Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 7

Anne Hathaway/Florence + The Machine

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 20, 2010 on NBC

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  • The pleasure was .........

    Tonight's host is Anne Hathaway. Anne hosted 2 years ago, and I said I'd like to see her host often, and, hopefully this is the 2nd out of many hosting stints she gets on the show. She's a truly versatile actress. Musical guest is Florence & The Machine. I've heard two songs by her, "Dog Days Are Over", and "Cosmic Love". I'm excited to see her tonight.

    Rachel Maddow Show: I liked the return of the Rachel Maddow show. Abby's Maddow has improved greatly since the last time she did her, about 2 years ago. It sounded like Abby. Now, it sounds somewhat like Rachel Maddow. The sketch was funny, with the making fun of Nancy Pelosi's expressions.

    Monologue: This was pretty funny, with everyone asking her to do the same things she's done in movies. Kristen's out-there step on was pretty funny.

    TSA: This was a great spin on the recent TSA changes for security checks. I loved the contrast between the sexy actresses, and then the cops. I also loved when they were doing attempted-sexy poses. They picked the 3 most hilarious guys to do it.

    Miley Cyrus Show: I'm glad to see this sketch back. Vanessa was great, but Anne really took it home with that Katie Holmes impression. I was laughing so hard throughout the whole sketch.

    Thanksgiving Dinner: I was glad to see Penelope return. As long as they do this very limited, I don't mind the character. She had some good lines.

    Royal Engagement: This was a hilarious sketch, with extreme kudos to Fred and Bill for putting the best contrast in their "royal" and rough voices.

    Musical Performance: Florence performs "Dog Days Are Over" which was a great performance. The audience loved it, as you could tell.

    Weekend Update: Tonight's Update was really good, with "Come On Dictionary" being a great segment with Seth. I enjoyed Bobby's Guy Fieri, and Jason's commentary. Jay's commentary was really good, with his impressions being broken out of new artists.

    The Essentials: This was a pretty decent sketch. I laughed at Fred's boring character just being so away from the other personalities on the Wizard of Oz.

    WXPD: This was a really great sketch, featuring Bill. The facial expressions Bill did made this sketch all the better, and just hilarious.

    Mega-Mart: This was a great commercial, spoofing how ridiculous, and life-threatening all the sales of Black Friday really are.

    Camel Tame: I was surprised to see two commercials in a row. This was a good idea, still.

    Musical Performance: Florence performs "You Got The Love". Another great song.

    Horse Play: This was somewhat a lot like the Taylor Swift episode's version. But, it was still fun seeing all these random impressions.

    Tonight's show was a really good one. The sketches were funny, and it was consistent the whole way through. Anne did not disappoint, and she was great. Florence was also a great musical guest.

    In two weeks, Robert DeNiro hosts with musical guest Diddy Dirty Money.... yeah...

    Next week is a repeat of the Bryan Cranston episode with Kanye West.