Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell

ABC (ended 1976)


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  • Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell. Variety show.

    Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell was the answer to a question that no one asked. By the time it premiered,television audiences had pretty much given up on the old-style variety show. Only the Carol Burnett Show,with its heavy emphasis on comedy,was doing well. ABC thought that a one hour show,broadcast live,and featuring Howard Cosell as host,would be just the ticket. Boy,were they wrong. Cosell,then riding high as one of the commentators on Monday Night Football,was the man folks loved to hate. This is fine when the main focus is a football game;not so good when you\'re asking a guy to be the next Ed Sullivan. Live satellite feeds,pop singers,comedians,and sports personalities were all part of the mix,but it didn\'t matter. The show was canceled after half a season.