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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • B.Casual
      Episode 27
      Sara prepares a casual yet impressing menu for her guests. It's fun to prepare. Recipes Baby Lamb Chops with Madeira Sauce Potatoes Au Gratin Tomato, Watercress and Endive Salad Individual White Chocolate Tiramisu
    • All About Pork
      All About Pork
      Episode 26
      Pork meat is inexpensive and widely available. Sara Moulton has prepared three recipes with it. Recipes Kirsten's Fried Pork Chops with Country Gravy Spanish Pork Tenderloin Roulade
    • American Icons
      American Icons
      Episode 25
      Sara has all American recipes this time. Recipes Cheese-Straw Apple Pie Sweet-Tea Fried Chicken Onion Burgers
    • Loafin'It
      Episode 24
      If you have to prepare a quick meal, you can try these simple loaf recipes. Recipes Quick Cake Mix Three-Spice Mix Golden Gingerbread with Dried Blueberries Little Thai Turkey Loaves
    • Dinner and Movie
      Dinner and Movie
      Episode 23
      Sara has the menu for a relaxing dinner with friends, with movie watching afterwards. Recipes Vinny's Gravy Vinny's Spaghetti Pie
    • Latino Shortcuts
      Latino Shortcuts
      Episode 22
      Juventino Avila, chef and instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, prepares an entirely Latino menu. Recipes Double-Cut Pork Chops Braised in Sofrito: Dominican Chuleta Adobada Mashed Plantains with Chorizo: Fufu Rice and Beans: Moros y Cristianos (Arroz con Habichuelas)
    • Everyday Chinese
      Everyday Chinese
      Episode 21
      Stuart Chang Berman, author of the book America's Favorite Chinese Recipes, shows how to prepare delicious Chinese food at home. Recipes Crab and Asparagus Soup Shrimp in Garlic Sauce Governor's Chicken
    • Everyday Colombian
      Everyday Colombian
      Episode 20
      Sara brings new flavors to your table with these delicious Colombian dishes. Recipes Colombian-Style Pork Scallopine: Chuleta Empanizada Sancocho de Gallina Flan with Caramelo Marinade for Carne Asada
    • Farm to Table
      Farm to Table
      Episode 19
      Sara prepares a menu fresh from the farm to the table. Those local ingredients benefit for your health. Recipes in This Episode Poached Salmon Asparagus and Pistachio Salad Pistou of Seasonal Vegetables
    • Weekend Breakfast
      Weekend Breakfast
      Episode 18
      Sara prepares a delicious family weekend breakfast with pancakes, eggs and chocolate spread. Recipes in This Episode Coconut Pancakes with Banana and Passion Fruit Syrup Turkish Eggs Chocolate Spread
    • Gourmet Dinners
      Gourmet Dinners
      Episode 17
      Sara Moulton's three favorite recipes for a gourmet dinner. Recipes Penne alla Vodka Seared Salmon with Balsamic Glaze Parmesan Chicken
    • Cupcakes
      Episode 16
      Mouthwatering cupcake recipes from Sara Moulton. Recipes Carrot Cupcakes with Molasses Cream Cheese Icing Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Icing Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcake
    • Kitchen Improv
      Kitchen Improv
      Episode 15
      Sara's recipes with freshly baked ham, which tastes even better the next day. Recipes Garbanzo Soup with Ham and Broad Beans Piperade Basquaise
    • Nigerian Dinner
      Nigerian Dinner
      Episode 14
      A tasty menu from West African Nigeria. The ingredients can be found in most supermarkets. Recipes Jollof Rice Beef in Tomato Sauce Efo: Spinach Dodo: Fried Plantains Fresh Fruit Dessert Akara
    • Sunday Dinner
      Sunday Dinner
      Episode 13
      Aunt Fannie shares her favorite recipes for an Italian sunday dinner. Recipes Stuffed Breast of Veal Pasta with Peas and Sausage
    • Egg Whites 101
      Egg Whites 101
      Episode 12
      Sara's easy to prepare egg white recipes. Enjoy chocolate mousse and spoon bread souffle. Recipes Chocolate Mousse Spoon Bread Souffle
    • Totally Tomatoes
      Totally Tomatoes
      Episode 11
      Canned tomatoes make an ordinary weeknight meal taste like summer any time of the year. Sara suggests these recipes made with canned tomatoes. Recipes Sauteed Skirt Steak in Spicy Tomato Sauce Lazy Lasagne with Tomato-Basil Sauce Cheddar Tomato Fondue
    • Blueberry Basics
      Blueberry Basics
      Episode 10
      Sara uses blueberries for the following recipes. Recipes Challah French Toast with Berry Sauce Lemon-Lime Blueberry Squares Blueberry Muffin Tops
    • Soup Starters
      Soup Starters
      Episode 9
      Sara Moulton has some perfect soup recipes.

      Garlic Bruschetta
      Chicken Stock
    • Basic Braising
      Basic Braising
      Episode 8
      Sara Moulton brings some basic braising tips. Recipes Sirloin Pork Chops Braised with Hot Cherry Peppers Sauerbraten
    • Cook like a Chef
      Cook like a Chef
      Episode 7
      Wellknown chefs share their time saving tips with Sara. Recipes How to Turn Out Tender Shrimp Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp with Ham and Bell Peppers How to Crisp Tender Greens Once-A-Week Vinaigrette How to Boost the Flavor of Pasta Fennel and Sausage Ragu over Pasta
    • All About Paprika
      Sara prepares the most exotic spicy dishes with the use of paprika. Recipes Kettle Gulyas Spiced Marcona Almonds Cod in Charmoula Sauce
    • Weeknight Treats
      Weeknight Treats
      Episode 5
      Sara prepares in just a few minutes some delicious desserts. You can add joy to weeknight dinners with those recipes. Recipes Chocolate Hazelnut Torte Coffee Pot de Creme Roasted Golden Pineapple with Spiced Whipped Cream
    • Sandwiches for Supper
      Two slices and some tasty ingredients are needed to prepare delicious sandwiches for supper. Recipes Smoked Salmon Reuben Eggplant Parmesan Heros Muffuletta
    • 5 Ingredients or Less
      Sara prepares a delicious menu from only five ingredients. Recipes Baked Chicken with White Beans and Tomatoes Swiss Chard with Olives and Raisins Espresso and Mascarpone Icebox Cake
    • Breakfast for Dinner
      Sara prepares a quick and easy dinner with breakfast food. Recipes Matzo Brei with Creamed Spinach and Crispy Onions Green Chile and Zucchini Quiche Fried Eggs and "Refried Beans" Burritos
    • International Chicken
      Sara has various chicken recipes from all over the world. Recipes Gai Yang: Grilled Chicken Chicken and Olives Pollo Asada al Ajillo: Garlic Roasted Chicken
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