Saturday Night Live

Season 5 Episode 5

Bea Arthur/The Roches

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 17, 1979 on NBC

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  • My introduction to the Roches, this was an episode which has stayed in my mind nearly 30 years.

    This early-years episode was the weekend before Thanksgiving. The cast had many of the original, and some new, faces which I thought did a great job.

    In somewhat the same vein as the Smos Bros (Smothers Brothers), the humor was current, cutting, and edgy.

    But the edgiest part was The Roches. Mhmm, Mhm, and Suzzi (forgot the first two\'s names) Roche, a great play on the Beatles but their names, they had amazingly tight harmony.

    At the time I didn\'t quite kniow what to think of it, and was a bit nonplussed.

    When they launched into their manic Hallelujah chorus rendition,though, I was hooked. So tight that the overtones got the remaining 4th part, and I didn\'t even notice that it was all in a register well above the original.

    Combine that with Bea Arthur, at the time a star from a couple other regular shows, the other skits and ensemble, and it\'s one of the very few TV shows that I would choose to watch again (if I could find it).

    I don\'t know why I\'m only allowed a 9.2 review - I\'d have given it more if I could.