Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

ABC (ended 1976)


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  • Comically Tragic...

    If there is anyone who asks why there are no more variety TV shows (& American Idol doesn't count!), look no further than infamous sportscaster Howard Cosell's attempt at being the Major Bowes of the 1970's.

    Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell was ABC's muddled attempt to cling onto an already dying genre by bringing major luminaries from both the sports & entertainment fields in one mulligan stew of a variety show which had everything from a warmed-over Scottish pop band, The Bay City Rollers to John Wayne giving a Right-wing screed about violently doing away with anti-American hippie types. And worst of all, Mr. Cosell had the CHUTZPAH to have athletes (as well as himself) SING!

    Just be thankful that TV today isn't as bad as it was over 30 years ago!