Saturday Night Live

Season 22 Episode 14

Alec Baldwin/Tina Turner

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 22, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE LATE SHOW: Robert De Niro stops by the show to plug his new film, "Marvin's Room." (Baldwin, MacDonald, McKinney)

MONOLOGUE: Alec Baldwin gives a tour on how every single episode of SNL is put together, and the people who help make it fun. (Baldwin, Hammond, Meadows, Morgan, Shannon, Phil Hymes, Norm Hiscock, Lorne Michaels, Don Pardo, Paula Pell)

THE ROXBURY GUYS: Doug and Steve Butabi appear flustered when their friend gets all of the babes. (Baldwin, Ferrell, Kattan)

MARY KATHERINE & TINA TURNER: Mary Katherine Gallagher sneaks into Tina Turner's dressing room. (Baldwin, Turner, Oteri, Shannon)

THE QUIET STORM: Chris Garnett's intrusive soundbytes aggravate the station's newscaster. (Baldwin, Meadows, Morgan)

FUN WITH REAL AUDIO: Obsessive Tom Snyder stalks busty Dolly Parton.

THE GOSSIP SHOW: Julie Brown loses her job at the show after revealing coworkers' secrets. (Baldwin, Breuer, Gasteyer, McKinney, Oteri, Quinn)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Howard Stern announces his sketch ideas and shows a clip of his new film, "Private Parts." (Howard Stern, MacDonald)


LONG ISLAND GIRLS: Nasally Long Island operators get turned on by callers' gossip and money situation. (Baldwin, Breuer, Gasteyer, Hammond, Hammond(voice), Kattan, McKinney, Oteri, Quinn, Shannon)

SENTIMENTAL YARD SALE: Man sells his most prized, sentimental items for pocket change at his garage sale. (Baldwin, Breuer, Gasteyer, Meadows, Shannon)

WONG & OWENS, EX-PORN STARS: Interns Don Wong and Reggie Owens try not to indicate any of their past work. (Baldwin, Breuer, Morgan, Oteri, Shannon)

"PROUD MARY": (Turner)

BILL BRASKY'S FUNERAL: Drunken businessmen eulogize the late Bill Brasky at his funeral. (Baldwin, Ferrell, Gasteyer, McKinney, Meadows)

RAIN: Mother nature shows its worst side with rain in television series. (Ferrell, Oteri)
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