Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 3

Ben Stiller/Foster the People

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2011 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The list of errors found by the Fact Checkers that scrolled by at the end of the "Fox & Friends" segment were:

      The second president of the United States was John Quincy Adams, not Sam Adams Summer Ale.

      A movie and a motion picture are the same thing.

      Juice is a drinkable substance.

      There are seven continents, not one thousand.

      The "West Memphis Three" is not a jazz quartet.

      America is not currently under a "Level 9 Liberty Alert." There is no such thing as a "Level 9 Liberty Alert."

      Presidential dog "Bo" Obama does not collect Social Security checks, nor is he an undocumented Peruvian housekeeper in disguise.

      Julie Andrews is an award winning British actress. She has never been on trial for kidnapping.

      Windows are typically made of glass.

      President Obama did not pardon Carmen San Diego.

      Flu shots prevent influenza and have nothing to do with getting into heaven.

      Nancy Pelosi did not appear on an episode of River Monsters.

      There is not now, nor has there ever been a plan to air-condition the Grand Canyon.

      Herman Cain did not invent pizza.

      Christopher Columbus sailed to what is now the modern day United States in an efford to find a trade route to the West Indies. Not to flee the dragons.

      No Transformers have ever been found on the moon.

      Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads is a living human being, not the ghost of a Civil War widow.

      Africa is widely regarded to be the origin of the human species. It was not "discovered only a handful of years ago."

      The Jewish Holiday just celebrated was Rosh Hashanah not Rush Hot Bananas.

      Nicolas Cage did not sign the Declaration of Independence.

      There is no known connection between The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Bay City Rollers.

      Electric cars are not powered by electric eagles.

      Carrying a child in a Baby Bjorn does not cause homosexuality, in the child or the adult.

      The Washington Monument was not named after Denzel Washington. Nor was it named after the Washington Redskins.

      The Pope does not hold a world record in speed skating.

      Abraham Lincoln is not alive and living in Amish, Pennsylvania. There is no such place as Amish, Pennsylvania.

      Mount Rushmore does not include the face of Spiderman.

      There are indeed several laws that prohibit pointing a gun at a mail carrier.

      Pocahontas was not named after a stripper.

      Vermont still exists.

      There is currently no bill before the house that would mandate the eating of flan on Thanksgiving.

      Mary Magdalene was not eaten by a dinosaur.

      General Tso did not win the Civil War for the Confederacy.

      Rick Perry was not a contestant on The Amazing Race nor was he the winner of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

      "Time In A Bottle" was never the national anthem.

      Whole Foods does not provide free abortions.

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    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: Lorenzo MacIntosh (Kenan Thompson) scares more youngsters with help from Jewish partner (Ben Stiller); a P90X spokesman (Ben Stiller) demonstrates workout techniques; still in hiding, Moammar Gadhafi (Fred Armisen), nursing boredom, bursts into song; and on Weekend Update, Michael Jackson's former personal magician (Kenan Thompson) gives a commentary.

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