Sasami: Magical Girls Club - Season 1



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Episode Guide

  • Magical Girl Tournament: The Glittery Part
    Sasami's team is behind, with one event left in the tournament! As they struggle to magically cover a tree's bare branches with blossoms of love and happiness, Sasami's father gives Miss Washu some startling news.
  • Magical Girl Tournament: The Noisy Part
    Misao's torn between her loyalty to the club and her feelings for Monta, and her emotional turmoil could cause her friends to miss the Magical Girls Tournament!
  • Everyone Together
    Everyone Together
    Episode 11
    Sasami and her pals are invited to take part in a Magical Girls Tournament! But their excitement soon gives way to exhaustion when Miss Washu's grueling practice sessions put their friendships to the test!
  • Magical Girl Apprentice
    Asami wants nothing more than to be an apprentice of the Magical Girls Club. When Sasami and the others learn the reason why, they want nothing more than to help reunite Asami with her dead parents.
  • Good-bye, Miss Washu
    Miss Washu's job is on the line after Mr. Tonobe investigates the Cooking Club. Sasami and the girls step in to save her with a little culinary magic!
  • Ring of Friendship
    Ring of Friendship
    Episode 8
    At the Niko-Niko Bazaar, Misao finds herself working with Chiaki and Kozue. It's a great chance to get to know Sasami's friends, but Misao simply can't help it as one thing after another goes wrong!
  • Night Sky Letter
    Night Sky Letter
    Episode 7
    After a school assignment fills Sasami's mind with thoughts of Amitav, she and Misao decide to pay another visit to the World of the Witches. When they lose their way, a friend must come to the rescue!
  • Starlit Sky Dance
    Starlit Sky Dance
    Episode 6
    The adventure continues in the World of the Witches! Sasami meets an odd boy named Amitav who seems to know who she is. And Misao's loneliness fades when she meets so many other girls who are just like her!
  • Out of the Tunnel
    Out of the Tunnel
    Episode 5
    Sasami needs parental permission to take a field trip to the World of the Witches, but her father is reluctant to give it. Hopefully he'll have a change of heart before the train pulls out!
  • The Dreaded An-An Notebook
    Anything Anri writes in her magic notebook appears in real life! Unfortunately, all she's been writing lately are the colorful insults now hanging above the heads of Sasami and her friends!
  • First Time in First
    The school holds a marathon to celebrate popular Tsukasa's return to campus after a long absence. When she quickly vanishes from the roll again, Sasami go to Tsukasa's house to figure out why.
  • Wishing On a Star
    Wishing On a Star
    Episode 2
    After Sasami and Misao learn about their mystical heritage, a new face arrives to join them in the Magical Girls Club. But little Makoto is about to learn the hard way to be careful what you wish for!
  • Sasami and Misao
    Sasami and Misao
    Episode 1
    The pursuit of a weird rabbit-thing leads Misao and Sasami to new friendship - and to their destiny! The Magical Girls Club is in session!