Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 8

Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani, Akon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • “This baby doesn’t look like Santa”

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” Amateur Critic and American Beauty

    Well, they finally did it- after years of questions without answers, the first season of SNL belatedly joined the TV-on-DVD ranks last Tuesday. After tons of speculation about licensing and the pricing of such an unwieldy compilation (24 episodes on 8 discs), it landed in stores to moderate acclaim but most importantly a reasonable $50 price tag. Not to sound like I’m shamelessly selling a product, but yes, this is near the top of my Christmas wish list.

    This week’s host is Annette Bening, the Oscar-nominated actress perhaps better known for being married to Warren Beatty. High-quality thespians haven’t always been dependable hosts (as Kate Winslet and Robert DeNiro will surely attest), but at least they make some sort of effort. For the first time in a number of years, tonight’s broadcast will feature two separate musical guests: the first one, Gwen Stefani, makes her fifth overall appearance on the show to promote her new CD, while Senegal-born R&B singer Aliaune “Akon” Thiam, a promising newcomer, takes second billing.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: For the third straight week, the show opens with Suds’ fair mimicry of President Bush. Tonight, he addresses the ISG’s report on the conflict in Iraq, and then accepts strange advice from the American public that seems feasible only in his own eyes. Having given him enough time to be analyzed, I would say Jason’s impression of Dubya is in the middle of the pack; it’s inferior to Will Ferrell and Will Forte, yet still tops Chris Parnell and Darrell Hammond. The sketch in itself was nothing memorable.

    MONOLOGUE: Mrs. Beatty decides to go down the audience questions route, which turns into a berating for her acclaimed performance as frazzled professional Carolyn Burnham in “American Beauty.” Alec Baldwin pops out of nowhere (presumably to save the day), but instead he mentions that he once played a real estate agent himself in “Glengarry Glen Ross” and he enjoyed Bening’s nude scene in “The Grifters.”

    “Apocalypto”: One of the show’s writers re-imagines the new Mel Gibson film as a ham-handed anti-Semetic parable. This was so clever, yet so predictable; weren’t his comments played out in the media nearly three months ago?

    “Good Morning I Hate This Town”: The hosts (JS, Bening) of a typical local morning news/talk program have an affinity for calling their core audience dumbasses without much rhyme or reason, and only the Rachael Ray surrogate (AP) that handles the cooking segment sees through them. The performances were spot-on, but the writing was just plain sloppy.

    CARTOON: Am I seeing things, or was this a rare clunker from Bobby S? The only thing “Diddy Kiddies” focuses on is Sean Combs’ inexplicable fame and pointless existence, a joke that wore thin nearly ten years ago.

    “High School Romance”: A lonely but very literate English teacher (Bening) watches her romance with her unresponsive, Playstation-obsessed student-boyfriend (AS) crumble, only to boink the next thing that walks in the door (BH). Amusing and all, but was the torch ballad really all that necessary?

    “Two A-Holes at a Nativity Scene”: Tonight, America’s favorite belligerent urbanites (JS, KW) portray Mary and Joseph in a local church production, with their Carol Brady look-alike director (Bening) as their latest foil. This actually turned out to be one of the more memorable A-Hole vignettes, with the male p****’s obsession with a live donkey (he thinks its two little people in an elaborate costume), not to mention a few solid non-sequitors.

    DIGITAL SHORT: The manager (FA) of an anonymous fast food franchise demonstrates a lack of patience and communication skills towards his employees during a pep talk in a piece that was obviously cut from the previous week’s dress rehearsal. I’m sad to say that this may very well be the first time I’ve ever been bored by a digital short.

    “Buyer Beware”: Something about this screams “short-lived recurring sketch.” Long story short, this Brooklyn-based public-access talk show finds a old man named Mason (KT) and his Marla Gibbs-esque neighbor (MR) giving out tips to being a better consumer. Like the previous segment, I was bored senseless; the lack of energy demonstrated in this sketch almost felt like a cry for help on Kenan’s part.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: From her new album, it’s her utterly dreadful single “Wind It Up.” For the love of all things good, why would anyone use a sample from “The Sound of Music” soundtrack? Worse yet, she looks like the bastard offspring of Edgar Winter and The Riddler.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: I'm starting to sense an imbalance on this segment; it seems that while Seth takes the segment seriously and actually spins a few one-liners, Amy seems to rely on puns and clichés. Case in point? Her headline about chicken tainted with salmonella and salmon poisoned with "chickenella." I'd say to that like last week, WU felt a little slow; Al Gore's (DH) commentary about a bizarre conversation with Lindsay Lohan felt pieced together and never went anywhere, while an appearance by "flatulence bomber" Gloria Patrick (KW) started off well but devolved into an obvious fart joke. Once again, Will Forte waltzes in to save the day to sing a protest song about gay marriage (with guitar accompaniment by FA) that's light on any credible arguments but heavy on the ham.

    "Monster Under The Bed": Two parents (WF, Bening) appear to be nuts, but are actually imposing serious psychological damage on their daughter (AP) as they battle the boogeyman (BH). Granted, the ending was cruel, but for once I didn't see what was coming next from a mile away. This was actually well-written but hampered by Bening's frozen attempt at hysteria.

    “Valtrex”: The first repeat ad of the season is (somewhat fittingly) from the Baldwin/Aguilera broadcast. I never thought I’d ask this, but what took so long?

    “Socially Awkward Officemates”: This is essentially a rewrite of an already forgotten sketch from last year’s Lohan/Pearl Jam broadcast, right down to the irrational fear of dancing and the suggested three-way. I’ll give points to Forte for becoming king of the weird yet pensive voices.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Akon gets bouncy on his current hit “I Wanna Love You.” It didn’t even bother me that Snoop Dogg didn’t show up.

    “Stanfield & Partlow”: A savvy lawyer (Bening) presents a financial plan for cats that inherit money from their crazy old spinster owners. Though this is definitely thinking outside the box, I couldn’t help but notice how suspiciously clichéd this felt.

    After two weak broadcasts, the show finds its footing but still finds room for an occasional stumble. Ms. Bening, as I all but guaranteed beforehand, was a largely ineffective host; so far, she’s been the most blatant cue-card reader of the season. Tonight’s musical performances was like a case example of Jekyll and Hyde; where Akon set up a clean, subtle groove, Gwen Stefani gave us arguably one of the worst songs to be performed on SNL in recent memory. In all, this was a middling show, not one of the season’s best but certainly not a bottom-feeder either. Sadly, this is only making my scope of the current season even more negative.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: “Buyer Beware,” “Socially Awkward Officemates,” and “Stanfield & Partlow.”

    Next Week: Justin Timberlake becomes the third person in SNL history to serve as host and musical guest in the same broadcast twice.

    “HelloStuart” is a writing minor at Illinois State University. Feel free to contact him at
  • There were some funny bits but it could have been much stronger with more development of the sketches.

    Bush Cold Open - The Bush sketches could use a different setting, but this Bush sketch had the best Bush jokes all year from SNL so I'll cut it some slack. Sudeikis has shown improvement as Bush but still nowhere as funny as Forte's whiner.

    Monologue - It was the cameo by Alec that really drove this one home. Other than that, it was just OK.

    Apocolypto Trailer Re-Cut - Did nothing for me and I'm not Jewish.

    Good Morning, I hate this Town - This sketch could have gone somewhere but failed to deliver. Taking an on-air call from a hostile family member or secret affair or something like that could have been funny.

    TV Funhouse: Diddy Kiddies - Was this supposed to be funny or instructional?

    Student, Teacher Relationship - Boring. It would have been funnier if she had several student boyfriends and they all discovered the secret simultaneously. Chaos ensues.

    Two A-Holes in a Live Nativity Scene - Carboard characters doing their usual annoying routine.

    SNL Digital Short: Explosive Anger - Great! A bit esoteric, but I've KNOWN managers like that (except for the exploding head part).

    Buyer Beware - I didn't see anything funny about this at all. Maybe it's because Thompson can't lead a sketch? Maybe Hader telling the Phillip-Morris story in a wicked conspiratorial tone would have sold it a little better.

    Weekend Update - This is becoming the only outlet for Hammond anymore and I don't have a problem with that. Two or three minutes is about all the Hammond I need for the week. And they brought out one of his best impersonations: Gore. The gassy passenger was really funny. Wiig did a great job as somebody suffering from massive bowel explosions.

    Monster in the Closet - This was one of the most creative pieces on SNL in quite some time. No Hardball or Nancy Grace or O'Reilly junk, but a new premise executed well. I really felt sorry for the monster who was gunned down so ruthlessly. He was actually a friendly monster like the girl suggested he might be. Just one question: Why were they so insistent on finding the cell phone when the land line was within arm's reach? Part of the sketch or a set design flaw?

    The Three [awkward] Amigos - The payoff is not worth waiting for. Still, pretty amazing that they were able to get away with substituting the word "mess" for the F word. So that Annette's character says "I have to say I wasn't sure at first, but I'm really warming to idea of getting butt messed." I wonder if this sketch will survive in re-runs.

    Cat Attorneys - Pretty funny concept, but there were no actual cat testimonies. I think this would have been the perfect time to bring back Toonces!
  • I have nothing to say here. And that's sad. When the episode is lacking on creativity, I lack on something clever to say here.

    Here is a broadcast I was only looking forward to because of the musical guest, the first one really. I have nothing much to say about it, except that Andy wasn’t in it enough, and it was in need of improvement. You know when an episode is meaningless to me? When I can't think of anything to say on the review. And I normally have so much to say. And now, I will begin.

    This week’s host is Annette Bening, who is married to Warren Beatty. That’s all I know about her. She seemed to be reading her cue cards too closely. I don’t know if I see her returning. I really have no opinion of her. Though, for an Oscar nominated actress, she needed improvement. Her monologue was strange. Women complained about her character in “American Beauty,” where she played a crazy real estate agent. And Alec Baldwin made a guest appearance, saying he lived there. That wasn’t too bad, but it could have been better. C-

    We have two this week. So I’ll do each separately.

    First is Gwen Stefani, who performed her song “Wind it Up.” I thought she did a good job. Her song was very well performed and her stage look was great. I enjoyed this performance. I don't like the song, but it all looked good. B+

    Then we had Akon. His performance sounded the exact same way it does on the radio. He sang “I Wanna Love You.” His performance wasn’t bad. I don’t understand what the point of the back-up dancers was though. I didn’t hate the performance and I could watch it. B-


    Cold Opening: The Iraqi War Report – I just wanna say I doubt a five year old would be that blood thirsty. That’ll be my child one day. Mostly, people were writing in letters about the Iraq situation. I laughed a bit, but this seemed odd to me. B-

    SNL Movie Trailer Re-cut: “Apocalypto” – This was so funny. The sub titles for the movie were changed to being anti-Semitic. This was clever and funny. I enjoyed it. It was unexpected. A+

    Good Morning I Hate This Town – Talk show hosts complain about the dumb a**es in their town, and the town in general. It you hate it, than move! Strange skit, but not annoying. B-

    TV Funhouse: Diddy Kiddies – What does Diddy do? A lot, but only really samples it all. I loved the bathroom scene. This was clever because it seemed so true. A-

    High School Romance – I hate Annette in this cause I am so jealous of her. She was all over Andy. A teacher has a thing for 16 year old boys. How original. I enjoyed it just cause Andy was in it. A-

    Two A-Holes at a Live Nativity Scene – Pretty funny skit here. I like the A** Holes and love their rudeness. I liked when the guy asked who or what was in the donkey. I enjoy this skit. A-

    Digital Short: Fast Food Manager – Foxy, aka, Matthew Fox, was in this. As was Andy, making this his last appearance of the night. The boss gets angry and has strange requests. This seemed dumb to me, but parts were funny. B

    Buyer Beware – Not a bad skit, but I thought this was dumb and a waste of time. I hope this doesn’t return. Two older African Americans discuss products and big business. Not the best plot in this. C+

    Monster Under The Bed – A girl complains about a monster being under the bed and her parents take it seriously. I have never seen this before. I thought the monster looked like the thing from “Jeepers Creepers.” Strange skit. Funny but strange.

    Valtrex – Repeat from Alec Baldwin’s ep where a husband is acting strangely suspicious. Cleverish and somewhat funny. B+

    Socially Awkward Officemates – They said a DJ, so I figured Andy would be the DJ. Then no DJ. I hated this from Lohan’s ep last season. And I didn’t like it here either. They seem like accountants to me, Though I wanted more of that kinky talk at the end of the skit. C

    Stanfield & Partlow – This skit was cut a bit last night, but it had attorneys for cats. What I saw was pretty funny. B+

    Maybe Gwen’s performance, Diddy Kiddies, and that Apocolypto trailer thing. But this episode had nothing to rave about for me. WORST MOMENT:
    Not enough Andy.

    The host needed some improvement, and she has been nominated for an Oscar. Plus, this episode wasn’t how I thought it’d be. It was a decrease from last week. Major decrease!

    SKIT RATING – 3.2/4 B-

    SHOW RATING – 5.7/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    Next week is annoying singer Justin Timberlake, who serves as both host and musical guest. And this is the second time this season that that has happened, He was funny the first time he hosted, but I hate the music.
  • I smell Bagels

    Looks like SNL is going back downhill to Lindsay Lohan quality. I will also review the Preformances now since I need more to crituiqe. Lets cringe in terror and read [looks on at screen and reads]

    COLD OPENING: More "Bus r dumi" jokes, who cares I can hear that every night on "Leno". At least they did not have him jump on the table and start drooling.


    MONOLOGUE: Real Estate burns... yawn, grifters nude scene... [looks it up] ehh not that good.


    “Apocalypto”: A high point of obvious Gibson Jew Jokes, that is sad. But still this was a decent one. Other than that nothing of importance.


    “Good Morning I Hate This Town”: This was so crappily written but I had to enjoy the preformance which jumped this one up a little bit.


    CARTOON: Diddy is nothing, and I enjoyed the look at the king of K-Feding through life.


    “High School Romance”: A Student Banger and a Droll Playstation obsessed idiot [Wii and XBox 360 kill the PS3 btw] going through a screwy affair, then EMO boy leaves and we get an unneeded Musical.


    “Two A-Holes at a Nativity Scene”: Americas most beloved ****** in a nativity scene, this was another high point and the ***-Holes are growing on me now. The A-Holes are so annoying and stupid that they are funny.


    DIGITAL SHORT: A Fast Food Manager gets P-Oed at the Emploees blows up, fine.

    5 “Buyer Beware”: Well well well, SNL hates the Wii, but other than that this was just painful to watch and brutaly annoying.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE “Wind It Up": Stefani sang "Wind it Up" and I had to mute my TV and cry.


    WEEKEND UPDATE: Al Gore's emotionless discussion on never again appearing on SNL after this fire-***** Lindsay Lohan and the Anti-Gay Marriage song as well as some bad one liners. only the Gay SOng had some remote entertainment in it.


    "Monster Under The Bed": This was okay, but Bening killed it with her crappy preformance. Nice twist at the end as well.


    “Valtrex”: I won't rate this again.

    “Socially Awkward Officemates”: I'm not eving going to touch this tale of Menage a Toising losers, but I must give kudos to Forte for his mastery of the creepy voices.


    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE “I Wanna Love You”: Akon was MUCH better than Stefani and did not rape my ears, nice R&B groovein [honkey alert].


    “Stanfield & Partlow”: Crazy Cat ladys and crappy writing, at least the bumper cut out a few seconds of this one.


    Overall this Season is plummeting and they better improve soon!
  • In this episode, the usually great actress Annette Benning reads lines with no clear enthusiam or character, and Gwen Stefani plays a grating song, as well as the mediocre Akon.

    Judging by the episode summary, you may think I thought the episode was awful. It wasn't awful, it was kind of tolerable, just forgettable. Annette Benning was just plain boring, and while a few skits got some chuckles out of me, such as the teacher-student affair, the "Good Morning, god I hate this town" skit got very boring. It was a very uneven show, and this 32nd season is the worst season ever in SNL history. The season 1 dvd is much funnier, and that was just the show starting out, sure it was shaky, but yet it was much more professional than this season. Other than the Hugh Laurie and Alec Baldwin episodes, this season is painfully unfunny.
  • Annette Benning guest host on SNL shows us she can read.Gwen Staffani-GETS AN OFFER TO DO A NEW ADD FOR HEAD ON COMMERCIAL,which your definitley going to need after a verse of her new song...yikes!

    Annette Benning who I always thought was a talented actress was as dissapointing as the show, lately. I know she cannot control what is written but I would think she could memorize her lines after all thats what actors do. I kept saying to my husaband they must have gotten her last minute the way she stared off to read her lines. When I realized she was a planned guest well that means she didnt take the time to learn her lines.That makes her a poor host. As for Gwen Staffani,what is up with her? WIND HER DOWN!PLEASE!
  • Annette Benning, lovely women, but please, show up to rehersal.

    I am a big fan of SNL and have been watching it for 20 years. Unfortunately, this season is going very very badly and I fear this may be the last year I will be able to watch new episodes.

    Annette Benning, an excellent actress and I look forward to her performance as I usually do whenever she is in a new movie.

    But here she is faced with with live television, and unfortunately failed abismally.

    In fact, I barely remember much of the entire show because I was constantly distracted by Benning STARING at the cue cards! Did she show up to rehersal? Were all the sketches written a few hours before? Does she just have a really bad memory? Or does she panic when she\\\'s not on a movie set?

    Whatever it was, this episode, like most others this season, was completely forgetable and she didn\\\'t help. Bringing back Alec Baldwin over and over will soon see diminishing returns compared to the air-fare expenses.

    Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
  • Dolefully average

    I really don't know what to think of this episode. Nothing really made me laugh at all.

    The cold opening was again another Bush speech, ad nauseum. Same premise, same result, different situation. The monologue, another bit that’s understandable, but of course, I never saw the movie they were parodying. And of course, there’s Alec Baldwin appearing in this, a 3rd appearance this season for him and it’s only the 9th episode. ‘An SNL Movie Trailer Recut’, another Mel Gibson & the Jews bit about his new movie. They done that before. ‘Good Morning, I hate this town’ morning news show, basically the hosts calling everyone idiots over and over. Another one-joke sketch. The next sketch was about a teacher having an affair with a uninterested student more obsessed with the PS3 than the affair with his teacher. The student leaves and she breaks out into a song. Moving on, another A-Holes sketch, this time performing for an Xmas play. The same typical yuppie response of using a cell phone, chewing gum, being rude in general. This idea has grown tiresome and redundant. Another ‘SNL Digital Short ‘, an angry fast food manager is yelling at his incompetent employees, then his head explodes. Um, okay, 3rd grade humor there. What made this short strange is it appears last week’s host Matthew Fox was in it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen un-aired material shown the next week with the prior host in it. ‘Buyer Beware’ was a short two-person discussion on where to buy a Wii. I see SNL tries to stay hip by referencing popular video game consoles *yawn*. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an SNL sketch mentioning video games before, and that sketch is going to look really dated in 5-10 years. Fast forward WU, ‘Crazy Parents’ sketch, reminded me of something we saw on the first 5 years of SNL, where Gilda Radner played a little girl screaming about monsters under her bed & the dad comes running in. Eventually the dad in this one comes in with guns, the monster comes out and the dad shoots him. Another one-joke sketch. Next the Commercial – Valtrex (another Baldwin reference), ‘Socially Awkward Officeworkers Night Out’, I really don’t remember this sketch because I was dozing off, but it seems like they’ve done this one before, ditto for Stanfield and Partlow, some Martha Stewart show parody. Perhaps I’m still feeling let down from the high of the Steve Martin & Hugh Laurie episodes, but I’m afraid this show is just back to a consistent bore in general. The ideas are there, but they’re just not executing them into something great. It’s not really the cast members fault, but the material they’re given is just not that good. But I will say that I’m glad they’re doing shorter sketches and more of them, because nothing is worse than a bad 8-10 minute sketch that just keeps dragging on and on. But this was just another unremarkable & forgettable episode.
  • Two A-holes give a lower than average review

    Actress Annette Benning hosts <I>Saturday Night Live</i> with musical guest Gwen Stefani. With Stefani on, I don't have high hopes for <I>SNL</i> this evening.

    Cold Open - A Message from the President - Bush (Jason Sudeikis) addresses the ISG recommendations. The report is enlightening and irritating. There are two different types of Muslims. Bush will consider all the recommendations. Charlotte Poter of Table Rock, Arkansas, says to declare Iraq the 51st state. Bush says the tunnels would have to be long but that there's no jobs in Iraq. Wyatt Schiavelli. of New Britain, CT, says that we should poison their water. Gene Fowler of Apache Junction, AZ, says to restore Hussein to power and write a check to Iraq for damage. Bush is leaning towards this. Has no intention of handing it off to the next president. Intends to stay on as president until the job in Iraq is finished. Says Jeb, Barbara, and Jenna could take over. He's the decider. Live from New York, it's President George Walker Bush (Jason Sudeikis).

    Monologue - Annette Benning greets the audience and plugs her new film with Alec Baldwin. Takes questions. Kristen Wiig said she loves the crazy real estate character in <i>American Beauty</i>--she later says that she's a real estate agent. Amy Poehler, wearing a Century 21 suit, asks if she takes into account the thousands of female real estate agents. Maya Rudolph asks a question and she's wearing a ReMax suit. Alec Baldwin cameos and calls their remarks ridiculous. Baldwin says he lives there and points out he played a real estate agent.

    An SNL Movie Trailer Recut - uh, pretty much says "The Jews are coming" and "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." A kid says he smells bagels. It's for <i>Apocalypto</i>.

    Good Morning, I hate this town - Alan French (Suds) and Samantha (Host) talk about how they hate their town. Mayor Tom Ridley will be a guest on their town. Larry (Kenan) is the meteorologist and says that you'll need an umbrella. Pam Dibble (Amy Poehler), the cooking expert, will show you how to make tree ornaments that are edible. They really do hate their town.

    TV Funhouse - Diddy Kiddies - In part 23 of this series, it features several new music videos, "Call Me Out," "Work it Up," and they need to solve the mystery of what he does.

    After class Meeting - The teacher Diane (Host) and student Daniel (Andy Samberg) are having some sort of affair in this sketch. Apparently, Playstation 3 is better than Nintendo Wii. Samberg then says he wants to break up. Benning then breaks into a song. Peter (Bill Hader) than comes in and says he's having trouble with his poem.

    Two A-holes in a live nativity scene - The director is Annette. Suds and Kristen are supposed to be Joseph and Mary. Expect full burst laughter. When does <i>24</i> come back on. There's a real donkey. They are asked to take out their chewing gum. They are then asked to leave. Kristen says she looks like Mrs. Brady.

    SNL Digital Short - Set in a restaurant with Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, I think that's Matthew Fox. Fred is threatening all the workers. Will Forte is late and his head explodes--actually, that was a fake Fred. I guess that this short was not ready in time last week. A message at the end: Happy Holidays.

    Buyer Beware - Kenan Thompson and Maya Rudolph come to you from his garage on the Brooklyn Information and Culture (BRI&C)channel. Maya talks about buying the Wii system. Kenan recommends against Sam's Club and Costco.

    Gwen Stefani sings "Wind it up."

    Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers - The Iraq Study Group report is taking it as serious as other reports stuffed down his desk. Al Gore called Iraq the "worst strategic mistake." The cost would be over $1 trillion. Saudi Arabia is working to keep oil affordable. Lindsay Lohan's latest trouble is a blackberry message dealing with VP Al Gore. Former Vice President Al Gore (Darrell Hammond) thanks them for the endorsement. He knows how words are taken out of context. Lohan did approach him but Gore has a different memory of it. Lohan called him Vice President Cheney. Then she calls him "Mr. Ambassador" and referenced <i>Happy Feet</i>. Then she threw up on him. He says he won the popular vote when he gets nervous. He then made a run for it. He says we should all be scared of Lindsay Lohan. Soldiers have begun to use silly string to detect traps. TomKat will host a second wedding party. The yellow wiggle is leaving the Wiggles. Eighty perecent of chicken was tainted with salmonella while salmon was tainted with chickenella. A passenger, Gloria Patrick (Kristen Wiig), lit a match to get the smell of flatulence. She cited stomach problems. Cocain was found at Wal-Mart in Oklahoma. To Kodiac bairs attacked each other in Florida. A study in India says condoms are too big. A new study says cell phones causes cancer. The key to longevity is smoking marijuana. Rip Torn was arrested for driving under the influence. Will Forte comments on same-sex marriage. He wrote a protest song with Fred Armisen. Someone switched the cards to undermine his point. He keeps showing pictures of people that divorced.

    Crazy Parents - Casey (Amy Poehler) wakes up in the middle of the night. Her parents are Will Forte and Annette Benning. She thinks a monster is under or her bed. Both parents are going crazy. Amy says it could be her imagination. Forte has two guns on him. He gives a gun to Annette and says that he loves them. A monster (Bill Hader) comes out of the closet to sing "Have a Holly Jolly Xmas" until he's shot dead.

    Commercial - Valtrex (Baldwin/Aguilera)

    Socially Awkward Officeworkers Night Out - Recurring sketch with Jean (Kristen) and Neil (Will Forte) along with Meryl (Annette). Bill Hader directs them to a table. They do not have a jukebox machine but they will have a DJ. Forte and Wiig are calm while Annette is nervous. They don't have pocketbook lockers or wheelchairs for people with leg sweat problems. I did not like the original sketch a while back during season 31 from the Lohan/Pearl Jam episode.

    Akon sings "I Want to Love You" featuring Snoop Dogg.

    Stanfield and Partlow - Martha Stanfield (Host) talks about cats and how the law affects you. Christopher Partlow (Bill Hader) is her partner. The SNL logo with Benning's picture was on screen a few seconds too soon.

    December 16 - Justin Timberlake does double duty.
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