Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 3

Anna Faris/Duffy

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • Well above average episode featuring an instantly classic Sarah Palin sketch and an exceptionally strong Weekend Update.

    9-27-2008 Season 34 Episode 3
    Host - Anna Faris
    Musical Guest - Duffy

    "Cold Opening - Katie Couric Interviews Sarah Palin" - Finally, SNL digs it's claws in! I'm writing my review late, so it's funny to see how much this has already been played on pretty much every news program in the country. This is certainly one of SNL's highest profile single sketches in recent memory. Guest appearance by former cast member TIna Fey, she looks and sounds so much like current Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin that it's truly amazing. With Amy Pohler as CBS anchor Katie Couric. Needless to say, it was a brilliant skewering, especially when Fey recounted Palin's words nearly verbatim. - 4

    "Monologue - Anna Faris" - While I'm always tempted to award even the worst monologues with an extra point if they avoid the tired "questions from the audience" angle, I still feel like I'm giving this one too much credit by scoring anything other than the bare minimum. Faris does some dumb blonde shtick, with asides that are even dumber. Yawn. - 2

    "The Drive Home" - Faris and Jason Sudekis are a couple driving home after dropping off some friends after a night out. Faris worries about her various inappropriate behavior during the dinner,while Sudekis reassures her repeatedly. Kind of flat sketch, and nothing really exceptional about it. - 2

    "McCain/Obama Debate" - Good to see former cast member Chris Parnell return as the moderator in the first debate between John McCain (Daryl Hammond) and Barack Obama (Fred Armisen.) Some more sharp political humor equally jabbing both candidates. Let's face it, as weak as we can sometimes (most times?) accuse SNL of being, their track record of political debate sketches over the years is very strong, and this one was no exception. - 4

    "Blind Date" - A semi musical sketch featuring Faris and her blind date (Keenan Thompson) canoeing in the middle of an isolated lake late at night. Faris suspects Thompson is not all that he seems. I really thought this sketch was great, another example of SNL going farther and being more original than the standard talk shows/game shows type sketches that they do too often. A funny concept, funny lines in the songs, and funny performances by Faris and Thompson. I love it when SNL does the unusual, and they totally hit the mark with this one. - 4

    "Musical Guest - Duffy" - The song had a nice, old school grove. I guess the success of Amy Winehouse has re-ignited interest in this type of music. While Duffy's pinched voice and limited range annoy me a little, I still dug the song and her retro vibe. "Weekend Update" - Hammond's guest spot as former president Bill Clinton was a grand slam home run,brilliantly lampooning Clinton's tepid enthusiasm for current Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Hammond got one of the longest extended laughs from the studio audience that we've heard on "Update"in a very long time. Kristen Wiig returns as the very nervous Judy Grimes. While this character seems to be just one joke (she instantly retracts everything she says with "just kidding") the absurd extent her retractions go border on surreal, and Wiig's rapid fire delivery is very funny. She got a lot of laughs from the audience. With these two strong guest commentaries and a mostly strong set of news jokes bordering them, this was clearly an above average "Update" - 4

    "The Strippers At Scores" - Strippers and club owners at Scores discuss the economic bailout and how to handle the Champaign Room in difficult economic times. This was another fresh, original sketch. I love the smart, funny writing and good performances by Faris, Wigg, Casey Wilson, Thompson, and Bill Hader. Great stuff. - 4

    "Deep House Dish" - Thompson hosts a dance/talk show in this recurring sketch. Wigg and Andy Samberg were funny as well. Overall, there's not too much to dislike about it. - 3

    "Slightly Stained Wedding Dresses" - This sketch contained the third Facebook reference of the night! While it probably shouldn't have been back to back with the previous sketch featuring Thompson as a similar central character, I still thought it was a pretty funny concept and fairly funny sketch. - 3

    "Musical Guest - Duffy" - I'm not crazy about her vocal quiver, but once again the song was a winner, oozing coolness.

    "The Ex-Boyfriend" - Bill Hader joins two friends at a pub, and introduce them to his new girlfriend (Faris) who can't stop talking about her previous boyfriend. While I thought Sudekis' spit take into his beer was funny, this sketch didn't have a lot of anything else going for it. - 2

    It should also be noted that this episode contained no parody commercials or filmed segments of any kind (other than brief clips of Fey as Palin reluctantly shaking hands with world leaders at the United Nations.)

    Final thoughts: Well above average episode featuring an instantly classic Sarah Palin sketch and an exceptionally strong Weekend Update.

    Final score: 32 out of 40: 80% funny
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