Saturday Night Live

Season 19 Episode 8

Charlton Heston/Paul Westerberg

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 04, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

PLANET OF THE APES: After napping for nearly 2,000 years, Charlton Heston awakens to find that apes have taken over Earth. (Heston, Farley, Hartman, Hutsell, Meadows, Mohr, Nealon (VO), Schneider, Joe Dicso, Dave Wilson (VO))
MONOLOGUE: Apes can't understand that Charlton Heston is a human being. (Heston, MacDonald, Silverman, Tom Davis)
INFINITI TOILET: Jonathan Pryce shows that the swirling method of flushing is history with this new toilet. (Myers)
COFFEE TALK: Linda Richman introduces her Irish boyfriend to her viewers. (Heston, Mohr (VO), Myers, Marilyn Suzanne Miller)
INFINITI TOILET: Jonathan Pryce uses a suction dart gun as proof that "caca" will not stain the toilet. (Myers)
GANGSTA DANCE RAP SMASHES!: Boring party music is replaced with verbally violent dialogue in rap jams. (Hartman (VO), Hutsell, Nealon, Sandler, Schneider, Spade, Sweeney)
THE PRESIDENT IS ILLITERATE: Ted will stop at nothing to prove to the American people that President Dexter cannot read. (Heston, Hartman, Nealon, Sweeney)
"KNOCKIN' ON MINE": (Westerberg)
WEEKEND UPDATE: Tonight on Hollywood Minute, David Spade tells Macaulay Culkin that his life will turn out like his. (Nealon, Spade)
KING SOLOMON CAREER DAY: Old Testament-era high school students learn about different occupations including being a leper, centurion, or false prophet. (Heston, Cleghorne, Farley, Hutsell, Meadows, Mohr, Myers, Sandler, Schneider, Spade, Sweeney)
INFINITI TOILET: Jonathan Pryce introduces the cup holder. (Myers)
THE NRA LOANER: The Brady Bill law will not stop Charlton Heston from loaning a gun to you for five days free of charge. (Heston)
THE OLDEST BAG BOY: Spooky, elderly bag boy threatens his manager in order to keep his job. (Heston, Hartman, Hutsell, Sandler, Schneider (VO), Spade, Sweeney)
"CAN'T HARDLY WAIT": (Westerberg)
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: Dathan tries to take control of the people while Moses is gone. (Heston, Hartman (VO), Schneider, Sweeney)
THE HERLIHY BOY HOUSE-SITTING SERVICE: The Herlihy Boy begs for a job, while Mr. O'Malley questions why one wouldn't hire him. (Farley, Sandler, Jim Downey (VO))