Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 8

Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani, Akon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Annette Benning guest host on SNL shows us she can read.Gwen Staffani-GETS AN OFFER TO DO A NEW ADD FOR HEAD ON COMMERCIAL,which your definitley going to need after a verse of her new song...yikes!

    Annette Benning who I always thought was a talented actress was as dissapointing as the show, lately. I know she cannot control what is written but I would think she could memorize her lines after all thats what actors do. I kept saying to my husaband they must have gotten her last minute the way she stared off to read her lines. When I realized she was a planned guest well that means she didnt take the time to learn her lines.That makes her a poor host. As for Gwen Staffani,what is up with her? WIND HER DOWN!PLEASE!