Saturday Disney

Season 13 Episode 28

"Dan, Sara and Shae make Paper Houses"

Aired Saturday 7:00 AM Dec 07, 2002 on Seven Network
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Episode Summary

"Dan, Sara and Shae make Paper Houses"
The Cartoons Shown On This Episode Were:

Disney's Recess

Episode #61: The Shiner:

T.J. shows up in school with a black eye. Everyone makes up wild stories about the heroic acts T.J. must have done to get the shiner.

Episode #60: Stand Up Randall:

Randall becomes popular when he uses a joke book to make himself a standup comedian.

Disney's The Legend Of Tarzan

Episode #29: Tarzan and The Missing Link:

In this episode, Philander blames all of his problems on Archimedes Porter and his "missing link" son-in-law, Tarzan. Then Philander even knocks his experiment table over and loses...Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Nonetheless, two cockney thugs barge in, trying to collect their dues from Philander who obviously doesn't have the money. Philander then tries to convince the bounders that Tarzan is a missing link, and he persuades them to follow him into the jungle.

Meanwhile, Archimedes is feeling rather distraught over his problems "fitting-in" in the jungle, so he dons a loin cloth and tries to at like Tarzan. Tarzan and Jane though decide to go berry picking with Tantor and Terk instead. This then leads to an idyllic scene where Tarzan rests his head on Jane's lap, while they share berries. (Very "B. Lagoon," I think. lol ;) Anyway, when Philander and the thugs reach Africa, it's old Archimedes they see "swinging from vines", not Tarzan. Philander though tries to convince the thugs that Archimedes Porter is Tarzan, and Porter certainly does try to act as much like Tarzan as he can. The thugs are almost convinced that Archimedes is Tarzan, until he trips on a twig, so they capture both Porter and Philander and hold them over a ledge.At the same time, the Rogue Elephant comes around to disrupt Tarzan and Jane's tranquil scene, and Tarzan chases the elephant away. He then realizes that the rogue elephant is headed right for base camp.By the time Tarzan, Jane, Terk, and Tantor get back to camp, there is the thugs chasing Porter and Philander and the rogue elephant chasing everyone. Eventually Tarzan diverts the rogue elephant's attention to chasing the thugs, so they all run away together into the jungle. Porter then really chews out Philander, so he runs off back to London.

Buzz Lightyear: Of Star Command

Episode: #38: Revenge Of The Monsters:

After being bitten by NOS-4-A2 on the mysterious planet of Canis Lupus, Ranger Ty Parsec is transformed into a Wirewolf (...imagine a form of lycanthropy blended with either Star Trek's Borg techno-virus, or with Transformers' Key to Vector Sigma...) [this whole bit is shown in summary, as if it were reminding us of an earlier episode...except there IS no earlier episode about this as far as I can tell]. Even though the transformation only takes place when on or near Canis Lupus, Commander Nebula decides to boot Parsec from the Space Rangers for his own, and everyone else's, good. While this meeting is wrapping up, NOS-4-A2 and XL show up. They have a chunk of Canis Lupus, that causes Parsec to re-transform into a Wirewolf, and they kidnap the en-cursed Parsec.

[...the "Monster"-bit in the title refers to how Parsec is pretty much a robotic werewolf, XL is pretty much a robotic Frankenstein's monster, and NOS-4-A2 is a robotic vampire...] With Parsec, they oust Zurg from Planet Z and take over (...transforming many of the Hornets into NOS-4-A2's dark minions, and turning all of Zurg's "Z" monograms over 90 degrees, thus making them all "N"s...standing for NOS-4-A2...). They design a cannon that can shoot the Wirewolf curse over galactic distances, and en-curse all of Capital Planet and Star Command. Team Lightyear convinces XL that NOS-4-A2 will consider him expendable before too long, and manage to get him to help them out. With XL's help, the cannon's powers are reversed, Parsec is returned to normal, and NOS-4-A2 is impaled on a spire, resulting in his explosive destruction. XL returns to work for Star Command, and is re-fitted as a photocopier.


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