Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 22

Betty White/Jay-Z

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • If I had a dime for every time I said "Jay-Z's here", I'd have one dime.

    Here we go. It's the big night. Golden Girl enthusiasts, regular SNL fans, and Betty lovers all around the world will be tuning in to see how Betty White does on Saturday Night Live. The 88 and a half year old host will no doubt be a very good host, in my opinion. I'm excited to see how it goes. Along with Betty comes a bunch of old women cast members, to celebrate mothers day. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon, and Ana Gasteyer all take the stage tonight.

    Jay-Z is our musical guest. His new album is pretty good, and his two popular singles thus far, "Empire State of Mind", and "Young Forever" are both good in my book, so I'm excited.

    The Lawrence Welk Show: Yes, yes. I knew we weren't going to get through the season without doing this sketch, once again. It was a good way to introduce all the women that were coming back tonight, too. The length and enthusiasm of the applause when Betty White came out was great.

    Monologue: This was a really funny monologue. I loved her mentions of Facebook and "hay rides".

    MacGruber: Yes, let's plug in the big movie premiere coming in two weeks from now. Just kidding. This was a good series of MacGrubers, with Betty White playing Will's grandma.

    The Delicious Dish: This was a hilarious sketch, with the "muffin" talk. Obviously, they were paying homage to the Alec Baldwin "Christmas balls" sketch many years ago.

    The Manuel Ortiz Show: This was another really funny sketch, just because of the performance. Betty White in that wig was hilarious.

    Gingey: It was nice to see an original sketch. The mentions from Betty saying "Because, she's a lesbian." was great. Another great sketch.

    Musical Performance: Jay-Z performs a medley of his old popular singles, including his newer single, "Empire State of Mind" with Alicia- Bridget Kelly... Oh well. We can't have everything. Still a great performance.

    Weekend Update: A great Update, indeed. The jokes were all great, and Molly Shannon returning as Sally O'Malley was great, with Betty White coming on as Dottie O'Donegan. Maya Rudolph's return as Sally O'Malley was nice to see, too. And, of course, its not an Update without both Amy and Tina returning!

    Scared Straight: This was another hilarious sketch. Betty's assertiveness even as the old grandma of McIntosh was hilarious.

    CSI: Sarasota: This was another original and hilarious sketch. The liners that Betty would say when the camera would pan to her were just so hilarious, because they were so out there or just unrelated to what she was trying to say.

    Thank You For Being A Friend: I actually really liked the real homage to Betty from the whole cast/guests of this week's show. And, then, Betty's return was hilarious. Especially when she ended it with, "Happy Mothers Day, Mother ..."

    Musical Performance: Another good song by Jay-Z. And then there was Mr. Hudson...

    Census 2010: A lot like the Chris Walken sketch 10 years ago. Betty made this so hilarious, with her weird answers, and her off-focus.

    Wow, what a show. This was definitely a classic. Yes, I'm giving in. I know that many weren't a fan of them getting Betty White just because of Facebook's campaign, but, hey, when life gives you lemons, you make that lemonade. Betty was a really good host, and it's nice to see how sharp she still is after all her years of living. Jay-Z was also a great musical guest. I liked the return of the lady cast members, but, we didn't really get to see any of the other cast members, such as Nasim, Jenny, or Abby, really. But, anyways, it was a great show.

    Next week is our season finale with Alec Baldwin and musical guest Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Hopefully they'll keep the good writing one more week.
  • Betty White: A fabulous female Television Legend is joined by 5 other women who have given us many great televsion moments.

    Obviously, Betty White is and always will be a legend in television. From "Mary Tyler Moore," to "Golden Girls," Betty is just pure perfection. So I obviously tuned in to see how Betty would do. I am an avid SNL watcher and I probably would have watched no matter who was hosting. Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to see her joined by such great former SNL cast members as Tina Fey, Molly Shannon, and Maya Rudolph. I was so glad that they had this little reunion and these fabulous women came back to the show that made them to support one of the greatest televsion actresses of all time. I found myself enjoying almost every sketch and I'm glad that Betty got the final word on which sketches she would perform. They brought back some classic characters and I feel that overall, it was a great episode. I hope that in the future, SNL goes with this trend and attempts to bring in more TV icons.
  • In My Eyes: Best Episode this year...

    ...and possibly ever? Granted I haven't watched every episode but Betty White was spectacular. I found it enjoyable to watch and maybe it's just cause I watched it on my dvr but it seemed like there were plenty of sketches. And they were full of White. I think her performance was top notch and she added just a some what of a sparkle to the episode. Also I found White's dirty mouth charming, I guess just old people cursing is funny to me, I'm weird I know. Plus every great SNL women made an appearance. I loved it. I thought it was fantastic and I really enjoyed watching it and I bought it on iTunes. :-)
  • Betty White was Hilarious and in Top Form! She was absolutely funny and appeared in every sketch and even Weekend Update. Best SNL this season!

    I thought Betty did a fantastic job. And the return of the former SNL ladies cast was great, especially considering the current crop is lacking and relies way too heavily on Kristen Wiig to carry the show. I thought Betty was absolutely hilarious and she appeared to be having a great time. Plus, she's a natural comic and had great comedic timing. 100% better than the last original outing with Gabourey Sidibe, who seemed like a deer caught in the headlights. My favorite sketches were Betty's monologue; Betty White as MacGruber's grandma, and the digital short. I even tolerated Kenan's recurring prison sketch because Betty was funny. But even in the sketches where Betty had limited screen time or weren't that funny, she still delivered some classic lines. Delicious Dish - "My muffin hasn't had a cherry in it since 1939." Regarding her gay Hispanic son on the "Manuel Ortiz" sketch, "that explains why he doesn't like tacos." On the Scared Straight Sketch, "Wizard of Ass!" LMAO

    It's obvious the cast (including past SNL players) enjoyed working with her. And Betty received thunderous applause from her first appearance to the closing credits, so much so that you could barely her her thank yous. Plus, the digital sketch and the two dozen roses at the end was a great way to honor a wonderful lady. You go, Betty!
  • Betty White hosts, and plays Betty White in every sketch.

    Betty White is your host tonight in this very special episode of SNL. While she was good in some sketches, 90 minutes of her will make you sick of Betty. And 1 minute of Ana Gasteyer makes me sick of her.

    Lawrence Welk: I really hate this segment. Why start a megashow like this? Monologue: Betty White is nearly as over as Zach Galifianakis was when he did his monologue. Not really that funny, but you could feel that this was a special moment. MacGruber: Why are they still doing this? This is not making people want to watch the movie, if anything it is deterring potential viewers.
    NPR: There were some clever lines, but this was a dumb segment that went on for way too long. Manuel Ortiz Show: Another Fred Armisen talk show (does he have the record for most in SNL history?)
    Cleveland 1904: Jenny Slate appeared on screen here, but the featured players are clearly getting the shaft tonight in favor of the returning alums. The sketch was as dumb as ever.
    Weekend Update: Maya Rudolph reprised her Whitney Houston impression. Amy Poehler returned for Really? as well. Neither was really funny (ah, see what I did there?)
    Scared Straight: It's time to end this.
    Old People Cop Show: Played out joke, played out humor.
    Digital Short: Betty White wants a rock infused version of Golden Girls theme "Thank You For Being a Friend." Another swing and a miss for Samberg. Census: Tina Fey is a Census reporter and Betty White is Lee Smith (pronounced Blarfinger Blarfinger). Okay sketch, but there should have been more Tina Fey and Betty White interactions tonight.
  • Yeeeeeaaaahhh!

    TV sitcom legend Betty White hosts, Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z performs

    Cold Open- Lawrence Welk Show- Welk (Fred) thanks mothers, then man (Will) sings song for mother (Betty) along with the sisters (Amy, Maya, Ana) and the creepy one (Krisin). You know this one by now. Betty was good.

    Monologue- Betty thanks facebook, then insults it after reminiscing about what it likes when she was younger. I guess she all this. Really funny stuff.

    MacGruber (3 parts)- The hero (Will) is accompanied by his grandmother (Betty) who resorts to embarassing him, mentioning his breast reduction surgery, and finally he proposes to her. Always a conflict and resolution with these. Can't wait for the movie.

    Delicious Dish- After a 8 year absence, Mary Jo (Ana) and Terry (Molly) interview Florence Dusty (Betty) and try her various muffins. If you remember Schwetty Balls, this was like that only muffins to reference.....well you the idea.

    Manuel Ortiz Show- Ortiz (Fred) brings out family (Ana, Bobby, Betty) who confronts son (Bill) and his lover (Will) in between rapid salsa dancing. Second verse same as the first.

    Gingey- In 1900, a tomboy (Amy) befuddles sisters and is bluntly described by harden grandmother (Betty). Blah for the most part, but the constant mention of being a lesbian by Betty was good for a laugh.

    Shawn Corey Carter, with band backing, performs a mash up of "Public Service Announcement", "99 Problems", "On to the Next One", "'03 Bonnie and Clyde", and "Empire State of Mind" (featuring Bridget Kelly). For a guy thats nearly four decades old, he certainly held his own here, even if it was a little rushed.

    Weekend Update- best jokes Oil Leak, Terror Suspect/Corey Feldman, Cupitino, White Castle; the commentaries were all over: Whitney Houston (Maya) stops by to talk about her negative reviews concerning her new concert tour; Sallie O'Malley (Molly) and Dottie (Betty) out do each other in age; but the highlight, Really with Seth, Amy and Tina- all three do pointed commentary on the recent evacuation of Time Square, tech issues, and Greece's near bankruptcy. Scared Straight- Lorenzo MacIntosh (Kenan) and his grandmother (Betty) scare more juvenile delinquents. With these sketches it's all about who MacIntosh's partner, the movie puns notwithstanding. Betty was sufficient here.

    CSI: Sarasota- A CSI spoof finds David Caruso's mother Vivian (Betty) and Abe Scheinwald (Rachel) questioning the deaths of various citizens. The highlight here was the phrase Betty who shout into the camera before the CSI theme music plays. Not too original but funny nonetheless.

    Thank You For Being A Friend (digital short)- In a tribute to Betty, the cast sings the theme to the 1985-1992 sitcom Betty starred-- Golden Girls. But Betty adds her own twist-- juggalo-esqe antics. The highlight was blood splashing on Nasim to her disgust. But, I got to ask- what's with these writers and Insane Clown Possee.

    S. Carter, with Mr. Hudson, returns with a song inspired by a 1984 Alphaville synthpop ballad-- "Young Forever"

    Census Taker- A census taker (Tina) is annoyed by the bizarre answers given by a homeowner (Betty). This sketch reminds me of a similar sketch from 10 years ago about a census taker played by Tim Meadows and an odd homeowner Christopher Walken, apparently this and that were written by Tina Fey. I enjoyed both so that's good enough for me.

    Good show. Betty White was wonderful as expected. Jay-Z was pretty good also. 7/10
  • I love Betty White. She is, was, and always shall be a national treasure. My problem is with the writers.

    SNL's writers had one joke this week. Just one. "Let's get the old lady to say lewd and crude things. Let's get her to use the F word and worse." It worked for the first sketch--for a while at least (the Muffin bit was funny but dragged on waaaayyyy too long). It was old by the second sketch. And, by the time the Digital Short rolled around, it was uncomfortable, cringe worthy, and just sad. The best sketch in the show, frankly, was the final one featuring Tina Fey as a Census worker and Betty as a less than cooperative respondent. The sketch was funny because it wasn't entirely predicated on third grade gutter humor. Even then, the writers couldn't resist throwing in a completely gratuitous and unnecessary joke about a "crotch massager". Yeah, I know you were cracking yourselves up in the writing room, but you did no favor to the show and no honor to this great lady. Penis jokes and jokes about flatulence and other bodily functions are fine. But, if that's ALL you've got, then there's no need to for anyone to watch, really; you can get that sort of crap anywhere. Normally, I wouldn't care what you do, but this week was an insult to a very fine actress who deserved better.

    I give Betty White a 10, the writers a zero, and that averages a 5. Jay-Z was solid, so I'll bump it to a 5.5.
  • Betty White was a charmer...

    ...but SNL writing in general continues to disappoint.

    I enjoyed Betty and she is the only person who has made me sit through an hour of this show in years. A couple of the sketches were disasters; like CSI: Sarasota...not even remotely funny or particularly inventive. And MacGruber part one was pretty decent but parts two and three really stunk, not even Betty could help them, and yes Betty, he was out of his f---ing mind. "The Wizard of A$$" slayed me, 88 year old Mother would never even understand that, never mind deliver it with spot-on comedic timing! The News..."Really"...was the best skit, even though it didn't contain Betty at all.

    Could have lived without Jay-Z completely, but the real ticket, despite her admitted total fear, delivered a very respectable performance. Just wish they had written her know...Betty.
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