Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 1

Alec Baldwin/Radiohead

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 24, 2011 on NBC

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  • Good season opener. Nearly perfect.


    Good season opener

    Debate:Bill Hader returns as shepard smith. Alec baldwin had a funny Rick Perry and a good joke at the end making fun of the awful Whitney. 9/10

    Monologue:Hilarious monologue! Steve Martin shows up to see if Alec is cheating. Seth Rogen Shows up to. 8/10

    Red Flag:Perfect commercial, a lot like bad idea jeans. 10/10

    All my Children:Making fun of the overly dramatic show. Love the line "I operate the fans, or was i pushed?" 7/10

    WDHX News:Funny sketch with Kristen Wiig(I guessit is possible).8/10

    Weekend Update:First weak part of the episode. Seths jokes worn't going great and Tony Bennet was the only guest and he wasn't funny.3/10.

    Who's on Top:Perfect game show! And I mean perfect. The execution was great. Favorite part at the beginning of the game when Jason Sudekis quit.

    Top Gun DVD:Its just an exude to do impressions...I LOVE IT! Favorite impressions Andy Sambergs Crispin Glover, Bill Haders Alan Alda and Taran Killams Bobcat Goldwaith.9/10

    Child Pyschologist: Nasim Pedrad is the perfect damaged teenage girl.7/10

    Angels in the Trench: Soldiers are dying and there dying wishes are for Private Scott(Taran Killam) to tell his mother she's fat. Good sketch Taran's doing a great job tonight.9/10

    Best Cast Member:Bill Hader Runner Up:Taran Killam

    Worst Cast Member: Jay Pharaoh(because he wasn't there) Runner Up:Vanessa Bayer

    Best Sketch:Who's On Top Runner Up:Red Flag

    Worst Sketch:Weekend Update

    Jay Pharaoh wasn't in this episode but they said his name in the credits.