Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 7

Anne Hathaway/Florence + The Machine

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 20, 2010 on NBC

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  • Anne Hathaway hosts for the second time

    For a season that's been extremely uneven (no disrespect to the hosts, but much to the writing staff), Anne Hathaway did a pretty awesome job here. I didn't get to see her the first time she hosted (with all the episodes up on Netflix, I'll be getting to that ASAP), but this one was pretty impressive. If only the writing could be a bit better...

    Not all of the skits were hilarious, and Anne wasn't necessarily funny in all of them, but she was still did a great job. I loved her as Katie Holmes on the Miley Cyrus show.. she got all of Katie's little quirks down and was impressive at the same time, and the monologue at the beginning was pretty hilarious too as a riff on how much of a big deal is made out of being naked in roles. And even if Kristen Wiig comes on a bit strong at times, I love it whenever she plays certain roles, one of them being the Penelope character. Anne did a great job here as well, giving Kristen a run for her money, and even if Penelope always wins against the hosts and other actors, I thought Anne stole the show here tonight against many of the actors

    Overall, there's not much I'd complain about here.. compared to some of the other episodes this season, this episode was great.