NBC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Napoleon Never Wanted To Be A Cop
      A young man who has just been rejected from the police academy because of his stature, strikes a patrolman unconscious during a traffic stop and flees the scene. Sarge, who once worked with the young man's slain father, tries to help him clear his name when the patrolman is found dead in the trunk of his patrol car far from the scene of the assault.moreless
    • An Accident Waiting To Happen
      Sarge looks into the case of a young priest who was arrested for a hit and run accident that resulted in a death while drinking. What he finds seems to point to a set-up.
    • A Party To The Crime
      When Sarge is confronted with new evidence revealing that he could have been party to sending an innocent man to prison, he must find out the truth and make it right.
    • A Company Of Victims
      Sarge is plunged into a state of constant paranoia when a contract is put on his life by a man he sent to prison early in his police career. Despite pleadings from Valerie and Lt. Verick, he ultimately refuses to leave town or alter his work schedule in any significant way.moreless
    • The Combatants
      The Combatants
      Episode 11
      Sarge tries to help a Marine trainee who is being run into the ground by a possibly psychotic drill sergeant.
    • A Bad Case Of Monagamy
      A man who Sarge arrested seven years ago has just been released from prison and refuses to accept the fact that his ex-wife is remarried with a 5 year old child. Despite initially fearing that her ex-husband would murder her current husband, the woman ultimately can't make up her mind which man she wants to be with despite the escalating violence around her, making it even more obvious to Sarge that murder is likely to result if he doesn't intervene.moreless
    • Quicksilver
      Episode 9
      A veteran of the Japanese Imperial Navy dies of an apparent ritual suicide after losing an investment in an operation to salvage $2 million worth of mercury from a sunken submarine off the shore of San Diego. His American-born wife insists that he wouldn't commit suicide because he was Catholic, which only Sarge believes is a viable theory worthy of further investigation.moreless
    • The Silent Target
      Lt. Verick convinces Sarge's long time friend Joe Drake to become an informant to help take down a smuggling operation at the dock. When the police raid comes up empty, Joe and his family become the target of retaliation.
    • John Michael O'Flaherty Presents The Eleven O'Clock War
      An ethically challenged, inflammatory television show host betrays Sarge by doing a misleading story on the gym he sponsors for troubled youth, claiming that it's a "spawning ground for anarchy." Sarge's efforts to set the record straight are dealt a major setback when a member of the gym apparently tries to gun down the host a few days later.moreless
    • A Push Over The Edge
      A serial killer with a foot fetish is murdering women he meets at bars in San Diego and a burned out veteran detective is running the investigation. Becoming increasingly frustrated and mentally unstable as the killer escapes capture, Lt. Verick removes him from the case, which doesn't deter him from continuing the search on his own time.moreless
    • Identity Crisis
      Identity Crisis
      Episode 5
      In his role as a priest, Sarge is called to a mental hospital to try and find out the identity of a beautiful young female patient whose only possession is a rosary.
    • Psst! Wanna Buy A Dirty Picture
      Sarge unexpectedly solves the murder of a low-budget pornography publisher while investigating the man's motive for donating $13,000 to Sarge's church shortly before he is gunned down.
    • Ring Out, Ring In
      When a hooker is killed, the clues seem to point in the direction of an old friend of Sarge.
    • A Terminal Case Of Vengeance
      Jack Albertson plays a dying man out for revenge against a hood who brutally humiliated him many years ago in front of his young son.
    • The Priest Killer (pt 2)
      A young priest is murdered in San Francisco. The man was a friend of Sarge, who comes to investigate. Chief Ironside is less than thrilled to get help in his investigation from a former cop, but the cranky Ironside and the soft spoken Sarge ultimately make an efficient detective team.
    • Ironside: The Priest Killer (pt 1)
      After a young priest is found murdered in San Francisco, Chief Ironside is less than thrilled when a former detective turned priest shows up to help investigate the crime. But the cranky Ironside and the soft spoken priest ultimately make an efficient detective team.

      *This, the first hour of The Priest Killer, was seen on Ironside. The second hour continued immediately following on Sarge.moreless
    • The Badge Or The Cross
      Sarge Swanson's beloved wife is murdered. He's so distraught that he quits the police force and becomes a priest, assigned to a San Diego parish located in the same precinct where he had been a cop. Sarge eventually brings the killer to justice and it turns out his wife's killer had really been trying to kill Sarge.moreless