Sarah Palin's Alaska

TLC (ended 2011)


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  • Stupidest woman in the world

    Seriously? She exists and she was an elected official who now has her own miserable TV show? I guess now the guy who doesn't bathe in the cubicle next to me now should get his own TV show right? Wait, no he's smarter than Sarah Palin even. Seeing this woman and her antics are funny when Tina Fey does them but in real life she only serves as an atrocity to politics and a sign that our system is failing completely. Whoever signed her this show has a sick sense of humor and if she wins the election in 2012, if she runs, then well Miss Half Governor, the world is lost!
  • kate puts everyone else in better light...

    The best thing about this show is the scenery and Sarah Palin's amazing modern living room. The worst things are Palin's voice, hairspray, and political sound-bites scattered throughout the series. Annoying, yet Genius casting tonight with Kate Gosselin as a guest. Kate is great to have around because she makes everyone around her seem like an extra nice, down to earth, psychologically healthy person. Although, I think she's an act as there is NO WAY anyone could be THAT self-absorbed and pathetic!

    As for Palin, she may have some scary fundamental beliefs concerning dinosaurs, her gun gusto is a little disconcerting and way over the top, and she's definitely NOT presidential material, but she seems to have great family values and I love her passion for her state and the outdoors.
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