Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 5

Buck Henry/The Grateful Dead

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 11, 1978 on NBC

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  • Chafe Boy-R-Dee, ravioli for itchy Italians.

    Buck Henry host for his seventh time and The Grateful Dead stop by on their long and strange journey.

    Cold Open- Huckler Concedes- In a spoof of election day concession speeches, Congressional candidate Huckler (Bill Murray) explains his reasons for losing which include myriad scandals and campaign blunders. This was a dead on spoof, with a great performance by Murray. Listen for writer Al Franken as an audience member who yells his support.

    Monologue- Buck makes known his love for hosting via a long-winded speech that is overshadowed by “Star Wars� footage, boast Carrie Fischer hosting next week and on-screen scrawl. I love when they do these and this was no exception.

    Rovco Chinch Ranch- Rovco spokesman (Aykroyd) hawks Chinch breeding kit that makes fur and tasty burgers. Short funny ad spoof.

    Samurai Optometrist- Mr. Dantley (Buck) goes to the Samurai’s (Belushi) optical store for new glasses. Belushi and Buck’s performances were great again, even if the situations ran thin towards the end (Optical store, Bakery store).

    Uncle Roy- Roy’s (Buck) babysitting of two little girls (Gilda, Laraine) leads to pedophilic pursuits. The performance by all were great, but the sketch ran too long for me.

    The Grateful Dead- To wild applause, Garcia and company perform the rambling “Casey Jones�

    Weekend Update- On Bill Murray’s Celebrity Corner- Elizabeth Taylor (Belushi) chokes on a turkey breast while being interviewed; Aykroyd and Curtain do a Point-Counterpoint on the Shah of Iran situation. Update was good as usual.

    Great Performances- Jean Marsh (Laraine) profiles Rasputin’s (Belushi) death, which includes the famous Russian avoiding death at costs. Great performance, even if it was a minute more than it should've been.

    Nick the Lounge Singer- Nick “Sands� entertains regulars at his lounge in Vegas. These never get old and Murray and Aykroyd are the highlights.

    More Flu to Worry About- Joan Face (Jane Curtin) interviews Dr. Pendanza (Buck) on new flu epedimics. I guess this is a spoof of actual scientific shows with overexcited host and guest talking about interesting, and at the same time, mundane topics. For me, it's filler.

    The Grateful Dead- This time around Bob Weir takes over vocals and performances the bluesy “I Need A Miracle� and a rockling take of the Lovin Spoonful classic “Good Lovin�

    St. Mickey’s Knights of Columbus- The Knights of Columbus hold their meeting, featuring a minute and a half speech by baseballer Chico Escuela (Garrett). Nice slice-of-life piece to close the show.

    As usual, when Buck Henry stops by it is bound to be a good show and this no was exception and The Dead gave three fantastic performances and would come back next season for more.
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