Saturday Night Live

Season 25 Episode 8

Christina Ricci/Beck

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 04, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Bill Clinton gives reasons why the Republican party candidates will not be voted for. (Hammond)

MONOLOGUE: Christina Ricci introduces her awkward twin sister. (Ricci, Dratch)

SPARTANS HOLIDAY PARADE: Craig and Arianna perform cheers at a holiday parade. (Ricci, Fallon, Ferrell, Oteri)

AND SO THIS IS CHANUKAH: Non-Jewish superstars of music sing in Chanukah special. (Ricci, Fallon, Ferrell (VO), Gasteyer, Kattan, Meadows, Morgan, Oteri, Parnell, Shannon)

WHO WANTS TO EAT: Impoverished contestants compete for food on game show. (Ricci, Dratch, Ferrell (VO), Hammond, Kattan, Meadows)

TAXICAB CONFESSIONS: Cab driver is distracted by attractive woman's sexy anecdotes. (Ricci, Meadows)

FUN WITH REAL AUDIO: On Friends, the cast is oblivious to the apocalyptic nightmare outside of the coffee shop.

WEEKEND UPDATE: WTO spokesperson Jacob Silj is infuriated by Colin Quinn's insensitive remarks of his voice immodulation problem. (Ferrell, Quinn)


GOTH TALK: The gothic crew mourn the death of Azrael Abyss. (Ricci, Ferrell, Hammond (VO), Kattan, Shannon)

SALLY: Sally Jesse Raphael fails in her attempt to sedate an out-of-control teenager. (Ricci, Gasteyer, Hammond (VO), Morgan, Shannon)

"SEXX LAWS": (Beck)

MADELINE KAHN TRIBUTE: Encore presentation of Madeline Kahn's performance of "I Feel Pretty."