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Season 35 Episode 23

Alec Baldwin/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 15, 2010 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Bill Hader! Sketches include "BP, Transocean, and Halliburton," "Great Day" (Digital Short), "Arizona Evenings," "Hudson Valley High School Swim Team," "Belinda's Birthday Cookout," "Preniva," "Grady Wilson's Intimate & International," "Timecrowave," "Whistle If You Can," and "Scout Sniper School." Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers performed "I Should Have Known It" and "Jefferson Jericho Blues."moreless

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  • "You know the book '1776?' He read it."

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Environmental Hazard

    I'm back... kinda.

    When I posted my last full review seven months ago, I alluded to the fact that while I couldn't do this on a weekly basis anymore, I would still be open to revisiting my reviews every now and then. I never completely disappeared from, either; I still edit the episode guide and moderate the forum, where I post my thoughts on the previous night's live show in a truncated, less time-consuming format. However, with the season wrapping up I felt compelled to post my annual retrospective list, and in turn write a review like I normally did for the better part of 6 ½ years.

    This week's host is Alec Baldwin, the most frequent host of the past 20 years and, as of tonight, tied with Steve Martin for the most hosting stints in SNL history. During the 6 ½ year period when I reviewed live shows in near-exhausting detail, I deconstructed Alec more than any other host and never found myself totally disappointed. Even when the material didn't rise to the occasion, Baldwin still found a way to shine. Having a familiar face like Baldwin is a gift of sorts for the show's creative talent; normally by season's end, the cast and writers are exhausted and the presence of a proven, easy-to-get-along-with host makes that last week go a lot smoother.

    This week's musical guest is also a familiar presence, and an even bigger throwback. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were last on SNL in 1999 to promote "Echo," ending a streak dating back to the mid-80s when the Floridian quintet popped up on SNL about every three or four years. To stave off any suggestion of complacency or irrelevance, they return after an 11-year hiatus to plug their latest disc, the blues-driven "Mojo."

    And now, for old times' sake, a sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: "And now, a message from the guys that ruined our ocean." So began a mock joint press conference by representatives from BP, Transocean, and Halliburton (FA, BH, JS). With the situation in the Gulf of Mexico barely stabilizing, these so-called champions of industry list off the strategies that have failed so far: the vague "Top Hat" technique, the giant tube, and so forth. In admitting their failures -and in turn, their indifferent and oblivious natures- they list off more ineffectual ideas for limiting the oil leak damage. "Blame the French" was a lazy gag, but I chuckled at the prospect of outsourcing Aquaman, or perhaps utilizing a giant roll of duct tape.

    MONOLOGUE: An actor resembling Kabletown bigwig Jack Donaghy strolls onto center stage, claiming that by hosting tonight, he's 14 shows ahead of Betty White. After tying what once seemed like an untouchable record, Alec presents his pal Steve Martin via satellite on a stage monitor, than quickly stifles him. That part was funny; his meandering "commencement address" for Season 35, however was trite and predictable.

    DIGITAL SHORT: Already? It's been awhile since Andy's filmed piece aired directly after the monologue. Luckily, the quality matched the position. "Great Day" is a peppy song-and-dance number set inside the mind of a troubled drug addict (AS) whose life is clearly falling apart. Luckily, the pathos is played for laughs; this man is unbearably pathetic and deluded, but his fantasies paint a shiny sheen on his downward spiral.

    "Arizona Evenings": Production on a Tucson-based soap opera is hindered by… yeah, you guessed it, a new recurring character from Kristen Wiig. This time, the formula is a brown wig, a slight stammer, and big teeth, not to mention the usual overt incompetence. Her name is Starfish, and you'll probably seeing her at least five times next season. Enjoy!

    "Hudson Valley Swim Team": At awards night, acerbic Coach Rooney (Alec) sarcastically dishes honors upon his winless, hapless swimmers. This sketch relied heavily on Baldwin's delivery, a seamless mix of exasperation, failure, and misanthropy. Is it too late to make an addendum to his Best-of DVD?

    "Belinda's Birthday": Nasim Pedrad has been decent in limited action this season, but she might be onto something with this very odd eighth-grader. She's an original character, to say the least; she can't run with the popular girls, yet she's more frank and mature than her male peers. Belinda is painfully awkward, yet acutely self-aware at the same time. Plus, she's fixed on her parents, with her dorky dad (Alec) being her latest patsy. I'm not sure where they can go with Belinda at this point (a beloved Nana, perhaps?) but we should enjoy this while we can.

    "Preniva": A parody of those omnipresent Boniva ads, where Sally Field (AE) uses scare tactics to persuade middle-aged women to buy a bone loss remedy. The impression, the writing, and the general aesthetic of the sketch were right on target, so how in the heck did this ad spoof get cut from two dress rehearsals?

    "Grady Wilson's Intimate & International": I want to like Kenan, I really, genuinely do, but some of his recurring characters are so poorly conceived that they occasionally smack of apathy, if not borderline racism. Wilson is not a Steppin Fetchit-type caricature, though he's devolved into one of the Kenan's lesser alter egos. Tonight, the underwear-clad Grady presents his latest lovemaking video, inspired by a recent Mediterranean cruise and a budding friendship with an equally unctuous Greek guy (Alec) with a yen for group sex. One must wonder if whoever wrote this sketch has ever pleasured a woman.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: "I Should Have Known It" has a vague Led Zeppelin vibe, a straight-up roots-rock tune with a worldly vocal performance by Elroy Kleinschmidt himself.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: As usual, Seth's zingers were sharp (his one-liners involving the containment dome, New Yorkers on the Supreme Court, and shorn alpacas were especially funny), though his banter with tonight's guest commentators was a tad more smug than usual. Snooki (BM) from "Jersey Shore" resurfaced to get flirty and make self-deprecating comments about her orange complexion. A character as delightfully absurb and detached from reality like Stefon (BH) was a gimme, and points to Bill for not breaking character. The segment ended with the under-rehearsed musical styling of Garth & Kat (FA, KW), a vanilla singing duo whose existence is based on an improv game where two actors invent a song on the spot, based on a certain topic. It's a fun bit to play, and I can tell you that from experience, though it doesn't entirely translate from the stage to the small screen.

    "Timecrowave": In this infomercial spoof, Inventor Gram Lampton (Alec) and ex-beauty queen Penny Schmear (KW) promote a microwave whose time travel capabilities have the ability to warp the time/space continuum. The magic was in the constant reveals, though after your window backdrop suddenly exposes a neighborhood of Nazi flags, what direction can you go?

    "Whistle If You Can": Over on TCM, failed movie critic Ben Mankiewicz (BH) introduces a Douglas Sirk-type movie from 1952. A warm-fuzzy scene involving a prostitute (JS2) and her kind-hearted john (Alec) set up a great plot twist that I can't elaborate on. Yes, it was a one-joke sketch, but the payoff was well worth it.

    "Scout Sniper School": At an army base in central Virginia, a loopy sergeant (Alec) orders his troops (JS1, KT) to "Tay da shaw!" In a reversal of fortune from the previous sketch, the one joke that strings everything along never really gels, and Alec rolls around on Astroturf repeating the same line that a willing audience just won't laugh at.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Where their first song evoked '70s classic rock, "Jefferson Jericho Blues" sounds like the Mississippi Delta by way of five middle-aged white dudes from Florida. That's some damn good harmonica.

    After last week's Betty White hullabaloo, it would be hard to blame the powers that be to rest on their laurels for a proven and can't-miss host, yet I only sporadically got the sense that the cast and writers were going through the motions tonight. One recurring complaint in the SNL forums this past year has been Abby, Nasim, and Jenny's overall lack of screen time. That was remedied somewhat tonight, as each of the three featured players had one meaty role. Though "Mojo" won't generate a hit single in the same way Petty's earlier works had, their organic mesh of blues and rock was an unorthodox (and invigorating) way to end a season where nearly every musical act was buried under layers of synthesizers and bad sound mixing.


    And now, a retrospective of Season 35:

    Where Season 34 found a young, promising cast at the peak of its powers, Season 35 was a noticeable step backwards. Though Fred Armisen, Will Forte, and Kristen Wiig (and to a lesser degree, Kenan Thompson) continued to bless us with their steady and reliable presences, at times they were forced to carry weak sketches and therefore the show itself. I'm not sure if it's time to clean house, though; I believe this cast has some remaining potential left untapped, but at times it feels like they don't want to harness it. Nevertheless…

    Best Digital Short: "The Tizzle Wizzle Show"

    Honorable Mention: "Silvio"

    Worst Digital Short: "Cherry Battle"

    Best Musical Guest: MGMT

    Runner-Up: Muse

    Worst Musical Guest: Ke$ha

    Runner-Up: Bon Jovi

    Best Host: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Runner-Up: Jon Hamm

    Worst Host: January Jones

    Runner-Up: Gabourey Sidibe

    The Ten Most Indeliable Moments of the Season:

    10. Hu Jintao makes his point clear (JGL/DMB)

    9. Jenny says a naughty word, everybody notices (Fox/U2)

    8. Lady Gaga says a naughty word, nobody notices (Reynolds/Gaga)

    7. Where did John Mulaney come from? (Sidibe/MGMT)

    6. Sarina Feylin returns (Fey/Bieber)

    5. Tiger Woods, spousal abuse, and bad timing (Lively/Rihanna)

    4. Brittany Murphy and more bad timing (Lively/Rihanna)

    3. "What Up With That?" is ridiculous, pointless fun

    2. Zach Galifianakis' monologue

    1. Betty White, period.

    Worst Overall Episodes:

    3. Ryan Phillippe/Ke$ha

    2. Blake Lively/Rihanna

    1. January Jones/Black Eyed Peas (I think I was overly generous in rating this show a 5)

    Best Overall Episodes:

    3. Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures

    2. Betty White/Jay-Z

    1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Dave Matthews Band


    Will Be Missed: writer Emily Spivey

    Will Be Missed If He Ever Retires: Don Pardo

    Missed At First, Now I'm Not Sure: Michaela Watkins

    2009-10 Most Valuable Player: Seth Meyers. It took awhile, but Seth has made Update his own. Granted, his sketch presence has been damn near non-existent since 2006 or so, but that's beside the point. In the event that a live show was faltering, a strong Update segment was enough to give everyone involved a shock to the system. This unique talent has only been seen in the crème de la crème of Update anchors, the Dennis Millers and Tina Feys of yesteryear, and now Meyers has found his place in the upper echelons.

    "HelloStuart" is a graduate of the Second City Training Center in Chicago, Illinois and is currently enrolled at IO. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM Stu or drop him an e-mail at
  • Season 35 recap!

    Season 35 is now on it's last episode. I'll share my thoughts on this season down below, but anyways, our host tonight is Alec Baldwin. Musical guest is Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

    Oil Spill Conference: This was nothing too too special for an opening.

    Monologue: I enjoyed the Steve Martin filmed cameo, and I laughed at when Alec pushed him off.

    Great Day: This was a really funny digital short, and it was a great way to incorperate Alec and Tom Petty in.

    Arizona Evenings: Uhhh... this sketch was original... but, I don't know. I didn't want another new Kristen Wiig character that didn't have a real point other than the silliness. I mean, I chuckled at a few parts. The sketch wasn't a complete dud. But, this wasn't exactly what I wanted to see as the first sketch of the night.

    Swim Team Awards: This was a pretty funny way featuring Alec. I also enjoyed the writers in the background being the booster parents, or teachers, or whatever they were.

    Birthday Cook-Out: I really like this character. The way Nasim plays her is really entertaining, and as long as they come up with new "quirky" lines, then that's fine by me.

    Preniva: This was great. Abby Elliott just somewhat helped herself from not being cut this summer. As awful as that sounds.

    Grady Wilson: Aaaaaand we come to a screeching half of creativity.

    Musical Performance: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play "I should Have Known It". Good performance.

    Weekend Update: The jokes tonight were decent, and my favorite of the night was Bobby Moynihan as Snooki, once again. From there, I enjoyed both Garth and Kat and Stefon equally.

    Timecrowave: This was a really good sketch. I kind of reminded me of the Late Night Television Commercial done in the season premiere with Megan Fox, just because of the randomness of the commercial. All the different changes were hilarious.

    Whistle If You Can: This sketch was alright. I liked Jenny in it, a lot.

    Snipers: This wasn't anything too special.

    Musical Performance: We end the season with a musical performance of "Jefferson Jericho Blues".

    Tonight's show was definitely a drop-off from last week's episode. I know that I wasn't going to see another great episode, but, man, the level of quality lost between last week and this week was pretty significant. It was a average show, but for Alec's standards, it was below average. I almost feel like the writers could produce a great show every week, but they just don't feel they have the time. Anyways, Alec was just like he always is, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were a good musical guest.

    Alright, it's time to recap season 35:

    Most Improved Cast Member:

    Bobby Moynihan this season has given the reasons for him to be promoted next year. It was hard to even find an improved cast member this season. Most cast members have either stayed constant in their performance quality, or they have taken a few steps down in their quality from last year... so Bobby was the first choice I could find.

    Best Digital Short:

    3. Great Day (05/15/10) 2. Sergio (01/30/10)

    1. Two World's Collide ft. Reba (11/21/09)

    Worst Digital Short:

    3. Cherry Battle (04/24/10) 2. Laser Cats 5 (01/16/10)

    1. The Date (09/26/09)

    Best Cold Open: 3. Lawrence Welk Show (05/08/10)

    2. Larry King (04/17/10)

    1. End of An Era (11/07/09)

    Worst Cold Open: 3. United Nations Conference (09/26/09)

    2. Nobel Prize (10/10/09)

    1. Wall Street Lunch (04/24/10)

    Best Cast Member: Last year, I said that Kristen Wiig was my favorite cast member. But, I have to realize, that her peak came in the 07/08 season. This year I'm not gonna list her again. It's definitely a toss up between Bill and Fred. But, Bill Hader.

    Worst Cast Member:

    Both Abby Elliott and Jenny Slate didn't do much this season, but Abby has the upper-hand with her hilarious impressions (*cough* female Darrell hammond), so I'm gonna go with Jenny Slate. Her awkwardness is just noticeable, and I really do want to like her as cast member, and she has had a few break-out moments, but she needs to step it up next season.

    Favorite Rookie:

    Nasim Pedrad, I have to admit, is an even better rookie than Michaela last year. I am so excited to see where Nasim goes on this show.

    Worst Hosts:

    3. Megan Fox

    2. Gabby Sidibe


    Best Hosts:

    3. Tina Fey

    2. Betty White

    1. Jon Hamm

    Honorable Mentions: Taylor Swift, Gerard Butler, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt

    Worst Musical Guests:

    3. The Ting Tings

    2. Black Eyed Peas

    1. Bon Jovi

    Best Musical Guests:

    3. MGMT

    2. Regina Spektor

    1. Jay-Z

    A Special Award To A Guest I enjoyed just because of creativity and almost like a breath of fresh air to rather usual burnt out songs: Lady GaGa Honorable Mentions: Muse, Michael Buble, Alicia Keys

    Bottom 5 Overall Episodes:

    5. Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures (02/06/10)

    4. Sigourney Weaver/Ting Tings (01/16/10)

    3. January Jones/Black Eyed Peas (11/14/09)

    2. Gaborey Sibide/MGMT (04/24/10)

    1. Megan Fox/U2 (09/26/09)

    Top 5 Overall Episodes:

    5. Zach Galifianakis/Vampire Weekend

    4. Gerard Butler/Shakira (10/17/09)

    3. Ryan Phillippe/Kesha (04/17/10)

    2. Jon Hamm/Michael Buble (01/30/10)

    1. Betty White/Jay-Z (05/08/10)

    Season 35 In A Nutshell:

    The first half of this season was more leveled, and consistent than the second half. While the first half had no real stand-out episode, the second half had some promising episodes, like Jon Hamm, and Betty White, but, it really relied way too heavily on recurring characters. This season's most infamous trend will be the reliance of recurring characters. SNL even brought back characters that weren't recurring, and were used, maybe about 4 years ago or more. It was just out of hand at times. And, lately, recurring characters are mere rewrites, with new settings and people.

    Another thing about this season was the cast. As I said above, no cast member really evolved. Some even took back-wards steps. I really think SNL should stop the heavy reliance on Kristen Wiig, all the time. She's talented, no doubt. She is one of the best hires SNL has made in years (along with Bill), but, SNL has to realize they have more than a dozen other cast members wanting to get on. Aside from the Wiig problem is the unevenness of both Abby Elliott and Jenny Slate. Both of these girls have been shoved away the whole season. But, the difference is, when Abby is on stage, she's on stage. You can tell she's comfortable. Jenny had this awkward vibe the whole season. I was waiting for her to get to it, and write some great sketches. Unfortunately, SNL will probably let one, or both of these girls go. Last year, there was a minor complaint about Casey's lack of presence, and SNL fired her with no problem, along with Michaela Watkins (I'm not getting over that anytime soon). But, if I had to pick one to keep, I'd say Abby. I really don't feel well about Jenny's future on SNL. She seems talented in other things she does, but I don't think sketch comedy is her thing, just like Casey.

    I would say that this season was my least favorite out of the past four seasons I've watched (s. 32, 33, 34, 35), but I don't consider it a bad season. There were some promising things about this season, but there were also more phoned in things than not.

    Here's to a more promising season 36! Have a great summer everybody!

    Next week is a repeat of Tina Fey and Justin Bieber. Good episode.moreless
  • Season finale

    Only a few recurring sketches tonight, and the episode, while definitely good at some points, was just kind of boring. Not a lot of LOL segments tonight, and just not a lot of stuff that prevented me from dozing off. Baldwin is willing to try a lot of things and that he is why he has had such success on this show, but there were times where he simply looked "old" out there. He could be seen clearly reading off the cards (and struggling to read off them) in multiple sketches and some of his timing on the jokes did not seem like what the writers were going for. Still, Baldwin is a legend, but given this being the season finale, it has to be a bit of a letdown.

    Cold Opening: Three oil executives offer goofy ideas on how to fix the gulf crisis. Well, at least it is not entirely political.

    Monologue: Baldwin doesn't sing, he doesn't do anything big here, and maybe he should have. Poor effort put forth in the monologue.

    Digital Short: Andy takes crack and thinks he is in a music video. Time to pull the plug on this unlimited creative freedom given to Lonely Island. New Script Supervisor: Another Kristen Wiig character that walks in front of the camera. Yeah.

    Graduation: Stupid humor about a coach mocking his students. I laughed a lot, but this is not clever SNL humor.

    Kid Obsessed With Her Parents: It looks like Nasim has a recurring character, as this, which first appeared in the Tina Fey episode, is back once again. About as entertaining as the first time around. Sally Field Commercial: Another Abby Elliott impression, another hit, but just not very funny.

    Grady Wilson: Funnier than usual, but more low-brow humor, which has been par for the course tonight.

    Weekend Update: Meyers came off like a bitter old man tonight, just mocking everything and not in a good way. Timecrowave: A microwave that lets you get meals from the future, provided you send meals back in time at a later date. Stupid.

    Prostitute: Another one of these old parodies, this time the hooker with a heart of gold, but after giving the inspirational speech, Alec still wants to use the prostitute. Another swing and a miss sketch.

    Army: The joke here is mocking how army generals often shout incoherent things, as here Alec kept saying, "Take the sha" which means stand your ground not fire. Good concept, but poorly executed.moreless
  • From now on, I would like you to call me Dr. Alec Baldwin, OB/GYN

    Hosting for his fifteenth time and portrays Jack Donahey on "30 Rock", Alec Baldwin; Appearing for the 8th time as musical guest, the disicples of Byrds, Beatles, and Bob Dylan style rock n' roll Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

    Cold Open- Oil Spill Press Conference- The CEO's of BP, Halliburton, and Trans Ocean (Fred, Jason, Bill) offer their own suggestions for how to plug to flow of oil with delirious titles. Pretty good spoof of the funny titles of the actual oil spill plugging suggestions.

    Monologue- Alec announces this as his fifteenth time hosting, then Steve Martin appears via television to upstage Alec only to be pushed into stage left; finally he ends with a "SNL commencement". The Steve Martin portion was fun and his mentioning getting an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.

    Digital Short- In the weirdest short yet, a cocaine addict (Andy) sings of his happy day, while scaring and shouting at those around him. One of the better Digital Shorts this season, I guess the Lonely Island crew still have some gas left in them. Arizona Evenings- I don't know. Something about actors (Alec, Andy) in a tv studio getting interrupted by the buck-toothed, southern-voice script supervisor, with an aquatic name-- Starfish (Kristin). This abomination will be back.

    Hudson Valley Swim Team Awards- Gruff swim coach (Alec) hands out awards and insults to his swim team members. This sketch is all about Alec's character. He kills in this.

    Bedilah- During a cookout, Bedilah (Nasim) hangouts with dad (Alec) and talks to partygoers. I enjoy this character and want to see where they go with her.

    Preniva- Sally Field (Abby) hawks product to help you avoid bone loss and do mundane activities. I agree with others that said this should been on the air by rather than getting cut twice after dress.

    Grady Wilson's Intimate and International- The dirty elderly Wilson (Kenan) hawks yet another sex move video, this time with his Greek associate (Alec) whom offers his own moves. I like these alot and can never get enough. My favorites this time would be "Groundhog Day" and "Erotic Donkey".

    Thomas Earl Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Ron Blair, Steve Ferrone and Scott Thurston perform a rollicking tune off their upcoming album 'Mojo'-- "I Should Have Known It"

    Weekend Update- Best jokes from Seth Oil Spill/BP, Spirit Airlines, Lice for Sale/Ex-lover, Danny Glover/Booed; Snooki (Bobby) from 'Jersey Shore' talks about filming Florida; Stefan (Bill) gives more creepy city dives for tourists to visit; Garth and Kat (Fred, Kristin) perform more improvisational songs. Lazy way to end to the season, but at least Seth's jokes weren't bad.

    Timecrowave- Gram Lampton (Alec) and the former Miss Indiana (Kristin) a hawk a microwave oven that sends food into the future to be heated, while also changing the events on the outside-- from the race of a person to gender of a person to nomenclature of a person to Nazi flags and cats appearing outside your window. VERY original sketch. Outstandingly funny. Catch Me If You Can- On AMC, a 1950s movie showcases a dramatic scene between a prostitute (Jenny) and her john (Alec). I thought this would be a dramatic piece, especially the discussion of prostitute's mother and her phone call, but the ending scene's dialogue was a descent pay off anyhow. Scout Sniper School- At FBI headquarters, a seargant (Alec) whips his recruits (Kenan, Jason) into shape and commands they "take the shot". One joke sketch goes nowhere. Weakest 10-to-1 sketch this season. Thomas Earl and boys return with harmonica in tow on the Mississippi Delta-inspired "Jefferson Jericho Blues"

    So closes year 35. Not as good as last year's celebrity guest heavy show, but not bad either. Alec was great as usual. The Heartbreakers still got the great sound that made them famous some years ago. Best of Season 35:

    Episode - Jon Hamm/Michael Buble

    Sketch - Smash Mouth in the Closet (Jennifer Lopez)

    Fake Commercial - Closet Organizer (Jon Hamm/Michael Buble)

    Digital Short - Sergio (Jon Hamm/Michael Buble)

    Have a good summer.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the beginning of the "Bedelia's Birthday" sketch, Alec Baldwin addresses Bedelia as "Belinda"; the next time he refers to the character by name he calls her "Bedelia."

  • QUOTES (2)

  • NOTES (5)

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60 minute version: the Snooki segment on Weekend Update, Tom Petty's performance of "Jefferson Jericho Blues,"
      "Arizona Evenings," "Bedelia's Birthday,"
      "Whistle If You Can" and "Snipers."

    • Will Forte and Jenny Slate's last episode.

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: a commercial about men having smooth scrotums; a burned former teen idol (Alec Baldwin) finally responds to adoring fan's (Kristin Wiig) letter; Broadview Security (rerun Jude Law/Pearl Jam); in a spoof of the "Sex in the City" movie, a man (Alec Baldwin) can't have sex; a man (Will Forte) finds a car, sings with its owner about finding the car; and on Weekend Update, a man (Will Forte) with a proclivity for kangaroos gives a commentary.

    • The Sally Field/"Preniva" sketch was very similar to a sketch featured on LOGO's sketch comedy series, The Big Gay Sketch Show. TBGSS also featured a similarly-themed Boniva parody ad starring a Sally Field imitator in a 2008 episode.

    • The clapboard in the "Arizona Evenings" sketch states the director's name as "J. Lutz." Longtime SNL writer John Lutz not only wrote this sketch, but he also made a brief appearance in the "Hudson Valley Swim Team" sketch later in the show.