Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 3

Anna Faris/Duffy

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Sep 27, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode started off strong and peaked with WU. After that, it was all downhill. Outside of the two political sketches and WU, there wasn't a lot to love here.

    Palin Interview - A funny and fairly accurate parody of the Palin/Couric interviews. As crazy as the response about job creation sounded, Palin's own response was just as bad. Both Tina and Amy did a great job and I especially loved Amy's belabored blinking through all of that pancake makeup. Grade: A

    Monologue - OK, I guess. I have no idea who this person is and she is not particularly funny. Grade: C

    New Friends - I kept thinking of Will Ferrell when Sudeikis was talking. This is the kind of sketch that he could have really sold. The twist here is that we think this couple is fairly normal to begin with, but it turns out that they are incredibly offensive. Once the premise is out, it's one-liner after one-liner. Not sure I understood the reverse crash/explosion. Grade: B-

    McCain/Obama Debate - Welcome back Parnell! Tina has done so much since departing SNL and Parnell has been living under a rock or something. I thought the writers did a good job of making fun of both candidates. The best part was when Obama said he would play the race card with North Korea. Too funny. A good start to the debate season. Grade: A-

    Murder Date - This is where the show takes a turn for the worse. A musical sketch featuring Kenan? Puhlease! The premise wasn't particularly good, the songs were horrible and the performances were leaden. A typical Kenan outing. Grade: D

    Weekend Update - A particularly good WU tonight. Several good jokes, especially "Nothing Accomplished". The two guests were great and I have to tip my hat to Hammond. The old man brought his A-game tonight with great performances as McCain and Clinton. Wiig was funny again as Judy Grimes, just kidding, no really. I can't believe how fast she can talk! I noticed that Seth is finally trying to tell his jokes using deadpan. It works so much better than cackling after every joke you tell! Keep working on this Seth. Grade: A+

    "Scores" Bailout - Kind of cute I guess. The strippers feel the need to do their part to help out the struggling investment bankers. Ironic, but not overtly funny. Made me smirk once or twice. Grade: C

    Deep House Dish - Why, oh why is this POS sketch back? Grade: F

    Bridal Store - Another Kenan vehicle, this time peddling stained wedding dresses. Not particularly good. In the old days Aykroyd would have killed during this sketch. As it went down, only Kristen was amusing. Grade: D

    Ex-Boyfriend - Man, Hader was virtually absent tonight and the show suffered because of it. Nothing particularly inventive or grabbing about this sketch. The ending was so predictable, I had to groan. Grade: D
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