Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 8

Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani, Akon

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • There were some funny bits but it could have been much stronger with more development of the sketches.

    Bush Cold Open - The Bush sketches could use a different setting, but this Bush sketch had the best Bush jokes all year from SNL so I'll cut it some slack. Sudeikis has shown improvement as Bush but still nowhere as funny as Forte's whiner.

    Monologue - It was the cameo by Alec that really drove this one home. Other than that, it was just OK.

    Apocolypto Trailer Re-Cut - Did nothing for me and I'm not Jewish.

    Good Morning, I hate this Town - This sketch could have gone somewhere but failed to deliver. Taking an on-air call from a hostile family member or secret affair or something like that could have been funny.

    TV Funhouse: Diddy Kiddies - Was this supposed to be funny or instructional?

    Student, Teacher Relationship - Boring. It would have been funnier if she had several student boyfriends and they all discovered the secret simultaneously. Chaos ensues.

    Two A-Holes in a Live Nativity Scene - Carboard characters doing their usual annoying routine.

    SNL Digital Short: Explosive Anger - Great! A bit esoteric, but I've KNOWN managers like that (except for the exploding head part).

    Buyer Beware - I didn't see anything funny about this at all. Maybe it's because Thompson can't lead a sketch? Maybe Hader telling the Phillip-Morris story in a wicked conspiratorial tone would have sold it a little better.

    Weekend Update - This is becoming the only outlet for Hammond anymore and I don't have a problem with that. Two or three minutes is about all the Hammond I need for the week. And they brought out one of his best impersonations: Gore. The gassy passenger was really funny. Wiig did a great job as somebody suffering from massive bowel explosions.

    Monster in the Closet - This was one of the most creative pieces on SNL in quite some time. No Hardball or Nancy Grace or O'Reilly junk, but a new premise executed well. I really felt sorry for the monster who was gunned down so ruthlessly. He was actually a friendly monster like the girl suggested he might be. Just one question: Why were they so insistent on finding the cell phone when the land line was within arm's reach? Part of the sketch or a set design flaw?

    The Three [awkward] Amigos - The payoff is not worth waiting for. Still, pretty amazing that they were able to get away with substituting the word "mess" for the F word. So that Annette's character says "I have to say I wasn't sure at first, but I'm really warming to idea of getting butt messed." I wonder if this sketch will survive in re-runs.

    Cat Attorneys - Pretty funny concept, but there were no actual cat testimonies. I think this would have been the perfect time to bring back Toonces!
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