Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 15

Ashton Kutcher/Them Crooked Vultures

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 06, 2010 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig! Sketches include "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren," "Gertie's Will," "The View," "Cialis for Threeways," "Grapes," "What is Burn Notice?" "Access Hollywood," "An Even-Tempered Apology from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel," and "Cadena-Norton Wedding." Them Crooked Vultures (Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones) performed "Mind Eraser, No Chaser" and "New Fang."moreless

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  • This is my slave boy...

    Tonight's show should be decent enough. After last week's great show with Hamm, I have hope for the next few episodes. Ashton Kutcher is a pretty energetic host, so hopefully he'll do well. Musical guest is Them Crooked Vultures.

    On The Record: I'm glad they're making this forum-type Fox News show a recurring sketch. It was a really good opening, and Bobby had me laughing.

    Monologue: This was a good monologue, with showing all the things that gets Ashton excited and humored up.

    Gertrude's Will: The sketch was alright. I'm not sure about it being a 1st sketch of the episode sketch, though.

    The View: The View sketches are okay. I didn't think this was too special, though.

    Cialis For Three Ways: This was a pretty funny commercial parody, especially with all the steps after the sex happens.

    Slave Boy: The sketch was pretty below average, but when Forte kept on repeating that certain body part of the slave boy, it was hilarious. Ashton's reaction was great too.

    Musical Performance: TCV performs "Mind Eraser, No Chaser", which was alright.

    Weekend Update: The return of Garth and Kat was pretty hilarious, but Bill's Elliot Spitzer made this update great. The cards were hilarious. And then there was Jean K. Jean who kind of brought Update down.

    What Is Burn Notice: I thought this was actually a pretty well-written sketch. The facts are probably true, and they made a great point about cable television.

    Access Hollywood: This sketch was alright. Ashton and Nasim's commentary was hilarious. Especially Nasim's snarky laugh, and their reaction to "Jersey Shore" getting nominated.

    An Even-Tempered Apology: I'm not sure why this was taped, and not live. It was alright. His Rahm Emmanuel is good.

    Musical Performance: TVC performed "New Fang".

    Crisis of Comformity: This sketch was cut a while ago, I think. It was alright. A typical 10-to-one sketch.

    The show tonight was just about your average show. It wasn't bad, and there were definitely some good trends in the episode. Some sketches were really good, and others weren't. Them Crooked Vultures really didn't do anything for me. And, Ashton was his usual hosting self.

    In 3 weeks (surprisingly not 4, since its Winter Olympics): Jeniffer Lopez hosts and is musical guest.moreless
  • Jazz flu

    Star of the celebrity-packed "Valentine's Day" and making his fourth appearance as host, Ashton Kutcher and super group Them Crooked Vultures perform

    Cold Open- On the Record with Greta Van Sustren- Van Sustren (Kristin) discusses changes in Don't Ask-Don't Tell policy with Retired Reagan lackey Oliver North (Will), Karl Rove (Bobby), an attractive blond (Abby), and an ignored White House press secretary Robert Gibbs (Bill), while Glenn Beck (Jason) continues to bawl. The whole set-up for this is for Jason's Beck impression.

    Monologue- Ashton mentions his birthday is the following day (it actually is, according to, speaks of his maturing demeanor only to be distracted by an English Bulldog on a skateboard, a kid punching his dad in the groin, Superman drinking a dakari and Mark Twain (Bill) getting punched his groin. I like the differing segments, plus when was the last time someone played the greatest American literary figure ever?

    Dead Woman's will- At the attorney's office for a deceased centenarian, her will is exposed as leaving her children the majority of her wealth and valuables and her 20 something lover (Ashton) getting only STDs among other dieases and pool priviledges. I liked it.

    The View- another weak parody of the show that, for some reason, still airs on ABC daytime. This time the ladies discuss more "hot topics," including Don't Ask-Don't Tell, the Academy Award nominations, and needless interview with Mel Gibson (Ashton doing the worst impression possible). Cialis for Threeways- a spoof of the sexual enhancement drug for men that aids in the delight of those who want a menage a trois. Decent enough.

    Rome, 160 A.D.- Emperor (Will) is too busy eating grapes fed to him by his slave (Ashton) to hear the greviances a man (Andy) has with his endless war, so he stabs him. I liked that Will did his emperor voice as his Principal Farquhar voice. Run of the mill "let's laugh at campy people" humor.

    Them Crooked Vultures- Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones,and Alain Johannes ramble and rollick through "Mind Eraser, No Chaser"

    Weekend Update- Seth remembers the two accomplishments of the Democratic Senate via Tina Turner's "Simply the Best",sleepy Liam (Andy) tries in vain to discuss President Obama's new budget but fails; Eliot Spitzer (Bill) showcases his selection of Valentine's Day cards, Def Jam-style comic Jean K. Jean (Kenan) discusses the economic issues effecting France; and Garth & Kat (Fred, Kristin) sing Valentine's Day songs but forget the lyrics in the process. Very overlong, should kept only "tribute" to Democratic senate's accomplishments, Spitzer, and Jean along with half the length of this nearly 16 minute monster. What is Burn Notice? - Contestants on the game show (Kristin, Will, Ashton) ponder the host's (Jason)queries about why the sitcom on USA network is so popular to much puzzlement. I'm sure if this episode is repeated in a few years no one will remember the show anyway.

    Access Hollywood- Maria Menudo (Nasim) and Billy Bush (Ashton) cover the Academy Awards nominations, including the never ending list of nominees for best picture, from reality shows to movies from the 1980s to movies that came out last year but weren't very good. One-joke sketch that sort of worked for delirious factor.

    Apology from Rahm Emanuel- Emanuel (Andy) apologizes to using the word "retarded," then goes on a profanity ladened tirade against Democrats in congress, Republicans and Sarah Palin. From what I hear, this is how the White House chief of staff actually is, so Andy nailed that aspect of it.

    Them Crooked Vultures- Josh Hommes and the gang return with more rollicking hard rock on "Fang"

    Crisis of Conformity- At a wedding, the reunion of a former punk band (Ashton, Will, Dave Grohl, Fred) brings out the band's energy and destruction in the room. Maybe Dave Grohl should be considered for host, his lines were funny. Another great 5-to-1 sketch. An uneven broadcast indeed. Also, Ashton is the most mediocre multiple episode host since, no one really. 6/10moreless
  • Ashton is the latest host to fall into the SNL quagmire.

    On the Record Cold Open [R] - A very flat cold open. Is it written somewhere that all cold opens must either be a political address or a political talk show? I know they occasionally violate the rule, but the fact that these types of sketches are consistently used over and over to open the show lessens whatever impact they might otherwise have. Not that this sketch would have fared a whole lot better in the middle of the show. Really just a chance for Wiig to display her tepidly amusing Greta Van Sustren impression and not much else. The message: Fox News dislikes democratic policies. Ho hum. Tell us something we didn't know or how about showing all of the MSNBC clowns licking the boots of Obama and Pelosi? Still, crappy but at least it would be "fair and balanced" to mock both sides. Grade: C-

    Monologue - A clever take on Ashton's move towards maturity. This started off like it was going to pretty much suck, but the time they got to the old lady dance-off, I was laughing. A good way to start the show. Grade: B

    The Will - Ashton dedicates a decade of life to pleasing a prune with expectation of getting a big payday after her passing. In reality, the only thing he gets is a litany of long-forgotten STDs. I liked this sketch. It was different and had some very funny lines like "give birth to a ghost". Keep the original sketches coming. Grade: A-

    The View [R] - Back to the lousy recurring sketches. This sketch is always a letdown and tonight's was no exception. I still don't know who they are trying to appeal to with this sketch. Maybe there a lot more unemployed people stuck at home watching daytime TV? Anyway, lame as usual with a bad Mel Gibson impression by Ashton. Grade: D-

    Cialis for Threeways - Commercial promoting a product to help guys prepare for threeway encounters. Not particularly funny. In fact, the real ED commercials are funnier with the talk of 4-hour erections and the like. Grade: C

    Ancient Rome - Ashton is a slave boy who feeds grapes to Forte. It worked just liked it sounds. Still, I would prefer a failed original sketch to a failed recurring sketch, Grade: C-

    Weekend Update - What a mess! Seth had quite a few good jokes but the side was let down by series of lousy guests. In order: Samberg as Samberg, Hader as Elliot Spitzer, Kenan as Jean K. Jean, and Fred and Kristen as the annoying singing couple. Grade: C+

    Burn Notice - This "sketch" sets a new low for SNL. It was actually nothing more than a ? minute promo of the USA Network show Burn Notice. It's no coincidence that NBC Universal owns USA Network. How obvious and pathetic having Suds read a bunch of glowing reviews and then air an actual clip from the show. Even if nobody had heard of the show before, this little publicity stunt is guaranteed to drum up some interest. It isn't like SNL hasn't done promos before. Hell, they used to do live Polaroid commercials during the first season. But to disguise it as a sketch? Disgusting! Grade: F-

    Access Hollywood - Mocking the fact that by adding more nominations, the Academy Board doesn't even try to hide the fact anymore that it is nothing more than a giant promo for Hollywood. Not a lot to like or hate here. Grade: C

    Rahm Emanuel - The Sam man show his astounding "range" by using his Wahlberg voice to mimic the irascible Emanuel. Although the impression was pretty lousy, the lines were funny and overcame the performance. Grade: B+

    Cacena-Norton Wedding - Wow! Easily the best sketch of the season and an instant classic that stacks up well against time-tested classics from all eras of SNL. I love the concept of an aging group of musicians reuniting to play a wedding and then blasting out some hardcore punk. The sketch was well played by all and brought a blast of energy to the show rarely seen since Ferrell left nearly 7 years ago. Great stuff! Grade: A+

    Overall - Not a strong episode overall but the last sketch was great and there is noticeable restraint with the use of recurring sketches which is a good thing. Weird to have such a great sketch (Wedding) and such an abominable sketch (Burn Notice) in the same episode. Despite some questionable writing, Ashton confirmed that he can still be an engaging host. Grade: Cmoreless
  • Ashton Kutcher hosts.

    Ashton Kutcher, cast member of That 70's Show and star of a bunch of bad movies, was your host tonight for the 4th time. How did he do?

    Cold Opening: A parody of Greta's show and FOX News in general with random attractive correspondents and biased behavior toward democrats. Not horrible, but definitely had a thrown together at the last minute feel.

    Monologue: Ashton wants to be taken seriously as opposed to his old self who got way too excited over things. If prop humor is your thing you probably loved this. Will Reading: Bill Hader is dressed exactly the same as he was during the cold opening. A poolboy who slept with a 110 year old woman is upset at a will reading when he gets nothing. Not a great start. Ashton is just screaming.

    The View: So what? Who cares? Kutcher's Mel Gibson was brutal, but Kenan, Kristen, Nasim and Fred were great as usual in the sketch.

    Cialis for Three Ways: Dumb commercial. Ancient Rome: Will Forte as a leader who reacts obnoxiously when being fed grapes by his slave boy Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher struggled not to laugh during this. Weekend Update: Finally, an Andy Samberg WU character that doesn't have him dressed up as a goose or a turkey. Hader also appeared as Elliot Spitzer again. Different character for him, but not a particularly funny one. Kenan appeared as Jean K. Jean again and while slightly funny, I think the time has come to retire this character. What is Burn Notice?: Burn Notice's ratings are down so hopefully this cheap plug will be bring viewers back. This reminded me of the movie quote game show from Charles Barkley's episode a month back. Funny, but not as smart as this show could be.

    Access Hollywood: "Finally, K-Pax is getting the recognition that it deserves!" Finally some funny Ashton lines tonight in this fast-moving, harmless sketch. Rahm Emanuel: Andy Samberg sounded like Mark Wahlberg during one of his movies while yelling. Nice little late-show sketch here.

    Cacena-Norton Wedding: Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Ashton Kutcher and Dave Grohl, a group of old friends who played at Fred's daughter's wedding turn out to be a heavy metal band that yells and causes a mess. Clever, but got really old, really fast. Dave Grohl really looked like Kevin Smith here for some reason.moreless

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    • Rahm Emanuel: I'd also like to personally apologize to Sarah Palin who went on Facebook to criticize my comments and ask for my resignation. While my resignation will not be forthcoming, I hope the former governor can accept my humblest apologies for my poor choice of words. (turns to another camera) So now I'm waiting for your apology, you ****ing harpy! Or do you forget saying my brother Zeke supports death panels and his philosophy was down right evil? Well he's a ****ing doctor whose dedicated his life to helping people, not a quitter who couldn't finish dinner. So why don't you stick to collecting checks for your stupid tea party speeches you half a ****ing politician. Also, you come after me on Facebook? What are you, fourteen? Here's a status update: Grow the **** up! Poke me again and I will write **** on your wall so obscene, your computer will cry. Go back to the tundra, you ****ing gimmick.

      I'm sorry, did you ****ing say something? Are you sure? You better be sure.

      In conclusion, boo ****ing who. Get over it.

      And as for Mel Gibson, shut the **** up!

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