Warren inform the others about their wedding ceremony. Andie talks to Jodie while Micah is away, and while Jodie talks to her husband over the phone, Andie poisons her food. Gina realizes that Lionel is way too good for her and decides to end whatever they had. B.J. has a nightmare.moreless
  • Episode 2135
    Episode 2135
    Episode 117
    When Andie starts talking about Switzerland, Reese tells Andie he doesn't want to start a relationship with her. Ken's autopsy shows that he has died on apoplexy, and Micah tells McCabe that the kind of drug can be found in Switzerland. Reese and McCabe find Andie's apartment trashed. While waiting for Micah, Jodie is visited by Andie.moreless
  • Episode 2134
    Episode 2134
    Episode 116
    Rafe decides to separate from Lisa definitive, and then sends a letter to Lily asking her to run away with him. Lily meets with Rafe for the last time. Ted is happy that Lily decided to stay. Julia and Mason decide not to adopt Gracie's baby. Warren proposes to B.J. again.moreless
  • Episode 2133
    Episode 2133
    Episode 115
    Reese brings Andie to jail for an interrogation. Ken wants McCabe to give him a chance to talk with Andie. Andie poisons the tea and goes to talk to Ken. Reese runs away. Andie gives Ken the tea and while talking about the fact that Andie poisoned Sophia, Ken drinks the tea. Ken wants to tell the truth, but he falls on the floor before he can. Andie waits for him to die, and than screams for help.moreless
  • Episode 2132
    Episode 2132
    Episode 114
    Gracie is scared of the fact that she'd have to give away her child and never see it again. Mason and Julia are making the new house plans, and they enter a discussion of how to make the baby room.
  • Episode 2131
    Episode 2131
    Episode 113
    Sophia's condition is getting better. Ken is locked up for suspicion of murder. He tries to blame Andie, while Andie seeks help from Reese, but he won't help her. Jodie sees a shirtless Reese and Andie together and makes a wrong assumption. She immediately goes home and makes love to Micah. Gina wants to go home immediately, but Lionel arranges the taxi to be late so they'd stay. After a few laughs, Gina decides to go along Lionel's plan.moreless
  • Episode 2130
    Episode 2130
    Episode 112
    Lionel and Gina surprised Lily and Ted on their honeymoon. Gina gives Lily sex advice for their first night, and then gives her sexy underwear. Lily finds this all repulsive. Rafe comes to Lisa's hospital room and the truth finally comes out in the open. Lisa admits that Rich helped her fake the pregnancy so she'd hurt Lily. Rafe promises to stay by her side and says that she is still his wife, but when Lisa confesses that they were married by a fake priest, Rafe goes away hurt.moreless
  • Episode 2129
    Episode 2129
    Episode 111
    B.J. continues being troubled by her past, and she enters a fight with Warren while writing about their experiences. B.J. runs into Rafe and they talk about their problems. Sawyer joins them and encourages B.J. to fight her past.
  • Episode 2128
    Episode 2128
    Episode 110
    Lisa is desperately trying to save her marriage and she seeks Rich's help, but soon realizes why he came so close to her recently. Rich tries to rape her, but Rafe comes just in time to save Lisa. Ted and Lily are on the trip to their honeymoon place, and they both think of what their first night together will be.moreless
  • Episode 2127
    Episode 2127
    Episode 109
    Sophia's health is taking a turn for worse, but she is keen on going to Ted and Lily's wedding. McCabe finally proves that Ken poisoned both of his ex-wifes, and this puts Sophia in dangerous position. Rafe arrives at the wedding in the nick of time to tell Lily that he's ready to leave Lisa for her. Gina, trying to save the situation, gives Lily advice on how to save the situation. Sophia is taken to the hospital. Mason and Julia also leave the ceremony to watch Gracie giving birth, but they find out she's only faking it. Lily decides to go through with the wedding.moreless
  • Episode 2126
    Episode 2126
    Episode 108
    Lily and Ted's wedding is filled with problems. Gina finds Samantha unintentionally ruining Lily's wedding dress. At the bachelor party, C.C. gives Ted 15% of the share on Capwell Enterprises. Samantha then apologizes to Lily by giving her a gift. Accidentally, the gift turns out to be the invitation cards that haven't been posted. Also, the cook and the band cancel the appointment. This all causes a huge chaos.moreless
  • Episode 2125
    Episode 2125
    Episode 107
    Warren and B.J. are being troubled by Donna Kent, a movie producer, who is interested in publishing B.J.'s trial story. Rafe has a dream in which he realizes Lisa faked her pregnancy to force him to marry her. Gina is troubled when she realizes the wedding preparations aren't going as well as she thought.moreless
  • Episode 2124
    Episode 2124
    Episode 106
    Sophia is upset when Andie confirms having an affair with Ken. Gracie notices that the invitation cards for the marriage have not yet been posted. McCabe and Kelly are trying to do an autopsy of McCabe's dead wife to learn if Ken had a hand in her death.
  • Episode 2123
    Episode 2123
    Episode 105
    C.C. has a strange dream during Christmas Eve about Mason, Lionel and Sophia giving him advice and talking about life. When he wakes up, everyone is surprised by his new attitude.
  • Episode 2122
    Episode 2122
    Episode 104
    Gracie disappears without a trace and takes a few stuff with herself. Warren and B.J. fight after learning that the publisher didn't have clear intentions with Warren's book. B.J. then asks Jodie to pick up her stuff from Warren's place and take it home. Jodie visits Warren, but not to take the stuff, but to talk to Warren to rethink the fight they had. Warren visits B.J. and they make up. Reese is bothered by the fact that Micah came along with Jodie to visit him. Kelly learns of Connor's secret mission in which his sister was murdered.moreless
  • Episode 2121
    Episode 2121
    Episode 103
    Ted and Lily rush to the hospital after learning about Rafe's accident. Ted then shows his jealousy when Lily shows compassion for Rafe. Sophia is being released from the hospital. She's worried because Ken never visited her. C.C. knows about this, but he doesn't say anything to her.
  • Episode 2120
    Episode 2120
    Episode 102
    McCabe and Kelly search for evidence that Ken killed his first two wives. Connor avoids Kelly's question about his own family. Kelly talks to Mrs. McCabe and soon learns that she doesn't know who Connor is. C.C. gives Ted and Lily a part of land as a Christmas present. Lisa informs the family about Rafe's accident. Warren thinks B.J. is too naive.moreless
  • Episode 2119
    Episode 2119
    Episode 101
    Julia wants to have a serious conversation with Gracie, and she is keen on punishing the father of the child that left Gracie. Meanwhile, Mason thinks Gracie is a crook. Jodie plans to be with Micah for Christmas. Warren receives a phone call from a person that could publish his script.moreless
  • Episode 2118
    Episode 2118
    Episode 100
    Sawyer and Reese are having fun making fun of Warren, who will soon become a new member of their family. Ken tricks Sophia into signing papers that hand all power of Armonti Industries to him. Gracie tells her tragic story to Julia and Mason. McCabe acquires new info on Ken.
  • Episode 2117
    Episode 2117
    Episode 99
    Both C.C. and Kelly are keen on helping Sophia overcome her pill addiction. Warren and B.J. are keen on getting married, but Gina wants them to marry later because she's occupied taking care of Lily and Ted's wedding arrangements. Jodie talks to B.J. about her separation from Reese for the first time.moreless
  • Episode 2116
    Episode 2116
    Episode 98
    Kelly wants to find out more information about Ken. Meanwhile, it seems like Ken has already taken over half of Armonti Industries, and with Sophia in the hospital, he is now in full control. Meanwhile, Andie is having doubts about her affair with Ken because it seems like she has fallen in love with Reese.moreless
  • Episode 2115
    Episode 2115
    Episode 97
    After collapsing during a talk with Kelly, Sophia is being brought to the hospital. C.C. and Angela reunite. Julia and Mason pick up a pregnant hitchhiker. McCabe tries to find more information about Ken.
  • Episode 2114
    Episode 2114
    Episode 96
    Girls arrive to Lily's bachelor party. B.J. is in negotiations to have Warren's script published. Warren and Minx discuss about the perfect engagement ring for B.J. Warren then learns about B.J.'s publishing plans, so he yells at her and ruins his surprise. B.J. rejects the proposal, but after a discussion and bit of yelling, she accepts. Angela swears to C.C. that her affair with Ted was only about sex and nothing else. A frustrated Ted confirms her story to C.C. Clearly upset, Ted realizes that he wants to be with Lily. C.C. and Angela reunite. Kelly tries to talk to Sophia, but she collapses.moreless
  • Episode 2113
    Episode 2113
    Episode 95
    On their weekend getaway, Julia tries to persuade Mason to adopt a child. They start fighting and ruining their perfect vacation. C.C. and Kelly are worrying about Sophia. Gina decides to take the matter in her own hands after learning that C.C. and Angela aren't engaged anymore, fearing that this might ruin Lily and Ted's wedding.moreless
  • Episode 2112
    Episode 2112
    Episode 94
    Julia is upset to learn that Mason has given up hope that they'll ever have a child together. Jodie helps abused people in the hospital. Giovanni works at the same hospital. Gina engages to prepare the perfect wedding for Lily and Ted. C.C. breaks off his engagement to Angela, not being able to forgive her the affair with Ted.moreless
  • Episode 2111
    Episode 2111
    Episode 93
    Warren finds B.J. reading one of his old scripts and she has an idea to have it published. Mason and Julia depart to a weekend getaway. Angela tells Ted she'd like to become his wife.
  • Episode 2110
    Episode 2110
    Episode 92
    Micah and Jodie's night out is delayed when Micah enters a discussion with Giovanni about his future profession as a priest. Andie and Reese are having dinner in the Oasis. Gina wants Lisa to take Rafe somewhere out of town so Lily would have a perfect wedding. Giovanni gives advice to Lisa about her life. Rafe tells Lily that he isn't ready to leave Lisa only to be with her, and she explains that she likes Ted more. Ted and Lily have a romantic night together. Both Reese and Jodie are jealous about their dates.moreless
  • Episode 2109
    Episode 2109
    Episode 91
    Kelly sympathizes with McCabe, who has just lost his job. He then takes her to dinner. They end up in his apartment kissing, but Kelly realizes it's too soon for her. B.J. gets an offer from Hollywood to buy off television rights to her trial story. C.C. and Angela fight after she confirms her affair with Ted.moreless
  • Episode 2108
    Episode 2108
    Episode 90
    Ted dreams of marrying Angela. Kelly advises him to find out what he really wants, who he wants to be with. C.C. asks Angela to marry him, and reluctantly, she accepts. Ted is shocked by the proposal, and he admits to C.C. that he was having an affair with Angela. McCabe becomes Reese's new partner.moreless
  • Episode 2107
    Episode 2107
    Episode 89
    Lily and Ted discuss ending their engagement, and he later announces that they are getting married soon. Jodie invites Micah to dinner, but something goes wrong, so they end up on a picnic. He teaches her how to dance tango and it all leads to a passionate kiss. Andie and Reese spend some quality time together.moreless
  • Episode 2106
    Episode 2106
    Episode 88
    The Walker family and friends, along with B.J., are celebrating B.J.'s innocence in court. Mason and Julia admit that the trial has separated them more than they'd want to admit. Aurora tries to make Micah and Giovanni talk again, but it's not exactly an easy task.
  • Episode 2105
    Episode 2105
    Episode 87
    McCabe finds new evidence against Ken---Sophia told him that Ken was married only once, but he was actually married twice. The Walker family and friends are nervous because the jury is still discussing Frank's murder case. Warren tries to uplift B.J.'s spirit. Mason worries his marriage to Julia may fail if she takes the position of federal judge.moreless
  • Episode 2104
    Episode 2104
    Episode 86
    McCabe tries to get closer to Kelly, but she distances herself because she still has feelings for the departed Cruz. Ken continues giving pills to Sophia, so she has to entirely rely on him to do her business. Gina, Rafe, C.C. and Lily help Angela and Ted get out of the pit they fell in.moreless
  • Episode 2103
    Episode 2103
    Episode 85
    Sophia breaks down when Ken gives her yet another pill. Reese begs Andie to distance herself from the dangerous Ken. C.C. reluctantly joins Gina, Lily, Rafe and Lionel in search for Ted and Angela. They finally find them.
  • Episode 2102
    Episode 2102
    Episode 84
    The trial reaches it's peak when B.J. suddenly remembers a clue moment of the night Frank was murdered. She remembered Frank committing suicide by shooting himself. The jury retreats to make a conference and decide about B.J.'s future.
  • Episode 2101
    Episode 2101
    Episode 83
    Julia wants Mason to allow her to interrogate and addition witness in court. A woman named Sally comes as a witness who was sexually abused by Frank in her childhood. Arnold is not at all happy about her testifying.
  • Episode 2100
    Episode 2100
    Episode 82
    Angela and Ted are still missing. Gina senses Ted is in danger. Along with Lily, she informs C.C. about it. He then refuses to inform the police, although there's a possibility they could have been kidnapped. B.J. and Warren's night out in Oasis is interrupted by the press. A girl from the next table shows sympathy for B.J.'s problems.moreless
  • Episode 2099
    Episode 2099
    Episode 81
    Micah, Aurora and Sawyer are able to persuade Giovanni to stay in Santa Barbara, but they are then later surprised to find out what kind of profession Giovanni has. Arnold gets even more closer to proving his statement when Eugene takes a stand and confirms that he abused Frank as a child.moreless
  • Episode 2098
    Episode 2098
    Episode 80
    Gina arranges Lily's wedding day, but the groom doesn't seem to appear. Julia explains her plans about having B.J. claim self defense in court and get B.J. free on probation. Arnold continue ripping into B.J. at court by claiming B.J. is a hysterical and confused person. She starts shouting at him, and he claims B.J. has a bad temper, quickly losing her control.moreless
  • Episode 2097
    Episode 2097
    Episode 79
    Angela and Ted fall into a pit, and Angela has to use her scout skills to get out. Meanwhile, Lily and C.C. are searching for them. Micah isn't happy after learning that he operated on his own son.
  • Episode 2096
    Episode 2096
    Episode 78
    Gina comments on Ted and Lily's engagement at the salon, and Angela overhears the conversation. She then tells Gina that the wedding could turn into a double wedding because C.C. asked her to marry him. Lily suspects Lisa was only faking her pregnancy to marry Rafe. In court, Arnold questions B.J., who is feeling pressured by the new memories that arrive in her head. When she says she might have killed Frank, Warren jumps in disbelief and is then brought out of the court.moreless
  • Episode 2095
    Episode 2095
    Episode 77
    Reese and Jodie testify in court. Julia wants B.J. to take a stand to prove her credibility. Mason and Julia talk about their relationship that got ruined only because of the judge position. They start flirting again. Kelly visits Sophia and uses the opportunity to steal one of her pills and have it examined in a lab. Micah operates on an unknown man, and then later learns that it's his son Giovanni.moreless
  • Episode 2094
    Episode 2094
    Episode 76
    C.C. fears Sophia might have a pill addiction, and he asks Micah for advice. Kelly suspects Ken caused the addiction. B.J. isn't sure if she should plead guilty or not. Jodie and Reese give her advice to plead guilty because she could try to prove that she acted in self defense, and therefore she could get a smaller punishment. Warren refuses to accept that idea.moreless
  • Episode 2093
    Episode 2093
    Episode 75
    A drunk Jodie seduces Skyler, but he rejects her, and she feels ashamed the day after. Warren and B.J. take some time to imagine what their future could be like if Frank never bothered B.J. After learning about Ted and Lily's engagement, C.C. threatens to disinherit Ted. Sophia tries to calm C.C.moreless
  • Episode 2092
    Episode 2092
    Episode 74
    Jodie is desperate after Dolly Foster's speech, and she visits Skyler looking for a possible way to help B.J. Warren and B.J. come to a realization that B.J. was taking a shower with the pistol on the same night Frank was murdered, and B.J. then realizes that she's guilty.
  • Episode 2091
    Episode 2091
    Episode 73
    Dolly Foster is being questioned as the witness of the night Frank was murdered. She testifies against B.J., claiming that she saw B.J. throw away a pistol on the same night. Julia, shocked by this, wants to have B.J. plead guilty so she'd get a more merciful verdict. However, Arnold refuses to take the offer. Ted announces his engagement to Lily.moreless
  • Episode 2090
    Episode 2090
    Episode 72
    Arnold decides to take drastic measures to prove that B.J. murdered Frank. Mason and Julia are having hard time reuniting after the election obviously put a separation between them
  • Episode 2089
    Episode 2089
    Episode 71
    Mason gloats believing that he will win the position of the judge, while Julia is angry not only because she wanted the position, but also because she thinks Mason is a bad judge. However, at the very end, Julia wins the position! Ted suggests marrying Lily to have the perfect revenge on Rafe and Angela.moreless
  • Episode 2088
    Episode 2088
    Episode 70
    Andie decides not to press charges against Ken. Reese warns her about the possibility that Ken might attack her again, but she refuses to believe so. Julia is upset to learn that preliminary results are showing Mason as the winner for the position of judge. C.C. tries to seduce Angela, but her current goal is to mess with Ted.moreless
  • Episode 2087
    Episode 2087
    Episode 69
    Sophia and Ken visit Andie in hospital, but Sophia still has no idea that Andie is Ken's mistress, or that he is making an addict out of her with the pills. Warren is being interrogate in court by Ben Arnold, and Ben doesn't seem to spare Warren. Skyler believes the trial is a positive thing for B.J. because it will help her regain her memory of the day Frank was murdered.moreless
  • Episode 2086
    Episode 2086
    Episode 68
    B.J. refuses to marry Warren in the nick of time, due to moral principles. Warren wakes up the morning after with a terrible hangover, and he is due to testify in court. This causes Warren to drive to Oasis and get drunk. Reese finds Andie unconscious.
  • Episode 2085
    Episode 2085
    Episode 67
    Warren and B.J. decide to get married, but only because they need this for the court, but also because they seem to love each other. Ted persuades Angela to forget about C.C. Ken beats up Andie. Sophia becomes addicted to Ken's sleeping pills.
  • Episode 2084
    Episode 2084
    Episode 66
    Angela and C.C. realize that they are mutually attracted to each other. Lily and Ted make a pact to pretend having a relationship, only to prove something to their true loves, Angela and Rafe. In court, Kelly confirms that Cruz burned B.J.'s dress to protect her.
  • Episode 2083
    Episode 2083
    Episode 65
    Frank's murder trial continues with problems when Frank's girlfriend slaps B.J. in court. Reese and Jodie take it upon themselves to dig into Frank's past and find details that could help B.J. Kelly is shocked when news comes of Cruz' capture, and she wants to testify instead of him.
  • Episode 2082
    Episode 2082
    Episode 64
    On Boratunga, the natives are celebrating some kind of an event, and this means a lot of fun for the tourists from Santa Barbara. C.C. realizes Angela is hurt because of Warren, so he expresses his love for her. Moments later, Ted wants to have sex with Angela, but she rejects him. Rafe sneaks in Lily's hotel room and wants to spend time with her.moreless
  • Episode 2081
    Episode 2081
    Episode 63
    Sawyer is feeling troubled after testifying against B.J. in court, but others are convincing him that he did the right thing. Jodie wants Micah to explain to Reese that the picture of them kissing was harmless. B.J. freezes when Warren questions her about the details of the night Frank was murdered, so the judge is forced to expand the trial.moreless
  • Episode 2080
    Episode 2080
    Episode 62
    Jodie and Reese are fighting, and Reese is keen on ending their marriage after seeing the pictures of Jodie and Micah kissing. Warren prepares B.J. to testify in court. Rafe upsets Lily by arriving in Boratunga. He then realizes she's there with Ted.
  • Episode 2079
    Episode 2079
    Episode 61
    McCabe decides to drop the charges against Sawyer, but only if he admits what he had seen on the night Frank was murdered. B.J. is shocked when Sawyer admits he witnessed the night of the murder, but later she remembers seeing him. She persuades Sawyer to testify in court. Carla shows Micah the picture of him kissing Jodie and asks for an explanation.moreless
  • Episode 2078
    Episode 2078
    Episode 60
    Kelly and B.J. are surprised when they visit a meeting of abused children. McCabe visits Rosa to obtain more details about the party. He finds the scissors that B.J. nearly used to stab Warren. Sawyer is quite sure he saw B.J. on the night Frank was killed.
  • Episode 2077
    Episode 2077
    Episode 59
    Gina and Lionel return home happy. Micah and Jodie bring their kids back home. Sawyer refuses to admit to Jodie that he witnessed what happened to Frank on the night he was killed, and he claims he hadn't seen B.J. there. Micah realizes he's lying.
  • Episode 2076
    Episode 2076
    Episode 58
    Angela and C.C. leave to Boratunga. Angela is jealous when Ted and Lily pretend to be in love. Julia explains her plans to defend B.J. on trial. Ken gives Sophia a sleeping pill so he could visit Andie.
  • Episode 2075
    Episode 2075
    Episode 57
    B.J. despises Reese for believing that she killed Frank. Reese admits to Warren that he isn't B.J.'s father and the reveals that it's actually Cruz. Julia accepts to defend B.J. in court. Kelly realizes Ken is having an affair with Andie, so she asks McCabe to investigate Ken.
  • Episode 2074
    Episode 2074
    Episode 56
    Mason and Julia fight for the position of the judge on a TV show. B.J. fires her lawyer and decides to hire a woman instead. Warren suggests taking Julia, and Julia gladly accepts the offer because she knows Mason will be the judge. Gina and Lionel are getting closer. Micah kisses Jodie, and then later explains that he did it to fool a detective that has been following them around. They later find Aurora and Sawyer.moreless
  • Episode 2073
    Episode 2073
    Episode 55
    Lily and Ted are on the island of Boratunga. Micah and Jodie are still searching for Sawyer and Aurora. A private detective is following them by Carla's orders. Angela and C.C. go searching for Ted.
  • Episode 2072
    Episode 2072
    Episode 54
    At their skiing place, Lionel and Gina continue making each other jealous by using Camilla and Stapleton, but they don't go too far, because they really love each other. B.J. undergoes hypnosis to remember more stuff about the night of Frank's murder. Ken continues his affair. McCabe and Kelly help a hurt Sophia.moreless
  • Episode 2071
    Episode 2071
    Episode 53
    Andie flirts with Reese. Lily and Ted realize that they are not alone on their island. Ken surprises Sophia by decorating her apartment, and she is happy about it until she sees a scorpion in the room and ends up taking a tranquilizer from Ken, which is actually a sleeping pill. Ken goes away to meet Andie.moreless
  • Episode 2070
    Episode 2070
    Episode 52
    Skyler and Warren visit a motel B.J. was in before Frank's murder, to try to find out more info. B.J. surprises them there. Micah and Jodie go together to Boston to find their children and bring them back home.
  • Episode 2069
    Episode 2069
    Episode 51
    Skyler goes out to dinner with Minx. B.J. and Warren arrive there too. Skyler and B.J. enter a discussion about B.J.'s therapy, and how she feels betrayed by him. Warren and Skyler work on helping out B.J. McCabe asks Kelly out. Angela and C.C. are flirting. Lily and Ted end up together on a lonely island.moreless
  • Episode 2068
    Episode 2068
    Episode 50
    B.J. is being brought to the prosecutor earlier than expected, and Warren does not know anything about. He persuades Angela to convince C.C. to help B.J., but Angela suggests they should look at Mason's for help. Lily decides to leave with Ted. Sophia informs Ken that she included him in her will. Kelly talks about her tragic love stories to Skyler.moreless
  • Episode 2067
    Episode 2067
    Episode 49
    Ted decides to leave Santa Barbara for awhile, and tries to persuade Lily to accompany him. C.C. tries to seduce Angela, but she says she's already taken. B.J. is having hard time in prison.
  • Episode 2066
    Episode 2066
    Episode 48
    Ted makes wrong assumptions while seeing Angela and C.C. in an embrace, and confronts his father about it. B.J. is arrested under suspicion of murdering Frank Goodman. Lily is desperate to see her mother ruining her love for Lionel. C.C. tells Angela he is interested in her.
  • Episode 2065
    Episode 2065
    Episode 47
    Ted and C.C. try to convince Katrina to stay in Santa Barbara, but she has had enough of Ted, and is ready to leave. She flies to Germany with a break in St. Louis for a farewell from Dash. Kelly persuades Doctor Skyler to help her get through her love problems. B.J. is put under arrest.moreless
  • Episode 2064
    Episode 2064
    Episode 46
    B.J. and Warren travel to San Francisco to remove B.J. from the crime investigation. Aurora and Sawyer are in a financing crisis, and things get worse when Sawyer's coach realizes Sawyer is hiding from something.
  • Episode 2063
    Episode 2063
    Episode 45
    Lisa makes Lily swear that she'll leave Rafe alone. Meanwhile, Rafe is trying to come to a conclusion concerning Lisa's miscarriage. Ken and Sophia return from their honeymoon, and find their place trashed. Ken leaves for another adventure with his mistress. Sophia wants Julia to change her will and leave everything to Ken.moreless
  • Episode 2062
    Episode 2062
    Episode 44
    Reese leaves Jodie. Mason and Julia inform the press about their candidature. Lionel and Gina continue fighting, as Gina threatens to go away to Monte Carlo, and Lionel threatens to go away with Camilla.
  • Episode 2061
    Episode 2061
    Episode 43
    A Democrat Julia and a Republican Mason compete as candidates for the judge spot. Reese is crushed when Jodie confesses that B.J. is actually Cruz's daughter. He ends up drunk at a bar, where he meets Andie.
  • Episode 2060
    Episode 2060
    Episode 42
    Angela and C.C. are getting closer, and it's arousing Ted's jealousy. B.J. is shocked about what she did to Warren, who then invites her to go to San Francisco with him. Kelly tells Jodie that Cruz burned B.J.'s dress to protect her from being convicted. Reese has decided to prove that B.J. isn't Cruz's daughter by making a DNA test.moreless
  • Episode 2059
    Episode 2059
    Episode 41
    McCabe suspects B.J. as Frank's murderer, and then connects the fact that she is Cruz's daughter to the fact that Cruz claimed to be the murderer only to protect his daughter. Warren, who has seen a videotape of B.J.'s therapy session, is also convinced that she killed Frank. B.J. has no memory of what happened. Warren, therefore, decides to hide B.J. Julia is determined to get Judge Shorter's spot.moreless
  • Episode 2058
    Episode 2058
    Episode 40
    Without much success, C.C. tries to prevent Sophia getting married to Ken. While C.C. and Angela comfort each other due to their bad love life, Sophia finally marries Ken. B.J. stabs Warren in the shoulder. Sawyer is determined to earn money by boxing. Aurora is frightened by his crazy idea.
  • Episode 2057
    Episode 2057
    Episode 39
    Minx is having a dinner party with Gina, Lionel, Judge Shorter and Camilla. Lionel and Gina can't stop fighting. Minx and Judge Shorter attend C.C.'s party, where the Judge suddenly dies. Sophia tells C.C. that Ken is keen on marrying her instantly. Warren saves B.J. from drowning.
  • Episode 2056
    Episode 2056
    Episode 38
    On Micah's honor party, Reese tries to find out from Kelly why Cruz left town. C.C. gives Ken money to get away from Sophia. Micah is treating Jodie's migraine. Warren catches McCabe spying near Kelly's desk, and then later realizes that B.J. must have been the person that murdered Frank. B.J. is hurt by seeing Warren and Angela together.moreless
  • Episode 2055
    Episode 2055
    Episode 37
    C.C. throws a party in Micah's honor. McCabe arrives at the party uninvited, and then presents new proof in the Frank Goodman case. Lisa pretends to be having a miscarriage and blames Rafe for everything. Jodie is having a nervous breakdown. C.C. tries to convince Ken not to marry Sophia.
  • Episode 2054
    Episode 2054
    Episode 36
    Ted confesses his affair with Angela to Katrina, and she breaks off their engagement immediately. Rafe confesses to Lisa about the affair he was having with Lily, and then Lisa pretends to having a miscarriage. McCabe believes Cruz isn't the real murderer, and then later he watches Kelly sipping ashes (which contain the remains of B.J.'s dress Cruz destroyed) on the beach.moreless
  • Episode 2053
    Episode 2053
    Episode 35
    Sophia has definitely decided to marry Ken. Aurora and Sawyer find work and an apartment in Boston. Gina surprises Lily and Rafe in bed, and then blames Lily for not taking care of Gina Jeans.
  • Episode 2052
    Episode 2052
    Episode 34
    Angela is starting to regain her memory. Katrina witnesses a close moment between Angela and Ted. Sophia tells C.C. that she intends to marry Ken. Warren wants B.J. to continue her therapy. B.J. learns about Cruz's confession.
  • Episode 2051
    Episode 2051
    Episode 33
    McCabe brings a distraught Kelly back home, and asks her if Cruz is really Frank's murderer. Kelly avoids the topic and talks about something else, and McCabe realizes what the truth actually is. Jodie doesn't believe that Cruz murdered Frank, but Reese has his suspicions. Ken proposes to Sophia. C.C. interrupts them and takes Sophia to comfort Kelly.moreless
  • Episode 2050
    Episode 2050
    Episode 32
    Mason, Julia, Reese, Jodie, B.J. and Warren are saying goodbye to Cruz and Kelly, who are about to leave Santa Barbara. Reese and Jodie find the letter of confession Cruz wrote. On the airport, Cruz refuses to take Kelly with him and then leaves Santa Barbara alone.
  • Episode 2049
    Episode 2049
    Episode 31
    C.C. wants to send Angela and Ted to Texas to a doctor that could help Angela regain his memory, but Ted isn't as happy about it, as he obviously doesn't want Angela to remember the past. Cruz and Kelly are planning to run away together, but first Cruz wants to write a letter of confession to murdering Frank Goodman.moreless
  • Episode 2048
    Episode 2048
    Episode 30
    Rafe pretends to be Ty Mitchell to get the deal with Stapleton, and although it seems like he won't succeed, he impresses the people and they even send a dinner to his hotel room. Andie hates the idea of Ken marrying Sophia to get her money.
  • Episode 2047
    Episode 2047
    Episode 29
    Lionel is still trying to make Gina jealous. Ken calms down a jealous Andie. C.C. informs Sophia about an unknown woman that was visiting Ken's hotel room in Hong Kong, but Sophia doesn't believe him. Ty is ill, so Rafe decides to take over his job for awhile in Cleveland.
  • Episode 2046
    Episode 2046
    Episode 28
    Warren is struggling with his feelings for B.J. Although Kelly doesn't want this to happen, Cruz is ready to go to prison instead of his daughter. Ted finally tells Katrina about the affair with Angela.
  • Episode 2045
    Episode 2045
    Episode 27
    Mason and Julia learn that Mason is sterile, and that's why they can't have children. Cruz, Warren, B.J. and the rest of the Walkers attend a therapy session at Skyler's. After having a discussion with Skyler, Cruz decides to destroy the evidence against his daughter, and is ready to go to jail instead of her.moreless
  • Episode 2044
    Episode 2044
    Episode 26
    Gina suspects Lionel is having dinner with Sophia, so she immediately cancels her plans, and starts worrying. B.J. undergoes therapy with Skyler. Cruz finds traces of gunpowder on B.J.'s dress.
  • Episode 2043
    Episode 2043
    Episode 25
    C.C. is upset when Sophia and Ken attend a another trip together. Sophia is impressed by a young woman on the plane and decides to hire her, but she has no idea it's Ken's mistress Andie. Cruz is working hard on the Goodman case. Ted is taking care of Angela.
  • Episode 2042
    Episode 2042
    Episode 24
    Warren asks an old friend named Skyler to make a therapy session with B.J., and the man agrees. B.J. agrees to the idea, but only if Warren will be with her. At the session, the doctor asks them to stay at his place overnight. Ted and C.C. find Angela at the Desert Inn and bring her back to the hospital. Then C.C. brings Angela home, where Katrina and Ted are trying to help her remember. Sawyer and Aurora manage to escape from the police. Micah is worried about Angela.moreless
  • Episode 2041
    Episode 2041
    Episode 23
    Katrina and Ted end up in a hospital after the accident, and Ted immediately tries to escape from the hospital disguised as a doctor, and find Angela. Meanwhile, Angela ends up at Dolly's with amnesia. Dolly decides to give her a job as a waitress. McCabe wants to put B.J. on a lie detector test.moreless
  • Episode 2040
    Episode 2040
    Episode 22
    Cruz thinks B.J. might have murdered Frank. McCabe makes Micah realize that Aurora is now an accomplice in crime after she escaped with Sawyer, and Micah immediately decides to find Frank's real murderer. Mason and Julia realize that Julia isn't pregnant, so Julia suggests Mason should visit Dr. Zeeman to find out what is wrong.moreless
  • Episode 2039
    Episode 2039
    Episode 21
    Gina wants to take Lily as a model to a fashion show and Lily gladly accepts it, but Lisa makes Webster take her instead. Aurora and Sawyer escape to Philadelphia. Sophia flies to Hong Kong to surprise Ken, who is spending time with his mistress.
  • Episode 2038
    Episode 2038
    Episode 20
    Gina and Lionel awake from their night of passion. She jumps out in horror at what had transpired between them. She pushes Lionel away saying that sex was not part of their deal. She tells him that it can never happen again. Gina explains that sex had ruined all of her relationships in the past and she does not want to ruin the good thing she has going with Lionel. Jodie tries her best to explain to B.J. her reasons for telling Warren to stay away from her, but B.J turns a deaf ear. She informs her parents that she intends to move out.moreless
  • Episode 2037
    Episode 2037
    Episode 19
    Ken is lounging in bed with Andie, his mistress. They talk about the scam he is pulling down in California and how much it is going to pay off. He then hands her a piece of jewelry that C.C gave to Sophia a while ago. Unannounced, C.C shows up at Sophia's to find her packing. She tells him that she's flying to Hong Kong to surprise Ken. She tells C.C that she is very upset with him for trying to seduce her. She says that she is madly in love with Ken and that she may even consider marrying him.moreless
  • Episode 2036
    Episode 2036
    Episode 18
    Ted demands to know why Warren and Angela are at their wedding. Angela informs him that they are getting married too. A drunk Warren cannot concentrate on the impending nuptials while a determined Angela tries to keep him focused. Julia and Mason are pressuring Micah to accept the job as Chief of Surgery when they are interrupted by Lily bearing the news of Sawyer's escape with Aurora. This greatly upsets Micah. Jodie goes to check up on B.J. who is acting particularly cold towards her.moreless
  • Episode 2035
    Episode 2035
    Episode 17
    Ted tries to convince Katrina to elope with him. She is baffled by his sudden haste, but he insists that he loves her and cannot bear to lose her. She finally gives in and they head out to a small chapel in Nevada. Meanwhile, Connor is irate to find Sawyer gone. Cruz says that B.J has no part of it and that he has no clue as to how Sawyer escaped. Connor doubts Cruz's word and believes that Cruz is the mastermind behind the escape.moreless
  • Episode 2034
    Episode 2034
    Episode 16
    Ted has managed to handcuff Angela to the bed. She demands that he releases her but her pleas don't mean much to him. He is determined to put her through the same agony he went through. Mason and Julia are discussing Sawyer's case when Aurora comes over asking to see Sawyer. C.C. and Sophia are passionately kissing in the bedroom when she suddenly pulls away from the feelings of guilt she has in betraying Ken. B.J. tells Warren that she loves him and tries to get him to admit it too.moreless
  • Episode 2033
    Episode 2033
    Episode 15
    Angela handcuffs Ted to the bed and leaves. Ten manages to dial Lily's number with his feet, and she comes to his rescue. Aurora makes her father offer help to the Walkers. Gina makes a scene in the public when she suspects C.C. and Sophia might be having an affair.
  • Episode 2032
    Episode 2032
    Episode 14
    Reese continues trying to find Frank's real murderer, and he even starts suspecting Warren might have something to do with it. The first hearing starts, and Sawyer can be released by bail. However, McCabe arrives at just in time to let the judge know that Sawyer's family planned to flee with Sawyer, so the court decides to not let Sawyer out.moreless
  • Episode 2031
    Episode 2031
    Episode 13
    The family arranges a welcome party for Cruz, who just got out of the hospital. Rafe wonders why Lisa shows no sings of pregnancy. Jodie and Reese are desperately trying to make B.J. get help from someone. Also, Jodie has to deal with the fact that Reese isn't B.J.'s father. Katrina wonders where has Ted disappeared.moreless
  • Episode 2030
    Episode 2030
    Episode 12
    Ted visits Angela to inform her that he is going to marry Katrina. Warren surprises them when he storms out of the closet, and then tells Angela that the police got a hint on the warehouse, and Angela realizes this might be Ted's work. B.J. visits Cruz at the hospital and tries to find out what Jodie told him, but Cruz doesn't say anything about B.J. being his daughter.moreless
  • Episode 2029
    Episode 2029
    Episode 11
    Julia is in charge as the D.A. of the Frank Goodman murder case. She asks Mason to take Sawyer's side in the case. The time goes by, and it's clear that Sawyer is the only suspect. Aurora is helping her friend.
  • Episode 2028
    Episode 2028
    Episode 10
    Jodie and Reese are in disbelief that Sawyer might have murdered Frank. Kelly tells Cruz that she loves him, and that she'll stand by his side no matter what happens. B.J. has a nightmare of Warren, Reese, Jodie and Sawyer killing Frank together.
  • Episode 2027
    Episode 2027
    Episode 9
    With Gina's help, C.C. makes Ken go away to Hong Kong, so he'd be able to seduce Sophia without getting disturbed. Connor McCabe investigates the death of Frank Goodman, and the prime suspects are Sawyer, Reese, Jodie, Cruz and Warren.
  • Episode 2026
    Episode 2026
    Episode 8
    Angela thinks she might be the one to blame for the explosion of the warehouse, so she asks C.C. for help. Sawyer and Frank are fighting in the desert. Later, Reese, Warren and Jodie find a dead Frank lying in the desert.
  • Episode 2025
    Episode 2025
    Episode 7
    Cruz's health is getting worse by the minute. He is, however, determined to help his daughter. Rafael, C.C. and Kelly are having hard time trying to keep Cruz in the hospital. Sawyer, Reese and Jodie finally hunt down Frank, and they find B.J. in the motel room. Sawyer confronts Frank in the desert.moreless
  • Episode 2024
    Episode 2024
    Episode 6
    After the explosion, Reese manages to get himself and an injured Cruz out of the warehouse, and they are taken to a hospital, where Cruz admits to Kelly that he is B.J.'s father. Meanwhile, B.J. is being held hostage at a motel by Frank. Sawyer and Warren find Frank in a diner, and they make a waitress get him drunk.moreless
  • Episode 2023
    Episode 2023
    Episode 5
    Lionel challenges C.C. to a duel dressed like a knight, and C.C. makes fun of his childish attitude. Although Lionel made the whole funny scene, C.C. lets him know that he will give him the permission to adopt the baby. Reese finds out about where Jodie and Cruz are being held from a homeless man, and then the rescue search begins. Reese manages to save Jodie and returns to pick up an injured Cruz. Kelly and Jodie are convinced that it's all okay now, but soon the warehouse explodes.moreless
  • Episode 2022
    Episode 2022
    Episode 4
    Frank and B.J. arrive at the warehouse where Frank is holding Jodie and Cruz hostage. Carefully, B.J. lets Jodie and Cruz know about her plan to make Frank think she loves him. Unfortunately, Frank overhears their conversation.
  • Episode 2021
    Episode 2021
    Episode 3
    Lionel tries to apologize to Gina, but she won't listen to him. Jodie and Cruz are still trying to free themselves. B.J. convinces Frank that she loves him and that she will go away with him, but only in one condition-to see Cruz and her mother. Frank, reluctantly, agrees.
  • Episode 2020
    Episode 2020
    Episode 2
    Although he doesn't believe what Kelly said, Reese promises to help her find Cruz and Jodie, and both Sawyer and Warren join their search. Cruz and Jodie are trying to free themselves before the die. Jodie finally tells Cruz that B.J. is his daughter. Meanwhile, B.J. fools Frank into thinking that she loves him and wants to go away with him.moreless
  • Episode 2019
    Episode 2019
    Episode 1
    Kelly realizes that Frank might have something to do with Cruz and Jodie's disappearance and talks to Reese about it, but he finds the idea absurd. Tyrone and Gina introduce Rafe to Lily. Warren lets Angela go.