Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 15

Antonio Banderas/Mary J. Blige

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 08, 2006 on NBC

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  • Chris Kattan cameos but nothing above the ordinary in this episode...mainly because of the painful news I recieved while watching it. and where were Maya, Bill, and Andy?

    Actor Antonio Banderas, starring in Take the Lead host the show this evening with musical guest Mary J. Blige. After a night of reruns, this should be a nice late night.

    Cold Open: Anderson Cooper 360 with Seth Meyers. Immigration issue discussed with Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo (Jason Sudeikis). He talks about Jobs. Vincente Fox (Antonio Banderas) appears and talks about the borders and American spring breaks. Cynthia McKinney (Kenan Thompson) appears to talk about the incident this past week. Live from New York, it's Seth Meyers.

    Monologue: He thanks people in English and Spanish. Deportated? The truth is that Antonio Banderas is a woman and you can call him Lupita.

    Basic Instinct 2 - The Return of the Beaver: Amy Poehler as Sharon Stone and Will Forte as a detective. One of the taglines is "more hair pie." There is some sort of story. I think Parnell is the narrator of the trailer.

    Deal or No Deal: FA as Howie Mandel. I've been wondering when this sketch would be on. Antonio Banderas is Robert Lopez. He picks 50 but that's not a brief case. He then picks briefcase number 4 and starts to open it before Fred Armisen closes it. Amy Poehler speaks up. Kristen Wiig does too. Both play the girls holding the cases. Horatio Sanz, Rachel Dratch, and Finesse Mitchell play his friends. Fred gets confused and says "Stay tuned for No Deal or Deal."

    RD and AB are in some sort of sketch dealing with food. Rachel Dratch plays Julie, a voice recorder for airlines. Antonio Banderas is a CPA named Alberto. Fred Armisen is Juan, a translator.

    Besos Y Lagrimas: Antonio Banderas, Fred Armisen, and Kristen Wiig are in some sort of Telemundo show. HS and RD in the sketch too. CP unveils the picture of AB.

    Next week, Lindsay Lohan with musical guest Pearl Jam despite the fact that there are quite a few Jewish writers and two Jewish cast members, there is still a new show next Saturday night. Does Lindsay have anything coming out to merit her hosting again? Okay, after checking, she is in Just My Luck due out in May but I will never see another LL film as long as I live. You wonder why? You really want to know? Because of a film that should not be made and is a DISGRACE to the late Beatle John Lennon!

    13th Annual Women's Basketball Coaches Fashion Awards: Hosted by Adrian Sanchez (Antonio Banderas). He presents the awards. Jan Franks of the St. Louis LadyHawks (RD) wins a best skirt-above-knee squat. Antonio Banderas sings a lot of songs in this sketch. Keeping an argument: Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig. Vanguard for Courage and Style: Amy Poehler (Mac Genovese).

    Musical Guest

    WU: Immigration is debated. Tom Delay resigns. Let's look back at his career in Congress. Bush threw first pitch at GAB and 18 Iraqis killed. McClellan may leave? Katie Couric moving to NBC. Dan Rather (Darrell Hammond) comments on it. He laughed for ten whole minutes. Young intercourse? Hog dogging outlawed? Meredith Vieira will be paid $40 million to host Today on NBC. McKinney. Finesse comments on it. Tom Cruise. I've had enough of Tom Cruise. Barbara Walters denies claim. Lisby Canyons? Paula Abdul altercation at a party? Chad Michael Murray engaged and talks about his love life. That's actually Will Forte. Pesach. There's a joke about the killing of the first-born. Coca Cola Blak. The missing link of reptiles and fish. Migrating tree frogs. Chris Kattan makes a cameo appearance. Chris forgot about Mango and said that Antonio was his most famous character.

    Zorro: Antonio Banderas as Zorro. Amy Poehler as Catherine Zeta-Jones. Seth is a director named Gary. They are filming a scene. Antonio Banderas is concerned about the avian bird flu and herpes. Horatio Sanz is the stand-in.

    Rascals: Karaoke with Will Forte (Frank) singing American Pie. Amy Poehler (MJ Reynolds) hosting. Antonio Banderas and Rachel Dratch are a couple. Rachel Dratch is Pam. Antonio Banderas is Paul. Pam sings Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman." Amy Poehler decides to sing with her and starts seducing Antonio Banderas. Who is that old guy in there? AB starts singing. RD wants to go again. Amy Poehler and Antonio Banderas start making out. Chris Parnell is MaryAnn's husband and says "screw you." Apparently, they made up with each other by singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

    Immigration Debate: Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler, Jason Sudeikis, and Antonio Banderas are in a sketch where they argue over Mexicans taking away our jobs. Jason argues that Antonio is not Mexican and that they are racist. They walk away as Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen show up to talk about the plan.

    Musical Guest

    Wine scene: CP, AP, AB drinking wine. Good thing that they saved this to the end in the case that is actual wine and that they are getting drunk. Now, that's a giant drink.

    Maya Rudolph did not appear in this episode. The same goes for Bill and Andy
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