Saturday Disney

Season 13 Episode 29

"Shae Sings For Nikki Webster"

Aired Saturday 7:00 AM Dec 14, 2002 on Seven Network
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Episode Summary

"Shae Sings For Nikki Webster"
The Cartoons Shown On This Episode Were:

Disney's Recess

Episode #81: The Biggest Trouble:

The gang gets busted when they accidentally break a statue of a famous hero.

Episode #82: The Rules:

The original 1935 edition of The Rules of the Playground is discovered in the library.

Disney's The Legend Of Tarzan

Episode #30: Tarzan and The Prison Break:

In this episode, Hugo and Hooft use Tarzan to help them gather special ingredients for their hot sauce. The sauce, with the guys' names on the bottle, becomes popular to the French foreign legion, and is brought to the attention of Lt. Col. Staquait. Col. Staquait then vows to re-capture Hugo and Hooft for deserting when they did. The foreign legion then went to the part of the jungle where Tarzan, and the usual cast of characters, live. Although Tarzan tries his best to fight off the foreign legion, they still capture Hugo and Hooft and sentence them to the "Island of Doom" prison. Tarzan then feels that friendship is stronger than disloyalty, so he gets a way to the outside of the prison, sneaks in, and almost leaves with Hugo and Hooft, until the guard and Col. Staquait intercedes, and they throw Tarzan in prison too!

Tarzan is then seen wearing a jumpsuit of stripes, and chains. Hugo and Hooft then get into an argument with another prisoner, Tarzan tries to intercede with brute force, and his forced to spend the morning in this torture pit with the sun beating down all morning. Hugo, Hooft, and Tarzan try to escape, and they almost succeed, until the guards catch up. When the guards catch Tarzan, they can't find the other two, so Staquait sentences Tarzan to a public execution the next morning. Tarzan is also angered because Hugo & Hooft abandoned him. Hugo & Hooft escape to nearly where they came originally, but feel guilty about leaving Tarzan, so they go back to the prison and pose as guards. The new guards stop Tarzan's execution, but it still turns into a physical brawl, until the foreign legion men threatened to execute Hugo and Hooft.

Right when you think all is lost, and Staquait is very close to spearing Tarzan with a sword, Jane busts in, knocks out the bad guy, etc. Then Renard, dressed as the leader of France, acts like he was there to inspect the prisoners, and is successful in releasing Tarzan, Hugo, and Hooft. Then everyone chatted together, Tarzan says that friends are true no matter what.

Buzz Lightyear: Of Star Command

Episode: #39: Lone Wolf:

At a trial, Team Lightyear seems unable to present the evidence to make charges stick. Buzz relates a story about him losing hope in the system 20 years ago. He had quit Star Command after one of his first missions (, if one graduates Star Command when one is a little under 20 years old, then that'd make Buzz a bit under 40 yrs old...) and his "bike" [very Lobo-esque looking] broke down on a distant arcadium gas-farming planet.

He helped a widow, Zoey, and her son stand up against the local gas-baron, Vartkes. After the tale, he presents the disrupter rifle evidence to the judge and they win the case.


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