Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 8

Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani, Akon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • I have nothing to say here. And that's sad. When the episode is lacking on creativity, I lack on something clever to say here.

    Here is a broadcast I was only looking forward to because of the musical guest, the first one really. I have nothing much to say about it, except that Andy wasn’t in it enough, and it was in need of improvement. You know when an episode is meaningless to me? When I can't think of anything to say on the review. And I normally have so much to say. And now, I will begin.

    This week’s host is Annette Bening, who is married to Warren Beatty. That’s all I know about her. She seemed to be reading her cue cards too closely. I don’t know if I see her returning. I really have no opinion of her. Though, for an Oscar nominated actress, she needed improvement. Her monologue was strange. Women complained about her character in “American Beauty,” where she played a crazy real estate agent. And Alec Baldwin made a guest appearance, saying he lived there. That wasn’t too bad, but it could have been better. C-

    We have two this week. So I’ll do each separately.

    First is Gwen Stefani, who performed her song “Wind it Up.” I thought she did a good job. Her song was very well performed and her stage look was great. I enjoyed this performance. I don't like the song, but it all looked good. B+

    Then we had Akon. His performance sounded the exact same way it does on the radio. He sang “I Wanna Love You.” His performance wasn’t bad. I don’t understand what the point of the back-up dancers was though. I didn’t hate the performance and I could watch it. B-


    Cold Opening: The Iraqi War Report – I just wanna say I doubt a five year old would be that blood thirsty. That’ll be my child one day. Mostly, people were writing in letters about the Iraq situation. I laughed a bit, but this seemed odd to me. B-

    SNL Movie Trailer Re-cut: “Apocalypto” – This was so funny. The sub titles for the movie were changed to being anti-Semitic. This was clever and funny. I enjoyed it. It was unexpected. A+

    Good Morning I Hate This Town – Talk show hosts complain about the dumb a**es in their town, and the town in general. It you hate it, than move! Strange skit, but not annoying. B-

    TV Funhouse: Diddy Kiddies – What does Diddy do? A lot, but only really samples it all. I loved the bathroom scene. This was clever because it seemed so true. A-

    High School Romance – I hate Annette in this cause I am so jealous of her. She was all over Andy. A teacher has a thing for 16 year old boys. How original. I enjoyed it just cause Andy was in it. A-

    Two A-Holes at a Live Nativity Scene – Pretty funny skit here. I like the A** Holes and love their rudeness. I liked when the guy asked who or what was in the donkey. I enjoy this skit. A-

    Digital Short: Fast Food Manager – Foxy, aka, Matthew Fox, was in this. As was Andy, making this his last appearance of the night. The boss gets angry and has strange requests. This seemed dumb to me, but parts were funny. B

    Buyer Beware – Not a bad skit, but I thought this was dumb and a waste of time. I hope this doesn’t return. Two older African Americans discuss products and big business. Not the best plot in this. C+

    Monster Under The Bed – A girl complains about a monster being under the bed and her parents take it seriously. I have never seen this before. I thought the monster looked like the thing from “Jeepers Creepers.” Strange skit. Funny but strange.

    Valtrex – Repeat from Alec Baldwin’s ep where a husband is acting strangely suspicious. Cleverish and somewhat funny. B+

    Socially Awkward Officemates – They said a DJ, so I figured Andy would be the DJ. Then no DJ. I hated this from Lohan’s ep last season. And I didn’t like it here either. They seem like accountants to me, Though I wanted more of that kinky talk at the end of the skit. C

    Stanfield & Partlow – This skit was cut a bit last night, but it had attorneys for cats. What I saw was pretty funny. B+

    Maybe Gwen’s performance, Diddy Kiddies, and that Apocolypto trailer thing. But this episode had nothing to rave about for me. WORST MOMENT:
    Not enough Andy.

    The host needed some improvement, and she has been nominated for an Oscar. Plus, this episode wasn’t how I thought it’d be. It was a decrease from last week. Major decrease!

    SKIT RATING – 3.2/4 B-

    SHOW RATING – 5.7/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    Next week is annoying singer Justin Timberlake, who serves as both host and musical guest. And this is the second time this season that that has happened, He was funny the first time he hosted, but I hate the music.