Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 3

Anna Faris/Duffy

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • Thanks, Amy. Thanks, Seth. But, more especially, thanks, Duffy... just kidding...

    Week 3 out of 4. Will the cast look weary? We'll see tonight. Last week was a very big improvement over the season premiere. Can tonight stick up to it's bet? Luckily, Marci got a woman to host which was the right thing to do. If you did 4 men in a row, you'd get stale. Infact, the last time they did 4 shows, (February/March) they started out with 3 women in a row. By the last broadcast, you could tell they were in need of a man.

    This week's host is Anna Faris, the HouseBunny. Never saw the movie, but I was told it was girly. I know she's talented, though, and she shouldn't botch up her lines at all. Well, maybe once or twice, but everyone does that. It's live television!

    Musical guest has been anticipated from me since I found out she was going to be on, and even before. Duffy will perform tonight, giving us that smooth deep music with her oh-so unique voice. I am ecstatic!

    Palin/Couric Interview: One complaint is how Amy had to play Couric. She did capture somewhat of a Couric esence, yes, but she's pregnant. I know they want to keep that "Poehler/Fey" thing going on for as long as they can, but, Kristen could have so done Couric. Asides from that, this was a great opening.

    Monologue: Short, which is fine. Faris exaguated the "stupid" thing too much with her semi-drunken voice.

    New Friends?: Once two new friends leave, a husband and wife review how the night went. They both wonder if what they said, including very inappropiate things, was too harsh. They also get the vibe that the two friends didn't like them. After watching this a second time around, I enjoyed it very much so. The first time around was making me wonder if it were a taped commercial, or a sketch, due to the fact that I didn't notice the long intermission before it shot to Faris in the car. Yes, it was live. By the way, did we need to end the sketch that wierdly?

    First Presidential Debate: Parnell is back! Can't complain. Even though it was pointless for him coming back since he had a scarce amount of lines. But, this was great. Much better than the 2004 debate sketches Ive seen. Fred has somewhat improved his Obama, but we all know he'll never perfect it. Maybe we should get Keegan-Michael Key on or something.... maybe not.

    Boat Ride: A blonde discovers that her date is going to kill her after he sings about it out loud twice. This made me laugh a lot. Kenan actually didn't ruin this sketch! Proud of him! But, I laughed out loud a lot during this sketch. Kenan's line, "You were singing out loud" was great.

    Musical Performance: Duffy goes through her awesome single, "Mercy", which she just rocked.

    Weekend Update: Best Update of the season thus far. Jokes were great, while I enjoyed Judy Grimes much more than her first time around. Bill Clinton's commentary was really great! I laughed at basically everything he said.

    Strippers At Scores: Smart strippers... interesting. This sketch didn't really take off. I can probably name this weakest sketch of the night.

    Deep House Dish: I got nauseous. I've gotta say though, I thought this was some what better than the season 32 and 31 sketches of this. The Bears ruined it though, I gotta say that.

    Used Wedding Gounds: Part 4,012 of "The Attempt of TBO Kenan Thompson". The sketch was decent, and reminded me much of the used matress furniture store back in 96, with host Martin Short.

    Musical Performance: Duffy performs "Stepping Stone" which is kind of a yawner, if it weren't for Duffy's performance. To think I was waiting for "Warwick Avenue" until 10 of 1o'clock.

    My Old Boyfriend: This went into the direction that I wanted it to go into. It was a good last sketch of the night.

    Anna Faris showed to be an average host for the show. She would rank a 5 out of 10 on the host scale. Duffy on the other hand, was magnificant. I was sad she didn't perform Warwick Avenue, but I did like Stepping Stones. Mercy was also very, very enjoyable.

    It's obvious that SNL's state right now is shooting for somewhat above average. In the recent episodes, they played host to 2, 3, or 4 great, great sketches, while the rest was middling, fine, or maybe weak. Tonight's episode did not have any taped segments (that hasn't happened since Topher Grace/The Killers, year 30), and had a lower amount of sketches, due to the two 10-minute sketches. I actually kind of liked that, though. Tonight's episode also didn't show-case the cast as much as last week did, but still, tonight's episode was a good show.

    Next Week: Anne Hathaway hosts, with musical guest The Killers, for the 4th week. I have hope for the 4th week. I'm also excited for both guests.