Saturday Night Live

Season 28 Episode 15

Christopher Walken/Foo Fighters

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 22, 2003 on NBC



  • Notes

    • The dress rehearsal version of The Continental for this episode is slightly different than the live show version: 1) Walken (as The Continental) has a lab coat and goggles in the dress rehearsal version and doesn't change out of them until the unseen visitor finds the "Girls Gone Wild" video in one of The Continental's books. In the live version, he doesn't have the lab coat and goggles on at all. 2) In the dress rehearsal version, the unseen visitor is actually a new neighbor who visits The Continental. In the live version, the unseen visitor is a model who's being interviewed by The Continental for his new line of cosmetics. 3) Walken wears a black, slicked back wig in the dress rehearsal version; the live version, his real hair is used (this could also be because the first sketch was "Pranksters" where Walken's real hair was also used and there was no time between sketches to change).