Saturday Night Live

Season 15 Episode 19

Alec Baldwin/The B-52's

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 21, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

BUSH & THE ENVIRONMENT: George Bush discusses the environment and shows off his glaucoma eye drops. (Carvey)

MONOLOGUE: Alec Baldwin strikes several different poses for the viewing audience's pleasure. (Baldwin, Jackson)

GREENHILLY: Residents of a posh country club unexpectedly and passionately kiss new member. (Baldwin, Dunn, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson)

THE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS ONE: Recyclying enthusiast wreaks havoc on a town controlled by factories causing pollution. (Baldwin, Carvey, Dunn, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Myers, Nealon, Tom Davis, Rob Schneider, David Spade)

THE GARBO I KNEW: Greta Garbo truly did not want to be around anybody. (Baldwin, Hartman (voice), Hooks, Rob Schneider)

ONLY IN NEW YORK: Gossip columnists Cindy and Joey Adams spout rumors and jokes respectively. (Dunn, Hartman)

"COSMIC THING": (B-52's)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Kevin Nealon reports from 10 feet away and notices that the crowd as become agitated and bored with the segment; during "The Big Picture," A. Whitney Brown says that America should carry out it's arrogance; Dennis Miller introduces the New Kids On The Chopping Block toys. (Brown, Miller, Nealon)

THE NUDE TALK SHOW: The story of a man's dream to create a nude talk show and how it came to fruition. (Baldwin, Carvey, Dunn, Franken, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Myers, Tom Davis, Conan O'Brien)

SEXUAL TENSIONS DINER: Sexual tension is amidst when a patron orders from the menu to a waitress. (Baldwin, Dunn, Hartman, Hooks, Nealon)

"CHANNEL Z": (B-52's)

MIDDLE-AGED MAN: Middle-Aged Man solves a man's impotence problem. (Baldwin, Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Myers)