Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 15

Bradley Cooper/TV on the Radio

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • What do you want to do next Hoda Hoe-Down?

    SNL is a little bit more hit an miss in the year 2009 calendar than 2008. Granted it's only been 3 episodes and one of them were very good, but the other two were let downs. That being said, last week's show was supposed to be a 6.0, which JUST meets average on my book. I entered in the wrong score. 4th show is now, and will it be another letdown? Here we go....

    Host is Bradley Cooper, from his new co-starring role in He's Just Not That Into You. Musical guest is TV On The Radio. It should be a very interesting show.

    Pelosi/Reid Message: A funny premise, but Kristen's other characters that show bitter sides were shining off of this. Like, she almost eminded me of Aunt Linda with the hand gestures and voice patterns at times.

    Monologue: The only thing I really laughed at in this was Bradley blowing off James Lipton. The monologue was just a regular one.

    Today: I groaned when I saw this come up, but this was a vast improvement over the NPH sketch. I laughed at almost everything.

    I'm Gonna Have Sex With Your Wife: This could have been sooo much funnier. I laughed at Forte's declining happiness a lot, but the other two were so phoned in.

    I'm On A Boat: Wow. Remember when digital shorts were funny? Those were the days. Moving on...

    Song Memories: I always enjoy these sketches (except for the Ashton Kutcher one), and this one was just as good. But, what happened to thos single punchlines that they usually say a moment after they say the full story?

    Musical Performance: This is such a cool band. They sure sang "Golden Age" with groove. I also dig that baritone and her sun glasses.

    Weekend Update: This may be the first memorable Seth Update! I mean, he's been doing fine, but tonight was really good. Andy's commentary was alright, while Kenan's actually got a big number of chuckles out of me. I was really happy to see Kristen's Bjork back tonight. It was very funny. Amy never helped "Really?" It was all Seth.

    Locker Admiration: Bobby is there!!! I missed his absence last week. This was actually a really funny sketch. Bobby is so awesome.

    Bad Guys, Good Conversations: This was a pretty funny sketch. Jason was the best part. It reminded me so much of his Roger Clemens last year.

    Intervention: Why? Why must we go through every episode with at least one terrible Wiig sketch? Like, I know it wasn't all Wiig, but still. Once again, something in dress HAD to be better than this.

    Musical Performance: They slide right on through "Dancing Choices". Man, this band is good.

    No Bruce! Let Me Finish: This was actually a pretty funny 5 to 1 sketch. Kenan sucked at George Foreman, though. I did laugh at that part because it reminded me of The Office. Never mind, though.

    Not a vast impovement, but this show was an improvement over the last two. I just don't see why SNL chooses the sketches they do. Like, if the SNL dress audience liked the Intervention sketch, then I'll throw this computer out. Seriously. Are they just doing that for the cast members to be happy?

    We're starting to get out of that January 'whatever' feeling, hopefully on time for Alec Baldwin next week. Anyways, Bradley was an adequate host while TV On The Radio was an interesting band. It's just the main suspects: the writers!

    Next week Alec hosts with musical guest the Jonas Bros. I won't even touch base with how POed I am with the music decision. I just hope Alec brings it for a great show. I'm worried though. SNL kind of sucks at having returning hosts on this season. I'll be pleased if the show reaches a 7.0 on my scale. (Of course I'm hoping for higher)
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