Santo Bugito

CBS (ended 1996)


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Santo Bugito

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Where do you go when you've got a hankering for some good old-fashioned insect Mexican food? Why, Carmen's Cocina, of course, where you can find the finest food and drinks on the Tex-Mex border. Set in a bustling insect border town of the same name, Santo Bugito was the brainchild of animation mavens Klasky-Csupo, creators of Rugrats and Stressed Eric among others. With its quirky illustrations and funny double entendres, the series showed the insect inhabitants of Santo Bugito solving daily problems common to all beetles, crickets and roaches. At the center of Santo Bugito were Carmen De La Antchez and her husband Paco, two savvy ants running a thriving Mexican restaurant for bugs. Inside Carmen's Cocina, Carmen and Paco served up yummy platters of caterpillar fries, spider sandwiches and insect burritos. Other memorable characters included the two fly buddies Clem and Burt, lawyer Emma Squito, caterpillar urban artist Eaton Woode, a brilliant Praying Mantis named Professor, flamenco spider Lolita Larachnid, the Wolf Spider family, Donald the Dragonfly, Ralph the Ladybug, the Roachmuller family and Lencho the Flea. Together, the bugs helped each out of many insect-related predicaments and made us laugh along the way. Although it only lasted one season on CBS' Saturday morning schedule, Santo Bugito gave us 64 million reasons (most of them six-legged) to watch where we were stepping.


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Animation, Comedy