Saturday Night Live

Season 33 Episode 4

Brian Williams/Feist

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Not a super strong episode primarily because the writers were unwilling to take chances with Williams or he did not want to stray too far from the anchor role.

    Halloween cold open - A nice twist on the usual political opening, but was kind of flat. Other than Hillary's laugh and Kucinich making out with his trophy wife there weren't too many laughs. The sketch could have used more hi-jinks from Bubba, like maybe having a ho on each arm since he was supposed to a playa'. The two cameos were non-eventful and I hope Obama is never invited to host. He is such a stiff. Grade: C

    Monologue - Just give Williams jokes to read and let him do it in his straight manner and it works well. I have always liked that style of delivery rather than hyping everything up (Dane anyone?). The self-parody at the end was the real kicker and closed out a great monologue. Grade: A

    Maybelline Makeup for Men - A silly idea that hearkens back to the early days of SNL when goofy commercial parodies were a staple. Armisen looks downright creepy with that makeup on and reminded me a bit of Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. Simple but effective. Grade: A-

    Bronx Beat - I was shocked to see this sketch return, but I have to say that writing was better than usual as was the repartee between Amy and Maya. Williams did well as the uncomfortable fireman but did not have enough lines. His soliloquy at the end was a nice way to end the sketch along with the ladies departing the set to buy a vibrator! blink.gif Grade: C-

    Riley's Way - It's always nice to see the writers try an original idea, but this one just didn't have much to it. Besides Williams telling Kenan to go to hell, it was pretty slim. The ending was the kind of weak, but solved the problem of the last shot and ended the sketch so I guess it worked. Grade: C-

    Publisher's Clearinghouse - I've always had a huge laugh at those winners who go absolutely ballistic in front of the camera when they win. So to see somebody who couldn't care less is refreshing. Kristen put in a great performance trying to pump up Williams. The clips of the previous winners were excellent and not too far-removed from reality. Again, they had no good way to end this sketch so the free cheesy bread became the out. Not a clever ending, but I'm not sure how I would improve this. Grade: B+

    Digital Short - This didn't have the usual hallmarks of the Lonely Island crew, but still succeeded due to Williams' dry sense of humor and supposed narcissism. Grade: B

    Weekend Update - I was very disappointed that they didn't do the obvious and have Williams read some lines, perhaps as a new hire. It would probably would have confused some channel-flippers to see Williams reading jokes in a deadpan style as if it were the news. NBC probably didn't want to risk any confusion or possibility of offending Nightly News viewers. Armisen was great as usual during his commentary while Kenan was painful as usual in his dress. The jokes were on par tonight. Grade: B-

    Larry King - The all-time buffoon of talk show TV is always ripe for parody and SNL has had no fewer than five cast members lampoon him (Nealon, Farrell, MacDonald, Fallon, and Armisen). Norm's take is still favorite but Armisen is a strong second. One of the few times we got to see Hader tonight and he excelled as the gay wizard (though maybe a little too close to his O'Toole impression). Seeing Dumbledore in a gay bar was pretty surreal. This kind of scene could actually enliven those leaden Potter movies. Grade: B-

    I-Phone - Short and sweet take on the I-Phone commercials. Armisen is really the go-to guy tonight and is starting to break out this season. About time! Grade: A

    Democratic Debate - The lowpoint of the evening. The backstage plotting to get Hillary was much less interesting than actually spoofing the debate. Apparently Obama wanted no part in this sketch and the only thing Kenan has in common with Obama is skin color. If they don't want to hire a new black cast member to take this role (and many others), then get Seth out from behind that desk now and then, but some facepaint on him and let him rip. I know he could nail Obama because his stilted deliver is not all that different from John Kerry's. BTW, I love Forte is Edwards. He brings out all of the unsavory qualities about that man. Grade: D

    News Overhaul - Another sketch with Williams in the anchor character! The idea to freshen up the news is funny because it is so relevant. NBC just spent big bucks remodeling the news studio for Williams to give it a more contemporary look. So anyway, the band was dopey but Forte was pretty excellent as the southern rock hippie band leader. The James Bond montage for Nightly News was pure genius. I wish they would actually use that for the news occasionally. Grade: A