Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 16

Alec Baldwin/Jonas Brothers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • "Carol, hold my calls"

    A Review by "HelloStuart," The Minty-Fresh Amateur Critic

    I've made no secret of how highly I regard Alec Baldwin as a comedic actor, so I'm pleased to see him host SNL for the 14th time. Though Baldwin's handsome-bastard good looks have faded with time his knack for comedy has grown and blossomed quite well, with his tour-de-force performance on "30 Rock" a prime example of his transition. I wish I could say I was as excited about The Jonas Brothers, the bubble-gum eye-candy "rock" band that was booked as tonight's musical guest. I've never had much of a taste for the teenybopper sound, but I'll try with all my might to keep an open mind.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Rep. John Boehner (Dan Aykroyd!) and the rest of the Republican Congressional Leadership (WF, DH, AS, JS, KW) laud their apparent irrelevance in the eyes of President Obama, and consider the bloated economic stimulus bill as a pathway to regaining control of both houses in the 2010 midterms. The rest of the sketch is right-leaning hubris: a debate on the merits of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage, followed by a typically ill-conceived, below-the-belt jab at Obama's daughters.

    MONOLOGUE: Alec half-jokingly thanks Christian Bale for usurping him of the prestigious honor of having Hollywood's most embarrassing recorded conversation. As he continues to congratulate himself, Baldwin points out his co-star Jack McBrayer in the audience, which in due course forces Donaghy to share the spotlight with Kenneth the Page. As oddly familiar as this monologue felt, it was nice to see arguably the best supporting player on television getting his due.

    "The Fourth Jonas Brother": The trio falls out with their long-lost older brother Gary (Alec), whose arrogance and creepy behavior isn't in sync with the JoBros' clean lifestyle. Watching a 50-year-old man walking about in skinny jeans and a pinstripe blazer could've been pathetic and embarrassing, but Alec pulled it off with great levity and self-depreciation.

    "The Cougar Den": With Deirdre Nicks out of the picture, the two remaining co-hosts (KW, CW) introduce their new pal Barbara (MW) before getting straight to business- fawning over boys one-third their age and shoehorning themselves into the latest pop culture trends. Tonight's guest is a gay sugar daddy (Alec) that co-authored "Stop That Boy, I Wanna Get On" with the irrepressible Kiki Deamore (Cameron Diaz!). In the calm of the storm is their producer Kenneth (KT), who keeps cutting down the cougars out of exasperation, yet seems aware enough to know that this fad doesn't have legs.

    DIGITAL SHORT: Andy learns the secret to the JoBros' success- they used to be an '80s prog-metal band called Property of the Queen, eternally youthful and recycling themselves for a new generation. The sight gag with the VCR was funny, even though rest of the short didn't quite make the target.

    "Sir Mix-A-Lot's Photoshop": The booty-obsessed one-hit wonder (KT) advertises his micro-entrepreneurship, a photo development desk that specializes in over-enhancing images of a women's posterior. Some will debate that it's too soon for early '90s nostalgia, and others will argue this sketch was just incredibly insipid, but I feel that both factors were in play here.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: "Tonight" has a few good licks, but when it comes to power-pop anthems of the same name, I'll take The Raspberries' version instead.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Coming into tonight's news segment, I felt like I could almost predict what Seth and company would lampoon: the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ("…for Dummies"), the doctor that inseminated the octuplet mom, and Joaquin Phoenix' hazy appearance on Letterman. Lo and behold I got all three correct, except that I picked Hader to play Phoenix, not Suds. With the exception of an uninformed entertainment blogger played with glowering revelry by Mike, tonight's commentaries and walk-ons were time-killing rehashes: financial expert Oscar Rogers (KT) keeps saying "fixed it!" like a deluded mantra, while Angelina Jolie (AE) responds to Seth's crying like a cat to a can opener.

    "Vincent Price's Valentine Day's Special": More barely-contained chaos from the B-movie great (BH), as his obsession with the macabre takes a backseat to the stars of yesteryear. Richard Burton (Alec) is losing his mind over wife/nemesis Elizabeth Taylor (CW), Carol Channing (KW) finds a creative use for a severed hand, and Liberace (FA) is a lightning rod for gay jokes.

    "High-Profile Project": Carl and Jerry (WF, BH) have a hard time scheduling a meeting with a fellow executive (Alec) due to their various and peculiar idiosyncrasies. Where their first appearance relied heavily on screaming the phrase "fart face" at the top of their lungs, Carl and Jerry are given a smidgen of character development but little else to validate such a pointless encore.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: "Video Girl" is two parts thrashing and synthetic, a gentle jab at the brothers' many gold-digging groupies.

    "Warrior Shake": Two twenty-something brothers (JS, BH) introduce their father (Alec) to a Nintendo Wii game where the wand is used as a surrogate phallus. The end result is an obvious masturbation joke, and the implication of incest doesn't make it any funnier.

    "Chewable Pampers": Yep, this ad spoof again.

    "Virgania Horsen's Hot-Air Balloon Rides": Yep, this one too. When did tonight's show turn into a repeat?

    "Acting Techniques for Actors": Emmy winner/Oscar nominee Alec Baldwin shows you how to perfect the light coughs that often foreshadow a character's death in a bad movie. It's a simple and mostly unassuming concept, pleasant and silly yet boosted by Alec's ersatz studiousness.

    With sixteen shows in the can for the season, it seems that we've hit that usual midseason lull though there's still reason for concern. As you might expect, Alec was an affable host that wasn't afraid to take risks even if the idea in mind didn't fully flesh out. Despite my concerns, the Jonas Brothers weren't an affront to the usual mayhem and seemed willing to poke fun of their perfectly choreographed, Disney-centric public image. Ultimately, what hampered tonight's show was the writing; ideas that didn't necessitate a second go-around dominated various sketches, some carbon-copied from past shows while others were merely repackaged is if nobody would notice. It's apparent that after five shows in six weeks –following eleven live broadcasts in two months, no less- the creative talent on the show is flaming out, under-stimulated, and in dire need of a break. Here's hoping the cast and writers have their creative juices flowing again by March 7th.

    Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: Everything after the Vincent Price sketch, plus the Joaquin Phoenix commentary on Update.

    Next Week: A repeat of last December's Hugh Laurie/Kanye West show. Oh dear. In Three Weeks: No host or musical guest has been confirmed as of this writing.

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  • Saved by Vincent Price.

    Generally this was a below than average episode, in which the writers didn't give Alec Baldwin the material he needed to shine. The episode was mostly mediocre and the only outstanding sketch was the Vincent Price Valentine's Day Special. This was inspired comedy and there were some great performances, noteably from Kristen Wiig as Carol Channing and Baldwin's excellent impression of Richard Burton and there was little obvious use of cue cards, which is the bane of this current cast. I wonder what Disney will make when they melt down the Jonas Brothers and use the plastic for something else.
  • This episode its about the brothers nick, joe and kevin , The jonas brothers and alec baldwin. They performing a couple of their songs and acting too . Its very funny.

    In this episode the three brothers Nick, Joe and Kevin preforming songs of their album A little bit a longer. They also have a couple of part and they make jokes and imitacions. It's really funny. And they go to the show in a important day , Valentine's Day. Also appears alec baldwin, cameron diaz and others stars. This episode is like a dedication for all the teens and Jb fans. Is really cool see they action in a comedy and then see they performing their songs. This brothers definitely have talent and they are a good example for the teens.
  • Very uneven.

    BEST: the Vincent Price skit, a taste of classic SNL skits featuring a parade of dead-on celeb impersonations (see Gumby's Xmas Special). Shame on the reviewer who called Richard Burton and Carol Channing "obscure"--doesn't matter that they're from the past. That's part of satire.

    WORST: Opening Republican-bash skit. Seemed more like a second rehearsal. Could not understand why they needed Ackroyd for this.

    Jonas Bros. were weak performers, and Joe J proved a distinct inability to read a single line; Kevin sounded OK. I personally enjoyed that the show ran very short -- got to hear a lot more of the great SNL band's closing song than usual.
  • A huge improvement over the most recent episodes and my favorite since Anne Hathaway.

    Republican Meeting - Not sure why this keeps getting slammed so hard. I'm not a liberal by any stretch, but I found it funny nonetheless. Fortunately for me, I am able to separate my political biases from my sense of humor. Why is this so hard for some people? Anyway, Aykroyd was great as usual and Samberg's remark that the little one needs to be taken down a notch was hilarious. With the Dems in complete control of the House and Senate, why should the Republicans go along a bill that will pass regardless of their votes and is sure to disappoint. Playing the blame game is favorite of both parties and the Reps were handed a gift with this one. Why not point it out in the sketch? Grade: B+

    Monologue - Probably the best monologue of the season. Alec brushed aside his own very public tirade to get to the running joke of Jack McBrayer. Nice interaction between the two with honest to goodness laughs. Grade: A

    Jonas Brothers - Funny concept that was well-executed by Alec. The Jonas Bros have been taken to task for the acting abilities, but I thought they did fine for what it was. Loved seeing Alec play a "two-year older" Jonas. Not perfect, but this was a much better way to get the show going then rolling out The Today Show or The view. Grade: B+

    Cougar Den - These sketches have really worn thin. They were pretty slim to begin with and they have nothing new to add. They have become fill-in-the-blanks sketches that are easy to whip out when inspriation fails. Having said that, Alec was fine in his role as the gay guy and Cameron returned for another unsurprising cameo. Grade: C

    Jonas digital short - Ha, I loved this! Then again, I grew up in the 80s listening to an embarrassing array of hair metal. The lead singer was a dead ringer for Stephen Pearcy from Ratt and there were other references to .38 Special, Toto, Autograph and a variety of other 80s cheese. I also liked the fact that this DS was not a showpiece of the Lonely Island. Nice job with the costumes, music and Hader as the Wizard. My favorite DS in a long while. Grade: A

    Sir Mix A Lot Photoshop - Seems like a sketch from 1990, but still enjoyable. Kenan did a good job playing Mix and the doctored photos were nothing short of hilarious. Casey, on the other hand, was not. Grade: A

    Weekend Update - Seth keeps getting better and better now that he has gone solo. I thought this was a very good WU even with the presence of Oscar Rogers. Michaela's new character is kind of strange at first, but is easy to warm up to. Much better than another appearance from Judy Grimes, Aunt Linda, or Nicholas Fehn. The second appearance of Abby's Angelina was funnier than the first, especially given the setup. Nice jab at how she collects babies like some ladies collect porcelian cats. I've only heard about Joaquin's Letterman appearance, but have not seen it yet. I can only guess that Joaquin is slowly losing his mind while the world gawks. Grade: A-

    Vincent Price's Valentines Day Special - These sketches are kind of hit and miss. Hader is always great as Vincent and Fred's Liberace is always a gas, but the other impressions of 50s stars are often too obscure or irrelevant to have any impact. Yes, the hand gag was funny, but who cares about Carol Channing? Grade: C+

    Office - These characters have not improved any from their last appearance. One-dimensional characters delivering implausible lines doesn't exactly tickle my funny bone, but again, it is better than The View and The Today Show. Grade: C

    Wii Game - A completely puerile sketch that still manages to amuse. The writers currently seem to be somewhat obsessed with masturbation given this sketch and last week's Reception Song. This kind of humor is totally low brow, but can be funny if you're in the right frame of mind and are in like-minded company. Grade: B+

    First Coughs - A nice observational sketch, and not a bad choice for the last sketch of the night. Well played by all involved. Grade: B
  • B*tch please...

    Well, the Brad Cooper show kind of stated that SNL is coming out of it's New Year/Winter slump (which usually starts in the first January episode, but this year hels off one). It still could have used a LOT more perfection. I don't know what SNL will do next as far as consistency is. Tonight will tell.

    Now, Alec Baldwin is hosting.That's awesome. But, as I stated in m last reiew, I'm worried if the writers will put it ll in this week or not. They're really struggling with recurring hosts this season. The newbies are the ones hitting it out of the park usually.

    Cold-- Oh, and Jonas Brothers are musical guest.

    Republicans Meeting: Look! Dan Aykroyd apearance! The sketch worked out, but it was a really slow beginning. Just the awkward way of saying the same thing with different words got old after a while.

    Monologue: The audience loves Jack McBrayer more than Alec. This was actully a pretty funny monologue, and it's always nice having Jack McBrayer around.

    The 4th Jonas: Okay. This is our lead off sketch? Alec really carried this sketch, and, I knew we were going to have to deal with them appearing in sketches. Just not the lead-off.

    The Cougar Den: Michaela was just awkwardly there. They might of well just had two hosts. As for Cameron, it worked the first time, but the point of being a guest on the Cougar Den is that you're not alays there. The sketch was pretty funny all together. Some new ideas were great.

    Jonas in an Old Band: Of course, this as a Lonely Island Idea. But, it just didn't work.

    Sir Mix-a-Lot's Photo Booth: I actually liked this skit. The way they icorperated the song was great.

    Musical Performance: Jonas Bros performed a song. I don't know what song. I muted it. Seriously though, why did the camera capture the 3 faces of them at the end of the song? Were they trying to capture the moment or something?

    Weekend Update: The show's in a slump, so hopefuly Update will bring us out of it. It kind of did. All the jokes were almost like time fillers between commentaries. None of the jokes really got a chuckle out of me. Abby's Angelina was good, but rehashed. Jason's Joaquin Phoenix was funny, but slow. Kenan's Oscar Rogers was just completely rehashed while the commentary of the night was Michaela's **** Please' blogger. That was probably the only thing of tonight's Update that I got a laugh out of.

    Vincent Price's Valentine's Day special: Right when you think the show is going to be snow balling into a worse show, you are delighted with a surprise. This sketch was just as delightful as all the other Vincent Price sketches. Kristen's Carol Channing made me forget all the annoyance Ive had with her lately. (It came back after the sketch was over, don't worry) Alec was also funny in this. Great sketch.

    Scheduling: I was worried that this was going to be a fartface sketch, but it was a little bit more funnier than that. I got a lot of chuckles out of Will's "Carol, hold my calls!"

    Musical Performance: Alec's dauhters are in the Jonas cult. Great. I actually just had the volume low on this, but still, it wasn't all that enjoyable.

    Playing the Wii: I laughed, okay? I'm a 15 year old. Shut up!

    Pampers Chewables: In a line of "Oh no! We have extra time! Put in a repeat commercial!", this airs again. I would have prefered any other commercial but this one. Especially since it aired just two wees ago.

    Virgania Horsen: Are you kidding me? If we're going to air a taped segment from last year, do Annuale. I did chuckle. And after watching it, I'm craving theTina Fey/Carrie Underwood show again. Also, this aired a year ago from next week. That was a good night for SNL..

    First Coughs: This was actually a funny sketch. Everybody captured the faces perfectly, except Wiigy, who made a silly face instead of a face with fear.

    That's the show. It's good to see the SNL band getting respect, but my god. We had, like an extra 5 - 6 minutes in the show. There could have been a whole other sketch. Maybe two! This show was REALLY rehashed, and, at times just complete repeats (Horsen, Pampers). Obviously the creative spark is burning out. I can only wonder, though. What would SNL have done if next week were a fourth consecutive show? Would they have shown us up, like with the Jonah Hill and Anne Hathaway shows? We'll never know. Usually, during February, they'd do two shows, a week break, and then 1 show by itself. So, like this show would have been next week. Maybe that would have improved the show.

    But, any ways, Alec brought his game, which was good. It was just the writing. In all seriousness, the JoBros looked like they had fun, and they're actually a good live act. I just don't like their music.

    It was a VERY disappointing Baldwin show, and a little bit below average regular show. But, I enjoyed myself last night watching it. Anyways, the lull is not over, but we'll wait for March.

    March 7 is our next live show. No confirmed guests yet. But, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in the rumor cycle. U2 is also up for grabs for March 7 as musical guest. But, right now, I hope the writers can rejuvanate (Did I spell that right?). Who knows? Two weeks is a great break time. Jon Bon Jovi to Brian Williams. Remember?

    Next week is a broadcast of the god pre-Update, terrible post-Update Hugh Laurie/Kanye West show. February 28 is Harris/Swift rebroadcast. Sweet. Did anybody realize that we skipped over McGraw/Luda, T-Pain repeat? Did Lorne not like that episode?
  • The worst Alec Baldwin Episode by far.

    Wow, they really gave up on this one. Who likes the cougars anyway? Using the exact same Edible Pampers commercial from last week? At least they could have waited two weeks on that.

    I guess I'm a masochist- I keep on watching SNL hoping they continued the success from the Palin era- unfortunately, instead the writers had to dig up a Sir Mix-A-Lot sketch from 1987 (Jon Lovitz was originally slated to play the rapping Knight), and a masturbation sketch that was a shadow of "Schweady Balls".

    Oh, and didn't they do the hot air balloon sketch before as well? That means TWO commercials were recycled, one after the other. I wonder what sketch the censors nixed- probably was funnier.
  • This has the worst SNL opening skit I have ever seen. At no point did I laugh or even smile. It was complete lame shot at the political right and I strongly believe SNL lost many fans tonight.

    This has the worst SNL opening skit I have ever seen. At no point did I laugh or even smile. It was complete lame shot at the political right and I strongly believe SNL lost many fans tonight. It was a sad attempt to try to make republicans look bad and should be just plain embarrassing for anybody associated with Saturday Night Live. As everyone know, Saturday Night live has been struggling since the 90's to come up with something funny and its failing! What is funny is that SNL's highest rating ever was the show that they had on republican VP candidate Sarah Palin. SNL should fire all their writers and rethink their base, if they was to survive.
  • Not that great

    Once again it drops the ball. SNL used to be a show that made you laugh and make my step mom go "Oh my god!" a lot. Now its crap. Its been crap. It suffers from over use of sketch's and horrible ideas. With SNL in the last 10 years if they find one sketch that works the first time..... do about 34 different versions of it.

    Past ones are...

    That ape guy who ate apples
    Rocksberry guys

    Now its...
    Target Lady
    Cougar Den
    Hot Air balloon rides
    and now Eating Diapers

    SNL shouldn't be a series of reruns. Wasn't this the 3 or 4th 'surprise guest star' for Cameron Diaz in the Cougars Den? Its not a surprise anymore.

    And for god sakes you have a talent like Dan Aykroyd in the cold open... and its the stupidest version of the Republican Party so they can argue about which talk show is better and go after the First Daughters for sleepovers?

    SNL is good for three things now. Cold Opens (sometimes)
    Weekend Update
    Digital Shorts

    Every thing else is just filler before late night NBC Poker After Dark comes on.
  • A good effort, better than most this season, but I expected a little more.

    A decent opening of Saturday Night Live? That's been a long time coming. Although this political sketch had no ending and was a waste of Dan Akroyd, but there were still some good lines.

    Tonight's host is Alec Baldwin. The monologue wasn't spectacular, but it was clever with the fans caring more about Jack McBrayer than Alec Baldwin. And even though it was a joke, Jack McBrayer can't be worse than most of the hosts this season (although the upcoming hosting gig by The Rock should good).

    The opening sketch is about Alec Baldwin (as a different Alec Baldwin) wanting to join the Jonas Brothers and rename them the Donut Brothers. This was a decent post-monologue effort mainly due to Baldwin. The Jonas Brothers were not as bad as some other musical guests have been in sketches though, but I still don't see too many acting roles in their future.

    The show's strong beginning was ruined by the returning "Cougar Den" sketch. These are never any good and always seem to drag on forever. The Digital Short was also disappointing featuring the Jonas Brothers dressed up as various 80's bands who have been able to stay young forever. Kenan Thompson ran "Sir Mix-A-Lot's Photoshop" in the next sketch where he increased the ass size of women on pictures. Literally as ridiculous as it sounds.

    A pretty weak Weekend Update, but Abby Elliot returned with her spot-on Angelina Jolie impression. Michaela Watkins was not very good as a part-time blogger, but it as still better than most of the annoying Kristen Wiig characters we usually get on here.

    Vincent Price's TV Land show returned. Still as stupid as the last time it was on. Following this was three executives who could not find a date to have a meeting. A few funny lines, and the way Will Forte said, "Carol hold my calls!" but still not what I'd consider a great segment.

    Masturbation for the Nintendo Wii. This will probably get hated on, but it was a fun, simple segment that didn't run too long and was better than the majority of the late show segments on most broadcasts. I don't know why they needed to have another Chewable Pampers commercial though. Another Kristen Wiig commercial, this time for Hot Air Balloon rides, and an 80's esque concluding advertisement with Alec Baldwin selling acting tips on how to cough rounded out the show.

    Not a bad show, but there were some really boring points.