Saturday Night Live

Season 12 Episode 6

Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, & Martin Short/Randy Newman

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 06, 1986 on NBC
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Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, & Martin Short/Randy Newman
Live from New York, it's... Chevy Chase!

Sketches include "Stumblebums," "Reagan the Mastermind," "Under the Couch Cushion," "The Eggshell Family," "The Pat Stevens Show," "Halsey & Roarke British Customs," "Ed Grimley Meets the Devil," "Church Lady," "Steve Martin's Holiday Wishes," and "The Amazing Alexander, The World's Greatest Hypnotist".

Randy Newman performed "Longest Night" and "Roll With The Punches."moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When this episode first aired in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, the live "Ed Grimley Meets The Devil" sketch was replaced with the dress rehearsal version. In the live sketch, the tilted photo gag was botched and the director kept cueing the wrong camera. The dress version would also be used in repeats.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Dennis Miller: Did you like that, Chevy?
        Chevy Chase: Yeah. I like this one even better.
        Dennis Miller: Okay. (chortles)
        Chevy Chase: This is my favorite one.
        Dennis Miller: This is the best one?

        During his trip to Australia, Pope John Paul II kissed a small boy and turned him into a koala bear. John Paul said it was an accident, and the boy's parents are suing.
        Dennis Miller: You see, you knew that one was going to be good, didn't you?
        Chevy Chase: Thank you, Dennis!

      • Dennis Miller: In other news today, the White House denied a report that during an argument over the Iran scandal, President Reagan said to Nancy, "Get off my damn back!" when actually what he said was, "Put your head under my arm, and your left leg around my neck, and I'll show you what a full-nelson looks like."

      • Chevy Chase: The controversy over sex education in public schools continues. While many Americans are pro-sex education, fundamentalists still believe that too many sex education classes too early in life could possibly cause premature matriculation.

      • Chevy Chase: Uh, let's take one more look at that updated poll on the President's popularity, and good news for the President - no appreciable loss from two minutes, forty-one seconds ago... (SUPER: "Now 26%") perhaps the leveling off trend is, uh...
        (the approval rating quickly begins to decline, as Chevy and Dennis express their panic and dismay)
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant 18%")
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant 9%")
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant 1%")
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant 12%")
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant -14%")
        (SUPER: "This Very Instant -46%")
        Dennis Miller: I can't take it any more, Chevy!
        Chevy Chase: Boy, I'm pooped.
        Dennis Miller: It hurts your eyes.
        Chevy Chase: You're telling me. Good night, Chet.
        Dennis Miller: Good night, Dave, and guess what, folks? That's the news, and we are outta here!

      • Dennis Miller: You know, Klaus von Bulow was sent home early from a New York hospital this week. The ailing von Bulow evidently angered hospital officials when he kept insisting on telling the anesthesiologist how to do his job.

      • Dennis Miller: Tomorrow, December 7th, is the 45th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which started the movie careers of John Wayne, Ward Bond, Van Johnson, William Bendix, Aldo Ray, and Ronald Reagan.
        Chevy Chase: We'd like to thank the empire of Japan for creating these great stars, especially Aldo Ray, who I understand wanted to be President at one time.
        Dennis Miller: Mmm-hmm.
        Chevy Chase: Mmm-hmm.
        Dennis Miller: Mmm-hmm.
        Chevy Chase: Mmm-hmm.
        Dennis Miller: How's that for witty banter between us, huh?
        Chevy Chase: Why don't you take the next story, Dennis?
        Dennis Miller: Okay, Chevy!

      • Dennis Miller: Christmas approaches, and the question becomes what to buy the children in your life. Well, why not a See 'N Say? Remember this popular toy? You dial a specific animal, and you pull the string.. (demonstrates with horse) Cute, huh? But, you know, kids today crave up-to-the-minute toys, so here's the newest version of the See 'N Say - it's the Congressional Subpoena See 'N Say. We have Oliver North and John Poindexter and Regan - you know the guys. Let's see what Pointdexter says.. (pulls string)
        See 'N Say: I refuse to answer, on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
        Dennis Miller: And.. Oliver North? (pulls string)
        See 'N Say: I refuse to answer, on the grounds that it might incriminate me.
        Dennis Miller: And, you know, the crazy thing is, I must have pulled this thing about forty times, and it just kept saying the damn thing all the time!

      • Chevy Chase: Here's some more of our Weekend Update U.S. news poll, on the President's approval rating. As you can see, the downward trend from 30 seconds ago seems to continuing, and.. whoa-oa-oa! (approval rating now reads "27%") Look at that sucker go! It sure is something to watch, isn't it, Dennis?
        Dennis Miller: I am stunned, Chevy!

      • Chevy Chase: (laughing) Clint Eastwood's new war movie, "Heartbreak Ridge," opened this week, and it's about Grenada. Incidentally, at two hours, twenty-four minutes, the movie clocks in about three minutes longer than the actual invasion itself.

      • Dennis Miller: Thanks, Chevy. Exciting story there.

        You know, even as President Reagan continues to deny allegations that his administration is a puppet regime, he did announce plans for a new syndicated TV show- "Kukla, Iran & Ollie." And now it looks like Donald Regan will soon be the next sacrificial Lamb Chop.

      • Chevy Chase: In the wake of the Iran controversy, poll watchers have closely monitored the president's dropping popularity. The latest Weekend Update U.S. news poll has the President with only a 46% approval rating, a 20% drop since.. uh, here's a bulletin. Right now, it's down to 41%, and it seems to be.. uh-oh! Here's another one! (laughs) Down to 38%! Dennis?

    • NOTES (4)

      • Beginning with this episode, the host entrance during the monologue is prefaced by a leadup where two pages open the Studio 8H doors (painted with the 1986-88 SNL logo). This would be used for the remainder of the season.

      • Martin Short is the first Ebersol-era cast member to host after Lorne Michaels returned.

      • Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short co-hosted together to promote their movie Three Amigos, which also starred Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz.

      • Although he shares the host billing with Steve Martin and Chevy Chase, Martin Short is the fourth SNL alumni to host.

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