Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 15

Christopher Lee/Meat Loaf

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 25, 1978 on NBC

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  • Overall, Lee surprised a lot of people. Meat Loaf Was excellent, and helped him to have some more notoriety. Everyone involved with the show was great. Overall the show was a great show, a underrated one at that.

    Here's my second review of an SNL episode. It's my other favorite episode from Season three. With Christopher Lee, and musical guest Meat Loaf. Before the show even aired everyone was guessing if Lee could handle what he was about to do, would he or wouldn't he? 101 Dalmatians get ran over by 101 Moving vans will not be seen…


    Cold Open: Introducing Kevin Scott

    Because John Chancellor was leaving NBC Nightly News, everyone was getting moved up including Belushi, who was moving up to Grizzly Adams. Because of this he had to change his name to a more Hollywood friendly name. A joke that lasted all the way through the show. Another Classic SNL Moment.

    Monologue: Bad horror Trailers:

    Lee tries to explain he is not just a horror actor, and showed some of his rejected films. My favorite was "Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Rodgers". It is an underrated parody done by Akroyd.

    Babba Wawa:

    A speech therapist tries to cure Baba of her speech problem. I believe it was the first time the character was used during season three.

    Meat Loaf: All revved up with no place to go:

    A classic performance by Meat loaf. Love the intro, as lee prounced his name wrong, " Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Loaf. Oh, I'm sorry Meat loaf!" Weekend Update:

    A great edition of WU. The first Point/Counterpoint, as well as the intro of "Jane, you ignorant slut." Kevin Scott talks about talks about oil spills, Bill Murray selects his Oscar picks, as well as bashing John Travolta for canceling his hosting appearance


    A little girl is upset about the loss of her dog. And Death comes to visit to apologize about the loss. Larraine Newman almost quit the show if she wasn't in this sketch.


    A okay sketch about Anwar Sadat talking about his failures in life.

    Weis film: A weird film about a woman killing her boyfriend, while foreigner is playing in the background. Del Sattors Rabbit Hut:

    A commercial with Mr. Sattor promoting his new rabbit hut restaurant. A good new addition to the trilogy.

    Watergate; A vampire hunter attempts to kill Richard Nixon before he publishes his new book. A great sketch

    Richard Beltzer: A performance by beltzer includes jokes about meat loaf, and impersonations.

    Meat loaf: Two out of Three ain't bad

    Another good performance by Meat Loaf.

    Mr. Bill:

    The first appearance of Bill during season three. Not that good but he get's better.

    Lee thanks everyone, and talks to the cast.

    Best: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Rodgers

    Worst: Sadat
  • "Jane, you ignorant slut."

    The legendary Christopher Lee makes his presence here as the host of this episode of Saturday Night Live. Lee, best known for being Dracula in the Hammer horror films of the 50s, would shock the cast when he showed up and asked for them not to do any "Dracula" sketches. What were the Not Ready For Primetime Players to do? Joining Lee is music sensation Meat Loaf, who definitely has a couple of hits that I've enjoyed (mostly "Paradise By The Dashboard Light") and is a pretty good match for Saturday Night Live with his wild frat boy style and his ability to get a crowd pumped. Season 3 is slowly winding down here and the season is still putting out quality episodes at this point. Would they falter here or would Lee keep up the pace despite the generational gap and hang loose with the cast and writers?

    Host: Christopher Lee
    Musical Guest: Meat Loaf

    "101 Dalmatians Get Run Over By 101 Moving Vans"...haha.

    Cold Open: John's New Name (Belushi, Murray, Radner)

    --Gilda tells Billy that everybody moves up one spot because John Chancellor is leaving NBC Nightly News and that allows Belushi to take over for Grizzly Adams, making him leave SNL. Belushi is forced to change his name to Kevin Scott as well. Good opening.

    Monologue: Bad Trailers (Lee, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray, Newman, Radner, voice of Davis) (7:04)

    --Christopher brings up the fact that he is a strange choice to be hosting the show and then shows three coming attractions for some bad horror movies. They are each fun in their own right, but my favourite is "Dr. Jekyll and Mister Rogers."

    Baba Wawa Speech Therapy (Lee, Aykroyd, Curtin, Radner) (5:47)

    --Speech therapist Henry Higgins (Lee) along with Colonel Pickering (Aykroyd) attempt to cure Baba Wawa (Radner) of her speech problem and "mangling" of the English language. I love the constant faux starts at a musical number and the way in which Baba Wawa is utilized in an original way here.

    Meat Loaf sings "No Place To Go" (3:41)

    --After a funny little intro by Lee, Meat Loaf brings the house down with an energetic song enhanced by his tremendous stage presence.

    Weekend Update with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin (9:42)

    --Jane is on her game tonight with a joke about pay zippers and then one about Leon Spinks, followed by Dan going right after bashing Beatlemania Mania. Their strongest bits this week though include a Sesame Street-type lesson and the first installment of the Point/Counterpoint. Kevin Scott (Belushi) then comes by to comment on oil spills from giant tankers while showcasing it with a toy boat. Bill Murray then stops by at the end to make his Oscar predictions (while bashing Travolta for turning down hosting the show earlier in the year) in humourous fashion. Great edition.

    Mr. Death (Lee, Curtin, Newman) (6:04)

    --A little girl (Newman) mourns the loss of her dog Tippy before receiving a visit from Death (Lee), who is there to apologize. What follows is a really funny conversation and a superbly well-written sketch.

    Suggestions for Sadat (Morris) (1:33)

    --Anwar Sadat (Morris) complains about his failures in life and asks for people to send suggestions in to him. Meh.

    Weis Film #36: Cold as Ice (Stacy Keach) (3:08)

    --A strange, dark Weis film in which a woman stabs and shoots another man (Keach) while the Foreigner song "Cold as Ice" plays over it. It was interesting but very strange.

    Commercial: Del Stator's Rabbit Hut (Aykroyd, Curtin, Murray, Newman, Radner, Davis) (1:47)

    --Del (Aykroyd) advertises his rabbit restaurant. It has the usual Aykroyd magic touch that these commercial bits usually have.

    Death to Watergate (Lee, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin) (6:29)

    --A slayer (Lee), his friend Carl (Belushi), and Maureen Dean (Curtin) enter the Nixon mansion and attempt to stop him from writing his memoirs, specifically with his musings about Watergate. This is a pretty brilliant sketch with Danny's Nixon impression combined with an almost Dracula-like storyline.

    Stand-Up (Richard Belzer) (5:16)

    --Belzer does some neurotic stand-up about wedding singers, Mick Jagger dancing, and 86-year old Bob Dylan performing in concert. Belzer may be an acquired taste, but I thought his neurotic, show-off style is a lot of fun.

    Meat Loaf sings "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" (3:52)

    --Loaf settles down and sings a melodious classic with the help of some terrific instrumentals and backup singers.

    The Mr. Bill Show #3: Mr. Bill's Circus (2:20)

    --Another edition of the Mr. Bill show with the usual hijinx that proceed to tear Bill apart and ruin his life.

    Christopher thanks one and all for his very unique experience and the wonderful time he had. Laraine and Gilda even give him flowers.

    Best segment: Death to Watergate
    Worst segment: Suggestions for Sadat

    Host: Christopher Lee - 8/10
    Musical Guest: Meat Loaf - 8/10

    The show definitely benefitted from the presence of their host even though at first glance, it would appear to be a tremendous mismatch. Christopher Lee proved that wrong thought and showed himself to be quite the willing person in all the bits he was involved in and his dry humour was welcome too. Meanwhile, Meat Loaf rocked the house with his energetic, soulful songs and was another fantastic musician for season 3 in a huge line-up of them. It's a real shame that Lee never came back to host again though because he was one of those rare generation gap hosts that actually did a tremendous job and seemed like he was fitting right in with the cast. Superb episode.

    Rating: 8/10