Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 4

Brian Williams/Feist

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Clinton's Halloween Party 2007: Hillary Clinton hosts a party for all the Democratic candidates. Bill Clinton is dressed as Mystery from "The Pick-up Artist." Mike Gravel, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Bill Richardson are present at the party. The real Barack Obama appears also.

Brian William's Monologue: Brian Williams talks about how he won't be all serious. He'll just act like it's his Nightly News.

Maybelline For Men: When all the guys are watching a football game, one of their pals come in make-up. He tells them it's Maybelline For Men. It's not noticeable.

Bronx Beat: Jodi Deitz, and Betty Caruso have fire fighter Paul Dooley on to talk about the recent forest fires.

Riley's Way: As the Riley's Way cast are shooting the last scene of the last episode to Riley's Way, the actor who plays Principal Jefferies gets mad when he finds out he's not going into the spin-off. The director tries to help him out.

The Publishing Clearing House Giveaway: A crazed lady gets overly excited when a man wins the most money a giveaway has even given, and he shows no care.

Brian's Diaries (Digital Short): Brian Williams tells us what it's like being him. He tortures Al Roker and Matt Lauer, Bono thinks that Brian is cooler than him. Brian tells us how he just wants to be like everyone else.

Musical Performance: Feist performs "1 2 3 4".

Weekend Update: Amy and Seth co-anchor. Studio head Roger A. Trevanti comments on the rising Writers Guild of America Strike. SNL Update Nanny, Barbara Bermingham comments on Halloween.

Larry King Live: Larry King interviews J.K. Rowling about how Dumbledore is gay. J.K. Rowling shows us deleted scenes featuring Professeur McGonnagle and Dumbledore.

iPhone Commercial: A man tells us how the iPhone helps him have an affair with another women, without being caught by his wife.

Democratic Debate: All the Democrats, minus Obama and Clinton, wait anxiously for the Debate to start. The candidates decide ways to wipe Hillary out.

Musical Performance: Feist performs "I Feel It All".

NBC Nightly News New Opening: Brian and his workers decide on what new song to present, from the band Dunham & Kirk.