Saturday Night Live

Season 22 Episode 5

Chris Rock/The Wallflowers

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 02, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE FISHING DOCK: George Bush confronts Bob Dole at a fishing dock to tell him he tried but he has no chance in Hell to win. (Dana Carvey, Hammond, MacDonald)

MONOLOGUE: Chris Rock does stand-up about malls, sexual harassment, and gays in the military. (Rock)

EXCEDRIL: There is no medical evidence that proves that this medicine cures or helps anything. (Ferrell, Shannon, Stephen Colbert)

I'M CHILLIN': Onski's prize for the day is I Ain't Tryin' To Hear That pregnancy test for fathers-to-be to get out earlier. (Rock, Breuer)

DOLE/KEMP '96: A black guy, a woman, and a gay man plead with the American people not to vote on Tuesday. (MacDonald(voice), McKinney, Meadows, Shannon)

THE DARK SIDE: Nat X angrily interviews babbling Jesse Jackson, untalented Tori Spelling, and mumbling Mike Tyson. (Rock, Hammond, McKinney(voice), Morgan, Oteri)

MARK RUSSELL'S ELECTION YEAR COMEDY SPECIAL: Mark Russell's awful political puns and rewritten songs are loved by all on PBS. (Ferrell (voice), McKinney, Hugh Fink, Adam McKay, Andy Murphy)

CHARLES GRODIN: Charles Grodin talks about O.J. Simpson and all of the talented celebrities getting their own talk shows just like him. (Rock, Dana Carvey, Abe Vigoda, Hammond)


"ONE HEADLIGHT": (Wallflowers)

THE AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO: Ace and Gary try to stop Queen Serena's evil plot. (Gasteyer (voice), Steve Carell (voice), Stephen Colbert (voice))

DOLE'S SPEECHES: Bob Dole practices his unlikely celebration and concession speeches. (Gasteyer, MacDonald, Lorne Michaels)

MY SON, COLLEGE GRADUATE: Father is shocked at subtle changes in his college graduate son's personality. (Rock, Meadows, Morgan)

WEDDING TOAST: Alta Dena middle school musicians Marty Culp and Bobbi Mohan-Culp toast a wedding with a medley. (Breuer, Ferrell, Gasteyer)

RUSSELL SIMMONS' DEF EMERGENCY ROOM JAM: Doctor's foul language in the emergency room on HBO. (Rock, Morgan, Morgan (voice))

PERSPECTIVES: Clueless Lionel Osbourne interviews a Million Man March member. (Rock, Meadows)