Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 4

Brian Williams/Feist

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on NBC

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    The writers guild of America is going on strike. Wow. I never thought it'd actually happen. Of course, SNL would be one of the first to go, unless they have a plan. But, I don't know how they'd do that with out a lawsuit, and a lack of respect. I know I wouldn't respect them if they kept on making new episodes. The writers deserve a better deal. So, how will that effect tonight's episode? Will the writers try to salvage all they can to make an above-average episode, or will they just fall into the pits of "Ehhh, we're going on hiatus, who cares?" like they did with Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters a few weeks ago?

    Getting back on focus. Brian Williams is our host tonight. I'm mixed about that. I think the guy does have a funny bone. I can tell. He just looks like he had fun on last year's opener. But, still, I'm not sure how I should handle it. Feist is our musical guest. Excited for that!

    Clinton's Halloween Party: Wow! This was a really funny political opening! It was nice to see Horatio again! (has he lost weight, or is it just the camera angle?) How else to end this other than OBAMA coming out! Oh my gosh! I got so excited right then!

    Monologue: Brian was hilarious in this! It was nice to see a real monologue.

    Maybelline For Men Only: Ehh... it was alright. The deafening overtone of how it was for men only was kind of funny.

    Bronx Beat: I knew this was going to be on, since I saw it on the promo Thursday. You know what? Brian saved this sketch. It turned out to be a really funny sketch. Amy and Maya leaving at the end to go find a sex toy was funny, too.

    Riley's Way: This was hilarious! Knock your socks off funny. Brian was great in this. Perhaps Brian's monologue at the end was a little too much, but, it was still a very funny bit.

    Money Giveaway: Other than Kristen's performance, most of this sketch was forgettable. But, the reactions from past winners was funny.

    Daily Life of Brian WIlliams: This was really funny! It was a little predictable, but Al Roker, and Matt were hilarious!

    Musical Performance: Feist goes through that awesome song of hers, "1 2 3 4". Love it.

    Weekend Update: Fred Armisen was hilarious in this. Roger A. Trevanti bit was great! I've got to say, also, Amy's hair is lookin better. I couldn't stand those half-curls. Even Kenan's Nanny was funny in this. The improv by Seth about his tie was hilarious! Like, all the jokes were funny tonight.

    Larry King Live: I'm happy to see Fred's Larry King back. It's always funny to see. The deleted gay scenes were hilarious, also.

    iPhone: This was a funny commercial bit. Probably shot around this week, since these franchised commercials hadn't started to air since around the Jon Bon Jovi show. (and what kind of creativity did they have that week?)

    Democratic Waiting Room: Why is Darrell now Chris Dodd? But, this was funny. It went a little too long, though.

    Musical Performance: Feist goes through that so slick song, "I Feel It All". Talk about awesome.

    Brian's New Song: This was really funny, actually. I liked how most of the cast got in this. The James Bond twist at the end was awesome.

    Wow. What a great episode. After that terrible show three weeks ago, SNL came back like a bomb! Brian was an awesome host! And Feist rocked the night away! Fred was the player of the night (next to Brian), and the show just turned out to be a winner!

    Next week: The Rock hosts with Amy Winehouse? I don't think so. That's obviously just optimism from Lorne. Considering how the strike started today, and how today is idea pitching day. May not sound crucial, but I'm sure it is.

    What will probably be aired this week? Unfortunately, unless we go to older episodes, Jon Bon Jovi/Foo Fighters. I'm sure SNL will repeat this very episode for 11/17 if the strike actually does last for a while. Then 11/24 will probably be season 32 repeats... bummer, I know, but the truth.

    See you after the strike!
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