Santo Bugito

CBS (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Buenos Roaches
      Buenos Roaches
      Episode 13
      When The Roachmuller family moves into Santo Bugito and opens up their own cocina right across the street from Carmen's Place, it begins to attract hoards of filthy roaches to the town. When the locals start playing the roulette wheel at the Roachmullers place for prizes and end up having to work at the roach restaurant, the bugs have to figure out a way to get rid of the pesky new neighbors.moreless
    • Bugged Bug
      Bugged Bug
      Episode 12
    • My Name is Revenge
      My Name is Revenge
      Episode 11
    • How to Eat People & Make New Friends
    • Lost Cause
      Lost Cause
      Episode 9
    • The Carnivore Kid
      A family of spiders come to town and try to teach their vegetarian son to eat bugs despite his choice not to.
    • A Widow Goes a Long Way
      When Lolita Larachnid, the flamenco spider, visits Santo Bugito, she enchants all the bugs in town except Carmen, who knows she is not to be trusted. So when Lolita ends up capturing all the bugs in spider webs and threatens to eat them, it's up to Paco and Carmen to beat her in a flamenco contest to save them all.moreless
    • Swiped
      Episode 6
      Paco comes back from vacation with gifts for all of his friends, but when the gifts all seem to suddenly disappear, its up to the bugs to catch the thief and solve the mystery. Will they find the crook, or end up accusing everyone in town?
    • Cupid vs. Clem
      Cupid vs. Clem
      Episode 5
      Clem is in love with Lacy Greenwig the silk moth! But Lacy is well mannered and refined and Clem is a disgusting bar fly. Can the other bugs teach him how to treat a lady? Probably not.
    • The Carmen Tango
      The Carmen Tango
      Episode 4
      When Carmen damages one of her antennae in an accident, the rest of the bugs in Santo Bugito take up her chores while she recovers. This proves to be much more work than any of them expect. Can they get the town in order before Carmen's Mama comes to visit?
    • Splitsville
      Episode 3
      When Clem and Burt get in an argument over which one of them is the best to fly in town, they have a contest to determine the winner. When the town begins dividing over the two flies, it's up to Paco to make the peace.
    • Sue City
      Sue City
      Episode 2
      Emma Squito, a mosquito lawyer, buzzes into Santo Bugito and offers Clem and Burt a chance to get suing Ralph the Ladybug. When they win a large settlement, all the rest of the bugs start suing everyone else. But when Emma sues Carmen and Paco and claims they attacked her, can they outwit the blood-sucking barrister?moreless
    • Load O' Bees
      Load O' Bees
      Episode 1
      When killer bees show up in Santo Bugito, the local bugs get very nervous about their intentions. When they find out the bees plan to move to Santo Bugito permanently, can they find a way to stop them from taking over?