Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 16

Alec Baldwin/Jonas Brothers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 14, 2009 on NBC

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  • A huge improvement over the most recent episodes and my favorite since Anne Hathaway.

    Republican Meeting - Not sure why this keeps getting slammed so hard. I'm not a liberal by any stretch, but I found it funny nonetheless. Fortunately for me, I am able to separate my political biases from my sense of humor. Why is this so hard for some people? Anyway, Aykroyd was great as usual and Samberg's remark that the little one needs to be taken down a notch was hilarious. With the Dems in complete control of the House and Senate, why should the Republicans go along a bill that will pass regardless of their votes and is sure to disappoint. Playing the blame game is favorite of both parties and the Reps were handed a gift with this one. Why not point it out in the sketch? Grade: B+

    Monologue - Probably the best monologue of the season. Alec brushed aside his own very public tirade to get to the running joke of Jack McBrayer. Nice interaction between the two with honest to goodness laughs. Grade: A

    Jonas Brothers - Funny concept that was well-executed by Alec. The Jonas Bros have been taken to task for the acting abilities, but I thought they did fine for what it was. Loved seeing Alec play a "two-year older" Jonas. Not perfect, but this was a much better way to get the show going then rolling out The Today Show or The view. Grade: B+

    Cougar Den - These sketches have really worn thin. They were pretty slim to begin with and they have nothing new to add. They have become fill-in-the-blanks sketches that are easy to whip out when inspriation fails. Having said that, Alec was fine in his role as the gay guy and Cameron returned for another unsurprising cameo. Grade: C

    Jonas digital short - Ha, I loved this! Then again, I grew up in the 80s listening to an embarrassing array of hair metal. The lead singer was a dead ringer for Stephen Pearcy from Ratt and there were other references to .38 Special, Toto, Autograph and a variety of other 80s cheese. I also liked the fact that this DS was not a showpiece of the Lonely Island. Nice job with the costumes, music and Hader as the Wizard. My favorite DS in a long while. Grade: A

    Sir Mix A Lot Photoshop - Seems like a sketch from 1990, but still enjoyable. Kenan did a good job playing Mix and the doctored photos were nothing short of hilarious. Casey, on the other hand, was not. Grade: A

    Weekend Update - Seth keeps getting better and better now that he has gone solo. I thought this was a very good WU even with the presence of Oscar Rogers. Michaela's new character is kind of strange at first, but is easy to warm up to. Much better than another appearance from Judy Grimes, Aunt Linda, or Nicholas Fehn. The second appearance of Abby's Angelina was funnier than the first, especially given the setup. Nice jab at how she collects babies like some ladies collect porcelian cats. I've only heard about Joaquin's Letterman appearance, but have not seen it yet. I can only guess that Joaquin is slowly losing his mind while the world gawks. Grade: A-

    Vincent Price's Valentines Day Special - These sketches are kind of hit and miss. Hader is always great as Vincent and Fred's Liberace is always a gas, but the other impressions of 50s stars are often too obscure or irrelevant to have any impact. Yes, the hand gag was funny, but who cares about Carol Channing? Grade: C+

    Office - These characters have not improved any from their last appearance. One-dimensional characters delivering implausible lines doesn't exactly tickle my funny bone, but again, it is better than The View and The Today Show. Grade: C

    Wii Game - A completely puerile sketch that still manages to amuse. The writers currently seem to be somewhat obsessed with masturbation given this sketch and last week's Reception Song. This kind of humor is totally low brow, but can be funny if you're in the right frame of mind and are in like-minded company. Grade: B+

    First Coughs - A nice observational sketch, and not a bad choice for the last sketch of the night. Well played by all involved. Grade: B