Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 6

Carrie Fisher/The Blues Brothers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 18, 1978 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's…Garrett Morris! Sketches include "Beach Blanket Bingo from Outer Space," "The Loud Family," "Mercy Killers," "Marseilles, 1978," "Mr. Bill's Fishing Trip" (film), "Tomorrow," "Bad Red Chinese Ballet," and "Arrivederci Roman" (film). The Blues Brothers perform "Soul Man" and "B-Movie Boxcar Blues."

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  • "And these are my breasts."

    Star Wars' Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher makes her anticipated appearance as host. While Aykroyd and Belushi do the musical guest duties making a second appearance as The Blues Brothers to promote their album Briefcase full of Blues. Cold Open- from the Black Rhino club, Garrett introduces Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues. They, along with two members of the legendary Booker T. and the MGs (Steve Cropper, rhyme guitar; Donald "Duck" Dunn, bass guitar), Matt "Guitar" Murphy and various members of the SNL Band, perform the Sam & Dave classic "Soul Man". A signature cover tune is born. Monologue- Carrie comes out in her in Princess Leia garb, commences to tell a few Star Wars jokes, but is unsure of them, until Obi Won Konobi (Aykroyd) nudges her along to tell more with his overindulgent guffaws as an aid. Aykroyd as Obi Won laughing at everything was funny. Beach Blanket Bimbo from Outer Space- In a spoof of late '50s beach/surfing movies, Princess Leia is transported back to a beach scene where Frankie and Annette (Bill, Gilda), Vincent Price (Aykroyd), and Chubby Checker (Garrett) take part in the fun. This was okay, but there were some funny moments – Aykroyd's Price and Garrett's Checker, as was Alan Zwebiel continuously running by to look into the camera to say "Surfs Up" and Annette saying "I'm Annette, and these are my breasts"

    Loud Family – a family's (Bill, Jane, Gilda, Carrie) high pitched vocals gives away activities they hoped would be private and annoys all within in their reach. I enjoyed the sections with sounds of the parents having sex upstairs and the sounds of the arguing in the next room. I'm also happy they decided not to repeat this sketch as the premise would wear thin.

    The Mercy Killers- In the mold of Kevorkian, two doctors (Aykroyd, Bill) help terminate the life of a patient (Garrett). Funny concept and the song at the end is the clincher

    Weekend Update- Gossip columnist Father Guido Sarducci talks about speculation in currency; Roseanne Roseannadanna talks about smoking

    Jake, Elwood and the aforementioned backing band perform "Got Everything I Need, Almost" and a rollicking "B-Movie Boxcar Blues" with great guitar interplay between Steve Cropper and Matt Murphy, harmonica from Elwood, and silly dancing from Jake. Mr. Bill goes fishing (film) – The claymation figure goes fishing and is injured in the process.

    Tomorrow- Snyder (Aykroyd) interviews "Exorcist" star Linda Blair (Carrie); usual good stuff from Snyder, Carrie was good here as Blair.

    Marseilles 1978- a pilot (Bill) converses with a socialite (Carrie) in a bar, then teases him into buying an insurance policy from her. This took time to get going, but when it got there it worked.

    Bad Red Chinese Ballet- Garnell showcases an atrociously performed Chinese ballet; the usual good stuff from this sketch.

    Schiller Reels- Vacation in Rome (film) – a woman's husband dies during vacation, so she marries a Roman with her husband's insurance policy. Not bad for a short film.

    This show wasn't too bad; the highlight for me was the Blues Brothers - 7/10moreless
  • A decent entry during the classic first five years. Carrie is a capable host, but the writing often fails to provide good material.

    Blues Brothers cold open – Garrett introduces Dan and John and they break into "Soul Man". Not really funny, but great guitar playing from Steve Cropper. Grade: C

    Carrie Monologue – Carrie comes out replete in her Leia outfit and starts a nerdy Star Wars joke and hesitates, but is encouraged by the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi. Fairly amusing start that was re-visited when Luke Perry hosted in Season 18. Grade: B

    Beach Blanket Bingo from Outer Space – A parody of the Frankie Avalon / Annette Funicello beach movies. Carrie beams in from outer space and enchants the boys and a very gay Vincent Price (DAA). Carrie breaks into song and Marlon Brando and Chubby Checkers make an appearance and break into the Twist. Amusing, but not particularly funny. Grade: C+

    Loudon Family – Two loud-mouthed girls welcome their uncomfortable dates to their home. The parents are also loud and can easily be heard in other parts of the house. The best part is John's outfit: he is an aircraft parking assistant and shows up in his work clothes, complete with ear protection. Mildly amusing. Grade: C+

    Mercy Killers – Two orderlies (DAA & BIM) perform mercy killings on patients hooked up to life support machines, but get the wrong patient. A weirdly dark sketch. Grade: B+

    Weekend Update – The team of Jane and Bill is great. A good set of jokes, especially about the McDonalds wormburger. A commentary by Father Guido Sarducci asking for donations for the Vatican is flat. Roseanne's commentary on cigarette smoking goes wonderfully off-topic. A good WU. Grade: A

    Blues Brothers – The duo returns to perform "Got Everything I Need, Almost" and "B Movie Boxcar Blues". Three songs is a quite a bit for the BB's but "B Movie Boxcar Blues" is a fairly enjoyable funky number.

    Mr. Bill Goes Fishing – The usual misadventures of Bill. Fans of Bill will enjoy it. Grade: C

    Tomorrow – Tom interviews a very air-headed Linda Blair (host). Dan does a great impersonation of Tom and Carrie played Linda as though she despised her. Good performances lift an otherwise weak premise. Grade: B+

    Marseilles Bar 1978 – In a French bar, sleazy women pester the patrons to buy drinks. Fisher goes even further and sells Murray a mutual fund using heavy petting techniques. Good performances by Bill and Carrie. Grade: B

    Bad Red Chinese Ballet – This time the "Bad" sketch focuses on China's literal interpretation of Yankee imperialism. Good costumes and wonderfully "bad" performance make this another enjoyable entry in the "bad" catalog. Grade: B

    Schiller's Reel –A tour of Rome with an older couple with a twist ending. Very slow and not funny at all. Grade: Dmoreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Neither of the aforementioned visual gaffes appeared in the video of this program released by Warner Home Video in 1985.

    • Two technical errors occur during Carrie Fisher's monologue: Just as she is introducing the "Beach Blanket Bimbo" sketch, the camera cuts briefly towards a stagehand standing in front of a green screen; several seconds later, the gag caption "Next: They Saved Gidget's Brain" intended to be shown at commercial break blinks onscreen for a second or so.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Carrie Fisher: Well.. you know, Obi.. I don't know, we like the joke, but some of the references are a little obscure for this galaxy. I mean, this is a New York audience, they're really sophisticated and everything...

    • Mr. Hands: But first, how bout' a nice cold beer!?

      Mr. Bill: No, but, you know I cant drink a beer Mr. Hands. OHHHHHHH Noooooo.

    • Orderly #1: I'm gonna tell you a little story about a guy who dreamed of going to medical school to be a surgeon, but he couldn't 'cause his father was lying in silent agony for years while the family was spiritually and financially drained. And that guy, he couldn't go to medical school, so he had to become an orderly, clean bedpans... and the only way he could help people was by letting them die in dignity like this.

    • The closing theme from "Mercy Killers":

      They kill
      Not because they want to
      But 'cause they think it's right to
      In some cases
      Have mercy on them
      And someday they may
      Have mercy on you...

  • NOTES (2)