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Saturday Night Live

Season 29 Episode 6

Alec Baldwin/Missy Elliott

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 15, 2003 on NBC
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Alec Baldwin/Missy Elliott
Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond! Sketches include "Presidental Address," "Huggies Thong," "Bad Plastic Surgeon," "Zinger vs. Burns," "The Tony Bennett Show," "Gaystrogen," "The Falconer," "Prince Charles Press Conference," "Keen Corp Meeting," "Roy Returns," and "Scheinwald Studios." Missy Elliott performed "Pass That Dutch" and "Work It."moreless

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  • The Host With The Most, The Cast With The Least

    A Review by the Former "Heystu," Amateur Critic and Self-Absorbed Mama's Boy

    As much I love writing reviews of SNL episodes (maybe "love" is too strong a word, how about "enjoy"?), I have to admit, I am eagerly anticipating taking a week off next week. Sure, they're airing that crappy Halle Berry/Britney Spears episode again, but at least I can take a breather.

    This week's host, coming off a one-season hiatus of his own, is the great Alec Baldwin. Hosting for a whopping eleventh time, Baldwin has become a behind-the-scenes favorite for his ability to carry a crappy sketch. And, he's a natural on stage, so maybe he could give this non-gelling cast a few pointers. Serving as tonight's musical guest is, making her second go-around on the show, Missy Elliott. I hope she performs "Work It," which is a very addictive hip-hop/pop ditty.

    And now, the obligatory sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: The lesser of three Bushes, Darrell Hammond, tries to explain the recent changes to the current Iraqi occupation by explaining the key points of their flawed, history-repeated constitution. Frankly, as much as I enjoy DH's work on the show, I would rather see Chris Parnell play Dubya.

    MONOLOGUE: Alec Baldwin tries to crack wise, but two musicians from the house band (JF, HS) keep hamming it up. Luckily, a Scots-Irish boom operator that bears a strong resemblance to Mike Myers saves Alec's monologue. The best part of this was when Myers kept shamelessly plugging "The Cat in the Hat," in theaters November 21st.

    "Huggies Thong": I don't review the same skit twice. See my review of Jack Black/John Mayer if you want to know how I felt about this ad spoof.

    "Plastic Surgeon": A semi-competent doctor (Alec) wants to give a breast augmentation patient (AP) some porn star boobs. While the sketch itself wasn't anything special, didn't it seem a bit similar to a sketch from Year 20 called "Los Angeles Breast and Penis"? What makes it even spookier? Alec Baldwin played a creepy doctor in that sketch, too. And one the actors broke character in the sketch as well, just like Amy Poehler.

    "Zinger vs. Burns": It's the end of the world, and all the top scientists in the world want to focus on is a grudge match between a grizzled master of the putdown (Alec) and a cocky, slightly more talented upstart (SM). Quite possibly the funniest sketch of the night, if not by default.

    "The Tony Bennett Show": A sketch from the last time Baldwin hosted is reprised, as the legendary crooner chats up that guy who "accidentally" chopped up his neighbor and got off scot-free. Horatio Sanz, in a rare subdued performance, plays a two-bit comedian Tony met on a plane. Maybe giving him only four lines was a great idea.

    "Gaystrogen": Like "Huggies Thongs" above, look at a previous review (specifically, Halle Berry/Britney Spears ) for details.

    "The Falconer": Will Forte, the show's resident heart and soul, appears for a fifth time as the former business executive that went bonkers and decided to live in the forest with a falcon. This time, our hero is stuck in rudimentary bear trap, and once again his fine-feathered friend is the only one who can save him. The falcon's detour into society this time: a trip to a casino, where he snorts coke and meets a guy who looks like Steve Dallas from "Bloom County." It was funny, but I can definitely smell a formula developing.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: From her new album, which drops in stores later this month, "Misdemeanor" sang and danced to "Pass the Dutch." If only I knew what that meant...

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Boy, was I happy to not have to see another fugly performance from Horatio Sanz tonight. We do however, have Will Forte and Fred Armisen spoofing that infamous Paris Hilton sex tape, while Tina Fey chats via telephone with the similar-sounding Christian Slater and Jack Nicholson (both JF). Not the best "Update," but I'll give it a green light for somehow ostracizing Sanz.

    "C-SPAN": Prince Charles' butler (Alec) answers questions about his master to a bunch of reporters making sex jokes. Okay, so it was nothing but cheap laughs. At least I found the homophobic one-liners to be disturbingly sublime!

    "The Keen Corporation": A very important meeting between suits turns into an awkward romantic interlude of hidden secrets and desires... okay, stop. Let's be honest, people: is there a slightly cleaner way to say that the sketch is about Alec and Amy getting footsie the previous night, then let their romance ruin an imporant meeting? I didn't think so.

    "Roy Returns": Spoofing a horrific accident that occured back in October, Siegfried's calamity-prone partner finally returns to the stage in the haunting, post-apocolypic world of 2005. (I'm kidding about that last part. I only wanted to make this bland and humorless sketch seem interesting.)

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Yay! Missy performed "Work It"! Come on and shake your proverbial tailfeather! Oh yeah.

    "Scheinberg Studios": Rumor has it that this sketch has been floating around since last season, but has not seen the light of day until now. Premise is, a bold young filmmaker (FA) is about to sign the dotted line with a two-bit film studio, but the interference of an old Jewish businessman (RD) and his Robert Evans-ish son (Alec) dampen the efforts of their well-meaning grandson (SM). Now I can see why this has been sitting on the shelf for over a year.

    I am proud to say that while not every Alec Baldwin-hosted episode has been a walk through the tulips, it has never verged into blatant mediocrity. Tonight's episode definitely fits that catagory, as Baldwin shined through one bad sketch after another, much like when he hosted in February and December 1994, at the peak of the show's behind-the-scenes tension. And while I'm not that big of a hip-hop or R&B fan, I found Missy Elliott's performance to be satisfactory. Unfortunatly, recent episodes have proven that the current cast is way too uneven to keep everything together, and tonight it was relatively obvious that Baldwin did all the grunt work. On the plus side, the human stain they call Horatio Sanz was limited to eight total lines in three sketches.

    Sketches and Segments That Might Be Removed in Repeats: the two repeat ads, "Roy Returns," and "Schienberg Studios."

    In a Couple of Weeks: America's favorite long shot presidential candidate, the Reverend Al Sharpton, hosts with masculine bubble-gum chanteuse Pink providing the music. If Al Gore and John McCain were any prognastication, this might be worth watching.

    Contact the former "Heystu" at sma17kc@netscape.net. He replys to all questions, posts, compliments, clarifications, corrections, and/or death threats.moreless
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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Tina Fey: The owners of our very own building, Rockefeller Center, have announced plans to reopen the building's 70th floor observation deck, which has been closed to the public for 17 years. I guess that means that Tom Brokaw and I will have to find a new place to secretly make love.

    • Tina Fey: This January, Kevin Costner will be honored by the Palm Springs International Film Festival, for his contribution to film. This gives Costner just two months to make a contribution to film.

    • Jimmy Fallon: In a Veteran's Day speech this Tuesday, President Bush vowed: "We will finish the mission we have begun ...period." Afterwards, he was advised that, in the future, he doesn't have to read the punctuation marks.

    • Jimmy Fallon: According to new research, monkeys whose ovaries were removed ate 67% more food than other monkeys. This may explain why many women gain weight after menopause, and why I can't get my fat monkey pregnant.

    • Tina Fey: On Sunday, Al Gore called for the repeal for the U.S. Patriot Act, and accused President Bush's administration of undermining civil liberties and exploiting public fears about terrorism. And then, as always, the cashier nodded and gave him his Big Mac.

    • Jimmy Fallon: Actress Demi Moore turned 40 on Tuesday but she feels like a 25-year-old inside.
      Tina Fey: Snap!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Sketches not shown in the 60 minute version: "Huggies Thong" (repeat from 10/4/03), "Breast Augmentation," "Keen Corporation Presentation," "Sigfried and Roy," "Scheinwald Studios," and Missy Elliot's performance of "Work It."

    • The "Scheinwald Studios" sketch has been cut several times since early 2002.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: "Gay Dance Party" (with Alec Baldwin as Harvey Fierstein and Seth Meyers as Ian McKellen), a sketch called "Mr. Lucky" with Baldwin as the title character, a sketch called "Learn to Read" where Baldwin promotes reading. Repeats of the "Tele-Link" and "Cryogenix" commercials were on standby.

    • Dan Aykroyd was in the audience for the live show but did not particpate in any sketches.

    • The "Plastic Surgeon" sketch was cut from last season's Ray Romano episode.